Professor Brainwave visits Daubeney

Professor Brainwave visited Daubeney Primary School on Tuesday, 26th April, Thursday, 28th April & Friday, 29th April.

Children were taken on a mathematical journey of attempting to find a solution where deep learning occurs as the sole focus is not on the answer. The focus was Geometry. Children were given an opportunity to gain invaluable experience in making connections between 2D and 3D shapes. Their mantra is that there are no wrong answers, only pathways of learning. This idea is used right from the beginning as we give the children problems to solve without giving them rules. This encourages the children to try new ideas of their own without the fear of being wrong as each "incorrect" answer will eliminate that option, thus bringing a deeper understanding of the problem and therefore learning. They were deeply involved in activities that are based on their own ideas in deciding how to do it. The Workshops were fun, which encouraged children to join in, making it a FUN and memorable Mathematical experience for all! Simon (Professor Brainwave) had a fantastic rapport with the children.