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Reception Nativity 2016

Reception present their nativity - 'It's A Boy'.


Kenzie - Well done

ayesha 3a - Well done, the song was good.

Hoodo - LOL, my little brother looks weird and.....CUTE!!!!????????

violet5M - They are so CUTE!

Palwasha - They all look very beautiful 🎅👯😚😘

zoe - Well done.

Ava - Great! 😊😪😂😍😊😌

Lola - They all look beautiful and I am so happy. Well done to all the teachers that put a smile on our faces today. Keep it up!

Maelle - Amazing singing

Dejaunel - Wow

Gurpreet Singh - Well done Reception.

taylor - The costumes look amazing. Good singing! 😍😍🎆🎆💝💝👰👰

Leyla - So cute

Ubah Hussein - Well done

zainab - They are so cute!

Ree - Adorable, great singing 🎶🎵

Anaiya 5M - They all look nice and did well. Well done Reception.

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