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KS2 Sports Day 2016

Key Stage 2 made their way to the Copper Box Area for their annual sports day. These are the highlights...


Ikelyn sebright primary school - I wish I was there

Ellie - That was great

Mrs Andrea Larose - Well done Aaliyah Larose xx

Ali - That was amazing

Seun - It. Was. Epic!😀😄

Kairo - Sebright primary school 5L - Looks cool

jackson - It was epic!

umar - Outstanding!

jacob - It was hot but we still did it & I wonder what it will be like in 2017.

Kamalpreet - Amazing sportsmanship! 😎

Mayaa - Sports day was such an incredible day with lots of amazing activities for the children with a variety of things they could have done. They found it so much fun and wish to come back.

Vanessa - I really love sports

Beverly - It was so much fun

brandon - It was great.

Sophia - I loved it

jaylah - This was the best sports day ever xxx

louise - This was great.

Rayanna - I loved sports day.

Patryk - My brother had been at the sports day, he come home with amazing medal showing that he had fun but proved good effort as well. He was so happy, but his results in physical education have been really good with amazing feedbacks from teacher.

As a teacher assistant, I think that events like this are amazing for many children since they can learn new sports, team work and benefits of sports and good lifestyle. Well done to all the children.

Malia - It looks fun 🎉💜💜💝🍧👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💅🏿💅🏿😍😒😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Binyamin - This video is very good.

Yusuf - That was great.

aziza - Amazing!

zainab - Amazing :]

Maelle - So good💅🏽👼🙆🏼

Jenny - Sports day was AMAZING!!!!!!😄😄😄😉😉

MIRACLE - This was cool

Anisa - Wow! Sports Day was an amazing day for all of us and I'm sure everyone had loads of fun because I sure did! What a lovely memory of Sports Day 2016! :)

Kemar - I really enjoyed sports day. Unfortunately yr 6 will never have one again.

Malachi - Great sports day and the last, unfortunately, for Year 6.

Lia - I had grate fun and I was in the video.

Haddy - It was soooooooo fun😆😆😆😆😕

Alaine - I had fun on sports day.

Anisa - Wow! Sports day was an amazing experience for everyone, where each and every one of us got to participate in all different kinds of fun races, sports, and fun activities where everyone took part! It was a day that I and lots of other people will remember! :)

Ahmedat - Sports day was so cool and I saw my class in the video.

Rajinder - It was great fun and I was in the video !

milcah - Sports day was an amazing day for everyone. I felt fantastic that day.

sufyan - Wow my sister was in it that. Amazing!

Oscar - This was amazing 😎 🙌

jide - Amazing

Queenie - It was an amazing experience and really fun

layahni - It was so coot. It rocked wining events.

Mylene Sylvestre - Well done Daubeney. It looks like a lot of fun.

Ronya - I wasn't able to do the running race unfortunately, but other than that I had lots of fun.

Anisa - Wow! That sports day was absolutely fun and nearly the greatest sports day that we've had so far. Such a great memory of it!😆😜

Mesha - That was Year 6's last year of sports day and we had FUN!

Kemar and Mya - It was really fun and Mya will enjoy it in year 3.

Malia - I love it

Andreana - It was great

Alice - That was amazing, really good.

Tomi - I loved it because I won the bets on lots of people in the races.

fathia - I am so proud of the people who won the races, and I'm proud of myself too.

sumea k - It was so fun! I can't wait for 2017 sports day.

Fowzia - I am so proud of myself, and Mr Reece and Mr Logan should be as well. Thanks for a good memory.


crystal - It was really amazing, and I won one of the activities.

Zara - I loved it, and I won one game at sports day.

ayo - It was great

Amina - My teacher was in that video. Wow, AMAZING!

Zainab - This was amazing

violet - What a lovely memory of sport's day 2016!

Ramatu - That was cool, I was in there (but not in the video). It was amazing!

janelle - Amazing!

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