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Nursery - Work Week 2019

Nursery enjoyed trying out different jobs in nursery this week! We had vets treating poorly animals, gardeners planting seeds, farmers collecting eggs and chefs making gingerbread!

Nursery were lucky to have a chef come in and talk about cooking and the children had the opportunity to eat their gingerbread that they decorated!

The nursery children were also selected to help some builders build a theatre on top of Tottenham court road station.....please have a look at the photos to see all the hard work nursery children did.


praise 3t - Keep it up nursery

Florence 2K - Nursery must have had lots of fun!

Roux 3G - All of them look so cute especially my sister! It looks so fun and I bet the gingerbread men were tasty!!!
My sister Etta says: I love nursery and had lots of fun making the gingerbread men. We ate the gingerbread men after we made them.

Nicole 3p - They look really yummy to eat I wish I had a Gingerbread Man

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