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Today 08:30 - Year 1 & 2 - End of Year Trip to Margate Beach

11/07 - Year 5 & 6 - End of Year Trip: Southend on Sea

Physical Education

Intent The Blossom Federation believes that Physical Education (PE), experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is essential to ensure children attain optimum physical and emotional development and good health. We intend to deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that...

Starting Reception in September with their friends. School Trips You will sign a permission slip at the beginning of the school year for all of the subsequent Trips. Book Bags Before your child starts school, they will be given their own book bag. We don’t assign homework but will change their books regularly. We will also oc...


The Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted) regulates and inspects to achieve excellence in the care of children and young people, and in education and skills for learners of all ages. Following a recent visit by Ofsted’s inspectors (October 2023), we are...

03/07 - Reception - End of Year Trip: Cedars Nature Centre

Curriculum Overviews year. Curriculum Maps Trip Overviews Subject Overviews...


... Payments Extended School Trips and school activities Term dates Assemblies and events Changes to personal details Medical issues, medication or ongoing treatment Changes to picking up children Uniform / PE Kit Free school meals and admissions Phone the Pastoral Care Lead Af...

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

...cts Student subject teams Trips RE Days and enrichment experiences Tree Planting (Mabley Green) and Eco Days Swimming Work Week BBC initiatives and enrichment Friends of Daubeney Primary School Parental Workshops SEN support...

About our Curriculum

...transferable skills throughout. Trips and visits are a keystone of our learning to enthuse, immerse and deepen knowledge in our topics. We have WOW Days - as an end point to each topic, where pupils celebrate, make links and evaluate their learning with the aim of remembering and understanding more....



16/07 - Year 6 - Trip to Laburnum Boat Club


At Daubeney we are committed to raising standards in Literacy and follow the National Curriculum in order maintain accurate coverage across the year. In order to maximise opportunities to develop literacy skills, we make cross curricular links wherever possible. In Early Years we follow the Early...

10/07 08:15 - Year 3 & 4 - End of Year Trip: Frinton on Sea Beach Trip


Please take a moment to complete our music survey Every child experiences the opportunity to realise themselves as composers and performers in their whole-class weekly music lessons. Lessons are delivered by our Music-specialists, using a holistic approach that includes moving, singing and playing...

Year 2 - 2P Singing School Trip

On Tuesday Class 2P went on a very exciting singing school trip into central London. We went to a small but very grand church called St Ann and St Agnes . It is in the vicinity of St. Paul’s in the heart of bustling central London. 2P sang their hearts out with a professional ensemble called...

Year 6 - 6M IntoUniversity

The children in 6M enjoyed a whole week of activities with the team from IntoUniversity. They discussed and learnt all about life at university, the courses on offer and activities provided by many different institutes. They children also discussed diversity and empathy and visited the Dialogue Hub...

Year 5 - Trip to Science Museum

It was our first trip of Year 5 - can you believe it? We certainly could by the end of the day - we were so tired! We visited the museum as part of our science unit on space but we also so many other amazing things!

Year 1 - RE Trip to St. Barnabus Church

Year 1 had lots of fun for our RE day trip this half term. We visited St. Barnabus Church in Homerton. Reverend Clive told us all about the church, what happens during a mass, and about the community that visit to pray together

Nurture Group - Our Trip to the Post Office

In Literacy we have been learning how to write a letter. We wrote our own letter together and went to the post office to post it. We spoke to the post man and asked him some questions

Newsletter - 16th May 2016

... Daubeney News 16PO 0M\ 2016 Trips: 17PO 0M\ KHMU 3 - *UHHQZLFK&XWW\6DUN 8B4DMP - SP 18PO 0M\ 5HŃHSPLRQ²0XVHXPRI&KLOGKRRG EMP - SP 2DPO 0M\ KHMU 1 - 7R\0XVHXP EMP - SP Daubeney is part of a pioneering project of teaching ^?v]?Z??Z.???(}?]Pv...

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16th May 2016

Nurture Group - Shopping Trip

This week in maths we have been learning about money. We wrote out our shopping list and headed off to the shops. Today we are making fruit kebabs and chocolate Rice Krispies. We bought the ingredients and looked at how much each item will cost and what coins we will need. Finally, we worked out...

Reception - Trip to Hackney School of Food

On Monday, we visited the Hackney School of Food. We made pizza by making our dough and adding tomato paste, cheese and oregano to match the colours of the Italian flag. We also made fruit kebabs, using bananas, pears, blueberries and raspberries. After we made our food, we enjoyed eating it in the...

Reception Trip to St Barnabas Church

Reception enjoyed their first out of school trip to St Barnabas Church, where we learnt about the Story of Christmas. We dressed up as the characters and acted out the nativity. We had so much fun!

Year 5 & 6 Trip to Southend Adventure Island

An unforgettable day for everyone. We had songs in the coach journey, a trip to the beach AND a fun day out at adventure island!

Year 6 Trip to Laburnum Boat Club

As temperatures soared, Year 6 couldn’t have been any luckier. We went down to Laburnum, took part in kayak games and then took a dip in the canal - just what you need on the hottest day of the year so far!

Music - Summer Term 2022

It was a great year of skateboards, ukuleles, djembes, recorders with lots more in between. We enjoyed and celebrated our interschool concert with guest bands from Ickburgh, a local special needs school and also a band from Rushmore. Alongside this we often had our outdoor jam on a Friday lunchtime...

Newsletter - 29th April 2016

...Daubeney News 2EPO $SULO 2016 Trips͗ 9th May͗ Year 4 at the BriƟsh Museum - ?X??t?X 11th May͗ 5C Θ 5G at the Imperial war D???u- ?X??u- ?X???u 12th May͗ 5M at the Imperial war Museum - ?X??u- ?X???u 1XUVHU\ OM...

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29th April 2016

Year 5 & 6 - PE Trips

Well done to the year 5/6 for trying their best at rugby and dodgeball

Newsletter - 27th May 2016

...XWLIXOIORZHUVEORRPLQJVRRQ Trips Monday 6th June: 5M - IntoUni 9.30am - 3.30pm Tuesday 7th June: 5G - IntoUni 9.30am - 3.30pm Wednesday 8th June: 5C - IntoUni 9.30am - 3.30pm 7KHPXVHXPH[SRVHGWKHFKLOGUHQWRWKHGDLO\OLIHRIDVRO...

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27th May 2016

Year 4 - Science: Living Things and Their Habitats

In science, we are learning about living things and their habitats. We took a trip to Daubeney fields to explore what living things can be found and what classification they fall under. We had fun enjoying the nature of our environment and learning about different plants and insects

Nurture Group - Hackney City Farm

Last week Friday we were lucky enough to go visit Hackney City Farm. "We saw the pink pigs and it went oink oink and they had oval noses" "My favourite part of the trip was the ducks, I heard the ducks saying quack" " I loved all the animals in the farm except for the pig...

Year 6 - Tycoon Team in Action

The Year 6 Tycoon Team have been developing a business enterprise in school (change challenge). So far this year, the business enterprise has been a wonderful success. The children are very excited about being part of the business and love to see profits being made, this is helping children with...

Spanish Champions Art Trip to the National Gallery

Our Spanish champions went to the National Gallery to see the Spanish artist's exhibition 'Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light'. They were stunned by Sorolla's colourful and bright landscapes of Spain. They learnt about impressionism and discussed the effects of light in painting

Reception - Red Class trip to London Zoo

Red class had a brilliant day out at London Zoo last week (12th June 2019) The children were amazed to see a variety of animals. They particularly liked the black headed python, the penguins, the sleepy lion and and the beautiful butterflies. We also enjoyed eating our lunch at the aquarium with...

Ukulele at the Adventure Playground

Transition week is in full swing and we brought ukuleles on all our trips. Check out Jada and Mr. O‘ Flynn’s jam at the adventure playground

Year 2 - Daubeney Fields Trip

We went on a walk to Daubeney fields. We were searching for worms to collect for our Worm World! We discussed the habitats they live in and what they will need

Year 6 - Mapping Day

For mapping day Year 6 were able to put their mapping skills to the test by taking a trip out to the Olympic Park in Stratford. Before that, they had to use a map and a scale to work out what the distance was from Homerton to Stratford. They also had to find certain points on the map once they...

Reception - Red Class - Our Body

Red Class have had a wonderful week learning about our bodies. We have been naming and labelling different parts of the body. We also spoke about what is inside our body. The children came up with lot of interesting facts. Sky said “our heart pumps blood to the rest of our body”....

Newsletter - 13th January 2017

Dear Parents and Carers, Firstly, I would like to say an official happy New Year to you all and welcome back. I hope that you had a peaceful holiday and are looking forward to the year ahead. 2017 here at Daubeney has got off to an absolutely fantastic start! As many of you will know we were...

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13th January 2017

Newsletter - 14th October 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, As we rapidly approach the end of our first half-term I am truly inspired by the growth and development that I have seen in our children over the last six weeks. One example of that growth you too will bear witness to, when you read the articles written by the members of...

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14th October 2016

Nursery - St Barnabas Church Trip

The nursery children went on a trip to St Barnabas Church. The children listened to a story about Jesus that Christians believe in. They also acted out parts of the story. The children were fascinated with the pictures in the church and they enjoyed looking at the stain glass windows. Thank you to...

Year 3 - Stone Age workshop at the Hackney Museum

Year 3 have been learning all about the Stone Age this term. During their visit to the Hackney museum, they got an insight into how Hackney was during the Stone Age era. They were able to have a touch of a range of artefact replicas including animal fur, flint tools and fossilised poop; they were...

School Choir Trip to Homerton Hospital

The school choir, led by the inimitable Kari Stewart, performed in the Foyer of Homerton Hospital spreading joy and Christmas cheer. The children sang their hearts out and did the school proud. Here are some ot the hits we sang:

Newsletter - 30th September 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, Thus far, it has been a wonderful start to the new academic year. Our children are really showing their enthusiasm for learning and for being leaders. JH OMYH QRR NHJXQ POH SURŃHVV PR HOHŃP RXU 6ŃORRO FRXQŃLOORUVB JH OMYH MOVR HVPMNOLVOHG VHYHUMO ¶ÓXQLRU PHMPV· where...

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30th September 2016

Newsletter - 16th September 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, Welcome to another exciting year at Daubeney! We trust that you have all enjoyed a great summer and are now looking forward to the many magical moments planned for the year ahead. It has been a great start to the year, with the children returning to school looking extremely...

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16th September 2016

Newsletter - 8th July 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, What an eventful half-term it has been thus far! We have enjoyed our: spelling bee competition; Year 4 swimming lessons; Year 5 and 6 residential; Sports days; Seaside trips and of course our Summer Fair. Thank you to all of those that have supported us by either attending...

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8th July 2016

Mental Health Awareness Week Nature Competition

The Junior Mental Health Team organised a competition asking children to create an art piece of why nature is important for our mental health. The JMHT chose their winners and took them on a trip to Daubeney Fields. The children had a special picnic and had fun being creative using natural resources

Newsletter - 17th June 2016

... Daubeney News 18PO -XQH 2016 Trips: 22nd June: KS1 Team Trip (Red Team) 27th June: Year 5 and 6 Res......une: Year 5 and 6 Residential Trip (all week) 21st and 22nd June - Nursery: Old Mc Donald Farm 0n t...

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17th June 2016

Year 4 - Trip to the British Museum

4L had an amazing time at the British Museum on Thursday 24th November. We saw some amazing Ancient Egyptian atrefacts including mummies! We learnt some fascinating facts about heiroglyphics which links to our history topic. It was like going back in time!

The Nest - Our Trip to Pizza Express

This week we went to Pizza Express and we were lucky enough to make our own pizzas. Emmanuel the chef gave us his secret ingredients to a perfect pizza. "It was the best day" "The pizza tasted delicious and scrumptious " "I am going to save some for my sister"

Christmas in Reception

We have had a fun-filled week of different Christmas and winter activities! We have been making Christmas cards, decorating biscuits, making tree decorations and had an end of the year party! We were also lucky enough to go on a school trip to see 'Whiskers First Winter' which we loved!

Year 2 - Australia Wow Day

This week we've had lots of fun for our Spring 2 WOW Day. We took a virtual trip to Australia, making sure we had our passports and boarding passes ready! Once on the plane we were ready for take off! In the afternoon we made some delicious fairy bread using colourful sprinkles

Year 4 Trip to the Science Museum

Year 4 had a fantastic time in the Power Up gaming exhibition at the Science Museum. We had the opportunity to have a hands-on gaming experience, featuring the very best video games and consoles. We learnt lots of interesting facts about computer games from the past 50 years which links to our DT...

Parrot Class - Trip to Discover Story Centre

Parrot class had a brilliant time at the Discover Story Centre today! We had fun exploring the story centre and used our imagination to come with interesting characters and story settings. We came up with our own story and shared this with the story tellers

Duckling Class - Discover Children's Story Centre

On Tuesday, Duckling Class enjoyed a trip to Discover Children's Story Centre. We had to get on the bus and travel all the way to Stratford. When we got there, we were told that it was our mission to create a story to save 'Squiddly Diddly World'. In order for us to create a story, we had to warm...

Year 6 Hawk Class - Into University Experience

Monday During Our Into University Experience, On Monday, we did the carousel activity learning bout psychology, philosophy, classics and social sciences. Tuesday On Tuesday we did self portraits or our fellow peers. . In the afternoon, we carried out research, created fact files and biography and...

Year 6 – Science: Natural History Museum

As part of our topic on Evolution and Inheritance, we went on a trip to the Natural History Museum, where we took part in a workshop that introduced us to the concepts that underpin evolution through natural selection. In the workshop, we: Explored what evolution is, how and why it happens Looked...

End of Year Seaside Trip Years 3 & 4 - Wednesday 10th July 2024

We are really excited for our years 3 & 4 end of year trip to Frinton-on-Sea. It is a lovely opportunity for the children to experience the seaside and take in the sights and sounds of a typical British coastal town.

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8th March 2024

Year 5 & 6 - End of year beach trip 2024

We are really excited for our years’ 5 & 6 end of year trip to Southend-on-Sea. It is a lovely opportunity for the children to experience the seaside and take in the sights and sounds of a typical British coastal town.

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26th March 2024

Year 2 science Trip - March 2024

This week Year 2 visited Hackney Marshes to finish our Plants topic. We went on a plant hunt to see what is growing in our local environment and spent some time sketching the plants we could see

Duckling Class - St Barnabas Church Trip

On Wednesday, we visited our local church! We walked to the high street, looking carefully where we were going and remembering what we learnt at road safety. When we arrived at the church we had a look around and listened to the story of The Nativity. Some of us were able to dress up as people from...

Duckling Class - Easter Trip

Leading up to the Easter holidays, Duckling Class visited St Barnabas Church where we told the story about where and when Easter started. We had fun dressing up for different parts of the story!

Junior Art Team Trip

On Tuesday 23 rd April our Junior Art Team enjoyed a trip to the Young V&A in Bethnal Green. Not only did they have a nice time on their trip, but they had the opportunity to look at art and design in toys and ‘everyday’ objects. Thank you to Ms Smith for leading, and thank you to...

Digital Leaders trip to Apple

Our Digital Leaders team had lots of fun at the Apple store in Stratford. We had an interactive session all about using GarageBand to make our own theme tune. We thought about the beat we could create, the tempo of the track, the additional instruments we could use and even included special...

Reception Trip to Cedars Nature Centre - 3rd July 2024

As part of the Reception provision, we will be taking the children to Cedars Nature Centre. The trip will take place on Wednesday 3 rd July 2024. Children will have the opportunity to take part in an animal talk where they will get to see and touch d

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29th April 2024

Trip Letter Year 2 Wren Temple Bar

As part of the Year 2 provision, we will be taking the children to Temple Bar and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The trip will take place on Wednesday 22nd May.

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3rd May 2024

Year 2 trip to Temple Bar

Year 2 visited lots of places near Temple Bar to learn more about Sir Christopher Wren and how he helped to rebuild London after the Great Fire. We had lots of fun dressing up, visiting the Millenium Bridge, building towers, writing with feather quills and so much more!

Year 1 & 2 - Further detail for Beach Trip

We are excited to share plans for our end of year Beach Trip to Margate Beach for Years 1 & 2. It is a lovely opportunity for the children to experience the seaside and take in the sights and sounds of a typical British coastal town. The trip will ta

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5th June 2024

Junior Literacy Team Trip to the Roald Dahl Museum

The Junior Literacy Team had the amazing opportunity to visit the Roald Dahl Museum. We enjoyed looking in the galleries, learning about Roald Dahl's life and doing fun activities. We also explored the village where Roald Dahl lived and saw places that inspired some of his stories

End of Year Beach Trip to Southend-on-Sea Years’ 5 and 6

We are really excited for our years’ 5 & 6 end of year trip to Southend-on-Sea. It is a lovely opportunity for the children to experience the seaside and take in the sights and sounds of a typical British coastal town.

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7th June 2024

Year 6 - Trip to V&A Museum

To begin our Japanese textiles topic, we spent the day at the V&A Museum where we learnt about different artefacts that relate to Japanese textiles. We learnt about some heel-less shoes, dyes that are used and materials used for different items of clothing in Japan. Finally, we walked around...

Year 6 - Natural History Museum Trip

As part of the Year 6 provision, we will be taking the children to The Natural History Museum. The trip will take place on Tuesday 30th January 2024. Children will have the opportunity to investigate and learn about Evolution through Natural Selectio

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9th January 2024

Year 6 - Trip to Museum of London Docklands

Last week, we spent the day at the Museum of London Docklands. Here, we learnt more about how the East End was affected by World War II. We also spent time exploring the rest of the museum, which was about the Docklands

Year 6 - 6MC - IntoUni Week

We have spent a week with IntoUni! We learned about inspirational people such as Malala Yousafzai and Martin Luther King Junior. We also visited the Wallace Collection in Central London and Cambridge University! "It was one of the best into uni sessions we had and we had lots of fun with the...

The Nest trip to the Adventure Playground

Today we explored and had fun at the Adventure Playground

Newsletter - 12th February 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, Half way through the year already! I am sure you have noticed our work has begun in the play-ground, this is a huge investment for the school but one which will be of great benefit to our children. The children are all very excited to see the finished product. When we...

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12th February 2016

Year 4 - Cross Curricular: Rivers

Today, 1-03-2023, the children had a triple cross curricular session using the Chromebook to research information about rivers. This is also our topic in our cross curricular lesson. The children applied their reading skills to locate and record facts about rivers

1A's RE trip to the church

Take a look to see what a wonderful time we had at The Immaculate Heart of Marys and St Dominics church last week!

Student Council RE Trip Letter

On Thursday June 8th 2023, Year 6 will be going on a trip to the London Buddhist Centre as part of their Religious Education trip. As there are extra spaces on the trip, the Student Council have been invited to join the trip so that they can write ab

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25th May 2023

Reception - Old MacDonalds Farm

On Thursday, we visited Old MacDonalds Farm for our end of year trip. We had so much fun! We started off by looking at the animals where we saw pigs, goats, cows, meerkats, alpacas, tortoise, donkeys and rabbits! After lunch, we went on lots of different rides and played in the outdoor and indoor...

Digital Leader Trip

Yesterday, our Digital Leader team had lots of fun visiting the Apple store in Stratford City. There they had the opportunity to code and create with Swift Playgrounds using an iPad. The children experimented with code and designed an app using the About Me playground. They had a great time...

Eco Team Trip

Today we went to the Leaside Trust Center! We learned about the Running Out of Time campaign and we got to meet the runners! The Running Out of Time campaign aims to raise awareness about Climate Change. The runners have been taking part in a relay from Ben Nevis in Scotland to the Big Ben in...

2L RE day trip

Last week 2L went on a trip to East London Mosque to learn more about the religion of Islam. We visited various parts of the mosque, learning about the environment and layout, and we also learnt about some actions that would be seen when Muslims are praying. We discussed why there are separate...

Year 2 trip to Hackney city farm

Today, we visited Hackney City Farm to explore what animals live nearby in our local area. We had so much fun investigating which animals lived on each part of the farm and had a go at making each of the animal noises. We discussed what each animal liked in their habitat and how they moved around...

Year3 School Of Food Trip

The children in year 3 had an amazing session baking their own bread and cooking their own soup today 4-12-2023

Parakeet class trip to Hackney City Farm

This week year 2 enjoyed a trip to Hackney City Farm! We enjoyed exploring the habitats of many farm animals as part of our Science topic this half term. We saw a range of animals including pigs, donkeys, goats and ducks!

Year 6 Trip to London Zoo

As part of the Year 6 provision, we will be taking the children to London Zoo. The trip will take place on Wednesday 18th October 2023. Children will have the opportunity to investigate and learn about Living things and their Habitats.

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4th October 2023

Year 4 Trip to the Natural History Museum

Year 4 had a great time at the Natural History Museum on Tuesday 3rd October. We explored the Earthquakes and Volcanoes exhibit and learned lots of interesting facts using the interactive games and activities. We even got to feel what it would be like to experience an earthquake in Japan in the...

Year 3 Trip to Horniman Museum

The children today 10 October 2023 had a great time visiting the museum and exploring the Amazon Rainforest galleries. They also had a lesson in the museum discussing the Amazon Rainforest and the people who live there

Year 5 - Sea Life Trip

Year 5 visited the lovely Sea Life Aquarium in relation to what they are learning in science. They observed a variety of sea creatures, living things and the habitats; a great opportunity for them to use their inner curiosity, to explore about the wonders of marine life

Year 6 Museum of London Docklands Trip Letter

As part of the Year 6 provision, we will be taking the children to Museum of London Docklands. The trip will take place on Thursday 30th November 2023. Children will have the opportunity to investigate and learn about the effect World War II had on t

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1st November 2023

Year 2 - Zoo Trip 2023

We had so much fun visiting the zoo last week as part of our Science learning! We were able to get up close to lots of animals including lions, tigers, monkeys, gorillas and penguins. Ask us about our favourite animals when you see us!

Duckling Class - Our first trip!

Today (16/11/23), was our very first school trip! Group 1 of Duckling Class visited Homerton Library! We enjoyed looking through different books from fiction to Non-fiction, and we enjoyed reading them to each other. We were lucky enough to be able to take books back to school! We are so excited...

Duckling Class - Daubeney Fields Trip

On Wednesday, we visited our local park. We visited the park because we have been learning about maps. We have been finding out what a map is and what is is used for. We have looked at road maps, zoo maps, tube maps and many other maps. We created a a walking route that was safe to walk to Daubeney...

Year 4 Trip to the British Museum

Year 4 had a fantastic time at the British Museum on Wednesday 29th November. We explored the Ancient Egyptian exhibits and learned lots of interesting facts about pharaohs, pyramids and hieroglyphics. We even got to see real life mummies!

Newsletter - 4th March 2016

... Daubeney News 4PO 0MUŃO 2016 Trips: 6) - ,QWR8QLYHUVLW\- WK0DUFK?WK0DUFK IMVP RHHN RMV ¶JRUN JHHN· MQG 1XUVHU\ H[SORUHG POH natural environment around them. They found out all about worms and then went on a worm hunt. Some even bravely held a worm, using a magnifying glass to help ...

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4th March 2016

Newsletter - 18th September 2015

...h snacks or drinks other than bottles of plain water. Trips: 22nd September: Year 6 - Queen Mary University all day The school haǀe inǀested in an edžciƟng early years package with the Speech v>vP?PdZ??????]X>]??v]vPv?ol]vP?...

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18th September 2015

Newsletter - 29th January 2016

...Daubeney News 2EPO -MQXMU\ 2016 Trips: 66 - VW)HEUXDU\- WK)HEUXDU\,QWR8QLYHUVLW\ KHMU D - QG)HEUXDU\6FLHQFH0XVHXP?,0$; 5HŃHSPLRQ - UG)HEUXDU\ DP - 5LR&LQHPD of Daubeney school have their very own bus! They were so excited when they found out they could visit it. They enjoyed b...

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29th January 2016

Year 5 - Trip to British Museum

The Year 5 children were delighted today, Tuesday 6th February 2018, to visit the Ancient Greek galleries in the British Museum. they were amazed when they saw all the various artefacts from Ancient Greece and especially enjoyed the statues of the Greek Gods. We were also lucky enough to visit the...

Reception - Yellow Class Visit the Library

Yellow Class have been on their first trip to the local library. We walked all the way there and the children were so sensible and grown up. Mrs Addai and all the grown ups who accompanied us on the trip were very proud of all the children. The librarian read us a story called 'Handa's...

Reception Trip to Hommerton Library

Reception went to Homerton Library! We had an amazing time listening to stories, looking at books and talking about the illustrations. We learnt that a library is a quiet place to enjoy reading and a place to borrow books from. Here's what the children have said about the trip; Ayesha "I...

Reception Trip to St Barnabas Church

Reception had an amazing time visiting St Barnabas Church. The children listened carefully to the Christmas story about the birth of baby Jesus. The children even took part in acting out the story. We also looked at some story props and pointed out some very important people in the story like, baby...

Red Class - Our Trip to the Discover Story Centre

Recently Reception went to the Discover Story Centre. We had a brilliant time listening to stories and had such fun creating our own stories. We even had a chance to make our own character puppets and dress up. We also had lots of adventures in the playground pretending to go on a spaceship, a...

School Councillors visit Credit Suisse

On Thursday 28th, the Year 5 and 6 School Councillors went to Credit Suisse, Canary Wharf, and took part in a video conference with James Weldon Johnson Leadership Academy, East Harlem, NYC. The students shared collages of their favourite parts of their respective cities, and talked about what they...

Year 3 - First Week Back At School

In Maths, we have been looking at place value and representing numbers using dienes and counters. We have also started to add on 1, 10 and 100 onto different numbers using our knowledge of place value so far. In Literacy, we have been recounting our summer holidays and we are preparing to create...

Year 3 - Trip to Mabley Green

Year 3 have been learning about rainforests. They went to Mabley Green, a local green space in Hackney, to note the differences and similarities it shares with rainforests. They said that both Mabley Green and rainforests have a lot of trees and foliage, though the trees in the rainforest would be...

Nursery Trip to Paradise Wildlife Park

Nursery enjoyed encountering lots of new animals on their big day out to Paradise Wildlife Park. They were mesmerised by the elegant white tiger, in awe of the enormous anaconda and surprised by the emus, who they thought looked very funny. Inigo commented, "I've never seen anything that...

Year 5 - 5F Trip to IntoUniversity

Today (28th February 2019), 5F participated in a workshop at IntoUniversity. The children were engaged in activities to learn more about university life. Well done to everyone, especially Amira and Ronnie, who received congratulatory postcards for their effort!

Reception - Yellow Class Trip to Discover Centre

We went on a fun filled trip to Discover centre in Stratford. The children enjoyed the playground and making stories for Hootah. We made spoon puppets and dressed up as a character. We loved Discover!

Year 5 - Ancient Greeks at The British Museum

Year 5 visited the Ancient Greek exhibit in the British Museum. We had lots of fun exploring and imitating some of the sculptures. 'I think it was interesting because of how the Ancient Greeks crafted the artefacts' - Brandon, 5C 'I liked the fact that we had fun while learning....

Year 5 - Chatsworth Road Palace

The children in year 5 had a very special trip today (4-12-2018) to Chatsworth Road Palace to watch a drama show with their own toys as the main characters. The children were asked to bring in a toy and it was sued on stage as part of the characters. It was really fun to see their toys acting

Year 5 - Graphic Novels

This morning (11-12-2018) the year 5 children had a fun session where they were asked to complete the speech in a graphic novel. The children were given a comic strip, they read through it and then decided the best speech to use in the comic. Our next step will be to plan a graphic novel and create...

Year 5 - Imperial War Museum

Year 5 visited the Imperial War Museum where they had to chance to deepen their knowledge on World War 2. They thoroughly enjoyed the clips that they saw in the museum and were astounded by the artefacts. "I found the museum very interesting and I learnt about the disastrous bombs that landed...

Year 5 - IntoUniversity

Year 5 went on a whole day trip to 'IntoUniversity' where their stereotypes and prior knowledge was challenged. They were inspired by the fact that anyone can attend University and how it did not have an age limit! Year 5 took part in a range of activities and put a lot of effort into their...

Year 5 Visit to Our Lady's Secondary School

Some Year 5 girls had the opportunity to visit Our Lady's secondary school in Stamford Hill where they were able to experience life as a secondary school student. The girls had a French lesson where the teacher was VERY impressed by how quickly they were able to pick up conversational French....

Year 4 Workshop at Hackney Museum - Travels With My Suitcase

Year 4 had a wonderful time at the Hackney museum. They attended an exciting workshop called 'Travels With My Suitcase'. This workshop was all about the history of Hackney going all the way back to the Anglo Saxon era. "I really enjoyed the trip, we got to touch real artefacts from the...

Year 5M - Adventure Playground

On the 19th March 2019 Year 5M had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Adventure Playground in Homerton as part of our Physical Education Programme. A big thank you to Mr Simon who organised the trip, especially focusing on getting children more active here at Daubeney. The pupils had loads of fun...

Reception - Yellow Class Visit Paradise Wildlife Park

All of Reception classes went on a end of term trip to Paradise Wildlife Park. We had an amazing time seeing so many different animals. We especially liked the meerkats, penguin and the white tiger. The weather was very hot but we found lots of shaded areas. We had a picnic lunch and we played in...

Reception - Homerton Fire Station

We went to Homerton Fire Station and had such a good time. We all had a turn on the fire hose and got inside the Fire Engine. We watched the Fire Fighters slide down the pole. Thank you to all the parents who accompanied us on the trip. Yellow Class at Homerton Fire Station. Jaziah is having a go...

Year 6 - Business Enterprise

Year 6 have been developing a business enterprise in school. So far this year the business enterprise has been a tremendous success. The children are very excited about being part of the business and love to see profits being made, this is helping children with their maths skills in the playground...

Year 2 - Hackney Music Service Festival

We took our best singers from Year 2 to perform at the Round Chapel for the Hackney Music Service Festival. We had a fantastic time and we got to sing the songs we love so well with 15 other schools and a live band. We sang songs such as "I feel good", "Fatou Yo" and "La...

Year 1 - 1L Trip to the Beach

1L had a great time at the beach this week! We paddled in the sea, built sandcastles and collected shells!

Year 1 - 1L Visit Virgin Trains in Euston Station

1L had a great trip on Tuesday to visit Virgin Trains in Euston Station as part of work week. We had fun exploring a train and split into groups to learn more. We visited the train shop and found out what it would be like to work there. We took a seat in first class! We also spent time with the...

Year 1 - 1P Visit Waitrose in Stratford

1P went on a trip to Waitrose in Stratford. We went on the train to Stratford. When we got there we tasted different fruits, we had a go at scanning things on the tills and we went on a shopping list treasure hunt. We had fun!

Year 1 - Teddy Bear's Picnic

Year 1 went on a lovely trip to Hackney Marshes for a teddy bears picnic. We enjoyed lunch in the sunshine and a play on the big green fields. What a wonderful day!

Year 1 - Trip to Daubeney Fields

We went on a walk to Daubeney Fields to look at our local area. We talked about the road names and what important buildings are around us and in Daubeney Fields!

Year 1 Trip to Daubeney Fields

Year 1 went on our first trip to Daubeney Fields. We looked at what is in our surrounding area and will be making a map about our local community!

Year 1- Visit Sainsbury's In Stratford.

Year 1L went on a trip to Sainsbury’s in Stratford. We went on the bus to Stratford. When we got there we had a cupcake decorating competition, we had a go at scanning things on the tills and we went on a shopping list treasure hunt. We had so much fun!

Ukulele Trip to Gainsborough

Daubeney recently performed at an interschool ukulele event at a nearby school. It was an event organised by Mr. O Flynn and Ms. Fort from Gainsborough Primary School and eight primary schools took part in total. We had a fantastic time and we dressed up in a Hawaiian theme as that is where the...

Year 2 - 2C Trip to the Library

This week, we got to go to the Homerton Library! We met the librarians who told us all about the library and what we could do there! Did you know that you can borrow books, read books and even use the computers to find out new things? We also found out that to borrow books and use the computers you...

Year 2 - Science Trip to Victoria Park

Year 2 went to visit Victoria Park as part of our Science topic on plants. We enjoyed looking at different types of trees and plants

Reception - Christmas at the Church

Today all the Reception classes went on a trip to Barnabas Church. When we got there Reverend Clive told us the Christmas Story. Some of the children were selected to act out the story. We all had such a nice time

Year 2 - Trip to Shoeburyness Beach

We went to Shoeburyness beach for our end of year trip. We played with the sand, collected seashells, played games with our class and dipped our feet in the ocean. We had so much fun!

Year 2 Trip to Tower of London

Year 2 went on a trip to Tower of London and we learnt about the Great Fire of London. We had a tour around the tower and saw houses that were made out of wood in 1666. Do you know how the fire started?

Year 2's Trip to Kew Gardens

On Wednesday 20 th May, year 2 went on a fantastic trip to Kew Gardens. The trip was linked to our learning – Growing Plants. We travelled by London Overground from Homerton to Kew Gardens. It was a long journey! When we got there, we split up into groups and went to see various things in the...

Year 1 - Work Week Trip to Marks and Spencer

Year 1T went on a trip to Marks & Spencer in Hackney. We had a go at visual merchandising and at using the tills. We also walked around the shop floor to have a look at all the different departments and had a go at finding items from a shopping list. Finally, we went on a tour of the stockroom....

Ukulele At Daubeney

Many children at Daubeney, from Reception to Year 6 are getting a chance to learn to play the ukulele. Recently we went on a trip to Springfield Community Primary School to play at the annual schools ukulele concert. As you can see from our photos and video we had a whale of a time!

Year 3 - KidZania

Yesterday (28th March 2019) Year 3 were incredibly lucky to visit KidZania. They got the opportunity to independently wonder and roam around the safe and secure indoor city run by kids. In KidZania, the children were able to get a fun and realistic insight into the adult world by taking part in a...

Reception - Yellow Class Visit Discover Story Centre

Take a look at our pictures of the trip to Discover Story Centre In Stratford. It was such a brilliant afternoon. The children absolutely loved it! We went to see the 'Tiger Who Came To Tea' by Judith Kerr. We learnt about the many other stories that Judith Kerr wrote such as 'Mog The...

ORDER, ORDER! The House will hear...

Last Friday, Daubeney's finest school council members were given the marvellous opportunity to attend a visit to The Houses of Parliament in company of Miss Bree, Mr. West and City Year's own Mr. N. The trip allowed for the group to venture into the heart of London, specifically the area of...


As part of our ongoing effort to link school and home we have decided to introduce ParentMail , a quick and easy way to communicate with parents through online letters, a texting service and allowing parents to pay for dinner money, trips and other events online! We appreciate many people now pay...

Year 6 - 6S go to Sky Studios

In 6S we are taking on the role of journalists as we read the thrilling London Eye Mystery. Following our trip to The London Eye last week, we went to the O2 in London to visit Sky Studios and tried our hand at presenting the news. Whilst we were there we also got to experience VR, used a green...

Year 6 - Into University

6F spent a week at Into University doing a variety of activities focused on our topic World War 2, including a visit to Churchill War Rooms and HMS Belfast. On the Friday we visited Goldsmiths University. We had a tour of the campus, learnt about university life, all the different courses you can...

Newsletter - 27th November 2015

...(OSKLFNIRUVHWWLQJWKLVXSIRUXV? Trips: KHMU 3 0RQGM\ 30PO 1RYHPNHU - 6W%DUQDEDV- DP?SP KHMU 6 7XHVGM\ 1VP GHŃHPNHU - +DFNQH\0XVHXP- 0RUQLQJ Date: Friday 11th December Please note: There will be no packed lunches on this day. We are encouraging children and staff to wear a Ch...

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27th November 2015

KS1 Green Team Trip

Green team went on a trip

Annual Instrumental Event

Daubeney performed their unique brand of rock n roll at the Annual Hackney Music Service Festival last Thursday. Needless to say we had a ball . We packed some chess boards to play whilst waiting our turn at the rehearsal. We also managed to make two trips to the park. With all that fresh air we...

4P’s trip to Tramshed by Mark Hix

This week, year 4 got to experience what it felt to work for the very first time! They were lucky enough to go to the famous restaurant and make delicious doughnuts and marshmallows with the head chef. Not only that, they also got the chance to make their very own mocktails! After making the...

1D Visit Sainsbury's in Stratford

On Wednesday 1D went on a lovely trip to Sainsbury's in Stratford. We were learning about different skills needed in different jobs and had an opportunity to practice some skills in a real work environment. We had a go on the checkout, did a treasure hunt in the aisles, had a tour of the stock...

KS1 Red Team Trip

Key Stage 1 Red Team had lots of fun at Zap Space trampolining park in Stratford this week! They all had fun bouncing around!

Nursery Trip to Old MacDonald's Farm

Nursery had a wonderful time at Old MacDonald's Farm. They got to meet and feed so many animals, including Annie the owl and Freckles the pony. They were also lucky enough to race a tortoise and see if they could jump as far as a wallaby. Bea said, "The tortoise was faster than I...

1B's trip to Sainsbury's

For our exciting 'Work Week' topic this week, 1B went on a trip to Sainsbury's in Dalston. This was an opportunity for them to experience the roles and responsibilities of some of the people that worked there. They all got to decorate their own gingerbread man and of course eat it...

1A Visit Sainsbury's in Camden

1A went on a trip to Sainsbury's in Camden. We were learning about different skills needed in different jobs and had an opportunity to practice some skills in a real work environment. We had a go on the checkout, did a treasure hunt in the aisles and filled jam doughnuts in the bakery. We had...

Year 4 Trip to the Ministry of Stories

Year 4 participated in a story making workshop at the Ministry of Stories, designed to inspire a love of writing. Each pupil had the opportunity to draft and write, creating characters, setting and plot. They then evaluated and edited, assessing the effectiveness of their writing. At the end of the...

1D at Shoeburyness

We went to the seaside and we had a fabulous time! We went for a paddle, collected seashells and played games. It was the best trip ever!

Goldsmiths Recording Studio

The Daubeney School Band, The New Redemptions, took a trip to Goldsmiths Recording Studio. ABC Hit It The latest studio release from the Daubeney School Band. Produced / engineered by Winther at Goldsmiths Recording Studio. Composed by Mr. O Flynn, Mr. Keating and the Daubeney School Band

Most improved music curriculum!

While fireworks were exploding overhead, a very proud Mr. Clarke, Miss Douglas and Mr. O‘Flynn went to the Hackney Empire to attend the Hackney Music Service Annual Gala. Mr O’Flynn was tipped off that there might be an award for Daubeney and sure enough Daubeney received a special acknowledgement...

Mapping Out a Walking Zone

The Eco team and Junior Road Safety Team went on a trip around our local area to map out a walking zone that children and parents can use to commute to and from school. The children were very excited to be creating this map and be part of such an important project for our school. The routes we...

Newsletter - 12th June 2015

Dear Parents and Carers, Last half term was very busy with many exciting trips, poetry workshops and ending with a spectacular Foundation Stage Performance. It was a delight to see our young children confidently talk aloud and perform some amazing songs and dances from around the world. We have a...

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12th June 2015

Newsletter - 26th June 2015

Dear Parents and Carers, We have had a very busy fortnight with three well organised and successful 6SRUP¶V GM\VB .62 OMG POH RSSRUPXQLP\ PR SMUPLŃLSMPH LQ POHLU 6SRUP¶V GM\ MP POH 2O\PSLŃ &RSSHU%R[ODVWZHHNDQG.6DQGWKH)RXQGDWLRQ6WDJHWRRNSDUWLQ6SRUW?VDay at Daubeney Fields. There were...

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26th June 2015

Year 1 Trip to Homerton Library

Year 1 went on a trip to Homerton Library. Our literacy focus has been based on a story by Anthony Browne called 'Into the Forest' so the librarians read us some other stories by him. The children really enjoyed meeting Morgan and Myrna who made the stories really enjoyable for them

Newsletter - 2nd October 2015


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2nd October 2015

Newsletter - 23rd October 2015

...ity? Volunteer and be part of our new Parent Trips Team! You will get to go on exciting Trips with all the classes throughout the year. Get training on all you need to know about going on a Trip and how to deal with a whole class of children. If this is for youplease give your name to the office...

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23rd October 2015

Newsletter - 13th November 2015

Dear Parents and Carers, Thank you to all who attended Parents Evening; our feedback from both parents and teachers RMV YHU\ SRVLPLYHB H ORSH \RX IRXQG POH PHHPLQJV YMOXMNOH LQ OHOSLQJ \RX PR VXSSRUP \RXU ŃOLOG·V learning. Once again, Bonfire night was an amazing night and a great community event....

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13th November 2015

1P - Work Week

For Work Week, 1P went on a trip to John Lewis in Stratford. We decorated biscuits in the catering department, had a tour of the warehouse and then had a go at visual merchandising. We had a great time!

Year 6 - Transition Week Trips

Art club in the park

Year 4 - 4K Trip to Lego Headquarters

4K enjoyed an amazing trip to Lego Headquarters where we took part in hands-on activities. We built robots, had a go at programming and concluded with team races. We also played memory games, learnt about the history of the Lego family and tested the newest Lego video games. Take a look at some of...

Year 4, 5 and 6 Visit Parasol Gallery

Some Year 4, 5 and 6's went on a trip to the Parasol Gallery and were able to enjoy some contemporary art. They looked at the current exhibition, worked with a storyteller and then started to create their own artwork

Year 4 Visit Wahaca in Liverpool Street

Year 4 were lucky enough to visit the famous Wahaca restaurant in Liverpool Street. They learned that maths and literacy are both very important in the workplace. First they used their maths skills to add up a customer's bill. Then they made some delicious guacamole and ate it with chips!...

Year 3 - Trip to the Polka Theatre

Year 3 have just been on a school visit to the Polka, theatre in Wimbledon to watch 'Chocolate Cake' based onthe poem written and performed by Michael Rosen. The show was really funny. The best bit 'was when Michael ate the chocolate cake in a funny way when he shouldn't have'...

Year 4 - Eco-Active Workshop

As part of an Eco-Active workshop, Year 4 went on a trip around the local area to 'map their neighbourhood' and survey litter. The children were very excited to pick up litter and learn more about recycling

Year 3 - WOW Day

...h as Testudo, the Orb and the Triple line....

Year 3 Trip to the Ministry of Stories

Year 3 were sent on an exciting mission to the Ministry of Stories. There were given an assignment from the Chief of the Ministry to write 30 new stories as the story supplies were running low. When they arrived at the Ministry of Stories, they were taken through a secret door which led to the...

Year 3's Black History Month

In honour of Black History Month, the Year 3 students went on a trip to Sutton House. We were given a Black History Month activity trial where we learned all about famous historical black leaders. We had alot of fun, and we each got an educational booklet to take home

Year 4 - 4C Trip to The Jones Family Project

4C went on a trip to The Jones Family Project where we had a great time experiencing how a restaurant is run. We had a chance to see how Literacy and Numeracy are used in the work place and even got to have a taste of what the chef's are really made of

Year 4 - 4C Work Week 2019

4C had the opportunity to visit Pizza East in Kentish Town to learn about Literacy and Numeracy in the workplace. They learnt about all the different skills needed for doing different jobs and even had a go making some pizzas and mocktails! "This is the best trip we've had so far!" -...

Year 4 - Frinton on Sea

Year 4 had a wonderful day at Frinton on Sea beach. After a long coach ride, children got to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Lots of magical moments at Daubeney! Anaya said: "Thank you Daubeney for taking us to this beach, I loved paddling in the sea." Alan said: "This is the best trip...

Year 4 Trip to Suleymaniye Mosque

As part of Religious Education (RE), Year 4 had a great time visiting Suleymaniye Mosque in Hackney. We were able to learn about Islam and Muslims' place of worship. The imam (religious leader) took us on a tour of the mosque and answered any questions we had. 'We learnt new things that we...

Year 4 - Human and Physical Geography Trip to Daubeney Fields

Year 4 went on a trip to Daubeney Fields to develop their understanding of 'human and physical geography'. They enjoyed themselves by having the opportunity to observe different things in nature and discuss the physical landscape of their local area! They will use this information to help...

Year 4 - Natural History Museum

Year 4 went on a trip to the Natural History Museum to learn about earthquakes. We had a really exciting day and even experienced what an earthquake would feel like!

Year 4 - Natural History Museum Trip

Year 4 had a fantastic learning experience at the Natural History Museum to explore more about our topic of Earthquakes. Through dramatic film footage, exhibits of earthquake rocks and fossils and interactive games we learnt how destructive earthquakes can be. We even had a feel of what it was like...

Year 4 - Wahaca

Year 4 were lucky enough to visit the famous Wahaca restaurant in Liverpool Street. They learned that maths and literacy are both very important in the workplace. First they used their maths skills to add up a customer's bill. Then they made some delicious guacamole and ate it with chips!...

Year 4 - Woodberry Wetlands

Year 4 were very lucky to go on a trip to Woodberry Wetlands where they had first-hand experience seeing all the creatures that they have been learning about in Science. At first the children were scared and didn't want to get their hands dirty but by the end of the day everyone was brave...

Year 4 - Work Week

Today "Work Week" began at Daubeney Primary School with year four pupils going out on their first trip to the Andina Restaurant in Shoreditch in the city. The experience was amazing, as pupils had the opportunity to experience a range of jobs that they could do if they wanted to choose a...

Year 4 Trip to Masala Zone

4K went on a trip to Masala Zone in Islington were we thoroughly enjoyed tasting dishes from the Indian cuisine as well as learning about the different jobs in a workplace. We learnt the importance of maths in the workplace by calculating a customer's bill. We then made delicious healthy...

Recording Studio Trip

We took our school band and part of our choir to a recording studio in North London. We recorded our hit single "Daubeney Christmas". It will be released this coming Christmas as a charity single. We had a great day out as you can see in our photographs

Year 2 - RE: trip to Aziziye Mosque

This week we took part in our final RE day of the year. We went to visit Aziziye Mosque in Stoke Newington. We met the imam and he taught us all about the features of a mosque. He explained why there are lines on the carpet, why there is a dome in the middle of the mosque, how the prayer times are...