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Daubeney Carnival 2017

Each year group presented a dance from a different culture or tradition before joining together for a whole-school big dance!


Amina 3p - I loved that dance/carnival we all did very GOOD??!

Maryam 3T - That was good

aziza - we are leaving the school in 4 weeks :{

Angel 4P - Well done everyone, you did well.

laura 5F - That was very fun

Delano - that was the best day i ever had now i am in yr 6

ayesha 3a - it was so fun

MIRACLE - That was fun

Dominic 3e - It was fun

Kai and Mei's mum - We had so much fun watching each class's performance. Wished we could have joined in at the end!
Great that you made this video too cos mine didn't turn out!

Ramatu 50 - That day was the funest day ever

AYA 3k - It's been an amazing year with everyone . I hope you all have a fantastic holiday.
On the last day of school I cried so much that day.
My year 6 friend gave me her prefect tie.

Nilema 3c - Well done everyone. I love the whole school dance, it was so fun and amazing

Zainab - The last carnival of the year 6! Next year is gonna be us in year 6.
Thank you to the dance teacher and the headteacher Mr Logan and all the other teachers that have participated also.
Thank you for the parents for coming to watch us.

violet 5M - It was the best carnival yet!

Amara - I enjoyed all of it, was a lot of fun

Lolo's Mum - Thank you Daubeney for an amazing time... we'll miss you!

Ronya - Wow ! I can't believe that was my last carnival and that today (Thursday 20th) is my last day! Today was a really hard day to get though with all the tears. I can't believe people who weren't even leaving were crying. I miss everyone already, like Mr Dharma says "don't count the day, make the days count". Ps I will try to visit Daubeney as much as I can. Goodbye!

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