Easter Bonnet Parade 2017 - Year 5 and 6

Well done to Year 5 and 6 who made some amazing Easter Bonnets. Take a look as they show them off to their parents and carers at our Easter Bonnet Parade.


Taseen 6F - This was so much fun and I wish I could do this again but I can't as I'm going to year 7.

hoodo - It was so much fun to be honest and the song that that we did comes from Somalia and I come from there!

Lolo-6D - It was so awsome and the highlight of my year! I'm gonna miss you Daubeney!!!!!!!

Malia - I love it. Well done to year 5 and 6

Ronya 6s - I wish I can be at Daubeney again to enjoy this amazing experience, but unfortunately I'm going to secondary next year

Trinitee - It was amazing

Miriam 3A - Best day ever

Joshua - Excellent job

sumea - Well done

Fowziya - It was so much fun and it was the best day ever and the time I will never forget.

Ramatu-5O - It was soooo much fun at the parade.

Queenie 5M - It was fun and congratulations to the winners.

Zara - Nice hats year 5 and 6.

Sadia - It was so much fun.

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