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Daubeney Carnival 2019

Year 1
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zion 6k - time flys

Umar 6M - I'm gonna missed this lot!


Markus - I loved it

musa - i enjoyd it ????

musa - i enjoyd it ???????????????☺????????????????????? 2k

Nice boys 50 - That was so fun

Jaskiran 2c - I had fun. I liked?dancing with the whole year group I miss the school ??

Ayaat 6m - I'm going miss school so much ????❤?

Hiba 3T - I really enjoyed it and everyone done a great job.

Rohan 6M - Wish I could be their with my mates miss you guys

Maryam 2c - Well done for all your hard efforts in taking part

Maelle 5m - I enjoyed doing the carnival it was really fun!!

Miracle 6M - The parade was very fun especially dancing with my friends.??????☺️

Jusson 5MC - It was really fun and I really enjoyed it

Brian 5MC - It was fun dancing during the carnival it was very energizing because we had to do lots of movements in our dance

Rhyleigh 5MC - We had lots of fun dancing in front of the parents

Lakeyrah 5MC - We had fun because we had fun dancing with our friends and seeing the parents clapping along and enjoying our performance

Evellyn 5MC - I really loved the carnival because we got to dance with our friends and teachers and we had lots of fun

Lily 5MC - This experience was really fun because we spent time with our friends and had fun dancing

Rohilat - 6S - Definitley going to miss this school! Such an amazing experience to be here for my whole 8 years, thank you to all the teachers

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