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Red Class - Decorating Cupcakes

The children enjoyed decorating cupcakes to create a snowmen. First we spread the vanilla frosting on our cake and then we had to use our counting skills to create the eyes, nose and mouth. Can you guess how many sweeties we needed to create the eyes, nose and mouth for our snowmen?

Take a look below to see what fun we had.


Ronan red - They looked very nice and they we’re yummy

Rhyleigh 4c - Yum yum save some for me

neslihan 2k - I love cupcakes

Miakail - Red Reception - We used 2 chocolate chips for the eyes, 1 smartie for the nose and 4-5 chocolate chips for the smiles. Thank you Mrs Alam - they were super Yummy!! :)

Elanna 3E - Well done make sure you save me one

maelle4p - Wow that looks cool

Amina 4K - Those look amazing. But don't finish them all!!!

sufyan 4K - Those look good. Make sure you don't eat all of them

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