The One Show - Parents' Evening

Teachers, parents and children from Daubeney appeared on The One Show on Wednesday 20th December 2017. They featured in a film discussing their experiences of parents' evening.


Victoria 3G. - Wow I agree to the person who said it's very Important

Laniya 4DM - It’s really important 👍👍👍

Aysha 4K - I didn’t know that we were on the news

NOBODY - We were on the news! We were on the news! ????

Gabriel 4P - We were on the news, that's amazing!

Joshua 4P - I understand your struggles teachers.

Tariq 4P - Well done all teachers and LSAs for helping children with their learning.

Anesi 4P - Good job teachers and LSAs!

zara-5M - It was so fun and very cool

Maelle - Wow wow wow

Dominik 3E - Well done teachers for all your hard work

Amara - Amazing, it is very fun.

Angel 4P - This is very cool

Carmen - Fantastic job teachers!! We need one about schools through the eyes of TA/LSAs!! Just saying!

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