5M - Nelson Mandela Biographies

5M were busy last week publishing their biographies based on Nelson Mandela. The children worked extremely hard to create notes, then turn them into factual sentences, using formal language. Next they drafted a copy, edited it then prepared their biography for publishing. We are all proud of their achievements as their biographies were amazing. Please feel free to come to year 5M and read some of their exciting work.


Hoodo - I tried so hard to write in my neatest handwriting.

Amara - I loved learning about Nelson Mandela.

Kadiatu5M - I liked exploring Nelson Mandela's biography, it was amazing. Especially Mr Matvad telling us story's about Nelson Mandela's life in prison.

Beverley - I learned a lot about Nelson Mandela, one fact is that he went to jail because he was political.

Ramatu-5O - Good biographies Year 5.

Agnes - I loved learning about Nelson Mandela and being able to write everything down I learned.

Queenie - Publishing does take a lot of time but writing a biography helped me learn a bit more about Nelson Mandela and his life.

Mr Matvad - I am very proud of my young professional writers who are so amazing at publishing.

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