Year 2 - St Paul’s Cathedral

As part of our Great fire of London topic, we visited St Paul’s Cathedral. We got to see what the Cathedral looked like before it was burnt down in 1666.

Inside this amazing building we searched for different artefacts and saw statues that were burnt in the fire.

We also lied down in the middle of the Cathedral to see the beautiful artwork around the building.


Dominic - My favourite part was when we were looking for the things on the activity sheet

kawthar-2b - My favourite part is when I was sketching. It was very fun, I loved taking pictures and the roof looks beautiful.

Zakariya - 2G - It was a fun trip. I learnt so much about the history of the place.

Ramatu-5O - I wonder what you learned there?

Greta-2K - I went there and it was amazing.

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