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Proud to be part of the
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School Council

Daubeney School Council are a hardworking and enthusiastic group of children from years 3-6. They are the voice of their peers.

They were elected by their peers in a democratic fashion of campaign, speech and voting. They meet in their committees weekly to plan, work and discuss the issues and projects they are focusing on. Each committee selects a Lead every half term, who has the overall responsibility of overseeing the smooth running of their group.

The Admin Committee have created and provided every class from Years 2-6 Idea Boxes. This enables the School Council to get ideas, concerns and feedback from their peers. The boxes are emptied every fortnightly and issues, concerns and suggestions are discussed in their meetings.

The Journalist Committee publish a newsletter every term; the newsletters are packed with interviews, games and lots of interesting information.

The Junior Road Safety focus on educating and highlighting safer and healthier way to use the roads. They work closely with the Hackney Junior Road Safety Team and share ideas and practice with other Junior Safety Officers in the Borough.

The Daubeney School Council Ethos is TEAM.


Our Councillors

School Council News

The Daubeney Times - Spring 2023

Welcome to the 1st edition of the Daubeney Times ! Here we will have activities , book reviews, articles and interviews from students and teachers. We are the Journalist Committee and we will be writing this newsletter every term.

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27th January 2023

Daubeney Express - 1st Edition

Welcome to the first edition of the Daubeney Express. This is the first newsletter created by the Journalist Committee and is filled with all sorts of exciting news and information!

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11th February 2022