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A Special Message to Nursery and Reception


Mrs Alam - Hi Miss Shalisa
It’s so lovely to hear from you too, I hope you are ok. Red Class miss you too ?

Miss shalisa red reception class - To my red class I miss you very much and I hope to see you all very soon and please all stay safe and sending you all big hug

Miss Tracey - To my nursery family I miss you all soo very much seeing your smiles recieving your morning or afternoon hugs watching you learn and achieve soo much I hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying family time and enjoying home learning sending you all virtual hugs ????????? see you soon take care keep safe bye for now ❤

Noah's mum red class - Noah was very happy to see his teachers and wishes them well.. he said he misses everyone at school

Mr Namo - Good morning my lovely Nursery i miss you very very much stay safe have fun BIG HUGS

Joseph's Mum - Joseph was very happy to see his favourite teachers from nursery and he really misses you all. Please keep safe and hope to see you soon?

Miss Afsar - Hello to Zaki and mummy. We are all missing you too! It’s lovely to hear from you and hope you are enjoying some home learning x

Ms haji - Is zakariya's mum... hi everyone we miss everyone especially yellow class...zaki cant wait to see everyone again....thnks teacher afsar and teacher amely....wish ya all the best....????stayhome#staysafe

Miss Bibi - Awwww, I have enjoyed reading all the comments. It has brightened my day. Thank you

Miss Elaine - Hi Nisa, Rumaisa and the rest of blue class. I’m missing you all very much and I’m sending you all lots of hugs and hopefully I get to see you all soon. Stay safe?

Miss Besime - Awww I am so glad that you all liked our message. I hope that you all are keeping safe and well with your families and doing amazing learning.
Arthur so happy ? to hear from you I can't wait to see you back with my favorite hat, you know which one I'm talking about ?????, Eesa Pheobe, Dean, Deborah miss you all hope we will see you very soon

Amir 's mum - Hi, teachers hope you all doing greate and staying safe. We miss you too hope we will see you soon ?

Mrs Alam - Hi Mehrab, I miss you and rest of red class. I miss your cheeky smile. Well done for doing all the home learning. Keep watching our virtual assemblies and hopefully you will see your friends again in the future. Stay safe ?

Miss Tracey - Morning everyone hi phoebe I miss our hugs and you telling stories bout your cats miss your babies glad your enjoying the virtual assemblies and thank you for sharing some wonderful work miss you Deborah hope your keeping well hugs Arfur i miss your dressing up glad your enjoying dressing up at home and keeping well hi Aisha and merhab hope your both well keep safe and continue learning miss you all very much take care bye for now ???

Miss Caren - Lovely messages nursery and reception team.

Deborah Ogunleye Nursery - Hi Miss Tracey, MissBibi and Miss Besime, i miss you so much. I miss music with my music teacher and I miss my friends too.

Phoebes Mum - Phoebe says "thank you daubeney" with a great big smile on her face. She misses you all and has really enjoyed watching that

From Arthur from Nursery - Hi miss Besime it was nice to see you I like your top with a flower on ! I miss you and miss Bibi and miss Tracey and Mr Nano lots and lots! I've been doing lots of dressing up.

Mehrab - I miss my teachers and my classmates a lot ??

Aisha - I love my teachers and I miss all my friends and nursery ??

Miss Tracey - Hi Dean hope your ok miss your morning hugs hopefully see you soon x hi Eesa miss you too x hi Omar miss you hugs???keep safe bye for now

Nisa - I miss you ?❤blue class.

omari nursery - Missing all my friends and teachers xxxxx

Rumaisa - I love my teachers so much. I miss you teachers. ❤️❤️❤️.....

Dean from nursery - Dean was very happy to see his favorite people from nursery and he missing you all loads keep safe all and hope to see u all again soon ?

Eesa Ali - We miss you too miss Tracy, miss Besime, miss Bibi and mr Nemo. ?

Miss Tracey - Hi nursery I'm missing you very much big hugs ?? miss you reception I hope your all keeping safe ❤

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