Year 5 - The Caterpillars Are HERE!

The children in 5M are super excited as their caterpillars have arrived. Almost everyone in class commented," They so CUTE".

We will be monitoring the growth of the caterpillar and carefully watch as it becomes a pupa and enters its chrysalis. We have a special net to keep the pupa in until it becomes a butterfly. We can't wait till this amazing transformation of metamorphosis occurs and our lovely butterflies appear.


rohan - I can't wait when they turn in to a butterfly.

Alaine 5M - I love the caterpillars i cant wait till they transform

TAARIQ - I can't wait to see the caterpillar in it's chrysalis

Ronya - That looks amazing, I hope I can do those kind of fun things in secondary.

Queenie - I remember when I was in year 5 and I had the chance to see how caterpillars grow

Thomas - Amazing experience. Can't wait!!!

Jack - I can't wait until the pupa comes out of the chrysalis as a butterfly.

Sana - Very nice caterpillars

Louie - That looks really fun

alaine - I love the caterpillars

Blessing - I can't wait till the butterflies come!

Taariq - I like the way a caterpillar turns into a butterfly but how can we see the metamorphosis in action with a see through camera maybe?

sherlomi - I think the caterpillar looked really cute. I can't wait till the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

umar - I can't wait for the caterpillars to become butterflies.

Miss Abi - so excited to see you all in Mr Matvad's classroom. Don't forget to keep up with your reading!

Mr Matvad - I can't wait for the transformation to occur.

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