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Assessment Policy and Procedures Why Assess? We assess to be sure that all children across the Blossom Federation can make as much progress in their learning as they possibly can. By assessing children’s achievements in their work, further progress in their learning can be planned for. Assessment...

Privacy Notice

We hold personal data about pupils to support teaching and learning, to provide pastoral care and to assess how the school is performing. We may also receive data about pupils from other organisations including, but not limited to, other schools, local authorities and the Department for Education....

Wider Curriculum

Wildlife Watch Welcome to our wildlife watch page! We have a motion detecting camera set up in our Hop Garden ready to catch the night time adventures of the animals that visit when we have left school! Check back here for new photo and video updates to see who has been visiting us!

School Development

Each year the staff, children and governors review the progress we have made and identify areas of focus for continued Development for the future. This self-review and evaluation is part of our ongoing school Development cycle and helps us to devise the ‘School Development Plan’ or SDP. The SDP...

Forest School

Autumn Term – Year 2 Spring Term – Year 1 Summer Term – Reception During Forest School sessions, children are encouraged to work with others to carry out activities such as den/shelter building, role play, exploration, practical and creative skills and tasks. These sessions will be delivered by...

Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL)

Introduction to OPAL OPAL stands for Outdoor Play and Learning and is a programme endorsed and supported by Sport England . OPAL's mission statement is "To ensure that every schoolchild has an amazing playtime every day with no exceptions." We aim to: improve well-being develop self-regulation...

Starting Reception in September

Your Teachers The Early Years Curriculum at Daubeney Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through seven areas of learning and development. There are three prime areas that are embedded in everything we do: Communication and Language...

Ensemble Development Award

Daubeney has won an Ensemble Development Award from the Mayor of Hackney

Year 5 - History: Charles I

To end the lovely sunny day yesterday, we decided to spend our research lesson outdoors and created a poster about different aspects of Charles I’s life. At the end of the lesson, we presented our findings to the rest of the class!

Golden Achievers for our Teachers

As part of Staff Wellbeing Week, our Junior mental health team created achievers for our teachers and presented them during our achiever assemblies. Our teachers were very surprised and we had lots of smiling faces!

Children’s Mental Health Week 2022 - Growing Together

During the last week of our half term, week commencing 7th February 2022, Daubeney celebrated Children’s Mental Health Week. The theme was Growing Together. Growing Together is about growing emotionally and finding ways to help each other grow. Challenges and setbacks can help us to grow and adapt...

Junior Mental Health Team Place2Be Fundraising

The JMHT raised £309.39 for Place2Be. They met with Matthew Charlton the Community Fundraising Manager at Place2Be to discuss the work they do, explain how our £309.39 could make a difference

Fitness and Mental Health Assembly

This week is Fitness Week and Year 5 and Year 6 had a special assembly lead by Mr Swarbrick and Mr Shamji. My Swarbrick and Mr Shamji discussed the importance of fitness and how it supports our mental health. What types of fitness do you do?

Comic Relief 2022

Our Junior Mental Health Team helped raise money for Comic Relief. Our Daubeney children donated £1 and dressed up with the theme of, Make us Laugh! Helping others and helping yourself. It’s good for you! Doing things for other people actually has a beneficial effect on developing our own...

Year 4 and Year 5 Workshop - Giving

As part of our Giving Week, Year 4 and 5 met with Olivia (Mental Health Support) and Vana (CAMHs Worker in school) to discuss memories of helping others, friendship and feelings. Can you think of a memory that you helped someone? How did this make you feel? How do you think it made the person you...

Year 5 - RE Day: Judaism

Today we learnt about Judaism and answered the question: What can we learn from the past? We looked at the Passover and the Holocaust and reflected on how we have learnt from those stories. We ended our day with making our own Purim masks

Year 6 - 6M: World War 2 Artefact

WHAT A LESSON WE HAD TODAY IN 6M! We were so lucky to have a real life WW2 Bomber jacket from a fighter pilot. Not only did we get to inspect the jacket but it belonged to a great grandfather of one of our pupils in class. In the box, there was also a comic, which was based on a true event of the...

Year 5 - Trip to Science Museum

It was our first trip of Year 5 - can you believe it? We certainly could by the end of the day - we were so tired! We visited the museum as part of our science unit on space but we also so many other amazing things!

Year 1 - Forest School - 1S Making Bird Feeders and Playing Games

1S making bird feeders and playing in the woods

Science Show

Daubeney Students had the chance to see a science show which included hovering ping pong balls, elephant toothpaste, unpoppable balloons, UV lights and fizzy rockets!

Year 5 - Red Nose Day 2022

Have a look at our funny outfits? Which one made you laugh the most?

Year 5 - Outdoor Reading

Yesterday was such a lovely day that we decided to spend some time reading outside. It was sunny, peaceful and relaxing!

Year 5 - Science: Air Resistance

This week in science, we have been learning about air resistance and friction. To test this out, we made our own parachutes using tissue paper and string and tied different weighted objects to it to see how that affects the speed of falling

Year 5 - Computing: 3D Modelling Introduction

This week we started our 3D Modelling unit in Computing and we explored a new program called 2Design and Make on Purple Mash. We designed our own houses that we can print the net for to create a 3D model of our houses

Nurture Group - Cross Curricular: Making a Chair Using Cardboard

Today we made a chair using cardboard. We worked as a team to make the legs, seat, back and spindle. We managed to make it stand for our teddy to sit on, unfortunately it did not stay standing when a child sat on it

Year 3 - Forest School - Making Boats from Natural Materials

Year 3 have been working with Forest School and made boats from natural materials the children were then able to see if their boat floated

Nurture Group - Maths: Adding

We did adding using hoops, cubes and number cards! We also had sums with missing numbers

Reception - Forest School - Introduction to Forest School

Introduction to forest school and exploring new environments

Year 5 - Maths: Rounding Decimals

Do you find decimals difficult? We've learnt a super easy way to make sure we can always round decimals to the nearest tenths and whole number. We'll be putting our learning into action in tomorrow's lesson!

Nursery - Messy Play Day

Nursery had their first Messy play day. The children had so much fun exploring many different messy activities. We had corn flour, cutting spaghetti, cars in paint, shaving foam, water beads and lots more. One child said "Miss I am so excited, this is so much fun" and another said "I...

Year 5 - King Henry VIII

What do you know about King Henry VIII? Today we learned all his life and his impact on British history! "I liked learning about King Henry VIII because there was so many things that I didn’t know about him - such as him having 6 wives!" - Di’Sean

Year 1 - Forest School - 1S Celebration Week

Making crowns and Easter egg hunt

Year 2 WOW Day - The Great Fire of London

To finish off the topic of the Great Fire of London, Year 2 designed and made some houses which replicate how the houses would’ve looked in 1666. They all worked brilliantly as a team and created magnificent masterpieces! Take a look

Year 1 - Forest School - 1A Celebration Week

Making crowns and Easter egg hunt

Year 6 Reading Booster

The children in Year 6 enjoyed their reading booster session in our Hop Garden. They read a selection of text fiction and non-fiction and discussed the text before answering the questions

Year 1 - Forest School - 1L Easter Egg Hunt

Celebrating the end of Forest School

Year 5 - 5C at IntoUniversity

What do you know about university? We learnt a lot of things about university yesterday when we went to IntoUniversity! We discussed areas of university like clubs and societies, accommodation and location of universities! We are so inspired about universities now!

Year 5 - Computing: Spreadsheet Area and Perimeter

This week, we learnt about how we can use formulae to calculate things for us easily, like area and perimeter. By copying and pasting a forumlae, we could find the area and perimeter of a shape by simply typing in the length and width of the shape

Year 2 - 2P Chocolate in Spanish & Lew Wallace School in Albuquerque

Year 2 have learnt the names of different types of chocolates in Spanish and can say which ones they like and the ones they don´t. They are sharing a song and everything they know of chocolate with their Music & Spanish pen pals in USA, the Lew Wallace Elementary school of Albuquerque

Year 5 - Computing: Spreadsheets

We have started a new computing topic and it is Spreadsheets! We are learning about formulas and how to make our lives easier when we are adding and subtracting by using a spreadsheet. This week, we learnt how to make a spreadsheet that converts metres to centimetres and centimetres to metres!

Year 5 - Adding Fractions

In Year 4, we learnt about adding fractions but what happens when the fractions don't have the same denominator? We worked with our partners this week to find the lowest common denominator to solve each number sentence

Year 5 - Greta and the Giants Roleplay

We are learning about the book Greta and the Giants for the first two weeks of this half term. To help us understand the story more, we acted out the story and even made props inspired by Greta and her friends. We will be writing a blog based on the book

Young Hackney Basketball Finals

A big well done to the KS2 basketball team, for winning the Young Hackney's competition yesterday

Year 6 - 6M Online Safety

The children in 6M looked at how they can be safe while being online. The children researched many facts about online safety and used PurpleMash to complete a quiz and various activities

Year 6 - 6M: ICT and History

On Tuesday (22nd February 2022) the children in 6M used their ICT skills to research facts and information about World War 2. They used Purplemash to help them create a News report about the Blitz

Year 3 - 3HC Dress to Express

3HC have dressed to EXPRESS! As part of Children's Mental Health week taking place this week. Don't forget the junior mental health team are helping to raise money for Pace 2 Be to help children get easier access mental health support

Year 5 - WOW Day - Iceland and Volcanoes

To end our topic of Iceland and volcanoes, we made volcanoes. We constructed, painted and erupted them today! What do you know about volcanoes?

Year 1 - Forest School - 1S Exploring the Woods

1S exploring the woods, free play

Year 1 - 1L Numbers to 50

We have been exploring numbers to 50 in our maths lessons recently. We thought about how many tens and ones each number has, as well as how we could show the number using dienes. We also identified what is one more and one less than a given number

Year 1 - 1L Monkey Puzzle

We have been reading the story of Monkey Puzzle in Year 1. We used role play to explore the characters and the plot of the story. We then discussed the setting and recreated Henri Rousseau's ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’, using oil pastels

Year 1 - Safer Internet Day

Today, for Safer Internet Day, we thought about how we use the internet to play online games. We discussed how we can keep ourselves safe when playing games online, who to talk to if we need help or are unsure of anything, and also explored the things that are safe to share online and things that...

Year 1 - 1L WOW Day

For the end of our Spring 1 Geography topic, we focused on famous London landmarks. We took a virtual tour of lots of famous places around London and then created them ourselves!

Year 1 - 1L Growing Together

As part of Children's Mental Health week, we took time to think about how we have grown and who has helped us to grow. We celebrated all the things we are able to do now and decorated a butterfly with all of those things. We also decorated parts of a caterpillar to show all the people that have...

Year 5 - Reading Art

This half term our whole class reading book is "The Time-Travelling Cat and the Tudor Treasure". In our reading sessions we predicted what we thought the book would be about and made some art inspired by the title of the book, time travel. We created our own ideas of time machines!

Year 6 - 6M ICT and Science

This week in Science 6M will be learning all about circuits. They used their Purplemash accounts today, 1-3-2022, to learn and discuss more about creating open and closed electrical circuits. The children used their program, which allowed them to draw, create and understand how to complete an...

Year 4 - 4S World Book Day 2022

4S really enjoyed their World Book Day. Great costumes of their favourite characters as they celebrated reading with fun and engaging activities. The passion for reading is unbelievable and it is great to see!

Year 5 - Science: Heliocentric Models

Year 5 are beginning to learn about the Earth and Space! Today we were learning about the different theories scientists had about space and what was at the centre of it. We learned that a long time ago, people thought that the planets orbited Earth. But now we know that the planets orbit the sun!...

Nursery - Outdoor Chalk Fun

The Nursery children had heaps of fun mark making with chunky chalks outdoors

Year 5 - World Book Day 2022

What a fun filled day of dress up and book related activities! We all came in as some of our favourite book characters (whether good or evil) and created a book cover and blurb about them. We spent the afternoon designing our bookmarks that we will use to remind us that reading is fun!

Year 5 - Character and Setting Description

We are continuing to look at the Greta and the Giants story this week and to help us with our descriptions, we spent the lesson talking about how we can describe characters and settings. We worked collaboratively as a group to come up with descriptions and write it down on our brainstorms

Year 1 - 1L World Book Day 2022

Today we had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite characters from some fabulous books. We discussed who we were and explored some of the stories. We made our own bookmarks and designed the front covers of our books!

Year 5 - RE Day: Sikhism

Year 5 studied the Sikh religion. As well as learning all about the festivals and traditions they also designed posters and wrote about everything they learnt

Year 4 - 4B World Book Day 2022

4B celebrating how much we love books! Can you guess who we all are?

Year 5 - Computing: Spreadsheet Counters

This week in computing we continued our topic on Spreadsheets and learnt how to add a counter. We used this to answer the question "Is 'e' the most popular vowel?" Look at how we did!

Reception - World Book Day 2022

Reception had a lovely day dressed as our favourite book characters!

Year 4 Outdoor Science Investigation - How does distance affect the volume of the sound?

Year 4 developed their scientific skills by investigating how sound is affected by the distance it travels. They made their prediction and also discussed how the investigation could be a fair one by considering the variables

Year 3 - 3HC World Book Day 2022

3HC dressed up in their favourite book character! We are celebrating world book day that took place yesterday

Year 1 - Forest School - 1L World Book Day

Celebrating World Book day making Stickman

Year 1 - Forest School - 1B World Book Day

Celebrating World Book Day making stickman

Parents Consultation Survey 2022

Our Parents Consultation Feedback survey is anonymous and we greatly value your feedback as it plays an important role in the management of the school

Year 1 - Forest School - 1A Exploring the Woods

Exploring the woods and celebrating World Book Day by reading and making Stickman

Reception - Forest School - Yellow Class Friendship Week

Exploring friendships and making Elder necklaces

Year 1 - DT: Making a Chair

As part of our DT topic of 'How do you make a structure strong?', we thought carefully about designing a chair and then used resources from the classroom to make it! We worked hard to make each part of the chair and then thought about how we could secure them together

Nurture Group - Shopping Trip

This week in maths we have been learning about money. We wrote out our shopping list and headed off to the shops. Today we are making fruit kebabs and chocolate Rice Krispies. We bought the ingredients and looked at how much each item will cost and what coins we will need. Finally, we worked out...

Year 6 - 6M ICT: Maths and Coding Skills

The children in Year 6M used their ICT skills today (6th July 2022) to develop their maths and coding skills

Mini Garden

The School councillors came up with an idea earlier this year to develop a green space in the KS2 playground where wildlife can flourish and our Daubeney family can enjoy nature. They have worked hard with support from Dave and Gavin to design a “Mini Garden”. The friends of the Earth...

Year 5 - Science: Reproduction Revision

To remind ourselves of all our amazing learning this year, we spent some time revising words like sexual and asexual reproduction. Now that we are just looking back at our work, we found that we had a lot more questions to ask and some of us have even noticed plants in our home growing sexually or...

Reception - Trip to Hackney School of Food

On Monday, we visited the Hackney School of Food. We made pizza by making our dough and adding tomato paste, cheese and oregano to match the colours of the Italian flag. We also made fruit kebabs, using bananas, pears, blueberries and raspberries. After we made our food, we enjoyed eating it in the...

Year 5 - Literacy: Presentations

We have been researching lots about the artist we are focusing on during this half term's art topic, Antony Gormley. So we spent the morning creating posters using everything that we have learnt and presented them to the class afterwards

Nurture Group - Cooking with Parents

Our parents came in to school to cook with us! We made fruit kebabs and chocolate Rice Krispies. "I really liked doing this activity with mummy" "I was happy that daddy came to nurture to make fruit kebabs with me" "Daddy and I really enjoyed the eating part"

Year 2 - 2P Singing School Trip

On Tuesday Class 2P went on a very exciting singing school trip into central London. We went to a small but very grand church called St Ann and St Agnes . It is in the vicinity of St. Paul’s in the heart of bustling central London. 2P sang their hearts out with a professional ensemble called...

Year 4 - Computing: 2Animate

Year 4 produced some brilliant animations. They learnt to copying from frame to frame, deleting and adding frames, changing speed and background, onion skinning and adding sound to their animations

Year 1 - Computing - Week 2

In Week 2 of computing, Year 1 used Chromebooks to design their own version of an Alberto Giacometti sculpture, as part of our Cross Curricular Art topic. They used 2Paint on Purple Mash and thought about the colour and shape of the lines they needed to use

Year 5 - Maths: Measurement

Year 5 displayed their measurement knowledge today until identifying mm and cm in rulers and comparing measurements. They also looked at objects in our class and decided if they should be measured using kilograms or grams!

Year 1 - Computing - Week 3

For week 3 of computing in Year 1, we used Chromebooks to practise our Maths skills, sequencing numbers from 1-100. We thought about how to navigate a website to get to the page that we need and how to accurately use the touch pad

What do children think about freedom at breaktimes?

Please see how your children feel about the idea of freedom at break times. This video will be shared with other OPAL schools across the country. We hope it puts a smile on your face

Year 5 - Maths: Reflection

To end our topic of position and direction, we learnt about reflection. Some of us got confused when reflecting whole shapes but it became much easier when we just reflected each point of a polygon. Next lesson, we’ll be thinking about reflection with coordinates

Year 5 - Yoga - Week 3

It’s our third week of yoga and we are definitely becoming much better at it! We still get the giggles sometimes but we’re learning how to slow ourselves down much faster than we used to be able to

Year 5 - Computing: Game Design

This week we spent time really focusing on our game design skills by using 2DIY3D on Purple Mash once again. We spent time adding more levels to our games as well!

Junior Mental Health Team - Thank You to Daubeney Staff

Did you know, when you express your appreciation for someone, you will not only improve their lives but yours as well. You will feel more fulfilled because you have done something to make someone else’s life better. It will change your mindset. Our mood and daily outlooks change when we focus on...

Year 5 - Literacy: Dragon Trump Cards

To finish up our week of the Dragon Slayer, we designed our own dragons and made trump cards for them! We considered their powers, favourite food and appearance

Year 5 - Literacy: Features of a Poem

This week, we are looking at poems in literacy and today we spent the lesson looking at the features of poems. We looked at different kinds of poems. Do you know what the features of a poem is?

Year 5 - Yoga - Week 5

We are definitely getting a lot more comfortable with silence, stillness and breathing. Our yoga instructor, Evi, even let us choose and come up with some yoga positions that we wanted to try!

Year 2 - Sculpting with Clay

As part of our learning in Art, 2KF have been learning about an artist called Yayoi Kasuma. We had an fantastic lesson making amazing sculptures out of clay. There were many types of techniques we had to learn e.g. pulling, rolling, smoothing and adding detail. Have a look at some of our...

Year 5 - Art WOW Day

WOW! What a day! We wrapped up our Summer 2 half term with a WOW Day dedicated to art inspired by Antony Gormley. More specifically, we created our own art pieces inspired by "Field for the British Isles" which we called "Field for the Year 5 Isles". We even had a Year 5...

Year 6 Trip to Laburnum Boat Club

As temperatures soared, Year 6 couldn’t have been any luckier. We went down to Laburnum, took part in kayak games and then took a dip in the canal - just what you need on the hottest day of the year so far!

Music - Summer Term 2022

It was a great year of skateboards, ukuleles, djembes, recorders with lots more in between. We enjoyed and celebrated our interschool concert with guest bands from Ickburgh, a local special needs school and also a band from Rushmore. Alongside this we often had our outdoor jam on a Friday lunchtime...

Year 5 & 6 Trip to Southend Adventure Island

An unforgettable day for everyone. We had songs in the coach journey, a trip to the beach AND a fun day out at adventure island!

Golden Achievers of the Year 2021-22

Congratulations to our Daubeney Golden Achievers of 2021/22

Year 2 - 2KF RE Day

Yesterday we had a really fun RE Day learning about four religions. We learnt that all religions have teachings about forgiveness. Later, we discussed how it feels to ask for forgivness. We looked closely at a picture that shows forgivess and talked about how the bird flying away means to be free...

Nursery Graduation

Today our butterflies graduated from Nursery as they will be flying off to Reception in September

Year 1 - Computing - Week 4

This week Year 1 have been using the mouse bots to practice giving precise instructions when they are coding. They thought about the route the mouse had to take in order to get to the cheese and avoid any obstacles in the way. They also had to debug the mouse if any of the instructions were wrong!

Year 5 - 5C Reading Outside

Is there a better way to end the week than sitting outside, enjoying the sun and learning through reading? We spent our reading lesson in the Hop Garden today!

Year 1 - Computing - Week 5

This week Year 1 have been practicing their coding skills using 2Go on Purple Mash. They thought about which direction they wanted the object or person to move and could press the correct button using a range of different backgrounds and paths

Year 5 - Literacy: Artwork Inspired by Poetry

In today's literacy lesson, we drew some art inspired by the imagery created by the poem "Mrs McPhee" in the book "The Puffin Book of Utterly Brilliant Poetry" Here is the poem: Mrs McPhee Who lived in South Zeal Roasted a duckling For every meal. 'Duckling for breakfast And dinner and tea And...

Year 4 - Transition Day in 5C

This week was super exciting. To get us ready for September, we spent the day with our new teacher, Miss Cheung and did lots of fun activities like learning about Miss Cheung and talking about ourselves, creating class charter, writing a letter to our old teacher and play team games

Year 5 - Summer Big Draw

"The eyes are the window to the soul", a saying that we used to inspire our surrealist art. We drew an eye and filled it with all the things that are important to us, similar to René Magritte's "The False Mirror"

Year 1 - 1L Big Draw - Summer 2022

We had lots of fun taking part in todays Big Draw! Look at our art work!

Reception - Forest School - Blue Class Friendship Week

Making elder necklaces for our friends

Year 5 - Computing: Levels, Instructions and Titles

This week, we focused on including instructions and titles onto our games. We even thought more about how levels can be different or more difficult

Year 4 Swimming at the Aquatics Centre

For the past two weeks, Year 4 have been attending the famous Aquatics Centre in Stratford. They were learning how to swim with professional swimming instructors. By the end of the two weeks, everyone passed their swimming test!

Year 2 - Computing: Searching the Internet

This week 2KF have been learning about searching the internet. They had lots of fun trying to find answers about dinosaurs using a search engine called Google. When they finished, they tested their knowledge of dinosaurs by completing a quiz on Purple Mash

Year 5 - Maths: Drawing Lines and Angles

Today in maths, we put our knowledge of angles into use and drew angles using a protractor and ruler

Year 4 - Function or Appearance: What Is More Important?

For design and technology, we researched, evaluated and created amazing boardgames to see the difference between function and appearance. Sketches of their innovation was brought to life and was also tested by themselves in order to evaluate the functions of their game

Year 4 - Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Today the Year 4 pupils had a fantastic time celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We had a lovely exhibition, a fantastic picnic in the Hop Garden and a wonderful quiz. Well done to everyone who helped make this day a great success

Year 6 Residential 2022 - Day 3

It’s been another jam packed day hahahahaha. Oh we had jam toast and croissants for breakfast. Inside joke. We’ve been kayaking, canoeing, starting fires, building bridges and climbing unimaginable heights. Last night we also had a Daubeney talent show and it’s safe to say it was VERY entertaining....

Year 6 Residential 2022 - Day 2

The sun came out hip hip hooray! And it looks like we’ve seen the last of the rain! It was a jam packed day today and our first full day here at Danbury! We’re still having an amazing time and we’re going to be reading all of your comments when we have hot chocolate later on so keep them coming!...

Reception - Forest School - Yellow Class: Planting a Rainbow

Planting a rainbow. Making seed bombs and felt flowers

Year 6 Residential 2022 - Day 1

Well, we all crossed our fingers for sunny weather but of course, shortly after our arrival the skies opened and it definitely made for a memorable first day. We had archery, climbing, aerial treck, mountain biking, obstacle courses and ALL in the pouring rain. Our children have settled in so well...

Year 5 - Design Research

Year 5 are learning about windmills and wind turbines so they had the opportunity to use their ICT skills to research how they work. They had to look up how generators work, how transformers work and how windmills and wind turbines are similar and different

Year 5 - 5C at IntoUniversity

Do you know what university is about? We have been learning about what life will be like at university by experiencing university course would be like. We learnt about space and created different space homes based on the atmosphere of different planets

Year 1 - RE Trip to St. Barnabus Church

Year 1 had lots of fun for our RE day trip this half term. We visited St. Barnabus Church in Homerton. Reverend Clive told us all about the church, what happens during a mass, and about the community that visit to pray together

Year 5 - Science: Water Resistance

This week, we have been learning about water resistance. We learnt that water resistance is similar to air resistance but we can lessen water resistance by being streamlined. To test this out we made our own boats and tested them out in a paddling pool

Year 5 - 5MC at IntoUniversity

On Monday we went to IntoUniversity!! We recapped our knowledge of university and participated in many activities that showed us what university life could be like! Then we recapped what we learned about Space and created different space homes based on the atmosphere of different planets. "I liked...

Year 1 - 1A DT: Making a Chair

For DT we have been designing and creating our own chairs. We have been looking at how to make a structure strong. We discussed using stronger materials such as card and cardboard and resources to connect pieces together. The outcome was amazing and most of our chairs were strong and sturdy. Take a...

Year 1 - Iggy Peck Architect

Our book focus for two weeks is Iggy Peck Architect by Andrea Beaty. We used role play and hot seating to explore the story and the characters, and we also had a go at making our own structures out of items from around the classroom!

Year 1 - Maths: Multiplication

Year 1 have been learning about making equal groups in Maths and have been introduced to the times symbol 'x'. They thought carefully about how many groups they had and also how many items were in each group. They wrote fabulous number sentences to show their learning!

Year 6 - 6M Internet Safety

Today 8-02-2022 the children in 6M explored how to be save online by looking at different features that are available for children to play online games. They used PurpleMash to learn more about the topic and completed various quizzes based on Internet Safety

Nursery - Queen's Jubilee: Going to the Races

The Nursery children looked spectacular dressed to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee with the theme 'Going to the races'. They designed and made pool noodle horses to race around the track. There were smiles, laughter and lots of cheering

Year 6 Residential 2022 - Day 4

It’s our second to last day and things are not slowing down. We’ve been kayaking and canoeing, orienteering, going on an aerial trek, zip lining and doing some archery. We’ve got one final night and we’re going to celebrate by having a campfire and playing some camp games. It’s also the last night...

Year 5 - Antony Gormley Treasure Hunt

Today we learned about Antony Gormley and his famous sculptures by hunting for information! What facts do you know about Antony Gormley?

Year 5 - Ducklings Come to Visit

Daubeney has had a bunch of new friends in the form of ducklings! They started last week off in Year 3 and have now arrived in Year 5. We have been loving playing with them and watching them grow and play!

Year 6 - ICT and Science in 6M

Today, 22-6-2022, the children in Year 6M used their Chromebooks to complete their Scientific activities on Purplemash. Then they used their research skills to retrieve information about our Science topic. This term in Science we will be looking at Scientist and Inventors

Year 6 - 6M Yoga

This morning, 22-6-2022, the children in 6M had a wonderful session with our professional Yoga instructor. The children felt the calm and peaceful setting, of the hop garden, to be an amazing space to do Yoga. They really enjoyed the different Yoga techniques they did and felt relaxed and ready for...

Nurture Group - Our Trip to the Post Office

In Literacy we have been learning how to write a letter. We wrote our own letter together and went to the post office to post it. We spoke to the post man and asked him some questions

Year 5 - Role Play: Dragon Slayer

Today Year 5 role played the Dragon Slayer! We picked our favourite part and performed them for our class!!

Nurture Group - Water Play

On Friday we went to the Hop Garden to enjoy some water play as it was extremely hot! "I loved getting wet and splashing in the paddling pool" "I want to do it again"

Year 5 - Environmental Sculptures

Today we went to Daubeney Fields to create our own sculptures based on the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We used our natural surroundings as tools and resources such as branches, twigs, leaves, feathers and mud!

Year 5 - Yoga

In our first yoga lesson, we got used to being on the yoga mat, hearing sounds and enjoying relaxing yoga. We can't wait for our next session!

Year 5 - Maths: Coordinates

Today, we started off our topic of position and direction by recapping our previous learning of describing position and drawing on a grid

Year 6 Residential 2022 - Day 5

Can you believe we still managed to fit in two activities on our final day! We had our farewell lunch, said goodbye to our tents and we are officially coming home!! See you all very soon!

Reception - Forest School - Blue Class Introduction

Blue class introduction to forest school. Exploring and nature treasure hunt

Reception - Ducklings Week 1

This week we were lucky enough to have 5 duck eggs arrive! We waited patiently for the eggs to hatch and over the first few hours, they all hatched! We have watched them eat, drink and cuddle with each other. Both classes have enjoyed watching them, stroking them and watching them grow! Alongside...

Year 5 - Literacy: Art-ish

Sun-ish, tree-ish, butterfly-ish, fish-ish. What do you do when your drawing looks ALMOST like the thing you meant to draw? We made art inspired by the book "Ish" to show us that even if it isn't perfect, we can all do art!

Year 5 - Aspiring Artist in 5SM

Well done to this young aspiring artist in 5SM. This layered painting took almost one year to complete!! It is entitled ‘Explosion of flowers’ We are very proud of the amazing work

Year 1 - Art: Exploring Sculptures

Year 1 have been exploring sculptures this week as part of our new Art topic. We thought about what the sculptures looked like, what they might have been made out of and how they made us feel

Year 5 - Literacy: Roleplay

Do you know what the most important things to consider when you are doing roleplay? We discussed them today in Year 5 and then used our new skills to roleplay the book "Ish" by Peter H. Reynolds, a lovely book about a child who learns to love their unique style of creating art

Reception - Forest School - Yellow Class: Jubilee Crown Making

Yellow class celebrating the end of Forest School and the Queen jubilee crown making

Reception Jubilee Day

We had so much fun celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. We loved pool noodle horse racing, a picnic fit for the Queen and a Royal Ball

Year 5 - Safer Internet Day

Do you know how to be safe on the internet? What about when you are playing games online? Who might you go to if you are feeling pressured into doing something you aren't comfortable with? Year 5s have been discussing this today as it is Safer Internet Day and now have the knowledge and skills...

Year 1 - Forest School - 1L Superworm

1L searching for worms, measuring them and climbing trees

Year 5 - Volcano Safety Poster

Do you know how to be safe if you live near a volcano? Year 5s have been learning about volcanoes and thought about how they could ensure people are safe if they live near one. Have a look at our posters!

Year 3 - Wow Day: Should We Worry About the Rainforest?

Year 3 had a fantastic WOW day! The children have been working to answer the overarching question...SHOULD WE WORRY ABOUT THE RAINFOREST? They prepared to go on a protest! They got placards and speeches ready. Yes, that's right! They went to save the RAINFORESTS!

Year 1 Phonics Outside

As part of outdoor learning day, some of Year 1 took their phonics lessons outside!

Nursery - Spooky Dress Up Day

Nursery has had a fantastic day with our 'Spooky Dress Up' day. The children listened to the story 'Pumpkin Soup' and explored the inside of a pumpkin using spoons, and wooden sticks. They each had a turn to talk about the texture, colour and talked about what they could smell. They...

Golden Achievers - 22nd October 2021

Massive congratulations to last week's Golden Achievers!

Dress Down Day

On the final day of term, the students dressed as famous black scientists and inventors. They practised their oracy skills by describing who they were dressed as and why they were famous!

Year 3 - 3HC's Class Assembly - 21st October 2021

3HC’s sharing assembly was held on 21/10/21 and it was ALL about Brazil and saving the RAINFOREST! Must watch! The children worked so hard and were super excited to perform. The children shared some facts, acted out the story ‘The great Kapok tree’ by Lynne Cherry and sang and danced to the song...

Year 5 - Wow Day - Tanzania

How would you prepare to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? To end our geography topic we had a wonderful WOW Day where we recapped all of our learning and answered the overarching question. Then, we spent the rest of the day learning about the Maasai people. We created posters all about them and the ways...

Year 4 - Wow Day: Crayon Resist

For Wow Day in Year 4, we learnt about the technique of crayon wax resist where you draw something in crayon and paint over it. We were able to create amazing artwork of Mount Everest as a result

Year 4 - 4S Diwali Workshop

4S enjoyed a Diwali workshop where they learnt about the story surrounding the festival of light and they achieved this through stories, song and dance

Year 3 - Rainforests

Year 3 have been very fortunate today, they listened to a talk from one of our parents all about sustainability in The Rainforest. They also had the opportunity to ask questions

Year 5 - Maths: Making Graphs

Today we made bar graphs and created questions about the data that we collected yesterday. "It was really fun because we all worked together to create our graphs and questions" - Elijah "I really liked making graphs today because maths is my favourite subject" - Rachel

Reception - Mae Jamison Visit

Reception have been learning about space and had a very special guest in to visit. Mae Jamison came along and we asked her lots of questions about her life and she talked about following her dreams, despite not always being encouraged to

Year 5 - Maths Outside

Today we took our statistics learning outside! We created a tally chart by noting down all of the different types of vehicles that passed us. We saw way more vehicles than we predicted we would find!

Golden Achievers - 15th September 2021

Massive congratulations to last week's Golden Achievers!

Eco Team Waste Audit

This afternoon Daubeney's Eco Team conducted a waste audit with Hackney environment. We found many ways were we are not using our bins correctly but we also found many ways that we are! We can’t wait to begin making changes at our school and help everyone get rid of their waste correctly!

Year 6 - 6M Poetry Workshop

Today, 15th October 2021, the children in Year 6M had a wonderful poetry session led by Donna Powell, who is an artist, songwriter and poet. The children with links to Black History Month enjoyed the session with creative ideas to use to create their own poem/rap or song

Year 4 - 4S Outdoor Maths Session

For outdoor classroom day, we focused on equivalent lengths. 4S had a wonderful time measuring their best jumps in the playground and they enjoyed recording, comparing and converting data

Junior Literacy Team 2021/2022

Meet the new members of the Daubeney Junior Literacy Team! They are very eager to share their passion for reading and writing with everyone at Daubeney. The team will be supporting Miss Fergus in promoting Literacy across the school through assemblies and events. They will also be in charge of...

Year 1 - 1L One Kind Word

1L spent time this week thinking about how we can be kind to others both inside and outside the classroom. We drew pictures showing us being kind and using kind words and then shared them with each other

Year 1A - Book Fortnight - The Extraordinary Gardener

We really enjoyed reading the book 'The Extraordinary Gardener' By Sam Boughton as part of our book fortnight. We have been planting cress, writing instruction on how to plant a seed, acting out the story and doing observational drawings of plants. Take a look at what fun we had!

Junior Science Team Meeting - November 2021

The Junior Science Team had the opportunity to make circuits and try out motors and bulbs!

Spanish Champions 2021-22

We have selected our wonderful Spanish Champions for this school year. They are ready to help everyone in the school to love & learn more Spanish

Nurture Group - Planting

In Literacy we have been reading the story The Extraordinary Gardener. We decided to grow our own plant. "Plants makes us feel peaceful"

Understanding and Managing Behaviour Workshop

On the 9th November, Vana, our CWIS (CAMHs worker in school) lead a parent workshop about managing emotions

Maths with Year 5

Today, Year 5 went on a treasure hunt to see if we could remember mathematical vocabulary such as prime numbers, square numbers, factors and multiples. ‘I liked solving the maths puzzles’ - Katie ‘I liked that we got to go outside and run around and we were learning all at the same time’ -...

Year 4 - 4B Diwali Workshop

4B had an amazing time learning about the origin story of Diwali and who the important people are

Year 5 - Literacy: Advertisements

Have you heard about Joe’s Plants? We have been reading The Extraordinary Gardener in Year 5 and we created advertisements based on the book

Nurture Group - Play Dough

We made play dough for both playgrounds for lunch time play. We used maths to work out the measurements

Year 5 - Outside Classroom Day

For Outside Classroom Day, Year 5 became factors and multiples for maths. We also planted seeds - just like the main character Joe in 'The Extraordinary Gardener'! We can't wait to see our plants grow and grow and GROW! "It was great, I really enjoyed Outside Classroom Day!" - Utku "I really...

Year 3 - Outdoor Maths Lesson

In Year 3 we have had an outdoor maths lesson on Mabley Green. The children investigated many of the mathematical concepts from the Year 3 curriculum. They made arrays with leaves, used natural objects to create symmetrical patterns and took measurements of towers that they built

Year 6 - 6M Outdoor Learning

On Thursday, 4-11-2021, the children in 6M enjoyed their maths lesson in Daubeney fields. They created and identified different angles, measured and estimated various lengths and also enjoyed a reading session in Hackney Marshes

Year 3 - Outdoor Learning Day

In Year 3 we got our coats on and went outside for some outdoor learning! We used outdoor resources to solve maths problems in Mabley Green. After, we went to Daubeney Fields and linked it to our whole class book for literacy

Year 1 - 1S Outdoor Learning

Today, 1S took their learning outside! We did some part whole maths in the hop garden, using autumn leaves to help us add with hoops!

Outdoor Learning in Reception

We love playing and learning outside!

Year 1 - 1L Take Maths Outdoors

Today 1L went to the Hop Garden to practise our addition skills using the part-whole model. We used hoops to create the part-whole diagram, and then chose leaves from around the garden to help us count!

The Junior Literacy Team Visit Everyone's Book Corners

The Junior Literacy Team visited all the classes from Nursery to Year 6 to check out everyone's book corners and judge them for the competition. We saw very creative and colourful corners with themes such as space, oceans, jungles and even hot air balloons! We want to show off our book corners so...

Nurture Group - The Little Red Riding Hood Role Play

In Literacy we have started to learn about the Little Red Riding Hood. We went into the Hop Garden and re-enacted the story. "I think little red riding hood felt frightened" "I think the wolf was hungry and felt excited in the beginning" "The woodcutter is a brave man"

Reception - Yellow Class - Our Body

This week, we have enjoyed learning all about our body. We have been learning about our different body parts and what we use them for. We really enjoyed going outside and drawing around our friends, listening to the initial sounds and labelling the body parts

Year 5 - Outdoor Learning: Learning About Place Value

As part of our outdoor learning this week, Year 5 went to Daubeney Fields to learn about place value. We used different natural resources such as leaves, sticks, stones along with string to make place value charts. We then used these resources to make number representations all the way up to...

Year 3 - Science: Plants and Flowers

In Year 3 we are learning about plants this half term in Science. The children have spent time in the Hop garden carefully observing the flowers growing there. This week they have been learning about the functions of different parts of a plant

Reception - Our First Week

This week, we have said "Hello!" to our new Reception children. We have been taking part in many activities including playing in the mud kitchen, having water play in our paddling pools and having a bite to eat at our Farm Shop Café! We can't wait for next week for even more, fun learning!

Year 6 - 6M Book Corner

Our book corner in 6M is a lush 'Garden Of Knowledge' and the children are very excited to read their favourite books while relaxing in the garden under the tree

Year 1 - 1L Mapping Skills Day

1L had lots of fun this week for Mapping Skills Day! We played Simon Says to help us remember our directions, went on a map hunt around the school and then made a 3D map of our playground!

Welcome Back Nursery

It was all smiles from our Nursery children who returned to school this week. They have been enjoying the new Baby Clinic role play area and having lots of outdoor fun!

Year 5 Outdoor Learning

This week Year 5 went outdoors to begin their topic learning about mountains. They had to work as a team to choose items that they would need on a climb up Mt Kilimanjaro

School Council Meeting - 8th September 2021

The School Council met together for the first time! They were elected last year, but due to Covid restrictions the team never met together. It was a very special and exciting moment for all. The School Council will meet every Tuesday for this half term. Some vacancies have become available…so watch...

Golden Achievers - 17th September 2021

Massive congratulations to this week's Golden Achievers!!!

Year 6M - Role Play

On Tuesday, 7-9-2021, the children in Year 6M enjoyed their lesson when they were able to role play different scenes from our story. The children used their skills to become various characters and explored what the characters said and thought

Year 5 Literacy - Little Red Riding Hood

Today, Tuesday 7th September, the Year 5 children acted out Little Red Riding Hood to immerse themselves in the story before they write the story again from the wolf’s perspective

Year 6 - 6O Mapping Day

The children in 6O had fun learning about maps and they even created their very own map of the Daubeney Playground

Year 3 - Mapping Day

Year 3 had an amazing Mapping Day where we had the chance to learn about directional language and a variety of symbols used in maps. Children identified locations on maps and were even able to guide their partners to various locations around the school. At the end of the day, Year 3 went to...

Year 6 - 6M Mapping Day

In Year 6 today, 6th September 2021, the children had their Mapping Day learning activities and enjoyed learning all about the different types of maps. They also explored how maps are made, keys, different styles of maps and when a map can be used. The children had a final session in our playground...

Year 5 Mapping Skills Day

To start our Geography topic off, we refreshed our memories of geographical skills we learnt in previous years and built onto our own knowledge by learning some new skills. We looked at 8 point compasses, 4 figure coordinates, aerial photographs and even thematic maps! To end our day we went on an...

Year 6 - 6M PSHE

The children enjoyed their PSHE lesson today in Daubeney Fields. They discussed their year ahead in Year 6 and expressed their fears and excitement for the new year. They also had an opportunity to have some reflective time with nature and improve their wellbeing

First Days in Year 5

We have had so much fun in our first two days back after the summer break! We’ve already begun working on our maths and we’ve submitted our entries for the logo completions for our new federation name “The Blossom Federation”. We’re very happy to be back!

Classroom Displays 2021-2022

Daubeney is full of exciting learning. Take a tour through a gallery of our bright and colourful displays to see the amazing learning that is taking place

Year 5 - Outdoor Learning: Literacy

After reading "The Boy Who Answered the Call of Kilimanjaro" yesterday, we roleplayed the story during our Outdoor Learning session. We found props and performance locations in the outdoors to help us truly imagine what it is like to be out in Tanzania

Year 5 - RE Day - Buddhism

What did the Buddha teach about living a better life? Today we explored the religion of Buddhism and learnt about how Buddhists view life through understanding the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. Do you appreciate what you have or seek out things that you don't have?

Mental Health Parent Workshop - 12th October 2021

On the 12th October 2021, our CAMHS worker, Vana Lamprogianni lead our Parent Workshop. We discussed the WAMHS project and how she supports in our school. She also discussed the importance of looking after our mental health. Please see below Vana’s presentation. There will be another workshop on...

Spanish - KS1 Introducing Themselves

This term our KS1 pupils have been learning to introduce themselves in Spanish. They feel very confident now and ready to make new friends in Spanish!

Golden Achievers - 11th September 2021

Massive congratulations to last week's Golden Achievers!

3G Sharing Assembly - Black History Month

3G's sharing assembly was held on 7/10/21 it was based on the children's learning around Black History Month. The children sang two songs, recited a poem and spoke about five influential black people that they had researched. It was lovely to see so many parents

World Teachers' Day 2021

On the 5th October, Daubeney Primary School celebrated World Teachers' Day. The children came to school dressed as our teachers and created cards, poems and gifts for staff to show their appreciation. We had a special staff breakfast and our Junior Mental Health Team created cards and handed out...

Cooking in Nursery

The children in the Nursery enjoyed making Veggie pizza roll ups! They learnt about hygiene when preparing food and talked about some of their favourite foods to eat. Take a look at some of the pictures. We definitely have some chefs in the making!

Prefects - Whole Team Training

Our Prefects being put through their paces during a whole team training

Nursery - Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

It was all hands-on deck down in the nursery as the children enjoyed the newest addition in the playground. They rowed down the streams, through the rivers and shores and you wouldn't believe what creatures they met along the way! The children were super eager to make their boats bright and...

Year 4 - All About Me in Spanish

We had a great time making our self-portraits and learning to talk about ourselves and the thinks we like, and we don´t like in Spanish

Nurture Group - Fundraiser

Nurture are lucky enough to welcome a new pet to the family. We will be getting a pet rabbit after the half term. We need to raise money to give it a lovely home (cage) and food. Please come and support us outside the nurture room by purchasing a cake or naming the rabbit or even both! Thank you in...

Anti-Bullying Week 2021 - One Kind Word

Daubeney enjoyed spreading kindness in Anti-Bullying Week. The focus was, One Kind Word. Children had the opportunity to participate in activities during their JIGSAW sessions and ended the week with our annual Odd Socks Day . The children discussed bullying in assemblies and workshops and...

Year 5 - Outdoor Learning: PSHE

What rights and responsibilities do we have as Year 5 children? We explored these during our Outdoor Learning session. We also talked about refugees and the struggles they go through when they go to a new country

Year 4 - Science: Living Things and Their Habitats

In science, we are learning about living things and their habitats. We took a trip to Daubeney fields to explore what living things can be found and what classification they fall under. We had fun enjoying the nature of our environment and learning about different plants and insects

Year 5 - Outdoor Learning: Life Cycles

Our science topic of this half term is Animals and their habitats and during it we have been learning about the life cycles of different types of animals and insects. During our outdoor learning session, we learnt about a frogs life cycle, what type of animal they are and what they eat. We also...

Year 4 - 4K Sharing Assembly: The Hunter

4K sharing assembly was held on 18/11/21 and was inspired by our focus book 'The Hunter.' The children worked so hard to present and act out the story with great confidence. A huge thank you goes to all the parents who came to watch us perform

Year 2 - Forest School - Session 16

Anti-bullying week 2021

Year 1 - Forest School - 1S Superworm

1S looking for, measuring and drawing worms

Year 5 - Literacy Roleplay

This week we are writing a narrative based on the video Taking Flight and to help us understand the story, we used our imaginations to go on an adventure like Tony and his grandpa does in the video. Some of us flew on planes, whilst others swam through the depths of the dark, blue oceans

Year 2 - 2P Special Christmas Performance

A Christmas Introit (Hodie) by Audrey Snyder. Filmed for the VOCES8 Foundation's Live from London concert series in December 2021

Year 5 - Maths Outdoor Learning

To start off our long division topic in Year 5, we took our learning outdoors and thought about how we could divide large numbers. We spent the morning drawing out our learning on the playground in chalk!

Aspiring Authors in Year 5

Well done to these two young aspiring authors, who spent their free time last weekend beginning to write a novel. They thought carefully about their title and front cover. They were inspired by their favourite books and began writing their first three chapters. We are very proud and can’t...

Nurture Group's First Skateboarding Lesson

Mr O'Flynn has now switched our extra music sessions to skateboarding lessons. We LOVED our first session! "It was hard but it was fun" "It was SUPER MIGHTY good" "I can't wait for our next session, thank you Mr O'Flynn"

Year 5 - Reading: Art

We are starting a book called The Firework-Maker's Daughter by Phillip Pullman in Year 5 this half term and to get us really excited, we created our own art inspired by fireworks! Have a look at our creative work!

Year 4 Writing Club - 12th January 2021

Today in Writing Club, we learnt about calligraphy and how important it is. We saw everyday examples of calligraphy and watched a video on how we can do calligraphy. We used our current spelling words to create posters

Year 5 - Maths - Multiplying 2 Digit Numbers

We are learning to multiply 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers and to help us understand what we are doing, we used dienes and worked with our partners to answer questions together

Year 6M - Cartographers

Our young cartographers in 6M produced some amazing maps today 11-01-2022 from our learning yesterday, when we had our Mapping Day in Year 6. Their attention to detail and accuracy was impressive and produced high quality maps. They also designed their own suburb including features and specific...

Year 5 - Mapping Skills Day

What did we remember about maps from the Autumn term? We put this to the test during our second Mapping Skills Day of the year! We looked at features of maps and types of maps. We even drew our own map of Iceland and created a 3D replica based on a topographic map of Iceland

The Junior Literacy Team's Top Tips

Check out the Junior Literacy Team's top tips for filling in your reading records as well as some amazing book recommendations! Comment below and share what you are reading at the moment and your top tips for reading at home

Year 6 Mapping Day

The children in Year 6 had a fun day today, 10-1-2022, learning all about maps. They used a grid reference map today to locate places. Then used direction and instructions and drew their own map when they designed their own creating their own suburb

School Council - St Joseph's Hospice Rudolph Run

On Wednesday the 8th of December, we participated in St Joseph's Hospice Rudolph Run. The aim was to raise money to help the hospice look after patients. The run started at 9:30 with the receptions and the year 6s ended the run at 10:55. On Tuesday the 14th of December, two children delivered the...

Happy Holidays from Year 4B

For the last day of school, we are celebrating differences and in our class, we speak over 20 different languages at home! We wore traditional outfits or colours from our countries. We were given a small gift from our teacher. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Young Hackney Poetry Competition Winner

Congratulations to Maya in 3 HC who was the winner of the Young Hackney Poetry Competition! She beat children from many other Hackney schools. Here is the winning poem

Year 3 - 3HC Rudolph Run

3HC were supper excited to go on the charity run to raise money for St Joseph's Hospice and completed 3 laps! They had extra energy from there magical reindeer antlers! Well done 3HC!

Year 5 - 5SM Christmas Play

One of the students in Year 5 wrote a play and the whole class got together to make her script come to life! We are so proud of the achievements of our children - this was entirely child led and the other Year 5 children loved it

Year 5 - Computing: SMART

What are the responsibilities and support when we are online? In Year 5 today, we learnt about SMART, which helps us stay safe on the internet. We discussed our thoughts and took notes on Purple Mash

Year 3 WOW Day - Building Stonehenge

As part of Year 3's WOW day the children built Stonehenge's using cream cheese and biscuits!

Prime Numbers with Year 5

Today we learned about prime numbers! We learned that prime numbers only have 2 factors and that numbers with more than 2 factors are composite numbers!

Year 4 - 4B PSHE: Resilience

In 4B, we have been learning about resilience and how we can deal with being disappointed and not letting it consume us. We created a song that we either rapped or sang about making a new plan or setting a new goal and how we can cope with these situations

Year 5 - Science: Filtering and Sieving

This week we learnt about another 2 separation processes: Filtering and Sieving. We learn about how these are both reversible changes through our experiment!

Year 5 - Computing: Plagiarism

Do you know what plagiarism is? We learnt about it and how we have to reference the information we copy or borrow from different sources!

Year 5 - Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Did you know that it is the Year of the Tiger? Year 5s have been learning to write important greetings in Chinese that is traditionally said to others during the New Year to show respect!

Junior Mental Health Team - Compliment Booklet

A very BIG thank you from Mr Matvad to our Junior Mental Health Team. Mr Matvad received a Compliment Booklet today with loads of lovely, kind and caring messages. "This really made my day, I am so happy." We would like to thank the JMHT for an amazing project that they themselves created...

Year 4 - Countries and Nationalities in Spanish

We have been learning to talk about where we are from and our countries of origin in Spanish. We know the name of many countries in the world in Spanish and we can ask people about their nationality

Year 2 - VOCES8 Choir: Chocolat Chaud

Please enjoy our latest recording with VOCES8 choir. We are singing a French tango called Chocolat Chaud

Year 1 - Forest School - Session 1

Writing poems to what we hear

Year 5 - Science: Separating Materials

We explored how we can separate different materials. We had to separate metal from sand using magnetism. We then investigated how different liquids can separate depending on their density. We also mixed some salt into some water and we will be observing it over the next few weeks to see if the salt...

Year 6 - 6M IntoUniversity

The children in 6M enjoyed a whole week of activities with the team from IntoUniversity. They discussed and learnt all about life at university, the courses on offer and activities provided by many different institutes. They children also discussed diversity and empathy and visited the Dialogue Hub...

Year 4 - Outdoor Lesson: PHSE

In our outdoor lesson, we learnt about resilience. We created dens, structure and art using natural materials. Then certain children were chosen to destroy them which helped us to understand what is resilience and how can we overcome when we are hurt

Eco Team Bulb Planting

The Eco Team had a great time planting donated bulbs around pavement trees surrounding our school. We had a great time and cannot wait to get our fingers green again as well see the bulbs grow in a couple of months time

Year 3 WOW Day - Cave Paintings

Year 3 created Cave paintings as part of our WOW day for cross curricular. They used wet tea bags and felt tip pens to create the cave look. Have a look and see how good they are!

Year 3 Literacy - Stone Age

As part of one of our Literacy sessions this half term, the children created Stone Age caves to help them write a non-chronological report

Year 3 - Rocks

In Year 3 as part of our science topic about rocks, we have been carrying out an experiment to find out whether rocks are permeable or impermeable

Christmas in Reception

Christmas she’s started this week in Reception with Christmas jumper designs, Christmas tree decorating and making toys in our Santa Work Shop. We have been talking about what can keep on us on the nice list…

Year 1 - 1A Christmas Jumper Day & Christmas Lunch

We had an amazing time at school celebrating Christmas Jumper Day and eating our special lunch. Take a look at what fun we had!

Year 5 - RE Day: What Happened to Islam in the Middle Ages?

We learnt all about the Five Pillars of Islam and even discussed what Islam was like during the middle ages. Did you know that they went through a Golden Age, where learning and inventions were thriving in the capital of Baghdad, whilst most of the rest of the world was going through the Dark Ages?...

Year 1 - 1L RE Day: How and Why Christians Celebrate Christmas

For Autumn 2 RE day, Year 1 explored how and why Christians celebrate Christmas. We retold the Nativity story and thought about the people and why they are important to Christians. We then sang lots of Christmas songs and discussed other ways that people may celebrate, like putting up a Christmas...

Nurture Group - Shapes in the Environment

We went to the park to look for some shapes. We drew some shapes in the sand too. We got to have a little play after all our hard work

Nurture Group - Christmas Decorations

Today our parents came in to help us make some Christmas decorations for our Nurture Room. "I felt happy that mummy came to help us"

Rudolph Run

Daubeney Primary School is collaborating with St Joseph’s Hospice to run laps around the playground to raise money for the hospice. The run will take place on Wednesday 8th December 2021 in the KS2 playground from 9:30am. Reception classes will commence the run and run 1 lap around the playground,...

Year 4 - 4B Sharing Assembly: Egyptian Cinderella

In 4B, we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians so for our sharing assembly, we read a book called the Egyptian Cinderella and acted out the story. We had great fun learning more about the Egyptians

Science Team Experiment - Mixing Acid with Bicarbonate of Soda

For our science team meeting we had a look at what would happen if we mixed an acid like vinegar with bicarbonate of soda and had some exciting results!

Year 1 - 1L Senses Experiments

In Year 1 this week we have been experimenting with what our senses can do. We tested what we could see, hear and feel, and then had lots of fun with things we could smell and taste!

Year 1 Cinderella Ball

Year 1 had lots of fun dressing up for a royal ball as part of our story immersion for Cinderella! We wore our best outfits with a royal crown, and we enjoyed some majestic dancing and a magical banquet! A massive thank you to prestige_event_stylist for decorating the hall for us, it looked amazing!

Year 2 - Forest School - Session 18

Where the wild things are

Year 6 - COP26 Climate Change Summit Workshop

Today, 26-11-2021, the Year 6 children had an unique opportunity to meet a special guest, who personally attended the COP26 summit in Glasgow. The children discussed how climate change affects the entire world, how we can play a part to reduce climate change and countries that are looking at new...

Year 1 - 1L Shape Hunt

This week we have been learning about 2D shapes - we can name each shape and describe how many sides and corners each shape has. We went on a shape hunt around the school to see which shapes we can find in our environment!

Year 1 - 1L Science: Parts of the Human Body

This week in Science we have been learning about human body parts, as part of our Animals including Humans topic. We used sticky notes to label the parts of the body that we know!

Year 3 - 3HC Odd Socks Day 2021

3HC wore old socks last Friday to celebrate anti bullying week

School Council - Meeting with Mr Warren - 8th December 2021

School Council invited Mr. Warren to meet with them. The meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 8th December 2021. School Council Committees had a selection of questions and ideas they wanted to share with Mr. Warren. Here are some of the questions they asked Mr. Warren; What are your plans for the...

Year 3 - Oreo Bugs Came to Visit 3HC!

Daubeny's school pet Oreo Bugs came to visit 3HC with Miss Asiya! The children were well excited but remained calm so that they don't scare him away. Well done 3HC!

Year 5 WOW Day - Ancient Greeks

To celebrate the end of our History topic on Ancient Greeks, we created, designed and painted our own Greek inspired vases using salt dough. Have a look at our fun day!

Year 3 - Carol Performance 2021

This is just a glimpse of how fantastic Year 3 were during the Carol performance that took place yesterday

Year 3 - 3HC Celebrating Differences Day

Today we are having a ‘Celebrating Differences Day’ because we are all different and unique but UNITED we stand together, at Daubeney! Children in 3HC have come into school wearing traditional clothes from where they are from and/or wearing colours of their country flag

Year 1 - 1L's Last Day Before Christmas

1L had a fun filled last day of school today! We had some tasty treats, we watched a film and we practised our dance moves! We showed off our traditional clothes too as part of international dress up day! We hope you have a lovely Christmas!

Year 5 - Harry Potter Slumber Party

To celebrate finishing our whole class reader, we watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We dressed in our pyjamas and brought our teddy bears and blankets to make it extra cosy

Year 4 WOW Day - Ancient Egyptians

For Wow Day, we created our own Ancient Egyptian village. We used different methods to create the River Nile, palm trees and pyramids. We also created death masks

Reception Trip to St Barnabas Church

Reception enjoyed their first out of school trip to St Barnabas Church, where we learnt about the Story of Christmas. We dressed up as the characters and acted out the nativity. We had so much fun!

Christmas Baking in the Nursery

Today the Nursery children enjoyed baking delicious cupcakes. They enjoyed mixing, scooping, pouring and most of all eating their cupcakes!

Nursery - A special little visitor...

Today the children in Nursery were visited by a special and super cute member of the Daubeney family, Oreo. The children were excited as they watched him hop around the Nursery. We talked about what rabbits eat, where they live and other animals we can keep as pets!

Year 5 - Christmas Jumper Day and Rudolph Run

Are you excited for Christmas? Year 5 are! Have a look at our eventful day!

Spanish learning website:

All pupils at the Blossom Federation can now use , one of the best online language-learning websites, which provides interactive and engaging activities and resources for children to learn Spanish. This online language-learning platform promotes a fun, simple and engaging approach...

Prefects' Morning Out

As a reward for all of their hard work this term, the prefects were treated to a morning at London Fields Park with some sweet treats from Broadway Market. We also had a Christmas sing song on the way home

WOW DAY Year 6 - Ancient Benin

Today, 14-12-2021, the children in Year 6 enjoyed their Wow Day activities by designing and creating masks, inspired by the real ones from Ancient Benin. The children also discussed how reliable resources are and which historical resources can be trusted

Nurture Group - Hackney City Farm

Last week Friday we were lucky enough to go visit Hackney City Farm. "We saw the pink pigs and it went oink oink and they had oval noses" "My favourite part of the trip was the ducks, I heard the ducks saying quack" " I loved all the animals in the farm except for the pig...

Staff Panto 2021

Oscar worthy rendition of the age-old Disney classic put on by our wonderful Daubeney staff - we can guarantee you have never seen nor heard Cinderella told in this way!

Golden Achievers - End of Autumn Term

Massive congratulations to our End of Term Golden Achievers, what a tremendous achievement!

Year 1 - 1L Christmas Day

We had lots of fun yesterday wearing our Christmas jumpers, going for a Rudolph run and enjoying our Christmas dinner!

Year 1 - 1A Senses Experiment

1A have been doing an experiment this week using our senses. We explored what our senses can do! We had fun hearing different musical instruments, using telescopes to see, smelling and tasting different food items. Take a look to see what fun we had!