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Reception - Red Class - Our Body

Red Class have had a wonderful week learning about our bodies. We have been naming and labelling different parts of the body. We also spoke about what is inside our body. The children came up with lot of interesting facts.

Sky said “our heart pumps blood to the rest of our body”.

Marlowe said “the veins in our body is like a spider web”.

Noah said “our brain helps us to think about stuff”.

Oliver said “our hands helps us to touch things and our legs helps us to walk”.

Red Class also enjoyed making skeleton pictures by using white strips of paper. Take a look at our beautiful pictures!


reagan 4m - Great work guys

Denis-Red - I love learning about body parts

Jasmine 2k - Wow! great work well done Red Class now you know all the parts of the body

Lexi 4K - Red class, great! Learning about body parts is important, learning how to use them!

Mehrab - I like learning about body parts.

Etta Red class - I love learning!!!!!!

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