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Nurture Group - The Nest

The Nest is a place for children to have the opportunity to grow in confidence and become engaged, successful learners in their classrooms and the school community. Nurture is an environment where adults and children work closely together; a place where mistakes and accidents are discussed; where...

About our Curriculum

At The Blossom Federation of Daubeney, Sebright and Lauriston Schools, we shape our curriculum to ensure all pupils have access to a rich, exciting, experiential curriculum, which celebrates the rich diversity of our schools. Drawing on the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and...

Phonics & Early Reading

At Blossom Federation we have devised our own phonics programme based upon the principles of Letters and Sounds. We use a range of resources and strategies to tailor the phonics provision to meet the needs of our pupils. It aims to build children's speaking and listening skills in their own right...

School Uniform

Daubeney is a ‘uniform school’ this is supported by the SLT and the Governors. We believe that a school uniform is important: It looks smart Wears well Contributes to a sense of belonging and community Gives a common purpose Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of...


Our Vision Our vision at Blossom Federation is to nurture a life-long love and confident use of Maths. We aim to develop lively, enquiring minds encouraging pupils to become self-motivated, confident and capable in order to solve problems that will become an integral part of their future. Through...


At Daubeney we are committed to raising standards in Literacy and follow the National Curriculum in order maintain accurate coverage across the year. In order to maximise opportunities to develop literacy skills, we make cross curricular links wherever possible. In Early Years we follow the Early...


...sted Report - October 2019 Ofsted Short Inspection Report - June 2018 Ofsted Report - October 2013 Ofsted Report Final - October 2013 What Ofsted said about Daubeney... "Pupils enjoy attending this friendly and welcoming school. They are happy and safe here. Pupils know the ‘golden expecta...

Year 5

Class Teachers Residential 2024 Parent Meeting Spelling test Spellings will be handed out on a Friday and the test will be the following Friday. Times tables tests Times tables will be handed out on a Friday and the test will be the following week. This is timed so please try to practice using a...

Home Learning

These home learning resources were published to support children during school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They are no longer being updated. Welcome to the Daubeney School home learning portal! There are links to useful resources, access to online activities and information about what...

Year 5 Residential 2019 - Day 1

[menu name="year5-residential-2019"] Wow! What a start! As first days go this is right up there with the best of them. It was a very excitable coach journey and the children couldn’t wait to get to Youlbury and try out all the activities. We arrived in plenty of time and as usual...

Year 5 Residential 2019 - Day 5

[menu name="year5-residential-2019"] Good afternoon everyone. This is the last update so I’ll keep it short. It’s been an absolutely amazing week. In the words of Senior Aribas, our silver medalist Spanish champion, “Muy Bien, fenomenal!” The children have been...

Year 6 - WOW Day

This really was a day that made you say, “WOW!” We started the day off with a delicious taste tour of the UK. We had Scottish shortbread, Welsh cake, Irish Boxty and English scones. We had to rate what we tasted and describe the taste and texture. Then we picked a landmark and had to...

Year 1 - 1TK Class Assembly: Little Red Riding Hood

1TK have worked really hard on their class assembly this week. Our assembly was about Little Red Riding Hood. We created a short trailer for our assembly using iMovie. We acted out the scenes and then put it into the trailer. We had lots of fun singing 'Stay on the Path'. We hope you...

Spanish - Español: Autumn Term Summary.

“FELIZ NAVIDAD Y PRÓSPERO AÑO NUEVO! = Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! -Y4 & Y2 worked on using more Spanish with their teachers and their classmates to follow instructions and to talk to each other. They had a great time playing bingo and many other games. - Y4 learnt...

Year 4 - Division

Today 8-12-2020 the children in Year 4 used the short efficient method to divide

Healthy Me - Miss Kepha's Fruit Salad

Hi Daubeney I hope you are all doing well and being safe at home. As part of our ‘Healthy Me’ week, I've made a short video to show you all how to make one of my favourite healthy snack. A fruit salad! Personally, I like to include my five a day fruits and veg, so you can add one of...

Newsletter - 13th January 2017

Dear Parents and Carers, Firstly, I would like to say an official happy New Year to you all and welcome back. I hope that you had a peaceful holiday and are looking forward to the year ahead. 2017 here at Daubeney has got off to an absolutely fantastic start! As many of you will know we were...

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13th January 2017

Nurture Group - Tribute to Mr O'Flynn

The Nurture Group made a short video to say thank you for the extra music sessions that they have each week. We very much appreciate it. Thank you

Year 6 Residential 2022 - Day 1

Well, we all crossed our fingers for sunny weather but of course, shortly after our arrival the skies opened and it definitely made for a memorable first day. We had archery, climbing, aerial treck, mountain biking, obstacle courses and ALL in the pouring rain. Our children have settled in so well...

Letter from the Head of School - 23rd September 2022

It has been a short but eventful week! Monday was obviously dominated by the formalities of a state funeral. We hope your family enjoyed and partook in the event in a way that suited your family. As we returned to school on Tuesday, and ended the...

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23rd September 2022

Parent Communication - 5th May 2023

It was certainly a very short week 3! The bank holiday and the industrial action day reducing our normal working week to only three days for the majority of pupils. We now find ourselves looking forward to a long and historical weekend, with the coro

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5th May 2023

Year 5 - Literacy: Instructional text

For their short burst genre, Year 5 were introduced to instructional texts. First, they learnt about different features which was then followed up by a practical task (Origami-style ships)

Year 4 – Spanish - Summer Term 1

Year 4 in action! Students in Year 4 have worked incredibly hard this very short half term, and enjoyed learning about Costa Rica’s fruits and animals. We will continue reading Tico Tango’s story after a well-deserved break

Year 2 - Computing Summer 2

This half term our topic has been presenting ideas. We have looked at a range of ways to present the story of Goldilocks. We read an e-book, took a quiz and explored concept maps. Last week we made our own quizzes, thinking carefully about the types of questions we wanted to include. We chose from...

Year 3 - Girls Club

Year 3 girls have started their social club today during lunchtime with Ms Fathema. The girls took part in lots of icebreakers and team games including organising themselves silently from shortest to tallest. They also engaged in conversation with each other, answering funny questions such as what...

Newsletter - 17th July 2015

Dear Parents and Carers, It has been a wonderful and eventful year with many successes. Yet again we have secured excellent results in Early Years, Year 1, 2 and of course Year 6. We wish those children leaving us the very best for their future careers at their chosen secondary schools. I know they...

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17th July 2015

Newsletter - 14th October 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, As we rapidly approach the end of our first half-term I am truly inspired by the growth and development that I have seen in our children over the last six weeks. One example of that growth you too will bear witness to, when you read the articles written by the members of...

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14th October 2016

Year 5 Residential 2018 - Day 5

Good afternoon everyone. This is the last update so I’ll keep it short. It’s been an absolutely amazing week. In the words of Senior Aribas, “Muy Bien, fenomenal!” The children have been brilliant and have pushed themselves to the absolute limit. It’s only been a week...

Nursery - Learning About Autumn

Nursery enjoyed learning about Autumn last week. As you can see it pretty much looks like Autumn. All the children enjoyed the leaf rubbing activity and going on a leaf hunt. This is just a short clip of how much fun they had

Reception - Yellow Class Visit Homerton Fire Station

Yellow Class had great time at Homerton fire station even though the visit was cut a bit short because the fire fighters were called out to a job. The children got see them in action going out on a job. Amazing!

Year 4 - World Book Day 2017

As part of World Book Day, the children in 4S wrote their own short stories for others to read. The children then illustrated their stories using watercolours. All the stories have been displayed in a big book. Please have a read of our great stories when you next visit our book corner!

Year 4's Maths Tricks

In Year 4 we have been using our 'tricks' to help us work out challenging problems! Have a look at some of the examples where the children used their knowledge of patterns to extend their learning. "For 375 + 200. My trick is that if I know 3+2=5, then I also know that 300+200=500....

Year 5 - Drama and Literacy

On the 25th March 2019 the year 5 children watched a short story and use the story to help them role play scenes. The children enjoyed making up characters and having a dialogue with other characters. This week in literacy, the children will be creating their own short stories

Year 5 - Short Stories

Today (3rd April 2019) the Year 5 children were excited to write their own short stories using a cliff-hanger. The children used their own imagination and creative skills to design, plan and write their own short stories with the key features included

Year 5 Are Learning Spanish

The Year 5 classes changed all their display boards to show their learning in Spanish. They have been focusing on developing their vocabulary and using short sentences in class

Year 6 - Publishing Short Stories

Today (04.04.19) year 6 published the short stories they have been writing over the last few days. They used the corrections and improvements made by themselves and their peers to produce a top quality piece of writing. They will be sharing them by reading them out loud tomorrow

Newsletter - 29th January 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, January draws to a close and is usually a dull month but not at Daubeney! Lots of exciting trips and events have taken place. The trip to The Royal Ballet was extra special and the visit to the Ministry of Stories was inspirational. In school we have had an African story...

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29th January 2016

Year 6 - Writing: Peer and Self Assessment

This week Year 6 have been writing short stories based on the short film “The Piano”. Today (03.04.19) they read through each other’s writing and used their teamwork and feedback skills to improve their peers’ writing. On Friday, they will share their short stories with each...

November Parent Workshop

We had another fantastic turn out for our second literacy parent workshop of the Autumn term. KS1 parents had the opportunity to learn some fun ways to support their children with writing at home. We had a go at using visual image to inspire children’s imagination and creativity. The parents...

2K - 'Me and You' by Anthony Brown

As part of our literacy unit on Traditional Tales, we have been reading the book 'Me and You' by Anthony Brown. We based our assembly on this amazing book and retold the story by creating a short trailer and rehearsed the story line. We had lots of fun practising and trying to portray the...

1FA - Autumn in the School Garden

We went to the school garden to look at how the trees are changing as autumn approaches. We discussed how the leaves are drying and falling off the trees. We talked to Gavin, our gardener, as he was pruning the berry bushes to prepare them for winter. We talked about how the days are longer in the...

Hackney Junior Citizenship

Hackney Junior Citizenship Schemes is a fast-paced, multiple-agency event run for Year 6 students and designed to help pupils prepare for the challenges they may face as they become young adults. Our Year 6 pupils enjoyed a carousel of activities with up to ten different agencies delivering short...

Boys Book Club - 5th March 2019

The boys book club today (5th March 2019) read a selection of short stories and had the opportunity to focus on their comprehension skills. The boys read their text then answered questions about the text. In our session, the boys were encouraged to make some questions of their own. Can you make up...

Short Ride in a Fast Machine

This is our music video for the BBC Ten Pieces Project. Thanks to parent volunteer Guy Sherwin for helping the children produce old style hand drawn animation. Drums by Jackson, Year 4 and keyboards by Tracey in Year 6

Newsletter - 18th September 2015


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18th September 2015

Year 4 – Spanish: Forming Questions and Answers Independently

Year 4 students are beginning to understand how to form questions/answers independently. They can produce short pre-prepared phrases on familiar topics, with secure pronunciation