Year 5 Visit to Our Lady's Secondary School

Some Year 5 girls had the opportunity to visit Our Lady's secondary school in Stamford Hill where they were able to experience life as a secondary school student. The girls had a French lesson where the teacher was VERY impressed by how quickly they were able to pick up conversational French. They also had a PE lesson run by the Head of PE which the girls enjoyed and were looking forward to when they go off to secondary school. Some students from Our Lady's also showed us around the whole building and answered any questions that they had, this prepared our students by giving them a real-life experience of what to expect.

"All of the Our Lady's students that were escorting us around were very nice, the teachers taught us interesting things in a simple way and I think it was very kind of them to let us come and visit their school!" - Sara 5C

"I liked that we got to learn French because it was fun to speak another language." - Holly 5M

"This trip was inspiring because there were so many things going on at the school."  - Seteeva 5O

"I liked how they taught us French because it can help us if we wanted to speak to someone that doesn't know French as we would be able to now." - Andrea 5O


foyinsola 5C - I had so much fun I might put it down as my choices

XIANG5M - It looks so fun

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