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Nurture Group - The Nest

...dren may attend sessions in the Nurture Group for specific reasons, for example: Friendship diffic......ily illness or break-up How will Nurture Group help my child? Nurture Group will boost confidence a......will Nurture Group help my child? Nurture Group will boost confidence and self-esteem and provide ch...

Nurture Group - Our Trip to the Post Office

In Literacy we have been learning how to write a letter. We wrote our own letter together and went to the post office to post it. We spoke to the post man and asked him some questions

The Nest - Fruit Kebabs

This week we made fruit kebabs! We talked about healthy eating and the benefits of each fruit that we used. "The pineapples were the sweetest" Fun Fact - did you know that bananas contain a natural chemical called 'seratonin' which makes people happy?

The Nest - Baking Cookies

Today we had lots of fun baking cookies! We used flour, butter, brown sugar, eggs and vanilla essence. "it tasted delicious" "yummy" "it is crunchy" "ten out of ten"

The Nest - Parent Workshop

We invited our parents in to make Christmas decorations with us

Nurture Group - Cooking with Parents

Our parents came in to school to cook with us! We made fruit kebabs and chocolate Rice Krispies. "I really liked doing this activity with mummy" "I was happy that daddy came to nurture to make fruit kebabs with me" "Daddy and I really enjoyed the eating part"

Nurture Group - Shopping Trip

This week in maths we have been learning about money. We wrote out our shopping list and headed off to the shops. Today we are making fruit kebabs and chocolate Rice Krispies. We bought the ingredients and looked at how much each item will cost and what coins we will need. Finally, we worked out...

Nurture Group - Water Play

On Friday we went to the Hop Garden to enjoy some water play as it was extremely hot! "I loved getting wet and splashing in the paddling pool" "I want to do it again"

The Nest - Literacy and Maths

Our week of fun literacy and maths in The Nest

Nurture Group - Cross Curricular: Making a Chair Using Cardboard

Today we made a chair using cardboard. We worked as a team to make the legs, seat, back and spindle. We managed to make it stand for our teddy to sit on, unfortunately it did not stay standing when a child sat on it

Nurture Group - Maths: Adding

We did adding using hoops, cubes and number cards! We also had sums with missing numbers

Nurture Group's First Skateboarding Lesson

Mr O'Flynn has now switched our extra music sessions to skateboarding lessons. We LOVED our first session! "It was hard but it was fun" "It was SUPER MIGHTY good" "I can't wait for our next session, thank you Mr O'Flynn"

Nurture Group - Hackney City Farm

Last week Friday we were lucky enough to go visit Hackney City Farm. "We saw the pink pigs and it went oink oink and they had oval noses" "My favourite part of the trip was the ducks, I heard the ducks saying quack" " I loved all the animals in the farm except for the pig...

Nurture Group - Christmas Decorations

Today our parents came in to help us make some Christmas decorations for our Nurture Room. "I felt happy that mummy came to help us"

Nurture Group - Shapes in the Environment

We went to the park to look for some shapes. We drew some shapes in the sand too. We got to have a little play after all our hard work

Nurture Group - Planting

In Literacy we have been reading the story The Extraordinary Gardener. We decided to grow our own plant. "Plants makes us feel peaceful"

Nurture Group - Play Dough

We made play dough for both playgrounds for lunch time play. We used maths to work out the measurements

Nurture Group - Fundraiser

Nurture are lucky enough to welcome a new pet to the family. We will be getting a pet rabbit after the half term. We need to raise money to give it a lovely home (cage) and food. Please come and support us outside the nurture room by purchasing a cake or naming the rabbit or even both! Thank you in...

The Nest - Movie and Christmas Presents

Thank you for our presents Bob! We loved them!

The Nest - Pizza Making

Today we made cheese and tomato pizza's and they were delicious!!!

Nurture Group - Tribute to Mr O'Flynn

... appreciate it. Thank you....

Nurture Group - Pizza Pizza Pizza

In Maths we have been learning about quarters and halves so we decided to make a pizza and practice cutting in halves and quarters

Exploring numbers

This week we have been focusing on numbers . We also used our number skills when making cookies

The Nest - This week in Nurture - Autumn Week 6 2023

This week we have been using our fine motor skills,learning number bond, plants,hot seating Rapunzel and the witch, art and much more

The Nest trip to the Adventure Playground

Today we explored and had fun at the Adventure Playground

The Nest - Painting

This week we are expressing our emotions through painting

The Nest - This week in Nurture - Autumn Week 2 2023

This week Nurture 'The Nest' have created their own portraits inspired by Picasso

Daubeney Primary School Nurture - Fairy Cakes

Baking fairy cakes for Nurture Graduation

Daubeney Primary School, Nurture - Picnic

Enjoying the Whole School Family Picnic Day with friends and family

The Nest - Putting Sand in the Reception Playground

Team work. Working together to help put sand in the Reception Playground

The Nest - Our Trip to Pizza Express

This week we went to Pizza Express and we were lucky enough to make our own pizzas. Emmanuel the chef gave us his secret ingredients to a perfect pizza. "It was the best day" "The pizza tasted delicious and scrumptious " "I am going to save some for my sister"

The Nest - Making Sandwiches

We watched a video on how to make a Jam sandwich and then tried it all by ourselves. "it taste delicious"

The Nest - The Hackney School of Food

We joined our class to go to The Hackney School of Food to make Cheese and Spinach Scones and Rainbow Slaw

Nurture Group - The Little Red Riding Hood Role Play

In Literacy we have started to learn about the Little Red Riding Hood. We went into the Hop Garden and re-enacted the story. "I think little red riding hood felt frightened" "I think the wolf was hungry and felt excited in the beginning" "The woodcutter is a brave man"

Nurture Group - Breakfast with Mr Logan

Today we had a visitor in Nurture. We had breakfast with Mr Logan. "it was fun talking to the Headteacher" "I like visitors"

Year Groups

... Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Nurture Group...

Nurture Group - Playdough

We had so much fun making our own playdough. "Playdough looks like clay" "It feels soft"

Nurture Group - Painting Freely

Today the children in Nurture had the opportunity to paint freely. More than anything they loved to mixed the paints and make different colours. This also encouraged rich conversations and stimulated an optimistic attitude. "it feels awesome to mix colours" Did you know? Paintings have...

Nurture Group - Snow Day

"When I stamp on the snow, it makes a crunching noise!!" Fun Fact - Playing outdoors activates the frontal cortex (the front part of your brain). This part is responsible for controlling emotions and problem solving. This forces the brain to make those neurotransmitter connections. This...

Nurture Group - Giraffes Can't Dance

The reason why I chose this story is because it teaches us that everyone is different and that we should embrace our own differences. Enjoy!!

Nurture Group - Creative Bird Feeders

Last week we made bird feeders using Cheerios. We then hung them in our hop garden. "The birds are going to enjoy it" Try having a go!!

Nurture Group - Create Your Own Stick Man

Get creative with Ms Clare! Check out the amazing Stick Men that we made:

Year 1 - Nurture Group: Decorating our Christmas Tree

We decorated our Christmas tree together. "Decorating the Christmas tree was so much fun."

Nurture Group - Year 2: Graduation Party

We are so proud of our year 2 nurture group. Well done guys!

Nurture Group - Year 1 Graduation Celebrations

A member of our Year 1 nurture group graduated with flying colours. Congratulations!!

Nurture Group - Year 1 - National Outdoor Learning Day

On National outdoor learning day we went to Daubeney Fields. We did some fine motor skill activities, cross circular and some maths. "I loved it today" "My favourite part was the walk in the woods" 'My favourite part was making bubbles and catching them"

Nurture Group - Year 1: 'In the Driving Seat'

This week we played a Boxall game called 'In the driving seat' This game encourages attention and listening skills. This also lets us explore our feelings when behind 'the driving seat' for example a spaceship, racing car or a deck chair. The children really enjoyed this particular...

Nurture Group - Year 1: Nature All Around Me

In Science we have been learning about Nature all around me. We collected leaves to observe the different colours they change into during the Autumn season. We then used tin foil and sponges to paint our own leaves. The group then decided to make some butterflies to add to our nature display

Nurture Group - Year 2 Clockwork Toys

This week the Year 2's played the Boxall game called the clockwork toys. This encourages working together and following instructions. It also gives the least confident children a chance to take the lead role

Nurture Group - Year 2: Seasons

We have been learning about our seasons in year 2. We recreated the seasons using oil pastels

Nurture Group - Year 1: Jack and the Beanstalk

In literacy we have been learning about the Jack and the Beanstalk. We used paint and tissue paper to make a picture. We retold the story and used role play to act it out

Nurture Group - Adding Using Cubes

We have been adding this week using our cubes, we can write a number sentence

Nurture Group - Boxall Attention and Listening Game

I do, you do, a boxall attention and listening game

Nurture Group - Fish in the Sea

Boxall attention listening game called fish in the sea

Nurture Group - Year 2: Science

In science we have also been learning about the weather so we decided to go and have a look at the clouds and learn their different names. We used a creative lesson to recreate them

Nurture Group - Maths: Money

In maths we are learning about money. We created a supermarket so we can go shopping and buy some groceries. We worked in a group. One of us was a customer and the other a shopkeeper. We chose what to buy then paid with the right amount of coins

Nurture Group - Year 1: Book - The Colour Monster

We created our own Colour Monster for our display. Each colour represents a feeling

Nurture Group - Creative: Windsocks

In creative we made some windsocks and decorated them with Chinese cherry blossom. We then took them outside to see what direction the wind was blowing

Nurture Group - Music With Mr O'Flyn

After our keyboard session in nurture Mr O'Flyn took us to play the big piano in the hall. We were lucky enough to see how the piano works and experiment the high and low notes. The children really enjoyed seeing how the hammers worked inside of a piano

Nurture Group - Raincloud Experiment

In science we are learning about seasons so we did a raincloud experiment. We used shaving foam and food colouring. We learnt that when water droplets grow heavy in the sky, gravity pulls them down from the clouds as rain just like the experiment

Nurture Group Baked a Cake!

On Thursday 17th June 2021 we celebrated a birthday in nurture. We baked a cake for his birthday. The children really enjoyed measuring the ingredients and mixing all the ingredients together. They especially enjoyed cracking the eggs into the bowl

Nurture Group - Year 1 - Graduation Party

Today we are delighted to celebrate one of our nurture students graduating back to class full time. She has been a delight to work with and we will miss her vibrant caring personality in the nurture room

Nurture Group - Year 1 - Science Experiment: Leak Proof Bag

Today in nurture we did a science experiment. We stuck sharpened pencils through a bag full of water and much to everyone's surprise, the bag did not leak! This is because the bag is made of a polymer - which is long, flexible chains of molecules. when you poke the pencil through the bag, the...

Nurture Group - Reception - Board Game

We played a board game called snakes and ladders. We had to take turns and wait our turn patiently. We celebrated our winner and congratulated him!

Nurture Group - Year 1 - Literacy: Handa's Surprise

We made puppets and retold the story using characters from the story Handa's surprise

Nurture Group - Year 1 - Maths: Number Formation

We used concrete materials to help form our numbers correctly

Nurture Group - Year 1: Minibeast Hunt

We went to the hop garden to look for minibeast. We found an ant nest, spiders, woodlouse, bees, ladybirds, centipedes and lots of snails

Nurture Group - Reception: Minibeast Hunt

We went to the hop garden to look for minibeast. We found an ant nest, spiders, woodlouse, bees, ladybirds, aphid, centipedes and lots of snails

Nurture Group - Year 1: Music

Keyboard fun with Mr O'Flyn!

Nurture Group - Year 1: Maths - Doubling

We used finger paint to make doubles

Nurture Group - Reception - Fruit Kebabs

" I like cutting" "I love strawberries and fruit kebabs" "I like the taste of the orange"

Nurture Group - Number Formation

In maths we were writing our numbers and practising number formation using paint. We finished the session by mixing the colours together to see what other colours we can make. 'This feels great!'

Nurture Group - Reception: Planting

We planted basil seeds and a tomato plant. We are planning to make our own pizza once they have grown

Nurture Group - Year 1: Group Music

Today we had the opportunity to have a small group music session with Mr O'Flyn in nurture. "I really enjoyed it" "it was fun"

Nurture Group - Reception: Cooking

This week in Nurture we have been reading the book Owl Babies. We were lucky enough to do some 'cooking' and make some owls on toast. We were able to practise our cutting skills. We also developed our language and maths skills by practising doubles

Nurture Group - Year 1: Cooking

This week in Nurture we have been reading the book Owl Babies. We were lucky enough to do some 'cooking' and make some owls on toast. We were able to practise our cutting skills. We also developed our language and maths skills by practising doubles

Nurture Group - Reception and Year 1: The Gruffalo

Today we read the book 'The Gruffalo' and used clay to make our favourite characters

Nurture Group - Phonics Fun!

This week in nurture we have been playing lots of fun phonics games