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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

At Daubeney, the children and their learning are at the very heart of everything we do. Its impact is seen both within and outside of the classroom. We believe strongly in a holistic education for our children, rooted in our conviction that our children will succeed regardless of their background...

Year 6 - Prefects

The Year 6 prefects have settled into their new roles brilliantly and are acting as inspirational role models to the rest of the school. It has been good to see the children rise to the responsibility of their duties. Here the prefects are seen sharing their inspiration in a special Prefects...

Virtual Assembly - 30th June 2020

Transition Week - Day 2 All About me Booklet

Virtual Assembly - 1st July 2020

Meet our Subject Leads

Virtual Assembly - 2nd July 2020

Transition Week - What are you looking forward to?

Virtual Assembly - 7th July 2020

Carnival Week - Day 2

Virtual Assembly - 8th July 2020

Carnival Week - Day 3

Virtual Assembly - 9th July 2020

Carnival Week - Day 4

Virtual Assembly - 28th September 2020

Due to copyright issues a small section of this video has been removed

Virtual Assembly - 26th June 2020

Sports Week - presented by Hamza

Virtual Assembly - 20th May 2020

Hispanic Week - Art and Reading

Virtual Assembly - 21st May 2020

Hispanic Week - Sports

Virtual Assembly - 22nd May 2020

Hispanic Week - Music and Cinema

Virtual Assembly - 26th May 2020

Have Fun and Laugh Week - Lead by Rosa

Virtual Assembly - 27th May 2020

Have Fun and Laugh Week - Presented by Laniya

Virtual Assembly - 28th May 2020

Have Fun and Laugh Week - Presented by Mei

Virtual Assembly - 29th May 2020

Have Fun and Laugh Week - presented by Poppy

Virtual Assembly - 3rd June 2020

Coping with Change Worried about Coronavirus? Try reading Everybody Worries - A picture book for children who are worried about Coronavirus

Virtual Assembly - 5th June 2020

...y presented by Jago...

Virtual Assembly - 12th June 2020

Art Week - presented by Esther

Virtual Assembly - 15th June 2020

Daubeney’s Got Talent / Daubeney Bake Off Week

Virtual Assembly - 16th June 2020

Daubeney’s Got Talent Day 2

Virtual Assembly - 17th June 2020

Daubeney’s Got Talent - Day 3

Virtual Assembly - 18th June 2020

Daubeney’s Got Talent / Daubeney Bake Off Day 4

Virtual Assembly - 19th June 2020

Daubeney’s Got Talent / Daubeney Bake Off Day 5

Year 4M Class Assembly - 17th November 2020

Today 17-11-2020 the school council members led our class assembly in 4M. They discussed the role of a school council member and took ideas from the class to make our class even better. It was really nice to have the children leading an assembly and our next assembly will be led by the junior...

3G Sharing Assembly - Black History Month

3G's sharing assembly was held on 7/10/21 it was based on the children's learning around Black History Month. The children sang two songs, recited a poem and spoke about five influential black people that they had researched. It was lovely to see so many parents

Mental Health - Staff Well-being Week 2021

In Summer 1, week 6, Daubeney staff participated in ‘Duvet Week’. The staff had a big focus on self care and taking care of their mental health. It is really important that staff and parents take time for self care. Our Junior Mental Health Team created certificates and a video to show their...

Letter from the Head of School - 17th September 2021

Another milestone was crossed today as we welcomed parents back on site for our first Golden Achievers’ assembly in quite some time. This builds on our Meet the Teacher sessions last week and the daily opportunity to have a quick chat with your...

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17th September 2021

Year 3 - 3HC's Class Assembly - 21st October 2021

3HC’s sharing assembly was held on 21/10/21 and it was ALL about Brazil and saving the RAINFOREST! Must watch! The children worked so hard and were super excited to perform. The children shared some facts, acted out the story ‘The great Kapok tree’ by Lynne Cherry and sang and danced to the song...

Year 4 - 4K Sharing Assembly: The Hunter

4K sharing assembly was held on 18/11/21 and was inspired by our focus book 'The Hunter.' The children worked so hard to present and act out the story with great confidence. A huge thank you goes to all the parents who came to watch us perform

Year 4 - 4B Sharing Assembly: Egyptian Cinderella

In 4B, we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians so for our sharing assembly, we read a book called the Egyptian Cinderella and acted out the story. We had great fun learning more about the Egyptians

Fitness and Mental Health Assembly

This week is Fitness Week and Year 5 and Year 6 had a special assembly lead by Mr Swarbrick and Mr Shamji. My Swarbrick and Mr Shamji discussed the importance of fitness and how it supports our mental health. What types of fitness do you do?

Be Internet Legends Online Safety Assembly

Today Years 3-6 took part in a national live assembly from Google and Parent Zone, as part of their Be Internet Legends Scheme. They had lots of fun learning about the 5 pillars of online safety - smart alert, strong, kind and brave

Virtual Assembly - 18th May 2020

Hispanic Week - Travel

Year 4M Class Assembly - 19th November 2020

Today 19-11-2020 our junior science and literacy team members led our class assembly. They explained their roles and activities in the group. There was also an opportunity to ask questions

Year 4M Class Assembly - 24th November 2020

Today 24 November 2020 the Junior Mental Health Team led our class assembly. They discussed some breathing techniques and the importance of our mental health

Year 4M Class Assembly - 26th November 2020

Today, 26 November 2020, our playground friends led out assembly discussing the importance of keeping safe in the play ground. In addition they spoke about making our play times fun and enjoyable

Year 4M Class Assembly - 1st December 2020

Today 1-12-2020 the Junior Art team led our class assembly and discussed the role of being in the art club. The children were also encouraged to do some art activities and share their art skills with others around the school

Year 4M Class Assembly - 3rd December 2020

Today our ECO team members led our assembly explaining the importance of the ECO team members and how we can help our environment

Virtual Assembly - 14th December 2020

Dear Daubeney family, Welcome to our final virtual assembly for 2020. Enjoy the last week of school with all of the festive celebrations and a special farewell to Mrs Thomas on Wednesday. Stay great! Mr Logan

Children's Mental Health Week 2021

Express Yourself - 1st February 2021 - 5th February 2021 Daubeney have been Expressing themselves during Children's Mental Health. More than ever, it is really important to talk about how we are feeling. The children participated in a variety of activities, including, yoga, origami, creating a...

Year 6 - First Week Back

and breathe! Wow! What a first week back. To say it’s been busy would be an understatement. Year 6 started the week off with a whole school virtual live assembly followed by an electrifying science workshop. We continued with our CC topic looking into the wondrous ancient kingdom of Benin....

Virtual Assembly - 19th May 2020

Hispanic Week - Cooking and Food

Virtual Assembly - 14th May 2020

Literacy Week - Writing

Virtual Assembly - 15th May 2020

Literacy Week - Our weekly children’s assembly lead by Nevan

1FA - 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson

Our had out class assembly and it was amazing! We performed "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson. Everyone worked really hard to put together a memorable performance. We made ourselves proud and had a great time! Well done, 1FA! You are awesome!

1D Assembly - Parts of the UK

1D had a great time preparing and delivering their assembly on different parts of the United Kingdom with two explorers. Can you remember any facts on different parts of the UK?

1P Autumn Assembly

IP had a fantastic time doing their assembly today. Thanks to everyone who came and well done 1P!

1Ps Class Assembly - 18th January 2017

Thank you to everyone who came to see our assembly today. We worked very hard learning lots of songs and our lines. Unfortunately, we only managed to capture a snippet but we hope you like it!

1Ps Class Assembly - Autumn 2018

Thank you to everyone who came to our assembly, we worked very hard learning our words, songs and remembering what order we were in!

2B Assembly - June 2017

... enjoy it!...

1D's Assembly - 11th May 2017

1D had an amazing sharing assembly today! Everyone was absolutely wonderful and thank you to all the parents and carers that come to watch!

2B Assembly - The Flower Man

Have you ever felt darkness and despair surrounding you? Watch our sharing assembly, you will feel inspired! ‘Love can’t not be stolen, it can be given away’ - The Flower Man written by 2B

2K - 'Me and You' by Anthony Brown

As part of our literacy unit on Traditional Tales, we have been reading the book 'Me and You' by Anthony Brown. We based our assembly on this amazing book and retold the story by creating a short trailer and rehearsed the story line. We had lots of fun practising and trying to portray the...

3K Assembly - Pirates

Avast me harties! Welcome to 3K's class assembly. Our assembly is all about Pirates! We tell the story of a small girl who goes on a brave adventure to save the pirates from the sea monsters

1FA - Maths Week

For Maths Week we had a fun assembly where we learned about shapes. We also had a great workshop where we worked together as a team to solve puzzles and problems. It was fun!

Georges's Marvellous Medicine

3K had a very exciting assembly based on the story of ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. We used iMovie and green screen to create an amazing trailer for our show. We also had a band to bring our assembly to life! If you liked the trailer why not watch the full assembly?

4P Awful Egyptians Assembly

4P have worked tremendously hard to prepare for this assembly. They made sure they practised all their lines well before the assembly. Helen said: "This was one of the best assemblies I have ever done" Mohamed said " I loved playing Pharaoh, it was amazing!" Hayden said...

4G - Intrepid Explorers

4G made a trailer to accompany their first class assembly of the year. I think we have some movie stars of the future!

Year 3 - 3T Class Assembly: The Stone Age

This is Year 3T class assembly on the Stone Age. Children were amazing and got great reviews from the audience. Well done 3T

Year 4 - 4K Sharing Assembly: Living Things and their Habitats

4K proudly performed their class assembly to parents and the whole school. Their class assembly was based on the science topic of Living Things and their Habitats. Well done to all the pupils who worked hard and performed with confidence! What a team!

Farewell Ms. Douglas

On Wednesday our usual singing assembly was transformed into a surprise leaving assembly for our Head Teacher Ms. Douglas. We had beautiful poems recited and heart felt tributes from staff members. The children sang "Something inside so strong" because Ms. Douglas has given us all...

Alexia Performs 'Long Way Home' For Our Singing Assembly

Alexia learned this song back in Year 3 and it is still one of her favourites. I think we can all agree, her voice is amazing! Well done Alexia

Blue Class Sharing Assembly

Blue Class had their very first assembly on Thursday! They worked incredibly hard, scripting their own lines and being super brave! We loved sharing all our many talents with key stage 1 and look forward to showing lots more!

Blue Class Assembly

Blue class shared their learning this week. They talked about new years resolutions. They were very confident reading out their work. Blue Class also shared their Pictogram, they told everybody about what information the pictogram shows. They ended their assembly with a song "Wheels on the...

Year 4 - Elanna's 'Beesafe' at Home Presentation

Elanna created an online safety presentation ‘Beesafe’ at home. Her PowerPoint was presented to the KS2 children in assembly. Well done Elanna!

The Junior Creativity Team

.... On the same day we took KS1 Assembly and taught everyone about Salvador Dali!...

5M - Meet the Tribe

Year 5M had an amazing sharing assembly where they shared their learning about the Native American Culture

Top Book Recommendations for KS1

On Wednesday 7th November, The Junior literacy Team led an assembly for KS1. We recommended books we like to read when were younger. Dejunet’s favourite book was ‘Eat Up Gemma!’ by Sarah Huges, which Miss Fergus loved when she was younger too! Kai, leader of the JLT, read a funny...

Reception - Red Class Sharing Assembly

Red class performed brilliantly last Thursday (16th May 2019) and they enjoyed singing some of their favourite songs. It was a spectacular performance!

Year 3 - 3P The Surprising Stone Age

3P have worked really hard on their class assembly. This term they have been learning all about life in the Stone Age

Year 3 - 3P Shares their Learning

3P had a wonderful time during our sharing assembly. The audience were amazed to see how well the Year 3 children performed on stage. Their main message was that success comes from hard work and determination, never giving up. They also shared with us some stories of famous people who failed at...

KS1 Spanish & Music Assembly

This week KS1 had an amazing time in our Spanish & Music assembly. They played a Spanish quiz and sang their favourites Spanish songs. We could see how much they have learnt about numbers, colours, wellbeing or body parts, just to name a few. They were awesome!

KS2 Assembly - Life in Spanish Primary Schools

This week, KS2 pupils enjoyed a Spanish assembly where they could get to know what life is like in Spanish Primary schools. They learnt new vocabulary related to the school, like do the register, classroom, playground, line up, teacher, just to name a few. Pupils had a great time watching Spanish...

KS2 Assembly on Spanish Food

In our Spanish assembly this week, KS2 pupils had a great time learning about foods in Spanish and listening to children in Spain talking about their favourite Spanish food (churros & chocolate, fresh fish, etc). They also enjoy watching how to cook a yummy Spanish omelette (tortilla...

Year 2 - 2K Sharing Assembly

We had our sharing assembly yesterday (18th October 2018)! In geography, we talked about the oceans and the continents. In science, we talked about habitats and how important they are for animals. In literacy, we sang a song that narrated a story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Thank you for...

KS2 Spanish Assembly About African Black History

This week, pupils in KS2 learnt the unknown history of black African people and other African ethnic groups crossing through the strait of Gibraltar to Spain, blending artistic, cultural and religious traditions still present in both Africa and Spain. The biggest interaction took place when Islamic...

Motivational Boys Group Black History Month Assembly

Our Motivational Boys Group demonstrated many qualities today (15th October 2018) when they lead an assembly prepared by them, on inspirational figures throughout history, focusing on people from Black and African heritage. The boys used their skills and lead the assembly discussing many...

Rainbows and Canyons

This week we had a special treat for our KS1 assembly as we had a stunning performance from our Daubeney Choir. Here is a great rendition of "Rainbows and Canyons"

Reception - Yellow Class Spring Sharing Assembly

Very pleased with all the children in Yellow Class for their hard work and effort to make their assembly a success. Mrs Addai is very proud of you all

School Council Elections

...bly speeches will take place. Assembly Speeches: Monday 26th September - Year 3 speeches Tuesday 27th September - Year 4 speeches Monday 3rd October - Year 5 speeches Tuesday 4th October - Year 6 speeches Elections will take place in the room next to the learning space on Monday 10th Octobe...

Healthy Me Week 2019

We had a fantastic Healthy Me Week, focusing on ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’. The children had the opportunity to look closely at how looking after your physical health can support in looking after your mental health . The children: Participated in meditation during their music...

Sustainable Travel Assembly

London's Walking and Cycling commissioner, Will Norman, came in to deliver an assembly to KS1 and KS2 about the benefits of sustainable travel. He spoke about how good it is for our health because of exercise and how it benefits the environment. A healthier body means a healthier mind, which...

Top Book Recommendations for KS2

On Monday 10 th December, the Junior Literacy Team hosted another amazing assembly; this time for KS2. We recommended some fun and interesting books for children in Year 3 – 6. Here are some of our recommendations: Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell The Boy in The Dress by David Walliams...

Year 2 - 2C Class Assembly - Great Fire of London

What do you know about newspaper reports and the Great Fire of London? In 2C, we know a lot about both of these topics and did our class assembly on it. We also sang a song about the Great Fire of London and it included a lot of helpful signs to help us remember the words of the song. Have a watch...

Year 2 - 2C Class Assembly - 15th November 2018

Today we did our first class assembly of the year! We talked about writing instructions in literacy, maps in geography and the environment in geography! Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to watch us perform! We hope you enjoyed it!

Year 1 - 1T's Class Assembly: Growth Mindset

We had our class assembly on Thursday 7th February. We spoke about our SEAL topic for the term and we presented our cross curricular work. We enjoyed performing our songs for our friends and family. Thank you everyone for coming!

Year 1 - 1P's Monkey Puzzle Assembly

1P had our class assembly. We sang songs and told the story of Monkey Puzzle. We had a great time and thanks to everyone for coming!

Year 1 - 1P Class Assembly (May 2018)

...e who came to watch 1Ps Class Assembly. We were very excited to show you what we have learnt and we hope you enjoy it....

Year 1 - 1L Jack and the Beanstalk Assembly

1L worked so hard for their class assembly today! They retold the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, and had fun singing songs

1A's Class Assembly - Friendship

We have been talking about Friendship and what makes a good friend. We made friendship posters and wrote about what we thought was important in a good friend. We then added all of our ideas together to make a friendship potion. Here are some pictures. We had so much fun dressing up as wizards

Reception - Blue Class Sharing Assembly

Blue Class had their last sharing assembly in Reception on Thursday (16th May 2019)! They delivered a fantastic performance, ukuleles and all! Most of the lines were written by the children themselves, there was even some improvising thrown in! Enjoy watching :)

Year 1 - 1P's Sharing Assembly

Thank you to everyone who came to our assembly. We had fun learning the Gruffalo story and the song with makaton signs! This is a special recording as the original didn't have sound! We hope you enjoy it

RRS: 'The Right to a Full and Decent Life' Assembly

KS2 were thrilled to enjoy a wonderful and entertaining assembly (in pursuance of Article 23 of the UNCRC - 'The Right to a Full and Decent Life') delivered by our local Revered, Clive Main. Reverend Clive had KS2 completely engaged and mesmerised as he skilfully explored the above Right...

Virtual Assembly - 27th April 2020

History - Now and Then

Virtual Assembly - 15th April 2020

Passions and Hobbies - Day 2

Virtual Assembly - 16th April 2020

Passions and Hobbies - Day 3

Virtual Assembly - 17th April 2020

Passions and Hobbies - Day 4

Virtual Assembly - 21st April 2020

Relationships - Relationship with myself!

Virtual Assembly - 23rd April 2020

RE Day

Virtual Assembly - 24th April 2020

Relationships - Daubeney Family

Virtual Assembly - 7th April 2020

The one where the Daubeney children took over

Virtual Assembly - 30th April 2020

History - Now and Then

Virtual Assembly - 1st May 2020

History - Home Learning

Virtual Assembly - 4th May 2020

Sustainability and Science

Virtual Assembly - 7th May 2020

Science and Sustainability

KS1 & Reception Mariachi Assembly

For Hispanic week, KS1 and reception had fun this morning taking part in an assembly with a Mariachi band! We listened to them play lots of songs and we all joined in passing maracas around and having lots of fun! Thank you Mr Arribas for organising such a lovely assembly!!

1L's Class Assembly

1L had so much fun in their assembly this afternoon! They retold the story of Monkey Puzzle and told us lots of interesting facts about the body as we have been learning about animals including humans in Science! They worked really hard, well done 1L!

Year 2 - 2C Hispanic Week

Hola! This week was Hispanic Week and we took part in lots of fun activities, including an assembly with a mariachi band and a piñata! In 2C, our country was Bolivia so we all did some research on it so we could teach the other Year 2 classes about it. Did you know that Bolivia has 2 capital...

Year 2 - 2P's Class Assembly - September 2019

We had a lot of fun sharing our assembly today. We worked as a team to create it and discussed what it should be about. We decided on the very important subject of mindfulness and breathing!

Year 3 - 3P Class Assembly - September 2019

3P confidently performed their class assembly today and enjoyed every minute of it. They have been learning about developing a growth mindset and wanted to share what they learnt with KS2 and the parents. Take a look at their performance. We hope you enjoy it as much as 3P did!

Year 2 - 2C Class Assembly - October 2019

Today it was our class assembly and we told the story of The Magic Bojabi Tree! We even sang a song about friendship! Enjoy!

Year 3 - 3T's Charles Dickens Assembly

3T's assembly last week was all about reading, and in particular about our class author of the term, Charles Dickens. We acted out one of Dickens' stories, Great Expectations, and explored the messages it contained. 3T decided that it demonstrated that everyone deserves a second chance,...

Year 1 - 1L's Class Assembly - October 2019

1L worked so hard for their class assembly today! They retold the story of Little Red Riding Hood and even shared some of their Spanish learning with everyone. We had lots of fun performing together!

Year 1 - 1TK Class Assembly: Little Red Riding Hood

1TK have worked really hard on their class assembly this week. Our assembly was about Little Red Riding Hood. We created a short trailer for our assembly using iMovie. We acted out the scenes and then put it into the trailer. We had lots of fun singing 'Stay on the Path'. We hope you...

Year 1 - 1S Sharing Assembly

We had our first assembly of Year 1 last Thursday! We loved reading the book 'Dear Zoo' and acting it out on stage! After reading the story, we were inspired to think about pets we might like to have, from fire breathing dragons, to bush babies and finger monkeys...! In literacy we have...

Year 2 - 2C Class Assembly - January 2020

We have been learning so much about the Great Fire of London! During our assembly we acted out the story and we even talked about how we know what happened during the fire. We ended out assembly be singing a song and doing all the actions. What was your favourite fact about the Great Fire of London?

Year 2 - 2P Great Fire of London Assembly

2P wrote and preformed their assembly on The Great Fire of London. We were fantastic and thank you to all the parents and carers who came!

Junior Mental Health Team - How to Look After Our Mental Health

The Junior Mental Health Team wanted to create a video for everyone to share information on how to look after our mental health. The children had a premier where they presented the video to the Senior Leadership Team and it was then presented to the KS2 children in assembly. The children worked...

Home Learning

These home learning resources were published to support children during school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They are no longer being updated. Welcome to the Daubeney School home learning portal! There are links to useful resources, access to online activities and information about what...

Virtual Assembly - 30th March 2020

Healthy Me Week - Mental Health

Virtual Assembly - 31st March 2020

Healthy Me Week - Physical Health

Virtual Assembly - 1st April 2020

Healthy Me Week - Humour

Art Time with Miss Patel - Humbug Illusions Pattern

As requested, here is the tutorial video on how to create the Humbug illusions pattern. Enjoy! Don't forget to sent your artwork to so that we can feature your work in our virtual assembly

World Mental Health Day 2022

It was World Mental Health Day on Monday 10th October. To celebrate mental health at Daubeney parents were invited to a “Child Anxiety” parent workshop. Children in KS1 and KS1 attended assembly around Mental health day. The children learnt about how children are supported with their...