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19/06 16:35 - Spanish Visit in the Music Room


... Lessons are delivered by our Music-specialists, using a holistic approach that includes moving, sin......, please talk to Brian O'Flynn. Music in the EYFS The development of children’s artistic and cultu......tart later in the school year. March Music Composition Progress Update Useful Websites Here are so...

SEND and Our Local Offer

...apists, yoga therapists, SEND Music, SEND PE, the Hackney Re-engagement Unit (REU), Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Hackney Ark (Child Psychology & Child Development) and the Family Coach Service - to ensure your child has the right team working around them. We have carefully ...


EYFS Team Welcome to Daubeney Nursery! In the nursery, we plan exciting activities every week based on our observation of children’s needs, interests, and stages of development across the seven areas of learning to enable the children to achieve and exceed the early learning goals. We hope you...

About our Curriculum visit a place of worship once a year. Music All pupils experience weekly Music lessons in a spiral curriculum, delivered by a specialist Music teacher, to develop their skills and learn the fundamental elements of Music. These are pulse, rhythm, pitch, duration, timbre, texture and structure ...

20/06 14:00 - KS2 - Summer Music Concert: KS2 Hall

Christmas No. 1

"Christmas is coming" by Iris and Mia. Vocals: Iris, Mia, Salma Band: Atticus , Khanya , Keshae

Reception and Nursery - Mindful Colouring

Reception and Nursery enjoying mindful colouring whilst listening to calming music

Newsletter - 12th June 2015

Dear Parents and Carers, Last half term was very busy with many exciting trips, poetry workshops and ending with a spectacular Foundation Stage Performance. It was a delight to see our young children confidently talk aloud and perform some amazing songs and dances from around the world. We have a...

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12th June 2015

Year 1 - 1A Senses Experiment

1A have been doing an experiment this week using our senses. We explored what our senses can do! We had fun hearing different musical instruments, using telescopes to see, smelling and tasting different food items. Take a look to see what fun we had!

Nurture Group - Tribute to Mr O'Flynn

The Nurture Group made a short video to say thank you for the extra music sessions that they have each week. We very much appreciate it. Thank you

Nurture Group - Music With Mr O'Flyn

After our keyboard session in nurture Mr O'Flyn took us to play the big piano in the hall. We were lucky enough to see how the piano works and experiment the high and low notes. The children really enjoyed seeing how the hammers worked inside of a piano

Year 3 - 3G Composing on Ukuleles

3G were busy composing on ukuleles in the last half term. Check out the music they were making. Well done 3G!

Nurture Group - Year 1: Music

Keyboard fun with Mr O'Flyn!

Nurture Group - Year 1: Group Music

Today we had the opportunity to have a small group music session with Mr O'Flyn in nurture. "I really enjoyed it" "it was fun"

Newsletter - 22nd July 2016

...nt Team Mr Naidoo And Miss Ali Federation Assistant Heads Miss Fergus 6F Mr Swarbrick 6S Support Teachers Music Teacher Mr Reece PE Coach Mr Placid Maths Intervention Mr Simon PE Coach Mr Spanish Teacher Year 6 Miss Obeid 5O Miss Cherid 5C Mr Matvad 5M Mr Dharma 6D Year 5 Mr Ainsworth 3A Miss Cozens...

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22nd July 2016

School Council - Interview with Matt Harding by Jago

The School Council are divided into four committees; the Journalist Committee research and write articles about activities scheduled to take place in school, what children do outside of school and anything of interest happening within our community. This is an article written by Jago in 5MC. He...

Newsletter - 17th July 2015

Dear Parents and Carers, It has been a wonderful and eventful year with many successes. Yet again we have secured excellent results in Early Years, Year 1, 2 and of course Year 6. We wish those children leaving us the very best for their future careers at their chosen secondary schools. I know they...

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17th July 2015

Year 3 - Carol Performance 2021

This is just a glimpse of how fantastic Year 3 were during the Carol performance that took place yesterday

Newsletter - 13th November 2015

Dear Parents and Carers, Thank you to all who attended Parents Evening; our feedback from both parents and teachers RMV YHU\ SRVLPLYHB H ORSH \RX IRXQG POH PHHPLQJV YMOXMNOH LQ OHOSLQJ \RX PR VXSSRUP \RXU ŃOLOG·V learning. Once again, Bonfire night was an amazing night and a great community event....

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13th November 2015

Year 6 Visit to The London Eye

On 26th November Year visited the South Bank acting as investigative journalists. As part of our immersion for The London Eye Mystery they had to visit the last place Salim was seen. They investigated the area and spoke with staff so they can use their quotes in their newspaper articles. They also...

Year 6 - Drum Show

Did you see that amazing drumming concert? Wow! Miss Harley and Miss Davis really blew us away with a spectacular show. We saw all the Year 6 children dance and drum to an extremely high standard. We also saw the after school drum club play to an equally high standard. Big thanks to all involved in...

Year 3 and Year 4 Carol Concert Preparations

Please read to find out what your child is singing for the carol concert and then help by practising the song at home. Carol Concert Lyrics 3P are singing Christmas is Coming , an original song by the Daubeney School Choir and Band 3G are singing I Saw Three Ships 3T are singing Wonder by Naughty...

Ukulele at the Adventure Playground

Transition week is in full swing and we brought ukuleles on all our trips. Check out Jada and Mr. O‘ Flynn’s jam at the adventure playground

Year 3 - Mariachi Workshop

Today (10th June 2019) Year 3 got the fantastic opportunity to experience live music performed by a Mariachi band. They even got do do a bit of traditional dancing. Year 3 have definitely started Hispanic week off with a bang at Daubeney. Watch this space for more updates!

Carnival 2018

This year, our carnival was in the theme of musicals. The staff and children had lots of fun dancing to different songs. We had Year 1 dressed as bears dancing to Bear Necessities, Year 5 dancing to Thriller and even the Reception children gave a great performance to the song Fame. Thank you to all...

Boys Book Club - 2nd March 2020

Today (2nd March 2020) the boys enjoyed a clam and relaxing reading session. They listened to soothing music while reading their favourite book. We also had the opportunity to discuss the book by Vanessa Taylor called 'Baller Boys', which was dedicated to Mr Reece, who was and will always be part...

Mr Logan Meets the School Councillors of 2022/23

School Council, Admin Committee invited Mr. Logan to meet with the School Councillors of 2022/23. The committees introduced themselves, updated Mr. Logan about what they had been up to since coming into post and informed him about their future plans. They were all mesmerised listening to Mr. Logan...

Duckling Class - First Summer Week!

This week, we have been super busy in Duckling Class. We have been reading, writing, playing table tennis, playing musical instruments, planting, working in Tesco and so much more

Year 2 - Computing Week 6

This week we used 2Beat on Purple Mash to create our own beats for our music. We were then able to upload this into 2Sequence to finish making our tunes with our own melodies on top

Year 2 Computing Week 3 week we began our topic of Music. We used 2sequence on Purple Mash to create our own digital Music, thinking about the tempo, volume and range of instruments we could choose from....

Duckling Class - Valentines Week and Party!

Last week of Spring 1, we celebrated Valentines Day! We enjoyed making cards for our family, making play-doh hearts and making decorations for our party! On the last Friday, Duckling Class hosted a family Valentines Party. We enjoyed making heart shaped biscuits for our family to enjoy at the...

Year 5 – Spanish and Music joint project

...m.......and grammar structures in the Music room....

Year 3 – Spanish: Autumn Term Singing

Over the past four months students in Year 3 have worked hard practising key structures to be able to greet people, ask and answer questions about their names, age and wellbeing. Singing provides rhyme and repetition, and allows children to make connections between letters and sounds. There is a...

Hispanic Week

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about different Hispanic cultures and traditions this week. Students in Yr2 designed their own Mexican sombrero , listened and danced to some Mexican folk music; and students in Year3 had the opportunity to learn about Peru’s history. Maybe one day we can all...

Year 5 - Art: 1960's Inspired Collages

Year 5 learnt about 1960's fashion, music and art. They were given an array of different pictures resembling the 1960's; Year 5 had to select images, cut and then piece together their very own collages which turned out brilliant

Spanish Music Project

...ckney Schools and the Hackney Music Service. We hope you like our video....

Year 5 – Spanish/Music joint project

... pioneering joint Spanish and Music project, students in Year 5 have revisited vocabulary and structures we originally learnt in the Autumn term. Students are now able to express their Musical preferences and justify their opinions using Music specific vocabulary, such a timbre , texture and tempo ....

Boys Can Sing!

It was a pleasure to have our boys take part in the third annual 'Boys Can Sing' event at City Academy. As per usual our students made us very proud, and they had the chance to sing with winner of the 'Voice' 2014 Jermaine Jackman. All credit to Mr O'Flynn for his on-going hard...

School Choir Trip to Homerton Hospital

The school choir, led by the inimitable Kari Stewart, performed in the Foyer of Homerton Hospital spreading joy and Christmas cheer. The children sang their hearts out and did the school proud. Here are some ot the hits we sang:

Music - Summer Term 2022

... Round Chapel for the Hackney Music Service Festival. Also the City Year talent show did a great job of bringing light to new Music stars at Daubeney. We had our heart warming and inspiring “It takes a village” concert where alongside excellent guest speakers, the school rock band played a medle...

Year 2 - 2P Singing School Trip

On Tuesday Class 2P went on a very exciting singing school trip into central London. We went to a small but very grand church called St Ann and St Agnes . It is in the vicinity of St. Paul’s in the heart of bustling central London. 2P sang their hearts out with a professional ensemble called...

Ensemble Development Award

Daubeney has won an Ensemble Development Award from the Mayor of Hackney

Year 2 - 2P Chocolate in Spanish & Lew Wallace School in Albuquerque

...y know of chocolate with their Music & Spanish pen pals in USA, the Lew Wallace Elementary school of Albuquerque ....

Year 2 - VOCES8 Choir: Chocolat Chaud

Please enjoy our latest recording with VOCES8 choir. We are singing a French tango called Chocolat Chaud

Year 2 - 2P Special Christmas Performance

A Christmas Introit (Hodie) by Audrey Snyder. Filmed for the VOCES8 Foundation's Live from London concert series in December 2021

Nurture Group's First Skateboarding Lesson

Mr O'Flynn has now switched our extra music sessions to skateboarding lessons. We LOVED our first session! "It was hard but it was fun" "It was SUPER MIGHTY good" "I can't wait for our next session, thank you Mr O'Flynn"

Year 6 Get Calm

Year 6 can be a stressful time and this week we have been doing assessments. Therefore, we have been learning different ways to relax, be calm and forget any concerns or worries. We have been practicing meditation, listening to calming music, taking part in mindfulness colouring and creating our...

Daubeney Concert Band - First Performance

On November 30th the Daubeney concert band performed at one of their first performances

Christmas Number 1

Tell your Ma, tell your Pa, tell the whole wide world….we at Daubeney are proud to make an attempt at a Christmas number 1 single. The epic tale began last Christmas when two young girls, Iris Roberts and Mia Kaur came forward with their own stellar composition for our Christmas carol...

Healthy Me Week 2019

We had a fantastic Healthy Me Week, focusing on ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’. The children had the opportunity to look closely at how looking after your physical health can support in looking after your mental health . The children: Participated in meditation during their music...

Nursery Celebrate Chinese New Year

Nursery had a fantastic time celebrating Chinese New Year. We had a party and created monkey hats to celebrate the year of the 'Monkey'. Nursery also enjoyed listening to some Chinese music and stories. A big thank you to all our parents who brought in some delicious Chinese dishes!

When I Close My Eyes

An original tune. Ambrose is on drums and Isaac and Tasharne are on piano

Ukulele Trip to Gainsborough

...e won the "Most Improved Musician" award....

Reception Have Been Learning to Play Ukulele

Take a look at their progress

Recording Studio Trip

We took our school band and part of our choir to a recording studio in North London. We recorded our hit single "Daubeney Christmas". It will be released this coming Christmas as a charity single. We had a great day out as you can see in our photographs

Rights Song

Listen to our Rights Song as performed by our wonderful school choir

School Choir Perform for Nursery

Our parent led school choir performed for a captivated nursery audience on Wednesday 5th of July. We had a sing off in which nursery children and our choir sang for each other. 4G were in the audience too and they treated us to a cool rendition of Kye Kye Kule. Massive applause and kudos goes to...

Ukulele At Daubeney

Many children at Daubeney, from Reception to Year 6 are getting a chance to learn to play the ukulele. Recently we went on a trip to Springfield Community Primary School to play at the annual schools ukulele concert. As you can see from our photos and video we had a whale of a time!

Rainbows and Canyons

This week we had a special treat for our KS1 assembly as we had a stunning performance from our Daubeney Choir. Here is a great rendition of "Rainbows and Canyons"

Guitar and Ukulele

We have had a lot of success teaching ukulele to our Reception class. They have been working from a book called Ukulele Magic and can play a song called "Thumb Brush Strum."

Nursery - Music Lesson

...y Nursery had a very exciting Music lesson. After practising for Christmas songs for our upcoming performance, Mr O'Flynn took all the children around Nursery making Music with......... Each one of those .......had a different beat and together Nursery had lots and lots of fun....

Year 5 - Morning Meditation

This morning (24th April 2019) 5Mc started their day with a calm and relaxing session using meditating. The children were relaxed and ready to start their music session feeling awake and refreshed. Even Mr O'flynn joined in the meditating session and felt calm and relaxed

Year 1 - 1L's Christmas Party

1L had fun yesterday afternoon at their Christmas party. We had lots of yummy food and drink, we listened to music and played games! We also had a very special visit from Father Christmas! 1L wish that everyone has a lovely Christmas holiday :)


...eas including English, Maths, Music and Art. The children were treated to a visit to the Globe Theatre and the week culminated in an amazing Graduation at the prestigious University of East London....

IntoUni Graduation

...eas including English, Maths, Music and Art. The week culminated in an amazing Graduation at the prestigious University of East London....

J Squad - City Year's Got Talent

The amazing J Squad perform at the final of City Year's Got Talent. Well done to Jessy, Jayden, Justin and Jordy

Jam on a Boat

On Thursday 22nd of June, some fine musicians from Daubeney Primary went for a jam on a barge. We had the ukulele club, half the school choir, two rock bands and a whole collection of other talented performers. We rocked out in the blissful setting of our nearby canal dressed in our Hawaiian...

Nursery - Learning to Play the Ukulele

Nursery had an exciting music session as Mr O’Flyn and some helpers demonstrated how to use a Ukulele and everyone was eager about having a go

Year 3/4 Christmas Performance 2015

Year 3 and 4 got us in the Christmas spirit with a concert showcasing our talented performers musical skills

Live Jazz at Daubeney

On Monday we had a visiting professional trumpet player who gave us a master class in jazz blues. Both Luca and Isaac have been learning to play trumpet with Miss Buchanan and the rhythm section have been practising hard with Mr O Flynn. We were very proud to show off our work with a more...

Making Music in Nursery

The nursery children have enjoyed using the instruments to create different sounds, to "make some music!" as Levi put it. They shook, twisted and jingled their way through several tunes with Mr. O'Flynn to great effect, as you can hear in the video clip. The nursery may just have to...

Most improved music curriculum!

...ey Empire to attend the Hackney Music Service Annual Gala. Mr O’Flynn was tipped off that there might be an award for Daubeney and sure enough Daubeney received a special acknowledgement for improvement in the Music department. Standing on stage with a certificate, before a thousand people, the pr...

Year 3 - Remembrance Day 2018

Year 3 explored Remembrance Day and discussed why it is important. They read and thought about the WW1 poem 'In Flanders Fields' and listened to music inspired by it. They also made their very own poppies and collectively decided that they wanted to observe a two-minute silence to remember...

Year 3 - Celebrating Chinese New Year

Today Year 3 found out about Chinese New Year. They completed several artistic activities to celebrate the occasion and listened to Chinese New Year music. 'Luck is a very important part of Chinese New Year. Lanterns are released into the sky to send off the bad and make room for the new.'...

Woodwind Concert

On Tuesday we had an amazing Woodwind concert showcasing the sublime talent at Daubeney. The Woodwind club played for KS1 to try and inspire future musicians. They tried to plant some ideas in the young minds such as "What instrument would I really like to learn?" and "Which is the...

Year 1 Groovin'

Have a look at 1H making beautiful music supported by Year 3 superstars; Jenny on keyboard and Hayden on bass. Team work makes the dream work!

Collage by Atticus and Khanya 5M

Our budding Year 5 stars have been busy writing a song. Have a listen! I think you will agree that it is a very accomplished piece of song writing

Alexia Performs 'Long Way Home' For Our Singing Assembly

Alexia learned this song back in Year 3 and it is still one of her favourites. I think we can all agree, her voice is amazing! Well done Alexia

KS1 Spanish & Music Assembly time in our Spanish & Music assembly. They played a Spanish quiz and sang their favourites Spanish songs. We could see how much they have learnt about numbers, colours, wellbeing or body parts, just to name a few. They were awesome!...

Daubeney Choir Perform for Nursery

Nursery had visitors performing. Yes it was Daubeny's Choir! The Choir team came and sang some beautiful songs as Nursery and 2G watched delightfully. Children paid great attention to the Choir singing. Nursery children were very brave and took the opportunity to perform one of their Christmas...

Daubeney Jazz Concert

On Thursday we had our second ever Daubeney Jazz Concert. Our guest musician was the unbelievably skilled Anthony Browne who gave us a lesson on Ragtime, Cool Jazz and Bebop. At the session we also had the Daubeney All Girl Band and the Boys’ Choir

Daubeney Live 2016

Just before Easter we had Daubeney Live, our annual music celebration. Our two visiting schools, Millfields and Bridge Academy blew us away with their musicality. Also we had three different bands from our own school who played to a very excited audience. There were two drum kits on stage and an...

Year 5 - Royal Academy of Engineering

The Year 5 children were amazed at the workshop yesterday, where they saw how robots can be designed in order to create music. It was a very interesting session, the children were curious to see how robots work and can be programmed. Mr Fahy and Mr Martykan loved the END TREATS when we were given...

Year 5 - Poetry Workshop

The Year 5 children were excited today (22nd March 2019) when Bad Lay- Dee, a professional music artist came to class to help the children write a free style rap poem. The children first created a word bank of words then used them to create a free-style rap

Concert at the Hackney Music Service Festival performed at the Hackney Music Service Festival. We performed in front of ten other schools and an audience of over 100 parents. Thank you to all the parents who made it to this event to bare witness to how great our band sounded. This is the last big hurrah for our band as we are saying good b...

Short Ride in a Fast Machine

This is our music video for the BBC Ten Pieces Project. Thanks to parent volunteer Guy Sherwin for helping the children produce old style hand drawn animation. Drums by Jackson, Year 4 and keyboards by Tracey in Year 6

Black History Month 2017

Black History Month is celebrated annually for the remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African heritage. During the month of October, this is a time when communities and schools give special attention to learning about the contributions and history of black people. When...

Farewell Ms. Douglas

On Wednesday our usual singing assembly was transformed into a surprise leaving assembly for our Head Teacher Ms. Douglas. We had beautiful poems recited and heart felt tributes from staff members. The children sang "Something inside so strong" because Ms. Douglas has given us all...

Beat 26 on a Rainy Day

This groove is one we call Beat 26. In the video you can hear Mr. O Flynn calling the changes and counting the beat. It features children from the Wednesday morning music club

Annual Instrumental Event

... n roll at the Annual Hackney Music Service Festival last Thursday. Needless to say we had a ball . We packed some chess boards to play whilst waiting our turn at the rehearsal. We also managed to make two trips to the park. With all that fresh air we were in fine form for taking the stage. As you c...

ABC Hit It!

An original tune by the Daubeney School Band

Year 2 - Hackney Music Service Festival

... Round Chapel for the Hackney Music Service Festival. We had a fantastic time and we got to sing the songs we love so well with 15 other schools and a live band. We sang songs such as "I feel good", "Fatou Yo" and "La Morenda". Big thanks to Miss Shelina for helping on ...

6D - Globe Theatre

...eas including English, Maths, Music and Art. The children were treated to a visit to the Globe Theatre and the week culminated in an amazing Graduation at the prestigious University of East London ....

1FA - Black History Month

We celebrated Black History Month with lots of music and dance! We had the chance to play the steel pans and enjoy a lovely performance too!

"Bed Bug Blues" by Bessie Smith

...headline at the Daubeney Mini Music festival....

Boy's Choir Rehearsal

The boys choir rehearse with the help of Aleks from City Academy

Goldsmiths Recording Studio

The Daubeney School Band, The New Redemptions, took a trip to Goldsmiths Recording Studio. ABC Hit It The latest studio release from the Daubeney School Band. Produced / engineered by Winther at Goldsmiths Recording Studio. Composed by Mr. O Flynn, Mr. Keating and the Daubeney School Band

Nursery Concert

Our school band went to a nearby Forest School Nursery to perform a rock concert on a Saturday. It was a beautiful sunny day and the crowd seemed to really enjoy our grooves. If you look closely at the photos you may spot Mr. O Flynn's son providing guest vocals. Well done to all the children...

Year 3 - Maths: Time lesson out of class in our Music room. The children looked at telling time and finding time difference....