BBC Radio London - Parents Helping With Homework Discussion

Our Head of School, Mr Logan joined Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London on 9th March 2018 for a chat about how parents can best help their children with homework.


Aysha - I think children should be doing work by themselves but if they find it very difficult then they can ask an adult.

Yusuf 6s - I think there should be home learning but with no help because it should be challenging but except key stage one.

Elias - That is really interesting but helping children is good

Mr Logan - Daubeney students,
What is your opinion on this topic?
Should parents help with home learning or should the child do their home learning without the help of their parents? Or do you think their should be no home learning? Why?

Lynn Loo - Brilliant conversation.

Maëlle 4p - I really understand that parents must help out with children.

Angel 4P - I think children should get help from teachers and parent, but if it's a test adults should let the children do it alone so the teachers and parents know what they need help with.

Rohilat - It’s amazing how staff members of our school are going on TV!

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