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Reception Trip to Hommerton Library

Reception went to Homerton Library! We had an amazing time listening to stories, looking at books and talking about the illustrations. We learnt that a library is a quiet place to enjoy reading and a place to borrow books from.

Here's what the children have said about the trip;

Ayesha "I come to the library with my mum and borrow books".

Jasmine "I like the library because there's lots of books to choose from".

Melissa "You have to be quiet in the library".

Ronan "The library has information books that you can read".


layahni-5M - What type of books do you like to read?

Ramatu 6S - Well done you are learning more when you read

Halima 4p - WOW great to see young ones like you reading. When I see you read you look so CUUUUUUUUUUTE

Anaiya 6F - I'm sure they are enthusiatic about reading

Maëlle 4p - arrrrrrrrrrrr you kids are so cute. It's good you read because the more you read the more you know

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