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At Daubeney we know that good attendance is the key to successful schooling and we believe our pupils can be amongst the best. Although we aim for 100% attendance, each year we set a target for attendance and this is used to compare us to other schools nationally. Our current attendance target is...

Daubeney Receive MBQMA Award

The Majorie Boxall Quality Mark was awarded to us in April 2019. We are very proud to receive this award as it recognises the hard work of pupils and staff. It demonstrates how dedicated Daubeney is to Nurture and supporting children's well being

Year 4 - Spelling Test - 3rd April 2020

I hope you are all well and ready for your spelling test. Let me know in the comments how you went! Stay safe

Virtual Assembly - 7th April 2020

The one where the Daubeney children took over

Year 2 - 2C's Plants

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing great! Let’s check in with our plants to see how they’re doing! Stay safe and stay happy :) Miss Cheung

Virtual Assembly - 3rd April 2020

Healthy Me Week - Achievers Assembly

BADU Support Line

BADU Community is an organisation that uses sport as the driving force to empower, educate and uplift young people and their families in the local community. We focus on giving people in the local area activities and opportunities to bring about positive outcomes. We have close relationships with...

Ms Khatun's Banana Pancake Recipe

Ingredients 1 cup self raising flour 1 cup milk 2 tablespoons sugar pinch of salt 2 ripe bananas 2 large eggs 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 3 tablespoon butter Steps: In a medium bowl, mash the bananas until almost smooth. Add the eggs. Whisk with a fork to combine. Add the melted butter. In another...

Year 2 - Spelling Test - 3rd April 2020

Hi Year 2, I hope you are all well. We are having our first spelling test! Please comment below with words you found tricky. You can also use the words from our spelling to write a sentence, don’t forget to add an adjective or adverb to your sentence. Good luck everyone!

Huge TTRS Announcement

Hi everyone! Please watch the video for a HUGE TTRS announcement. Have you watched it? Good. IT. IS. ON! Teachers v Children. Daubeney v Sebright v Lauriston What an Easter holiday this is turning out to be on times tables rockstars! And well done to 6S for climbing their way back to the top of the...

Year 6 - Spelling Test and Easter Home Learning

Hi Year 6 Here’s this weeks spelling test but please watch the whole video and see where you can access some different resources over the Easter holiday. There will also be battles on TTRS, activities on busy things and of course all the amazing and fun things we will add to the website over...

Art Time with Miss Patel - Humbug Illusions Pattern

As requested, here is the tutorial video on how to create the Humbug illusions pattern. Enjoy! Don't forget to sent your artwork to so that we can feature your work in our virtual assembly

Healthy Me - Miss Kepha's Fruit Salad

Hi Daubeney I hope you are all doing well and being safe at home. As part of our ‘Healthy Me’ week, I've made a short video to show you all how to make one of my favourite healthy snack. A fruit salad! Personally, I like to include my five a day fruits and veg, so you can add one of...

Ms Shaikh's Banana Bread Recipe

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful time playing, learning and creating at home! In my spare time I love to cook, so today I wanted to share one of my favourite recipes with you: banana bread! Hopefully my video will make it super easy to make some banana bread of your own, showing...

Year 4 - Spelling Test - 9th April 2020

Hi Year 4, Happy Easter and I hope you are having a lovely time. Here is this weeks spelling test! we know you have been working hard all week so good luck. The words for next week are on page 44 on the website . Stay safe, Year 4 team

Healthy Me - Mrs Alam's Fruit Kebabs

Hi Daubeney, Hope you are all well and safe at home. I've made a video to show you all how to make a healthy snack. You can be as creative as you like with this recipe. You will need: A selection of different fruits (I have used strawberries, oranges, pineapples and grapes) Some wooden skewers...

Virtual Assembly - 27th April 2020

History - Now and Then

Year 4 Spelling Test - 24th April 2020

Hi Year 4, Greetings from the Year 4 Team! We hope you are all well and have been studying your spelling words. Comment down below how you went and stay safe

Virtual Assembly - 24th April 2020

Relationships - Daubeney Family

Virtual Assembly - 23rd April 2020

RE Day

Virtual Assembly - 21st April 2020

Relationships - Relationship with myself!

Reading Skills

Reading Skills At Daubeney we develop our love of reading and comprehension by using the 7 reading skills: predicting, inferring, clarifying, summarising, making connections, evaluating and asking questions. You learnt how to use these in in your reading sessions with your teacher and have them...

Virtual Assembly - 17th April 2020

Passions and Hobbies - Day 4

Story Time With Mrs Alam

Hi Reception I hope you are all well, healthy and safe at home. I have some stories for you to listen to today in case you're missing Mrs Alam's story sessions at school. I hope you enjoy them. Let me know which one you like and comment below. Remember to sit back, get comfy and enjoy

Virtual Assembly - 16th April 2020

Passions and Hobbies - Day 3

Virtual Assembly - 15th April 2020

Passions and Hobbies - Day 2

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Enjoy the next exciting chapter of Harry Potter. Sit back and enjoy the next thrilling chapter of Harry Potter. Please leave a comment if you’re enjoying the story so far!

Baller Boys Author Visit

To celebrate World Book Day (5th March 2020), Daubeney had a very special visit from Venessa Taylor, author of the book ‘Baller Boys’ which is based on our late Coach Reece and his football team. The children got to learn about the characters, hear an exclusive extract from the story...

Virtual Assembly - 1st April 2020

Healthy Me Week - Humour

Virtual Assembly - 31st March 2020

Healthy Me Week - Physical Health

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Chapter 13 has been added. This is the last chapter is the book. I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to continue with the series, the next book is called The Reptile Room! Who is your favourite character and why? What do you predict will happen next?! Does anything about this story frustrate you?...

Year 4 - Young Scientist

Today (13th March 2020) the Year 4 children dressed up as their favourite scientist to celebrate our Science Week in Daubeney. The children were excited to explain who they came dressed up as and why. The children have enjoyed our Science Week and will be very excited to welcome our next science...

British Science Week 2020

The pupils and staff of Daubeney primary school drew the curtains to a close on an awesome British Science Week. Parents spent the afternoon in school educating and motivating pupils on a wide range of stem related jobs, from building their own animation into a film, taking fantastic photos when...

Year 5 and 6 Residential 2020 - Day 1

[menu name="year5-6-residential-2020"] Wow! What a start! What do you get when you’ve got 70 super excited, amazing pupils rearing to take over Youlbury Scout Centre? You get the Daubeney residential team! It was a very excitable coach journey with us arriving in plenty of time for...

Hackney Star Life Time Achievement Award

On Thursday 12th March, our very own Miss Mary attended the Hackney Stars Award event at the Hackney Town Hall. Ms Mary was nominated as one of the nominees for the Hackney Stars Life Time Achievement Award. There were five nominees, but there was only going to be one winner – our Miss Mary....

Scientist of the Week

One pupil stood out for his hard work and dedication and emerged as Daubeney's Scientist of the Week. He worked tirelessly, assisting the team in Daubeney's science gadget shop but also assisting the science lead in presenting jaw-dropping experiments to the rest of the school

Year 5 Wow Day: Design and Technology

Year 5 took part in their Wow Day this week focussing on Design and Technology. The children were challenged to make a well which had a pulley in it. The children were asked to be innovative in their designs and succeed with flying colours!

Junior Mental Health Team - How to Look After Our Mental Health

The Junior Mental Health Team wanted to create a video for everyone to share information on how to look after our mental health. The children had a premier where they presented the video to the Senior Leadership Team and it was then presented to the KS2 children in assembly. The children worked...

Year 2 - 2P Scientists

Here are a selection of the scientists that turned up to 2P this morning!

School Council - Interview with Matt Harding by Jago

The School Council are divided into four committees; the Journalist Committee research and write articles about activities scheduled to take place in school, what children do outside of school and anything of interest happening within our community. This is an article written by Jago in 5MC. He...

Nursery - Exploring Why Materials Float or Sink

Nursery children are experimenting with many items, exploring different materials and talking about why things might float or sink

Science and Art in Year 2

Did you know it’s science week? We started our new science topic by doing some art! We are learning about plants this half term. We looked at pictures of different types of plants and talked about similarities and differences of it. Then, we painted them using bright colours! Have a look at our...

Reception - Red Class: Healthy Me - Germs

Red class have been learning about the importance of personal hygiene and staying healthy. We created some germ monsters today to show everyone how germs like to travel and stay in our bodies. We also highlighted ways in which we could stop germs from spreading. Here’s how you could fight...

Year 2 - Making a Vehicle

This half term our cross curricular topic is DT. We have been learning all about how things can move using wheels and axles. To end our topic, we made our own vehicles and even created fun designs for it. We had lots of fun learning and making our vehicles!

Our Spanish champions showing Daubeney in Spanish

Get to know our school in Spanish and meet our Spanish champions showing Daubeney to our partner school in Spain (Nuryana school in Tenerife)

Year 4 - Money

Today (10th March 2020) the children in Year 4 used 'Real Money' and opened their shop in class. Their role was to sell items from their shop, collect payment and give the correct change to their customers. To challenge their skills, the children purposely gave the wrong change sometimes to...

Spanish Champions & Mental Health Week

We celebrated Mental Health Week discussing what is being brave in Spanish (ser valiente). Our Spanish champions shared their views and created their own be brave self-portrait, describing what being brave means to them both in English & Spanish

World Book Day in Year 2

Year 2 had a great time dressing up as our favourite book characters. We did lots of talking (mostly about different books) and lots of different activities. What a fantastic day!

Year 1 - Design and Technology: How do you make a structure strong?

1L had fun making their own chairs as part of our Design and Technology topic thinking about "How do you make a structure strong?" We used lots of materials to make the seat, legs and back of our chairs. Some of us even made arms!

Reception - Blue Class: World Book Day 2020

Blue class dressed up in their favourite book character today (6th March 2020). It was really nice to see them happy and cheerful. Blue class carefully listened to the stories they bought into school throughout the day inside and out

Year 1 - 1L World Book Day 2020

1L had an amazing time celebrating world book day today! We came dressed as our favourite book characters, we made our own bookmarks and finger puppets as well as designing our own book front covers! We worked together to make a big book themed art piece too!

Year 5 and 6 Residential 2020 - Day 2

[menu name="year5-6-residential-2020"] What an epic Day 2 at Youlbury. Not just because we started the day with a sumptuous breakfast of cereal and a fry up to compete with any Michelin star restaurant; not because of the lovely warm dry weather but because the Team Daubeney at Youlbury...

Year 5 and 6 Residential 2020 - Day 3

[menu name="year5-6-residential-2020"] Day 3 and things are not slowing down. The sun even poked its head through the clouds for a few glorious seconds. The children finished an exhilarating day of activities today with fried chicken, wedges and waffles with ice-cream for dinner. Oh,...

Year 5 - Finding the Area and Perimeter

Hi Year 5. The video is in two parts so make sure you start with the correct one!

Virtual Assembly - 30th March 2020

Healthy Me Week - Mental Health

Year 6 - Spelling Test - 27th March 2020

Hi year 6! This video is just for you. It’s the weekly spelling test just like we do every week in class! I’m missing you all massively - please comment in section below if you found this video useful, or even just to say hello. Keep up the good work!

Year 4 - Spelling Test - 27th March 2020

Hi Daubeney and particularly Year 4. I hope everyone is safe and happy during lockdown. I know Year 4 have been looking forward to their spelling test all week, so without further ado here it is!! Do your best as always and ask someone at home to check your spelling!

Origami with Miss Cheung - Paper Crane

Learn how to fold a paper crane by following this video!

Year 3 - Celebrating Your Work

Hello Yr 3 (& 4!), I can see that you’ve been very busy on the Busy Things website. Here’s a selection of your wonderful work. Don’t forget to keep checking the assignments page-we’re setting tasks and are enjoying seeing your work. I hope you are all keeping well &...

TTRS Weekly Update - 27th March 2020

Hello everyone! What a week it’s been on TTRS. We’ve had some super close battles and some absolute rock stars doing brilliantly with their times tables. Please watch the announcement and listen out for some names! You’re all doing fantastic but let’s see if we can get...

Year 5 and 6 Residential 2020 - Day 4

[menu name="year5-6-residential-2020"] It’s Day 4 and you’d have thought the tiredness would have set in by now... well it has for the adults! The children are just as energised as ever. After a hearty breakfast, they were pasting their way down, by now, a well trodden and...

Hello to 3G

Hi 3G, I wanted to check in with you all and I hope you are doing ok? I can see that so many of you have been doing lots of your home learning which is great. Do not forget to look after yourself in other ways too, exercise is very important as is your mental wellbeing. Remember the breathing...

Home Learning

These home learning resources were published to support children during school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They are no longer being updated. Welcome to the Daubeney School home learning portal! There are links to useful resources, access to online activities and information about what...

Year 5 and 6 Residential 2020 - Day 5

[menu name="year5-6-residential-2020"] A very good morning from Team Daubeney at Youlbury! We’re packed, fed and ready to go, once we’ve completed our last two activities and had lunch. My aim is for us to leave by 1.30pm if not a few minutes before. I will update the school...

Times Tables Rock Stars

Daubeney is truly rocking with their times tables! There are too many rock heroes to count. A huge congratulations to 3T as they are on top of the league table this week. Good luck in the battles everyone. Please visit the website every Friday for an update on the league table and information on...

Nursery - Let's go to space

We really enjoyed reading the story 'What ever next!' Written by Jill Murphy. Nursery created their very own rockets to travel to space

Coronavirus Help and Information

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It Takes a Village... 2020 - Episode 1

Daubeney Primary Presents ‘It Takes a Village...’ 2020. This is episode 1 of 4 and places the Black Lives Matter movement into context for our primary students

Virtual Library

Here is an amazing virtual library filled with fantastic books that can read at home for free. Browse around and choose any book to read. All you have to do is click on the book cover to open the link. Enjoy!

Virtual Assembly - 19th June 2020

Daubeney’s Got Talent / Daubeney Bake Off Day 5

Virtual Assembly - 18th June 2020

Daubeney’s Got Talent / Daubeney Bake Off Day 4

Virtual Assembly - 17th June 2020

Daubeney’s Got Talent - Day 3

Virtual Assembly - 16th June 2020

Daubeney’s Got Talent Day 2

Virtual Assembly - 15th June 2020

Daubeney’s Got Talent / Daubeney Bake Off Week

Virtual Assembly - 12th June 2020

Art Week - presented by Esther

Virtual Assembly - 26th June 2020

Sports Week - presented by Hamza

It Takes a Village... 2020 - Episode 2

Episode 2 of It takes a Village presented by Mr Logan. Featuring: Ronnie, Nasra, Hind, Bola, Poppy, Hamza, Aoife, Taylor and Mr Tyrone

How to get Started on Google Classroom

Remember to add onto your LGFL login and to use your LGFL password

Summer Reading Challenge

The Hackney Libraries Summer Reading Challenge encourages children aged 4 to 11 to enjoy the benefits of reading for pleasure over the summer holidays, providing lots of fun as well as preventing the summer reading ‘dip’. Although public library buildings are closed, libraries will...

Year 6 Graduation - Goodbye Class of 2020

The time has finally come to say goodbye to our Year 6 children though we know it's not goodbye forever because you are welcome to come visit Daubeney whenever you wish. It has been a memorable year, more memorable than most, but we will never forget all of you and how special you were to all...

Virtual Assembly - 17th July 2020

Our Final Virtual Assembly

Virtual Assembly - 16th July 2020

6S Virtual Leaving Assembly

Virtual Assembly - 15th July 2020

6M Virtual Leaving Assembly

Virtual Assembly - 14th July 2020

6F Virtual Leaving Assembly

It Takes a Village... 2020 - Episode 4

Episode 4 of ‘It Takes a Village...’ presented by Mr Logan. This concluding episode features many distinguished village voices as well as our very own, Aleah, Anessi, Evelyn, Cristina, Caian, Brian, Judson & Ronnie

Virtual Assembly - 30th June 2020

Transition Week - Day 2 All About me Booklet

Virtual Assembly - 9th July 2020

Carnival Week - Day 4

Virtual Assembly - 8th July 2020

Carnival Week - Day 3

Virtual Assembly - 7th July 2020

Carnival Week - Day 2

It Takes a Village... 2020 - Episode 3

Episode 3 of ‘It Takes a Village...’ presented by Mr Logan featuring: Aoife, Brian, Jusson, Lily-Ann, Miriam, Maelle, Miss Fergus & Miss Theresa

Virtual Assembly - 2nd July 2020

Transition Week - What are you looking forward to?

Virtual Assembly - 1st July 2020

Meet our Subject Leads

Welcome to Reception

Welcome videos from your Reception teachers

Prefect Applications for 2020-21

Job starts in September - applications accepted from Year 5 only A prefect is appointed by the Executive Headteacher on the recommendation of the Senior management team and other staff. It is expected that prefects will follow and demonstrate the Daubeney Standards in their everyday lives. Position...

10 amazing websites for reading activities

Check out these 10 amazing websites for lots of fun reading activities to do at home including videos of authors reading, free ebooks, phonics and much more!

Summer Reading Challenge

Virtual Assembly - 8th May 2020

Bank Holiday - Bonus Virtual Assembly

Virtual Assembly - 14th May 2020

Literacy Week - Writing

Year 4 Spelling Test - 11th May 2020

Hi Year 4, Here is the latest spelling test. Complete the test and let us know how you go! Stay safe, Year 4 Team

Virtual Assembly - 7th May 2020

Science and Sustainability

Virtual Assembly - 4th May 2020

Sustainability and Science

Year 4 Spelling Test - 1st May 2020

Hi Year 4, Here is this week's spelling test! Please let us know how you went and keep practicing for next week. Stay safe!

Virtual Assembly - 1st May 2020

History - Home Learning

Virtual Assembly - 30th April 2020

History - Now and Then

The Beast of Buckingham Palace

The final chapters have been added! What do you think will happen next?!

Virtual Assembly - 28th May 2020

Have Fun and Laugh Week - Presented by Mei

Black Super Heros

Click or tap to enlarge

Virtual Assembly - 5th June 2020

Our Friday Assembly presented by Jago

Virtual Assembly - 3rd June 2020

Coping with Change Worried about Coronavirus? Try reading Everybody Worries - A picture book for children who are worried about Coronavirus

Year 6 - SATs Celebration

Hi Year 6, we've put together this video for you to celebrate you finishing what is normally one of the more memorable half-terms in primary school - the half-term when you should have been sitting your SATs. As it was, you didn't have to sit them but arguably you have faced something much...

Virtual Assembly - 29th May 2020

Have Fun and Laugh Week - presented by Poppy

Virtual Assembly - 27th May 2020

Have Fun and Laugh Week - Presented by Laniya

Virtual Assembly - 15th May 2020

Literacy Week - Our weekly children’s assembly lead by Nevan

Virtual Assembly - 26th May 2020

Have Fun and Laugh Week - Lead by Rosa

Virtual Assembly - 22nd May 2020

Hispanic Week - Music and Cinema

Virtual Assembly - 21st May 2020

Hispanic Week - Sports

Virtual Assembly - 20th May 2020

Hispanic Week - Art and Reading

Virtual Assembly - 19th May 2020

Hispanic Week - Cooking and Food

Virtual Assembly - 18th May 2020

Hispanic Week - Travel

Year 6 - Healthy Mind, Healthy Me

During our SEAL lessons, 6F have been focusing on taking care of our mental health and well being. As we are getting closer to the SATs and beginning to think about moving on to secondary school, we discussed the different ways we can stay calm and manage our worries. Here 6F’s top tips to a...

Reception - Yellow Class: Birds and What They Eat

The children in reception had lots of fun learning outdoors in the hop garden. They talked about different types of birds and what birds eat. They made their own bird feeders using apples, seeds, string and sticks. The children were so excited to take their bird feeders home to hang

Boys Book Club - 2nd March 2020

Today (2nd March 2020) the boys enjoyed a clam and relaxing reading session. They listened to soothing music while reading their favourite book. We also had the opportunity to discuss the book by Vanessa Taylor called 'Baller Boys', which was dedicated to Mr Reece, who was and will always be part...

Year 2 - Wow Day in 2P

We spent the day looking at different landmarks around the UK. We than worked in groups to create our own 3D versions!

Year 5 - Art: Watercolour Paint

Today Year 5 became masters of watercolour paint. We recreated our favourite scenes from The Lion and the Mouse by Aesop. What is your favourite part of the story? What techniques did you use to create your artwork?

Year 4 - RE Day: Hinduism

The children in Year 4 had an exciting day today (31st October 2019) learning all about the Hindu faith. The children studied the main beliefs of Hinduism, the importance of the Mandir (Hindu Temple) and signs and symbols from the religion. They also had an opportunity to create their own art...

Year 4 - Fractions

This week, the children in Year 4 started their topic on Fractions in their maths lessons. They started with building their own fraction wall and identified fractions that were equivalent

Year 4 - Role-Play: Lion and the Mouse

The children had an amazing and fun time in class today (29th October 2019) when they were reading the 'Lion and the Mouse'. The children used the images and scenes to allow opportunities for them to role-play scenes, use freeze frames and had a fun time playing characters from the story

Year 1 - Story Narrating: The Lion and The Mouse

Year 1 have been reading the wordless book The Lion and The Mouse this week as part of our Whole School book fortnight. We thought about what was happening on each page and explored how we could tell the story ourselves

Year 2 - 2C The Lion and the Mouse

For the first two weeks of the half term, we are looking at the picture book "The Lion and the Mouse". To help us get excited and fully understand the story we have been role playing the story and painting a picture of one of the main characters, the lion. Take a look at our photos!

Year 6 - WOW Day - Autumn 2 2019

We kicked off Autumn 2 with a "WOW DAY". We started off with some sweet treats from all across the continent. We tasted delicacies from countries such as France, Poland and Sweden. We then put our researchers hats on and had to choose on country from Europe and create an eye-catching fact...

Year 2 - 2C WOW Day

WOW! What a day its been! During our WOW day, we learnt about some landmarks in the UK and we spent the day using different materials to design and create some of these landmarks. Can you tell which is the: St Pauls Cathedral, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Hadrian's Wall and Westminster Abbey?

World Mental Health Day - 10th October 2019

Throughout the week, Daubeney participated in assemblies, parent workshops and class activities to celebrate the fantastic World Mental Health Day. This year our focus was ‘I Love Me’. Children discussed the importance of being unique and participated in activities celebrating what they...

Year 2 - 2C Researching the World Around Us

Today (1st November 2019), we used the iPads to research different parts of London and Hackney. On Google Maps, we looked for places like the Hackney Empire, Homerton Hospital and the London Eye. Take a look at our photos!

Year 1 - 1TK Class Assembly: Little Red Riding Hood

1TK have worked really hard on their class assembly this week. Our assembly was about Little Red Riding Hood. We created a short trailer for our assembly using iMovie. We acted out the scenes and then put it into the trailer. We had lots of fun singing 'Stay on the Path'. We hope you...

Year 2 - Wear it Pink Day

2P had a fantastic Pink Day! We all made a massive effort to wear pink and had a fun, creative afternoon

School Council Visit the Houses of Parliament

School Council visited the Houses of Parliament on 16th October 2019. They were taken on a tour, where they got to see and learn about the history and what happens in the Houses of Parliament. They got to watch MP’s debate in the House of Commons, Theresa May was there too. The School Council...

Year 4 - Cross Curricular Learning: Sketching 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa' by Hokusai

Today (14th October 2019) the children in Year 4 used their Art skills, Topic skills and Literacy skills to sketch 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa' by Hokusai. The children learnt about the famous artist and then looked at some of his famous work, especially the Great Wave and re-created his...

Year 3 - 'I Love Me' Portraits

As yesterday was world mental health day Year 3 have been thinking about their emotions and their self worth. With the theme of ‘I love me’ the children drew a self portrait and wrote what they love about themselves. Their portrait was then passed around to their peers for them to write...

Year 3 Visit Kew Gardens

To further their knowledge & interest in their class topic of rainforests, Year 3 visited Kew Gardens. They were in awe of the exotic Palm House (built in the Victorian period, they noted), and especially by how hot and humid it was inside, just like the rainforest. Those wearing glasses...

Reception - Red Class - Our Body

Red Class have had a wonderful week learning about our bodies. We have been naming and labelling different parts of the body. We also spoke about what is inside our body. The children came up with lot of interesting facts. Sky said “our heart pumps blood to the rest of our body”....

Year 1 - 1L's Class Assembly - October 2019

1L worked so hard for their class assembly today! They retold the story of Little Red Riding Hood and even shared some of their Spanish learning with everyone. We had lots of fun performing together!

Reception - Blue Class Eating Lunch

Blue class enjoy eating lunch in the dinning hall together with the other Reception classes. If they don't like anything we encourage them to try it and Blue class are really good at that!

Art and Literature in Year 3

After reading the fable, 'The Lion and the Mouse', Year 3 thought about what characteristics the lion in the story might have. They decided he was majestic and strong, the mighty King of the Jungle. This was reflected in their art, where they created bright, colourful manes for their regal lions....

Year 2 - 2P Art with Literacy

In Year 2, we painted the cover of The Lion and the Mouse. We used different colours to achieve the different tones that make up the lions face

Year 6 - 6S Mental Health Day 2019

In 6S we have been learning about how to take care of our mental health and the mental health of others. We learnt about how words, in the words of Albus Dumbledore, are capable of inflicting pain and remedying it. It was difficult to think about the words that have hurt us, but when we thought...

Year 2 - No Pen Day in 2P

We had a fun day today! We read our favourite books, played lots of different maths games and using our amazing vocabulary to describe different landmarks in the UK. At first, some of us weren’t sure how we’d be able to do anything without using pens but we soon realised that there are...

Reception - Red Class: Launch Pad for Language Walk

Red Class went for a walk along the canal today. We had a great time talking about what we can see. We also used our senses to talk about what we can feel, smell and hear. We enjoyed looking at the boats, trees and the canal. We also heard the sound of rustling leaves, cyclists going past, children...

Year 6 - Visit from Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS

Year 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from Bola Abigosun where he explained to the children what a surveyor does. The children were inspired to hear about someone from Kingsmead Estate who went onto finish university with a first class honours degree and receive an award from Prince Charles. The...

Year 3 - Using Smarties to Work Out the Fraction of Quantities

Today Year 3 used Smarties to work out the fraction of quantities. They counted all the Smarties from the tube to work out what the denominator was. They then counted how many Smarties there were of each colour and wrote their final answer in fraction form. What a bunch of SMART-ies (get it?)

Year 3 - Designing Rooms for Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

After finding out about the weird and wonderful world of Willy Wonka, Year 3 designed a room for his chocolate factory. They came up with some imaginative ideas, such as the Trick or Treat Room (chocolate sprouts anyone?), chocolate jacuzzis and waterfalls, and a room with marshmallow trampolines...

Year 1 - 1L Love Odd Socks!

1L love odd socks! We had fun wearing odd socks today! #itisgoodtobedifferent ?

Year 1 - 1TK: Where Are We in the World?

Year 1 have been working hard this term learning about where we are in the world. We had lots of fun making this video and presenting our knowledge of countries, continents and oceans to end our topic. We hope you enjoy watching our video as much as we enjoyed making it!

Year 1 - 1L: Where Are We in the World?

Year 1 have been learning all about continents and oceans this half term. We have explored countries, seasons, geographical features and so much more! We finished our topic by making a video full of facts and information!

Daubeney Awarded Top Award of PSQM Outreach for Science

Last night (13th November 2019) our ex-science lead Mr Swarbrick had the honour of collecting our PSQM Outreach award. He led science for 3 years and this is testament to the incredible science work that happens at Daubeney and it was a pleasure to be a part of the process. At Daubeney we truly...

Year 4 - Maths: No Pen Wednesday

During our No Pens Day, Year 4 children took an alternative approach to learning their times tables - a relay where they competed between them to test their times table knowledge. Additionally, we worked systematically and deepened our reasoning skills using dominoes. Take a look at our maths...

Year 2 - No Pen Day in 2C

Have you ever not used pens in school? That’s what we did today! We spent a whole day doing learning without using pens! We did lots of things we enjoy like reading books, learn about landmarks in the UK by playing a game and we even played games in maths that made us think a lot! Are you...

Year 4 - Earthquakes

Today (5th November 2019) the children in Year 4 studied why earthquakes occur. They looked at the different types of earthquakes, how they are formed and what destruction the can leave behind. The children created an educational poster to explain why and how earthquakes happen

Year 2 - 2C Change Starts With Us

This week we are talking about how we should talk to and treat other people. We should always be kind and considerate. Take a look at our video!

Year 4 - Young Seismologist

Our young Scientist today were very busy designing and creating their own seismographs. They used the same principles that is used by professional seismographs and made their own. They even got to test the seismograph by creating a mini earthquake in class. The results were amazing!!

Year 3 and Year 4 Carol Concert Preparations

Please read to find out what your child is singing for the carol concert and then help by practising the song at home. Carol Concert Lyrics 3P are singing Christmas is Coming , an original song by the Daubeney School Choir and Band 3G are singing I Saw Three Ships 3T are singing Wonder by Naughty...

Debating in Year 3

Year 3 read the fable 'The Lion and the Mouse' and determined that fables are stories that teach us a message. They thought that the message of the fable was that TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. They then applied this idea of teamwork to a debate. They argued both for and against the idea...

Year 4 - Diary Entry: The Lion and The Mouse

Today (8th November 2019) the children in Year 4 were writing their final diary entry as the Mouse from our story, 'The Lion and The Mouse'. We used many writing features and skills to create some wonderful diary entries. We included, adverbials of time, powerful adjectives, onomatopoeia,...

Year 4 - 4M Non Fiction Session

Today (8th November 2019) the children in 4M explored many different non-fiction texts. During our guided reading session, each group read a selection of non-fiction books and recorded key facts and information they learnt. It was fun reading non-fiction books, we learnt many new facts about...

National Outdoor Learning Day

A big thank you to The Daubeney PTCA for supporting our children access outdoor learning on National Outdoor Learning Day, and for providing so many resources. Please come along and join us for our next Hop Garden event in Spring. You can see how much joy it brings to OUR children

"Clapton's Daubeney Primary school wears pink for breast cancer research" - Hackney Gazette

Clapton's Daubeney Primary school wears pink for breast cancer research - Hackney Gazette Students and staff at Daubeney Primary School swapped their uniforms for pink outfits and wigs to raise money and awareness for charity Breast Cancer Now. Read more

Outdoor Classroom Day in Year 2

We took our Cross Curricular lesson outside today and did some painting in the playground! We were making the seas surrounding the UK so used lots of blues. We than sprinkled salt on it to achieve a wave like texture

Reception - Blue Class Name Body Parts

Blue class have been learning to name and recognise body parts

Reception - Stay and Read Sessions in Blue Class

Blue class have really enjoyed parents staying for Stay and Read. Children have listened to stories that adults have read and shown a great interest in books. Big thank you to all the parents who have attended our stay and read sessions

Year 3 - Sharing our Great Learning

Our Year 3 pupil was excited today to share his learning with other classes. The pupil in Year 3 visited Mr Matvad in Year 4 to share their learning. They transformed their bedroom into a chocolate haven filled with adjectives and descriptive language

Year 1 - Mapping Day

Year 1 had a great time learning all about maps! We learnt about direction and using a map of the school grounds, guided our partners around the school using 'forward/up', 'backwards/down', 'left' and 'right'. Finally, we created amazing 3D maps of the KS1...

Year 4 - Guided Reading

The children in Year 4 enjoyed a free choice reading session today where they selected some of their favourite books to read. Some children read the Harry Potter series which I'm sure Mr Swarbrick would love to read

Year 4 - Collaborative Learning

Today Year 4M and 4K had a Literacy session together, where the children shared their ideas through the use of Oracy. They used their talk partner to help them discuss and share ideas to use notes to write factual sentences

Year 4 - Spanish

The children in Year 4 were excited today when they began another exciting session in Spanish. Today was extra special when the class chose a Spanish Champion to represent their class

Reception - Yellow Class Maths Activities

Yellow class have really enjoyed doing lots of maths activities this week. They enjoyed exploring 2d shapes and creating shape pictures, matching numbers to quantities and creating patterns using different colours

Year 6 - First Week in 6S

We have had a fantastic first week in 6S. In science we have started by asking questions about all the things we want to know about classification. In Literacy we got into character by performing role play of our modern version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have also had our WOW Day and...

Year 6 - WOW Day

This really was a day that made you say, “WOW!” We started the day off with a delicious taste tour of the UK. We had Scottish shortbread, Welsh cake, Irish Boxty and English scones. We had to rate what we tasted and describe the taste and texture. Then we picked a landmark and had to...

Year 1 - Favourite Places

This week in Year 1 we talked about our local area. Firstly, we talked about our favourite places in our local area, then we sketched a picture of our favourite place using pencils and finally we finished our pictures with oil pastels. We shared our pictures with the rest of the class. Watch our...

Year 4 - Concrete Maths

Today (12th September 2019) the children in Year 4 used concrete resources to represent numbers in a place value chart. The children used 5 digit numbers and extended their learning by going up to millions

Year 3 - Mapping Skills Day

Year 3 immersed themselves into the world of maps. Firstly, they helped some pirates to find their missing treasure by building and then using their knowledge of grid references and coordinates. They then worked together to identify symbols that are used on maps, leading to an interesting...

WOW Walk to School Challenge

For the second year running, Daubeney has decided to take part in the WOW walk to school challenge! WOW is a pupil-led initiative where children self-report how they come to school everyday. If they travel sustainably (walk, cycle, scoot, hop off the bus early and walk the rest of the way) a few...

Year 2 - RE Day

Did you know that Hindus believe that there is one God that takes on many different forms? Some have many arms and legs, some don't look like humans! We learnt a lot of new things from where they pray and worship to what festivals they celebrate. The day ended with us designing our own hennas...

Year 2 - 2C Mapping Day

To start off our week, we spent the day learning about maps! We learnt about map language, went on a treasure hunt, drew pictures and even made our own maps! Do you know what the arrows and letters on a compass stand for?

Year 3 - WOW Day 2019

Year 3 had a brilliant start to their new topic - the rainforest - today. They found out about the deforestation that is going on in the Amazon & wrote news reports about the fires that occurred recently, which they thought were devastating. In their reports, they call for action & make...

10xGreener Daubeney Road

10xGreener is a community project in Hackney with the ambitious and brilliant aim to make a street (and now a whole neighbourhood) 10 x greener

Year 2 - WOW Day

Happy WOW day! Today Year 2s have been on a plane and explored so many places! We went to Antarctica, the desert and even the rainforest! We talked about how hot or cold a place might be and what we would need to pack! What would you pack if you went to the freezing Antarctica?

Year 2 - Mapping Skills Day

We had a great day today, starting our Cross Curricular topic with mapping skills. We played a game where we had to direct our friend who was blindfolded using words like left, right, north and south. We sketched a hot climate. focusing on straight and curved lines and shading. We followed a map to...

Year 4 - WOW Day

Today (10th September 2019) the children in Year 4 enjoyed their WOW DAY learning all about the continent of Asia. The children explored many geographical landmarks, foods from the east, facts and information, rivers and studied the various cultures from around Asia

Red Class - Our First Week in Reception

We are having a wonderful time in Red class!

Year 5 - WOW Day

Year 5 had an amazing day immersing ourselves in the topic of North America which has a focus on sources of water. We looked at how we might clean dirty water. Also, we were creative and produced famous landmarks in North America using card and colours

Year 4 - Map Day

Today (9th September 2019) the children in Year 4 explored a variety of types of maps. They began learning about the cardinal points and then used the points to complete two different activities. The children also studied the United Kingdom and the countries which make up the UK. Our final activity...

Year 4 - Note Taking Skill

Today (18th September 2019) the children in Year 4 developed their knowledge by learning the skill of note taking. They then used the notes to help them create factual sentences for their travel leaflets, which will be published later this week

Year 2 - 2P's Class Assembly - September 2019

We had a lot of fun sharing our assembly today. We worked as a team to create it and discussed what it should be about. We decided on the very important subject of mindfulness and breathing!

Year 4 - Publishing 'The Hunter'

The children in Year 4 were excited today when they completed their published story called, 'The Hunter'. The children were proud of their writing as it included many key writing features, descriptive and figurative language

Year 4 - 4M Selfie Workshop

The children in Year 4M had an amazing Selfie Photo Workshop today (27th September 2019). The children took some awesome photographs using professional equipment

Reception - Yellow Class: 1 More and 1 Less

In Yellow class we have been learning about 1 more and 1 less. We counted different amounts of teddies and were finding out more and less

Year 3 - 3T's Charles Dickens Assembly

3T's assembly last week was all about reading, and in particular about our class author of the term, Charles Dickens. We acted out one of Dickens' stories, Great Expectations, and explored the messages it contained. 3T decided that it demonstrated that everyone deserves a second chance,...

Junior Road Safety Officers Training

The Junior Road Safety Officers attended training organised by Hackney Council, along with other primary school JRSOs from Hackney at the Round Chapel on 25th September 2019. It was a successful day filled with activities allowing our JRSOs an opportunity to learn new things and take away exciting...

Year 2 - 2C Outdoor Sketching

We’re ending this week by doing some sketching of when we went to the park yesterday. Being outside helped us remember how we were feeling because we could breathe the fresh air. Look at how relaxed we are!

Year 2 - 2C Class Assembly - October 2019

Today it was our class assembly and we told the story of The Magic Bojabi Tree! We even sang a song about friendship! Enjoy!

Year 6 - Mapping Day

For mapping day Year 6 were able to put their mapping skills to the test by taking a trip out to the Olympic Park in Stratford. Before that, they had to use a map and a scale to work out what the distance was from Homerton to Stratford. They also had to find certain points on the map once they...

Year 2 - Daubeney Fields Trip

We went on a walk to Daubeney fields. We were searching for worms to collect for our Worm World! We discussed the habitats they live in and what they will need

Year 6 - 6S Photography Workshop

Strike a pose! 6S really enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in a professional photography workshop. They even had the chance to operate the camera themselves! The children are really excited to see the results

Year 6 - Maths: Counting, Reasoning and Problem Solving

6M and 6S joined forces to get the most out of our maths lesson. We started the lesson with some counting (as always) and then moved on to reasoning and problem solving. It certainly helped when solving problems to have more people to help out!

Year 5 - Learning About University

Year 5 enjoyed a grown-up day learning all about what it's like to go to university! They heard about important facts such as the age they needed to be to attend as well as taking part in activities relating to accommodation, clubs and societies

Year 4 - RE Day

Morning Today (19th September 2019) the children in Year 4 explored the faith and beliefs of the Jewish people. They studied the key beliefs in Judaism and looked at the importance of the Torah, synagogue and stories from the Jewish texts. Afternoon The children in Year 4 today (19th September...

Year 3 - Outdoor Breathing

Today (25th September 2019) we decided to change things up a bit and use our wonderful Hop Garden to practise our breathing. It was a very relaxing environment because we could hear the rustling of leaves and the wind howling whilst breathing and meditating. "It's just a whole different...

Reception - Visit from Perform

Reception were lucky enough to receive a visit from Perform . The children had a wonderful time exploring the theme of Castles, Knights and Princesses and using drama, dance and singing to help develop their confidence, concentration and social skills

Junior Literacy Team 2019/20

Meet the Daubeney Junior Literacy Team - An enthusiastic group of children in KS2 with a love of reading and passion for writing! They will be supporting Miss Fergus in promoting Literacy across the school through assemblies, events and competitions. They will also be in charge of keeping all book...

Year 4 - 4M IntoUniversity Workshop

The children in 4M were challenged today with various activities provided by the IntoUniversity team, who came into school today to carry out a range of activities. The children had to use various skills like; teamwork, listening, creativity and building skills to complete the various activities

Year 2 - Take a breath...

This week in literacy we have been looking at what the benefits of breathing are. We started every lesson by doing some breathing activities and talked about how that made us feel. Afterwards, we made posters about what breathing is, why we should do it and when we can do it. We made these posters...

Year 5 - Adverts

This week Year 5 have been learning about adverts; their features and their purpose. Today we shared our final adverts about porridge with our peers, discussed the many different features we included and if we would want to buy each others porridge

Year 3 - Oracy in RE - Discussions

After finding out about the origin of Sikhism and the life of Guru Nanak, Year 3 had a lot of questions and points to discuss! They wrote their questions down and engaged in several interesting discussions, using oracy sentence starters to help build and structure their arguments. They are on their...

Reception Meet Alan the Alien

Louisa came to introduce Alan the alien to our class. We were excited to meet him. We asked him so many questions

Year 4 - Our First Published Piece of Work

Today (20th September 2019) the children were excited as they completed their first published piece of work. This week, the children were learning all about leaflets and used the key features to create their own travel leaflet for India

Year 3 - 3P Class Assembly - September 2019

3P confidently performed their class assembly today and enjoyed every minute of it. They have been learning about developing a growth mindset and wanted to share what they learnt with KS2 and the parents. Take a look at their performance. We hope you enjoy it as much as 3P did!

Reception - Red Class: The Naughty Bus

Red class have been writing about the story 'The Naughty Bus'. We have been using positional language in our writing to explain where the bus is. We also enjoyed going on the bus in our playground and pretended to be the drivers. Red Class also made buses using junk box modelling and...

Odd Socks Day 2019

The children have been Celebrating Differences in JIGSAW sessions and discussing that it is ‘Good to be Different!’. On Friday 15 th November we celebrated our Uniqueness with our annual ‘Odd Socks Day’

Year 6 - Staying Calm and Focused

6F made a fantastic to start to the term and had a great first week in Year 6. We learnt some breathing techniques to help up stay calm and focused. We also created a 'calm corner' with encouraging words of affirmation to keep us motivated throughout the year. 6F are excited for the term...

Boys Book Club - 27th January 2020

Today (27th January 2020) the boys book club watched and read a story from the myths and legends website , which is a free website with many interesting myths and legends. Every session before the boys book club start we read a story and have fun discussing it. Today the boys selected their...

Year 6 Spanish Champions visit Petchey Academy

Our Spanish Champions from Year 6 visited Petchey Academy and observed a Year 7 Spanish lesson. It was a great opportunity for our Year 6 pupils to get to know what Spanish is like in Secondary school and to work alongside Year 7 pupils. They enjoyed working together and sharing their experiences...

Year 4 - Graphic Novels

Today (4th February 2020) the children enjoyed reading a selection of comics and discussed what they liked about comics. They also discussed what makes a comic interesting and identified the features of a comic. As part of our genre, this week children will be looking at comics and next week will...

Year 6 - 6M IntoUniversity Week 2020

6M spent a week at IntoUniversity learning all about inclusion and diversity. The week included learning about a range of subjects. On Monday and Tuesday, we looked at inspirational people throughout history such as Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai. Also, we had an...

Trees for Cities Planting Workshop

We were very lucky to be part of the Trees for Cities workshop to plant more trees in Hackney Marshes. Children planted young trees to add to an existing woodland area to create more space for wildlife and for the local residents to enjoy. They learnt about different types of trees in the area,...

Year 4 - Science Investigation

The children in Year 4 carried out a very interesting science experiment to understand how sound travels through vibrations. They used a coat hanger, string and ties the string to each end. Then wrapping the string around their index fingers, placing it in their ear openings and hitting the hanger...

Family Matters Workshop - Dreams and Goals

"Have a vision, it is the ability to see the invisible. If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible" (Walt Disney) Our dreams and Goals, a truly fun filled and creative workshop were the invisible became a visible by creating a vision. We had some lovely feedback from...

Athletics Final At Urswick

Well done to the athletics team, to reach in the final. Many have work hard to compete with the best and represent Daubeney with all of they abilities

Year 2 - The London Fire Brigade Visit

Today The London Fire Brigade came in to visit us in Year 2. Sandra told us all about the fire brigade and what they wear and do. She taught what to do in case of a fire and to call 999. She also told us to learn our address and postcode as that’s very important to know. We learnt how to keep...

Year 2 - Great Fire of London Workshop

Today we experienced the Great Fire of London! Some of us dressed up like the people who were in the Great Fire of London. We spent the morning working in different jobs from 1666, like soap making and ink making. While doing our jobs, we also imagined the fire had started and some of us had to...

WOW Day in Year 1L

Year 1 had fun making shoebox worlds of their local area for the end of their Cross Curricular topic. They used cardboard boxes, tissue paper and card as well as other materials from home that could be reused for our project! We thought about who and what is in our world, and discussed what...

Year 2 - 2P Great Fire of London Assembly

2P wrote and preformed their assembly on The Great Fire of London. We were fantastic and thank you to all the parents and carers who came!

Year 2 WOW Day - Great Fire of London

To end our Great Fire of London topic, we designed some houses! We had to think about the materials that the houses were made of and the shapes of the houses. Houses in 1666 were made of wood and most of them leaned over the narrow streets of London, making it easy for the fire to spread from house...

Year 5 & 6 - Dodgeball Competition

Well done to the Year 5 & 6 boys participating in a friendly Dodgeball competition. Further friendly competition for Dodgeball will continue

Year 2 - 2C Class Assembly - January 2020

We have been learning so much about the Great Fire of London! During our assembly we acted out the story and we even talked about how we know what happened during the fire. We ended out assembly be singing a song and doing all the actions. What was your favourite fact about the Great Fire of London?

Nursery Love to Dress Up!

Daubeney nursery dressing up everyday, children can choose accessories to match their outfits. We have been role playing and retelling stories using masks and props. If you look carefully you will see even Spiderman loves a good book!

Nursery Messy Play

Daubeney nursery hosted two great messy play sessions. We all got very messy with sand, shaving foam, cornflour, jelly bath, paint and spaghetti. All of our children and parents came ready full curiosity and imagination. They were ready to explore as soon as the doors opened

Year 5 - Wow Day

Year 5 finished off their learning about Ancient Greece in style! They gathered interesting information about the Olympics in ancient times. As well as this, they finished off their Greek pots and painted them

Wow Day in Year 3

Year 3 have been learning all about the Prehistoric World, and in particular from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. They discovered that even though there are no written documents left about this period of time, there are plenty of clues that tell us what their life was like. One of these clues is...

WOW Day in Year 1TK

Year 1 have been learning about 'Who and what is in my world?'. To end their topic the children had Wow Day! 1TK had lots of fun being creative and making a shoe box world of their local area. They worked in groups to create different parts of their local area. Using a range of materials...

Counting in Nursery

In Numeracy we are learning to recite numbers up to 10 and beyond and we are continuing to develop skills to count using one to one correspondence. This week children created their own trains and counted how many carriages their train has. We made sure used our pointy finger and we counted slowly

Year 2 - Science Experiment

Today we did an experiment on how we can change the shape of everyday materials. We did things like squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. We experimented on objects like pen pots, feathers, straws, jumpers, lolly sticks and rubber bands. Can you guess which object changed the most? Can you...

Reception - Yellow Class: Our Body Belongs to Us

In Yellow class the children have been talking about their bodies and that our body belongs to us. They discussed no means no, it’s ok to talk about secrets that upset you and speak up, someone can help. Children then designed their own PANTS! Take a look at some of our designs

Year 4 - Sound Investigation

Today (22-01-2020) the children in Year 4 experimented with sound waves and vibrations. They used a drum and rice to notice the different vibrations and the reactions. The children carried out a fair test and recorded their results

Boys Book Club - 24th February 2029

Today (24th February 2029) the Boys Book Club met and read the story 'Cool Clive' by Michaela Morgan. The boys were very interested in the story and especially fascinated to see how the character wanted to be as cool as his friends. They then created their own 'COOL' front cover for a story they...

Year 5 Opens Shop

Today Year 5 opened many shops such as Desco Supermarket, Dercy Dingles, JDaubeney Sports and many more. We bought and sold many products practicing money skills such as adding amounts mentally, giving the correct change and even using a bank! Year 5, what was your favourite experience when...

Year 4 - Arabic Calligraphy

Today (27-02-2020) the children in year 4 studied the Islamic Faith. They used Arabic style calligraphy writing to write their own name and used many patterns to beautify their work

Year 2 - RE Day: Easter

Today we are learning about one of the most important Christian celebrations, Easter! Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross and resurrected (which means come back to life again) and that is why Christians celebrate Easter. There are many ways that Christians celebrate Easter, for example...

Reception - Blue Class: Concept Cat Visit

Concept Cat came to visit Blue class for our Launch Pad for Language session yesterday. Concept Cat loves learning so Blue class did lots of learning too. Concept Cat will visit us every Wednesday for the next few weeks to helps us with our learning

Art Competition

Create an art piece based on what sustainability looks like to you. Please submit your entries by 13th March

Year 4 - Battleships Co-ordinates

Today (26-02-2020) in Maths, the children in year 4 played a game called Battleships. They had to guess the co-ordinates selected by their peers and see how many they could get

Year 2 - Moving Objects Investigation

Our DT topic is moving objects so we brought in some of our favourite moving toys and investigated how they were similar and different. We learnt that a lot of toys have wheels and axles that help it move easily and quickly. What is your favourite moving toy?

Year 3 - Stone Age workshop at the Hackney Museum

Year 3 have been learning all about the Stone Age this term. During their visit to the Hackney museum, they got an insight into how Hackney was during the Stone Age era. They were able to have a touch of a range of artefact replicas including animal fur, flint tools and fossilised poop; they were...

Reception - Blue Class's Parent Phonic Lunch

Lots of parents came to take part in Daubeney's parent phonic lunch today (25th February 2020) which was awesome. Parents were happy observing phonic sessions and enjoying a tasty meal with their children. Of course children were extremely happy to see their parent in the middle of the school...

Year 4 - Blogging

Today (24-02-2020) the children in Year 4 discussed Blogs and identified the features of a blog. They were given various Blogs to read and identified the features while working with their partners. This week we hope to create and write our own blogs

Year 5 - Comic Gallery

In literacy we have been learning about the features of comics and we create our own comics based on ancient Greek myths such as King Midas and the Golden Touch. Today we showcased our comics in Year 5 gallery and discussed what we liked about each others work. What is your favourite ancient Greek...

Climate Learning Week - Jules Kirby from Friends of the Earth

As part of Climate Learning Week the Key Stage 2 children were lucky enough to have Jules Kirby from Friends of the Earth (and Daubeney dad!) come in to talk about our Planet and how we can all help to look after it. The children discussed possible ways that they could make a difference. Children...

Reception - Yellow Class: Bug Hotels

As part of Climate Learning Week, the children in Yellow class learnt about bug hotels. They learnt that bug hotels are a multi-storey homemade habitat where creepy-crawlies of all shapes and sizes can find a place to stay. They collected various natural materials from home such as straw, wood and...

Reception - Blue Class: Valentines Day Cards

Blue class created some loving cards for themselves for Valentines day!

1L's Class Assembly

1L had so much fun in their assembly this afternoon! They retold the story of Monkey Puzzle and told us lots of interesting facts about the body as we have been learning about animals including humans in Science! They worked really hard, well done 1L!

Anti-idling Awareness

As part of Climate Learning Week some members of the Junior Road Safety team handed out Anti-idling leaflets to inform parents and students about the impact idling has on our health. We at Daubeney are committed to our students living a healthy life and so we would like to ensure our air is as...

Year 4 - Mummification!

Wow, what an interesting afternoon (12-02-2020) in 4M, we have finally unveiled our mummies, which we made during our Ancient Egyptian unit. The children mummified an orange, taking out all its 'organs', then filling it with salt to preserve the skin. We then wrapped it in masking tape and...

Reception - Red Class Love Meditating

Red class love meditating! We found that meditating and doing breathing exercises everyday helps us to keep calm and refocus. It also helps to create a peaceful atmosphere in our classroom. Take a look at our video to see how we meditate

Year 4 - Find Your Brave

In Year 4 we have been discussing people and superheroes who have gone over and beyond to help mankind, especially for no other reasons but finding their own inner qualities. We discussed what it means to 'Find Your Brave' and how this can help us to never give up and achieve our goals. The...

Year 1 - 1L Explore Our Senses

1L had lots of fun in Science this afternoon! We explored what each of our senses are used for at senses stations around the room. We had fun working together and discovering how our senses help us every day!

Year 2 - London Is Burning

The houses we created during WOW day two weeks ago were set on fire like in the Great Fire of London today! We watched the fire start like in a Thomas Farriner’s bakery. The fire quickly spread because they were made of wood and were built very close to each other and after awhile all of the...

Year 4 - Wow Day: Ancient Egypt

Today (23-01-2020) the children enjoyed their WOW day with a variety of fun activities around our topic Ancient Egypt. The children created their own Ancient Egyptian town, then made a funeral mask for the Great Tutankhamun, answered a quiz about ancient civilization and enjoyed answering their Big...

Year 5 - Greek Clay Pots

For cross curricular, Year 5 made their very own clay pots. They had the option of creating a pinch pot or a coiled pot. They then scored the outside of the clay to make interesting Greek patterns!

Reception - Yellow Class: Launch Pad for Language Walk

Yellow Class went for a walk along the canal this week. We had a great time talking about what we could see. We used our senses to talk about what we can feel, smell and hear. We enjoyed looking at the boats, trees and the canal. We looked at all the leaves that have fallen from the trees and...

Year 4 - Earthquake Evacuation Plan

Today (4th December 2019) the children in Year 4M planned their evacuation route for an earthquake. Yesterday they created a list for their survival kit bag and will take this along with them when evacuating using their plan. The children discussed the importance of having an evacuation plan and...

Year 2 - Church Visit

We visited St Barnabas Church to prepare for our nativity next week! We listened to the story of the nativity and some of us had the chance to act it out as well! Are you excited to see us in the nativity next week?

Year 2 - Christmas Jumper Day

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? We celebrated today by putting on our best Christmas jumpers and by having a lovely Christmas dinner together! Look at how happy we are!

Year 4 - Angle Investigations

We made our own angles then identified the types of angles in Kandinsky's work. We know that angles are made of intersecting lines so we collaboratively identified those on our tables

Year 1 - 1S Jolly Christmas Postman Artwork

In 1S, we have been very busy with all things Christmas and have absolutely loved reading the story of the Jolly Christmas Postman! During Art, we sketched one of our favourite pages from the book - 1S are incredible artists, they were concentrating very hard on their artwork as you can see in this...

Year 6 - Tycoon Team in Action

The Year 6 Tycoon Team have been developing a business enterprise in school (change challenge). So far this year, the business enterprise has been a wonderful success. The children are very excited about being part of the business and love to see profits being made, this is helping children with...

Year 4 - Cross Curricular Links in Literacy

Today (9th December 2019) the children in Year 4 began to plan their information posters all about Earthquakes. They used their prior knowledge from their Cross Curricular lessons to help them plan information for their posters

Year 4 - Information Posters

The children in Year 4 are learning all about the features of information posters. Today (5th December 2019) the pupils had to create their own titles, sub-headings, captions and factual information for a poster that they have been reading in class

Miss Nadia on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour

Miss Nadia featured in BBC Radio 4 show, Woman’s Hour ; to raise awareness of period poverty and the important of all schools signing up for the governments scheme to provide sanitary products for all girls in education; which will rolled out in January 2020. [audio...

Year 1 - 1L Science Investigation

1L had fun doing a science experiment today, testing materials to see if they were waterproof. We were thinking about our big question this half term 'Could all materials keep us dry?'. We predicted which materials would keep a teddy dry and then used different materials to cover a teddy in...

Year 4 - Information Posters

Today (13-12-2019) the children in year used their Science knowledge and their learning from their Science lessons, to help them to create an information poster all about our teeth. They included the key features in their posters and worked with their peers

Girls and Boys Football at Mabley Green

Well done to all the children who played. We had some excellent performances on the day and there will be more matches on the way

Year 6 - Maths: Arithmetic Questions

Today in maths we did our arithmetic a little bit differently. Instead of working independently, we worked in pairs to work through arithmetic questions. We had to discuss the questions and agree on an answer. When we’d finished we had to compare our answers with another pair and any answers...

Year 4 - Natural History Museum

On Wednesday 27th November, the Year 4 pupils enjoyed a visit to the Museum of Natural History. They viewed the earthquake galleries and found all the information they learnt in class available on the display. It was very interesting to see how much the pupils knew, especially how earthquakes are...

Year 6 - Dance and Make Some Noise

Year 6 have been practising for the last 10 weeks and today they performed in front of a packed audience to resounding (and well deserved) applause. They performed dances which featured some traditional moves as well some moves associated with a certain popular video game. They also performed...

Year 6 - Drum Show

Did you see that amazing drumming concert? Wow! Miss Harley and Miss Davis really blew us away with a spectacular show. We saw all the Year 6 children dance and drum to an extremely high standard. We also saw the after school drum club play to an equally high standard. Big thanks to all involved in...

Year 6 Visit to The London Eye

On 26th November Year visited the South Bank acting as investigative journalists. As part of our immersion for The London Eye Mystery they had to visit the last place Salim was seen. They investigated the area and spoke with staff so they can use their quotes in their newspaper articles. They also...

Year 2 - Mabley Green Transport Survey

Year 2 went over to Mabley Green to do a transport survey. We recorded the number of cars, bikes, buses and other vehicles that we saw using tallies! We will use this information to create a tally chart tomorrow! What a great start to the day

Autumn Book Fair 2019

We had yet another VERY busy and successful Book Fair at Daubeney! You spent over £1000 buying amazing books to read at home which means that we also get lots of free books for our school book corners. Well done to Halima, Tariq, Sarah and Xiomara from the Junior Literacy team for helping...

Year 1 - 1S Sharing Assembly

We had our first assembly of Year 1 last Thursday! We loved reading the book 'Dear Zoo' and acting it out on stage! After reading the story, we were inspired to think about pets we might like to have, from fire breathing dragons, to bush babies and finger monkeys...! In literacy we have...

An Elf Visits KS1

This week we had an interesting visitor to KS1! A real elf came to see and play with us. She made snow like magic and told us a fun story! We even got a present as we left! Christmas is sure to be great this year!

Year 4 - Distributive Law

Today (21st January 2020) the children in Year 4 used the distributive law to solve their multiplication examples. The children used a game sheet, where they had to choose their own 2-digit numbers and multiply it by a single digit. Then, using the distributive law when they found the answer they...

Spanish - Español: Autumn Term Summary.

“FELIZ NAVIDAD Y PRÓSPERO AÑO NUEVO! = Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! -Y4 & Y2 worked on using more Spanish with their teachers and their classmates to follow instructions and to talk to each other. They had a great time playing bingo and many other games. - Y4 learnt...

Boys Book Club - 20th January 2020

Last week, the Boys Book Club met and read a selection of their favourite cartoons . Today (20th January 2020) the BBC had a variety of cartoons with no speech. They had the opportunity to use the pictures and create their own speech for the cartoons. They made sure they added some onomatopoeia and...

Year 4 - Mummification

Today (16-01-2020) the children in Year 4 studied the process of mummification as it was done during the Ancient Egyptian period. The children then had a chance to apply the same process by mummifying an orange in order to see how long they could preserve the skin of the fruit

Year 3 - Stone Age Cave Paintings

To immerse into the topic of the Stone Age, Year 3 got the opportunity to create their very own cave paintings. Each picture tells a story, can you infer what the story might be? Take a look at the pictures!

Boys Book Club - 13th January 2019

Today (13th January 2020) the Boys Book Club members met for the first session in Spring term. The boys read their favourite genre, Comic books and next week during our book club meeting (every Monday afternoon) we will be creating our own comic books

Year 4 - RE Day

The children in Year 4 studied Christianity as part of their Religious Education session. The children read stories from the Bible, identified key features of a church, Stain glass art work and understood the main teaching from the Bible

RE Day in Year 3

Today was RE day at Daubeney and year 3 were learning all about Judaism. They learnt what the main beliefs of Judaism are, their place of worship and the festivals that are celebrated. In the afternoon, they created their very own Judaism inspired masterpieces. In the pictures below, you will see...

RE Day in Year 2

Today we learnt all about Christianity and why churches are important to Christians. We started by looking at symbols and new ones that represent us. We then looked at Christian symbols and what they mean. Next we learnt about churches and their features. Finally we learnt about Christenings and...

The Junior Art Team

We are very pleased to introduce ourselves to you. We are the Junior Art Team. We are in Years 2 to 6 and are very excited to get under way with lots of plans and projects over the year! We met this week to decide what we want to do and to think about why we do it. We asked ourselves why the arts...

History Projects

What inspiring children we have at Daubeney! Over the holidays whilst most of us were feasting and relaxing, our children set about independently researching their history topic for the Spring term. They presented their findings in the most creative ways, from sculptures and painting to computer...

Jigsaw in Autumn 2 2019 - Celebrating Differences

Last half term, we ended our JIGSAW theme ‘Celebrating Differences’ with a BANG! We came to school wearing traditional clothes and families made special traditional food that was shared with their class. Children and staff enjoyed showing off their traditional clothes expressing...

2K - Making Christmas Cards

It’s a Christmassy feel! Children designed and created cards for their families and loved ones. Merry Christmas from all of us in 2K

2K - Rocking on Timetable Rockstar!

Practice makes perfect! The children enjoyed and are still enjoying the challenges, learning and practicing their times tables on Times Table Rockstar. Most of all, they are always very proud of their hard earned coins. Such an incentive!

Year 2 - 2K Acrostic Poem Presentation

Pupil in 2K had an amazing time sharing their acrostic poem with their peers in class. They also supported and encouraged each other as talking in front of an audience can be a bit intimidating. Enjoy some of our amazing poems

Christmas fun in 1L

1L have had lots of fun in school recently! We enjoyed Christmas jumper day and shared a lovely Christmas dinner with each other. Today we had lots of fun at our class party sharing our traditional dishes with our friends! Have a lovely Christmas everyone!

Reception - Blue Class: Celebrating Differences

Blue class dressed up in their traditional clothes and bought in special traditional dishes to celebrate differences and end to our wonderful autumn term

Year 2 - 2P Acrostic Poetry

We read our acrostic poems to each other. They were wonderful and interesting and everyone did amazingly!

Year 6 - 6S Send Fan Mail to Year 5

6S were so impressed with Year 5s pantomime performance , we decided to send them some fan mail. We snuck into their classrooms at break time and delivered their letters so they would be surprised when they returned from break. We hope they liked the cards because we certainly loved their...

Year 2 - 2C Christmas Poetry Slam

Last week we wrote some acrostic poems about Christmas and today we performed them in our class poetry slam! We learnt about about what makes a good audience member as well. Enjoy some of our acrostic poems!