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Literacy Parent Workshop - January 2019

The parents and children thoroughly enjoyed our January workshop which was led by Phil McDermott, the amazing story teller. They were enthralled listening to Phil tell an entertaining story then they had the opportunity to work in pairs to create their own stories. The parents learnt about the importance of speaking and telling stories to develop language, writing and imagination skills, as well as learning some fun ideas for using story telling at home with their children.

‘The story teller was so knowledgeable about the art of story telling. It was an enjoyable experience.’ - Year 2 parent

‘Inspiring, very creative and insightful story telling workshop.’ - Year 1 parent

You can find some of Phil’s stories at ‘The Story Emporium Repair Shop’ on YouTube.

The next literacy parent workshop will be on Tuesday 12th of March. Don’t miss it!


Edie - That looks fun and It looks like a funny story

Maelle 5m - It looks real fun

Hassan 4z - I was put in the story it was so fun

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