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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

...ney Primary School Parental Workshops SEN support...

Physical Education

Intent The Blossom Federation believes that Physical Education (PE), experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is essential to ensure children attain optimum physical and emotional development and good health. We intend to deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that...

Year 5 - 5MC Forensic Workshop

...k part in an amazing Forensic Workshop. In the Workshop, 5MC had to identify who stole a pedigree dog from a dog show! To find the culprit 5MC had to use many forensic skills by looking at clues such as DNA, finger prints, ink chromatography, addresses and many more. 5MC, what was your favouri...

Year 1 - Phonics Screening Check Workshop

Thank you to all the parent who attended our Phonics screening check workshop. Please see information below of what we discussed. You should also take a look at our useful phonics websites

Year 3 - Mariachi Workshop

Today (10th June 2019) Year 3 got the fantastic opportunity to experience live music performed by a Mariachi band. They even got do do a bit of traditional dancing. Year 3 have definitely started Hispanic week off with a bang at Daubeney. Watch this space for more updates!

Year 1 - Hispanic Week in 1L

1L have been having lots of fun during Hispanic week! We have taken part in a Mariachi workshop, painted flags of Mexico and made our own maracas! We learnt lots of facts about Mexico and made a video to present to the other Year 1 classes!

Year 5 - 5M Forensic Science Workshop

Today the Year 5 children enjoyed a special Forensic science workshop where they had to become detectives. The children used clues, fingerprints, footprints and objects left at the crime scene to identify the suspects and locate the missing dog

Year 5 - 5F Forensics Workshop

On Tuesday (18th July 2019), 5F used their scientific skills to carry out a forensics investigation. They aimed to solve the mystery of a stolen dog and had to analyse fingerprints, ink samples and shoe prints!

Year 4 - 4M IntoUniversity Workshop

The children in 4M were challenged today with various activities provided by the IntoUniversity team, who came into school today to carry out a range of activities. The children had to use various skills like; teamwork, listening, creativity and building skills to complete the various activities

Year 4 - 4M Selfie Workshop

...M had an amazing Selfie Photo Workshop today (27th September 2019). The children took some awesome photographs using professional equipment....

Year 6 - 6S Photography Workshop

Strike a pose! 6S really enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in a professional photography workshop. They even had the chance to operate the camera themselves! The children are really excited to see the results

School Council Visit the Houses of Parliament

School Council visited the Houses of Parliament on 16th October 2019. They were taken on a tour, where they got to see and learn about the history and what happens in the Houses of Parliament. They got to watch MP’s debate in the House of Commons, Theresa May was there too. The School Council...

World Mental Health Day - 10th October 2019

Throughout the week, Daubeney participated in assemblies, parent workshops and class activities to celebrate the fantastic World Mental Health Day. This year our focus was ‘I Love Me’. Children discussed the importance of being unique and participated in activities celebrating what they...

Year 2 - Great Fire of London Workshop

Today we experienced the Great Fire of London! Some of us dressed up like the people who were in the Great Fire of London. We spent the morning working in different jobs from 1666, like soap making and ink making. While doing our jobs, we also imagined the fire had started and some of us had to...

Family Matters Workshop - Dreams and Goals

"Have a vision, it is the ability to see the invisible. If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible" (Walt Disney) Our dreams and Goals, a truly fun filled and creative workshop were the invisible became a visible by creating a vision. We had some lovely feedback from...

Hispanic Week 2019

Our pupils learnt a lot about the Spanish speaking countries by researching, making presentations, posters, flags, maracas and many more. All staff, parents and especially children had an amazing time. A first-hand experience of the culture of all Spanish speaking countries: we had a Mexican...

Maths Family Workshop

This workshop had a focus of using stories to teach mathematics and helping children develop mastery. The parents had the opportunity to learn strategies to help with the mastery of concept: everything from basic counting to doing algebra. The book we focused on was "One is a snail, ten is a...

Year 6 - 6M IntoUniversity Week 2020

6M spent a week at IntoUniversity learning all about inclusion and diversity. The week included learning about a range of subjects. On Monday and Tuesday, we looked at inspirational people throughout history such as Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai. Also, we had an...

Newsletter - 4th March 2016

...n over the Spring period! Stalls and Workshops will be running throughout the day (11am-3.30pm)  ......dult Learning Secondary Schools IXL Workshop  teacher to: year. Discuss how you can support you...

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4th March 2016

Newsletter - 2nd October 2015

...?DP- SP :HGQHVGD\WK2FWREHU Workshops-All Workshops will be in the KS1 hall between 9......1 hall between 9.15am and 10.15am xMaths Workshop: 5th October-EYFS and KS1 The children have had...

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2nd October 2015

Newsletter - 13th November 2015

Dear Parents and Carers, Thank you to all who attended Parents Evening; our feedback from both parents and teachers RMV YHU\ SRVLPLYHB H ORSH \RX IRXQG POH PHHPLQJV YMOXMNOH LQ OHOSLQJ \RX PR VXSSRUP \RXU ŃOLOG·V learning. Once again, Bonfire night was an amazing night and a great community event....

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13th November 2015

Newsletter - 27th November 2015

Dear Parents and Carers, As you will see from our newsletter, we had a fun time 'Making a Noise' about bullying through a variety of workshops, concerts and lessons. It has been a very successful fortnight for raising our children's awareness of how we need to treat everyone with respect and be...

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27th November 2015

Newsletter - 15th January 2016


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15th January 2016

Newsletter - 29th January 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, January draws to a close and is usually a dull month but not at Daubeney! Lots of exciting trips and events have taken place. The trip to The Royal Ballet was extra special and the visit to the Ministry of Stories was inspirational. In school we have had an African story...

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29th January 2016

Newsletter - 12th February 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, Half way through the year already! I am sure you have noticed our work has begun in the play-ground, this is a huge investment for the school but one which will be of great benefit to our children. The children are all very excited to see the finished product. When we...

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12th February 2016

Newsletter - 24th March 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, Spring term has come to an end and the holidays are upon us. I would like to congratulate Ms Douglas on her appointment as Headteacher at another school and wish her all the best for the future. Mr Logan will become the new Head of School from May half term. We are looking...

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24th March 2016

Year 4 - Sustainability

Year 4 had an interesting Eco-Active workshop where they studied the local area as part of the 'Map your neighbourhood' project. They also learnt about who is responsible for different areas and how we can look after them

Newsletter - 29th April 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, I hope everyone is impressed with the improvements we have made to our school over the past few years. Our playgrounds are looking great and today we opened the KS1 section. The children have been waiting patiently and have been very excited. At Daubeney, we appreciate that...

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29th April 2016

Newsletter - 16th May 2016

...own ideas in deciding how to do it. The Workshops were fun, which encouraged children to join in, making it a FUN and memorable Mathe-matical experience for all! Simon (Professor Brainwave) had a fantas-tic rapport with the children. Nursery has been learning about growth and transforma...

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16th May 2016

Newsletter - 27th May 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, Half term is here and there are only 7 school weeks until will finish for the Summer. We have lots of exciting events planned for our final half term, ending with a grand finale carnival on 21st July. Our Summer Fair is on Saturday 25th June and will be a fantastic event as...

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27th May 2016

Newsletter - 14th October 2016

...with my children. Thank you (Parent of KS1 child) EYFS and KS1 Maths Parent Workshop. It was a great success with an excellent turn-out! The parents took part in interactive activities in order to equip them with techniques to enable them to further support their children at home with mathemat...

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14th October 2016

Newsletter - 11th November 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, Unsurprisingly, our Autumn 2 half-term has got off to a wonderful start! As per usual, there were lots of activities for our children to develop their knowledge and skills, notably our various Black History Month activities in our first week back. I was really impressed by...

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11th November 2016

Newsletter - 13th January 2017

Dear Parents and Carers, Firstly, I would like to say an official happy New Year to you all and welcome back. I hope that you had a peaceful holiday and are looking forward to the year ahead. 2017 here at Daubeney has got off to an absolutely fantastic start! As many of you will know we were...

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13th January 2017

Newsletter - 27th January 2017

Dear Parents and Carers, It is with great pleasure that I yet again have the opportunity to celebrate the incredible teaching and learning that takes place here at Daubeney on a daily basis! As you read this edition of our fortnightly newsletter you will see a snapshot of the plethora of...

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27th January 2017

Trees for Cities Planting Workshop

We were very lucky to be part of the Trees for Cities workshop to plant more trees in Hackney Marshes. Children planted young trees to add to an existing woodland area to create more space for wildlife and for the local residents to enjoy. They learnt about different types of trees in the area,...

Baller Boys Author Visit

To celebrate World Book Day (5th March 2020), Daubeney had a very special visit from Venessa Taylor, author of the book ‘Baller Boys’ which is based on our late Coach Reece and his football team. The children got to learn about the characters, hear an exclusive extract from the story...

Year 3 - Stone Age workshop at the Hackney Museum

Year 3 have been learning all about the Stone Age this term. During their visit to the Hackney museum, they got an insight into how Hackney was during the Stone Age era. They were able to have a touch of a range of artefact replicas including animal fur, flint tools and fossilised poop; they were...

Year 3 - Anti Bullying Week 2023

Today 15-11-2023 the children in Year 3 enjoyed a fun workshop around bullying

Family Phonics Workshop - Session 4

This week we enjoyed singing the Blossom Phonics song. We sang the alphabet song and joined in with the actions. We played a game of 'I spy' and practiced our oral segmenting and blending skills. We then read CVC words using our phase 2 phonics sounds. We look forward to our following...

Family Phonics Workshop - Spring Term 2023

It was so lovely to see parents and carers taking part in our family phonics workshop yesterday. This half term we will be focusing on phase 3 phonics and looking at digraphs and trigraphs. Parents had a wonderful time playing phonics bingo and reading with their child. Take a look to see what fun...

Family Phonics Workshop - 9th February 2023

Today we had a great time learning phonics outdoors! We went through all of phase 2 and 3 sounds. We had to read words outside on the ground and find the matching picture. Parents had a wonderful time doing this with their child. Take a look to see what fun we had

Family Phonics Workshop

Today we went through all of phase 5. We looked at split digraphs and created a 'spelling snake'. We made our snakes really long by reading the words and matching it with the correct snake. Do you recognise these split digraphs? a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e. Take a look at what we had

Reception - Duckling Class - Week 2

...e had a fantastic Road Safety Workshop where a visitor came in to talk to us about how to safely cross the road. We had so much fun and learnt so much! We had a visit from Nova, our federation dog! This is the first time we have met Nova, and look forward to seeing her again next week! We also have ...

Year 2 - Road Safety Workshop

Today year 2 had a special visitor in class to talk to us about road safety. We thought about different types of vehicles you would find on the road, where to find a safe place to cross the road, and what we should do when crossing

The Nest - Parent Workshop

We invited our parents in to make Christmas decorations with us

Year 5 - Sacred text workshop at the British Library

On their R.E. day, Year 5 students attended a workshop on sacred texts at the British Library. Furthermore, they got to witness various holy books, unique clothing, and objects associated with a certain faith

Reception: Duckling Class - Wild Wild West Drama Workshop

On Tuesday, we were so lucky to have a drama workshop! We were in the Wild Wild West! We had to act as different animals found in the Wild Wild West such as horses and dogs. When the Sheriff came, we had to pretend to be statues! We had so much fun!

Family Phonics Workshop - Autumn 1 & 2

A big thank you to all the parents that attended the family phonics workshop in Autumn term! We focused on phase 2 phonics, looking at pronunciation of sounds and how words can be segmented and blended. We joined in with a range of phonics games and had fun reading CVC words using our phase 2...

Year 6 – Science: Natural History Museum

As part of our topic on Evolution and Inheritance, we went on a trip to the Natural History Museum, where we took part in a workshop that introduced us to the concepts that underpin evolution through natural selection. In the workshop, we: Explored what evolution is, how and why it happens Looked...

Venessa Taylor Author Visit

KS2 had the amazing opportunity to meet 'Baller Boys' author Venessa Taylor. She ran an exciting workshop with each year group which involved fun activities, hearing her read a chapter of the book and answer the children's questions. Some lucky children even got signed copies of the...

Sav Akyuz Author Visit

KS1 had the amazing opportunity to meet 'Bear Moves' author Sav Akyuz. He ran a fun, interactive workshop with Year 1 and 2 children full of energy and laughs. After giving a brief introduction to his work as a writer, and illustrator, he created an imaginary character with the help of the...

Family Phonics Workshop Spring 2024

...t attended the Family Phonics Workshop in spring term. Your support is very much appreciated. So far we've covered phase 2, 3 and 4 phonics and have engaged in lots of fun activities to help our pupils with their reading. We can't wait to see you in the Summer term where we will look at phas...

Family Phonics Workshop - Session 3

Thank you to all the parents and carers that attended our third family phonics session today. We focus on oral segmenting and blending and the children had a great time feeding 'Metal Mike' all the words. We revisited all of our phase 2 sounds and then practised reading CVC words by segmenting and...

Family Phonics Workshop

A big thank you to parents who attended our first family phonics workshop this half term. It was so lovely to see parents engaging in various phonics activities. We went through all of phase 2 sounds and had an excellent time playing table tennis phonics and snap! We look forward to seeing you...

Newsletter - 12th June 2015

...y their hand at Graffiti style art. Workshops were held over a couple of hours with our local expert Leon assisting the children to create their own artwork to be displayed in a few weeks at our Summer Carnival. Students learnt designing techniques and got to practise with real aerosol paint. T...

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12th June 2015

Year 6 - 6M Poetry Workshop

Today, 15th October 2021, the children in Year 6M had a wonderful poetry session led by Donna Powell, who is an artist, songwriter and poet. The children with links to Black History Month enjoyed the session with creative ideas to use to create their own poem/rap or song

Year 6 - African Drum and Dance Workshop

Year 6 have been busy with an African drum and dance workshop as led by Miss Harley and Mr. Aaron

Year 5 - British Science Week 2021

This week is British Science Week and we have been doing lots! On Monday, we had a virtual electricity workshop and used balloons to learn about static electricity. On Tuesday, we built our own mini rockets and went outside to test them. We've been having lots of fun!

Year 6 - First Week Back

and breathe! Wow! What a first week back. To say it’s been busy would be an understatement. Year 6 started the week off with a whole school virtual live assembly followed by an electrifying science workshop. We continued with our CC topic looking into the wondrous ancient kingdom of Benin....

Year 4 - Poetry Workshop

Today, Thursday 18th March 2021, the children in Year 4 enjoyed a virtual Poetry session led by Adisa Stephen Ezeocha a poet and publisher. The children had fun with poems and rhymes

Anti-Bullying Week 2021 - One Kind Word

Daubeney enjoyed spreading kindness in Anti-Bullying Week. The focus was, One Kind Word. Children had the opportunity to participate in activities during their JIGSAW sessions and ended the week with our annual Odd Socks Day . The children discussed bullying in assemblies and workshops and...

Mental Health Parent Workshop - 12th October 2021

... Lamprogianni lead our Parent Workshop. We discussed the WAMHS project and how she supports in our school. She also discussed the importance of looking after our mental health. Please see below Vana’s presentation. There will be another Workshop on the 9th November at 9am, this will focus on behav...

Year 4 - 4S Diwali Workshop

4S enjoyed a Diwali workshop where they learnt about the story surrounding the festival of light and they achieved this through stories, song and dance

World Mental Health Day 2022

It was World Mental Health Day on Monday 10th October. To celebrate mental health at Daubeney parents were invited to a “Child Anxiety” parent workshop. Children in KS1 and KS1 attended assembly around Mental health day. The children learnt about how children are supported with their...

Year 4 - 4B Diwali Workshop

4B had an amazing time learning about the origin story of Diwali and who the important people are

Understanding and Managing Behaviour Workshop

On the 9th November, Vana, our CWIS (CAMHs worker in school) lead a parent workshop about managing emotions

Year 6 - COP26 Climate Change Summit Workshop

Today, 26-11-2021, the Year 6 children had an unique opportunity to meet a special guest, who personally attended the COP26 summit in Glasgow. The children discussed how climate change affects the entire world, how we can play a part to reduce climate change and countries that are looking at new...

Year 4 and Year 5 Workshop - Giving

As part of our Giving Week, Year 4 and 5 met with Olivia (Mental Health Support) and Vana (CAMHs Worker in school) to discuss memories of helping others, friendship and feelings. Can you think of a memory that you helped someone? How did this make you feel? How do you think it made the person you...

Music - Summer Term 2022

It was a great year of skateboards, ukuleles, djembes, recorders with lots more in between. We enjoyed and celebrated our interschool concert with guest bands from Ickburgh, a local special needs school and also a band from Rushmore. Alongside this we often had our outdoor jam on a Friday lunchtime...

Free NSPCC Parent Workshop - 26th September 2022 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Come and join us for a free workshop all about online safety, parental controls, social media and online bullying. Microsoft Teams Meeting ID: 379 258 258 738 Passcode: 9r9ztS

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13th September 2022

Supporting Children with Anxiety - A Workshop for Parents and Carers

1st November 2022. 2.00pm - 3.00pm. Orange Room.

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5th October 2022

Newsletter - 18th September 2015

....45pm Thursday 1st October 2FA at 1.30pm 3C at 1.45pm Workshops-All Workshops will be in the KS1 hal......ily SEAL Workshop *23rd September - EYFS/KS1 Phonics Workshop *24th September - Year 3/4/5 Reading......honics Workshop *24th September - Year 3/4/5 Reading Workshop *28th September - Year 3/4/5 Maths Wo...

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18th September 2015

Maths Parent Workshop - Autumn 2 2018

... those who attended. Parent Workshop Presentation...

Egypt Workshop

As part of their Ancient History Learning around Ancient Civilisations, Year 6 were treated to a theatrical performance by the Freshwater Theatre Company where pupils relived the times of the infamous pharaohs and had the opportunity to dress up as characters from ancient Egypt

Year 4 - Woodberry Wetlands

As part of our science topic, we were very lucky to take part in the workshops held by the Woodberry Wetlands centre. We got the opportunity to go and look for creatures in the wildlife and observe and classify what they were using the classification key. We also got to go pond dipping where we...

Reception - LaunchPad for Language Sock Puppet Workshop

...Pad for Language, sock puppet Workshop 28th November 2017 Some comments from our parents: Thank you so much for the Workshop, I really enjoyed it. If you have more Workshops that would be great. So much fun! Thanks. Thanks for a brilliant Alan the Alien puppet m...

Reception - Launchpad for Language Parent Workshop

Parents came and found out, how to support their children to learn new words. They even got to take home a free sock puppet

Professor Brainwave visits Daubeney deciding how to do it. The Workshops were fun, which encouraged children to join in, making it a FUN and memorable Mathematical experience for all! Simon (Professor Brainwave) had a fantastic rapport with the children....

Parents' Day 2017

Parents’ Day will be on Monday 20th March 2017 from 11am – 7pm. The school will be closed for children but it would be advisable for them to attend the appointment with their parents. All parents will be allocated a 10 minute slot in which time the teacher will discuss their...

Year 4 - Lego Workshop

Year 4 had an interesting Lego workshop organised by the City Year team. They had a wonderful time learning about coding and robotics and put all this knowledge into use. Take a look at what they got up to!

November Parent Workshop

We had another fantastic turn out for our second literacy parent workshop of the Autumn term. KS1 parents had the opportunity to learn some fun ways to support their children with writing at home. We had a go at using visual image to inspire children’s imagination and creativity. The parents...

Reception - Minibeasts Workshop

Reception have taken part in a great minibeast workshop! Miss Lillian from the ZooLab brought us great fun and surprises. The children got the opportunity to meet minibeasts from around the world. We met Fire the Millipede from Africa, Mr slimey the African land snail. We even met a cockroach from...

Year 5 - IntoUniversity 2017

The children in 5M were excited today to attend their IntoUniversity workshop, where they spent a lot of time discussing what a university is what courses are offered there. The children also looked at clubs and societies and possible places they could stay if they attended a university out of...

Year 6 - Romeo and Juliet Workshop

As part of our Literacy learning, children in Year 6 studied Shakespeare's infamous play, Romeo and Juliet. To enrich their learning, Year 6 had the pleasure of a drama session, led by veteran soldiers, who brought Romeo and Juliet to a highly engaging level

Year 6 - Monet Workshop

Year 6 had the amazing opportunity to take part in a four-hour workshop where we focused on the work of Claude Monet. We learned that he was inspired by nature and enjoyed experimenting with light and colour. We had to create colour wheels using only the primary colours and white. We then used...

Year 6 - Black History Month 2016

Year 6 took part in an African drumming workshop as part of Black History Month

Year 6 - 6M IntoUniversity

Last week, (Monday 28th January – Friday 1st February) 6M has the exciting opportunity to go to Into University. Each day brought new and exciting learning. On Monday, we learnt all about the theme of the week which was diversity and inclusion. Following on from this, we learnt all about...

Year 6 - 6F Work Week 2019

For Work Week, 6F had the exciting opportunity to start their own business and create their own inventions. They worked in groups to come up with the company name, design a product and work out the budget and manufacturing costs. They then had to pitch their ideas in ‘Dragon’s...

Year 6 - 6F IntoUniversity

6F had the amazing opportunity to spend an entire week with the IntoUniversity team. The focus for the week’s learning was diversity and inclusion. On Monday and Tuesday we looked at inspiring people throughout history such as Emmeline Pankhurst, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and...

Reception - Make Your Own Sock Puppet Workshop

Parents and children made an Alien Sock Puppet together. Parents learnt about what we will be doing in Reception this year to help with developing language and communication. The children and parent created wonderful puppets. Have a look

Reception Hub Velo visit

Reception had a special visitor during Inspire work Week. We met the owner of Hub Velo. He showed us how to change a tire and fix a puncture. We spoke about the different accessories you can buy for road safety. We also went on a interactive tour of his shop and his workshop where he fixes ANY bike...

Year 5 - Work Week Fashion Workshop

Today (26th March 2019) the year 5 children had an interesting visitor to their class. A professional fashion designer cam to see them to help with creating ideas for their fashion show this Friday (29-03-2019). they used a mixture of collage and patterns to create their own unique style and...

Year 2 Science Week - Molecules and Atoms

As part of Science Week, class 2F took part in an amazing workshop! We got to learn about some fantastic science words like 'molecules' and 'atoms'! We also got to make some scientific slime!

Year 4 - IntoUniversity Workshop

Year 4P who are now the new Year 5M enjoyed a special workshop from the IntoUniversity team. The children were engaged in various activities, like creativity by designing their own trainer, being an archaeologist and having a go at being a road and town planner. The children are now looking forward...

Year 4 - IntoUniversity Careers Workshop

Year 4 took part in an IntoUniversity workshop about careers. IntoUniversity helped teach the children about skills needed for different jobs such as engineer and product designer. What would you like to be when you're older and what skills will you need? Let us know in the comment section...

Year 4 - Hispanic Day Flamenco Workshop

As part of Hispanic day, Year 4 were lucky enough to take part in a Flamenco workshop. Take a look at their skills!

Year 4 - Hackney Museum: Travels with my Suitcase

Year 4 visited Hackney Museum where we had a workshop called 'Travels with my suitcase'. The children discovered how the local area has changed through the stories and suitcases of people who have travelled to Hackney from all over the world and throughout history. Year 4 children became...

Year 4 - Eco-Active Workshop

As part of an Eco-Active workshop, Year 4 went on a trip around the local area to 'map their neighbourhood' and survey litter. The children were very excited to pick up litter and learn more about recycling

Year 3 Maths Workshop

Year 3 took part in Maths workshop led by Mr Naidoo. The children were challenged through a series of activities to test their mathematical knowledge. They first of all began with a test of their times table where they had a set time to answer as many times table questions as they can. They later...

Year 2 - Opera in 2G

2G have had a very exciting morning as they have had a visit from two opera singers. They were able to listen to the beautiful voices of the two very talented ladies, and also take part in a workshop. The children were really focused by what was a unique experience for them

Reception visit the V&A Museum of Childhood

Reception visited V&A Museum of Childhood 18th May 2016. Reception really enjoyed looking at different toy mechanisms around the Museum, many of our children dressed up, enjoyed the activities around the museum. Reception also took part in a puppet workshop. they learnt about different types of...

Year 2 - Maths Workshop with the Happy Puzzle Company

Year 2 took part in an exciting maths workshop with the Happy Puzzle Company. We developed our team work skills whilst solving challenging maths problems!

Year 2 - Great Fire of London

Year 2 got ready for next terms topic on the Great Fire of London, with an exciting workshop this week. The children role played the scene of the buildings in London and in role as shop keepers. They learnt how the buildings were burnt down in the tragedy. The Great Fire of London happened in 1666,...

Year 2 - Freshwater Theatre Company

Year 2 had a fantastic visit from Freshwater Theatre Company. This was as part of our 'Great Fire of London' topic. We got the chance to find out how people lived during 1666 and the different types of jobs that they did. This workshop helped us to develop our understanding of what life was...

World Book Day - Author Visits

To celebrate World Book Day, Daubeney were visited by authors Tolulope Ogunmefun, Karen McCombie and Andrew Weale. The children enjoyed a very entertaining performance of Tolulope's book 'The Frog and His Dancing Shoes', an interactive workshop with Andrew Weale and an inspirational...

Year 4 - Viking Invasions

4S were visited by a Viking as part of an exciting workshop. The children learnt many interesting facts about the Viking invasions. They also had their fortunes told from reading Viking runes. Please ask a 4S member what the Viking predicted their future would be!

Transforming our School Gates

This week, children from Years 1-6 have been involved in an exciting screen printing workshop. Using pictures of local Hackney landscapes the children got stuck in to create one of the local landscapes. The children used cut out shapes of paper to create their chosen building. Using their designs...

Talking About Emotions Workshop

...Talking about Emotions’ Workshop. Parents had the opportunity to hear from our CAMHs worker and family support who discussed the importance of mental health and how they can support their children. The children were invited to participate in activities with their parents. The parents and child...

Year 5 Maths Workshop

Year 5 took part in a maths workshop last week where they had the opportunity to use their problem solving skills to solve real life problems!

Year 5 - Royal Academy of Engineering

The Year 5 children were amazed at the workshop yesterday, where they saw how robots can be designed in order to create music. It was a very interesting session, the children were curious to see how robots work and can be programmed. Mr Fahy and Mr Martykan loved the END TREATS when we were given...

Year 1 - Jaws, Paws and Claws Workshop

Last week Year 1 had a workshop called Jaws, Paws and Claws come in to visit from Zoolab. The workshop linked with our current science topic of Animals including Humans. There were lots of different animals that we were able to hold, touch and stroke. We learnt lots of new information about each...

Literacy Parent Workshop - March 2019

Miss Fergus invited some Year 1 and 2 parents to come to a workshop with their children to learn some fun ways to practice spelling at home. The Junior Literacy team were also there to support and the team played spelling and word games with the Year 1 and 2 children. The Junior Literacy Team even...

KS1 Science Parents' Workshop

Today (4th October 2018) we had a fantastic parent workshop talking all about how we can do more science at home! The children got hands on with some every day objects such as fairy liquid, milk and eggs but found that these every day objects can be turned into scientific extravaganzas with the...

4G - Now Press Play Workshop

4G LOVED their Now Press Play electricity workshop. We learned about insulators and conductors and sustainable energy sources

6DM - Art Workshop

We had a visitor from an art gallery who taught us all about a French artist named Monet. All of his paintings were based on nature and truly inspiring. He used four colours to make a range of different colours. Also, we learnt that he was an impressionist artist and painted using small brush...

Eco Team Workshop

Daubeney's Eco-team met a landscape architect today to discuss a special project for the hop garden! They discussed what they liked about it and how it can be improved. The children came up with a range of creative ideas which we can put into action soon. 'We enjoyed being outside in the...

Literacy Parent Workshop

...lights of our Literacy Parent Workshop....

Literacy Parent Workshop - January 2019

The parents and children thoroughly enjoyed our January workshop which was led by Phil McDermott, the amazing story teller. They were enthralled listening to Phil tell an entertaining story then they had the opportunity to work in pairs to create their own stories. The parents learnt about the...

Make a Noise

What an amazing, fun packed fortnight Daubeney had ‘Making a Noise’ about bullying. Children from Nursery to Year 6 participated in concerts,assemblies, workshops, activities in class and ended with a BIG ‘Make a Noise’ non uniform day. Take a look at some of the wonderful...

KS1 Parent Maths Workshop - 29th September 2017

...who attended our Parent Maths Workshop. We hope that you benefitted from finding out more about how maths is taught at Daubeney and that you feel better equipped to support your child at home. As always, should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Ainsworth and pl...

Make a Noise

What an amazing, fun packed fortnight Daubeney had ‘Making a Noise’ about bullying. Children from Nursery to Year 6 participated in concerts, assemblies, workshops, activities in class and ended with a BIG ‘Make a Noise’ non uniform day. Take a look at some of the wonderful...

Chain Reaction Workshop

Years 4 - 6 were delighted to be part of a rapturous workshop delivered by Chain Reaction – an orgaisation that specializes in working with children to develop vital tools and techniques to achieve successful conflict resolution - whilst keeping it fun and involved in ‘real life’....

1FA - Maths Week

For Maths Week we had a fun assembly where we learned about shapes. We also had a great workshop where we worked together as a team to solve puzzles and problems. It was fun!

5O - IntoUniversity

Year 50 had a wonderful time at IntoUniversity, where they learnt about courses offered at university, places to stay, clubs and societies that are available to join. next term they will return to the workshop for a whole day, where they will study a subject in more detail

Guardian Visits Daubeney

Year 6 were delighted to have been visited by two inspiring members of the Guardian newspaper team and learning about the exciting world of Journalism and the Media. The workshop involved children thinking about what it means to be a journalist and what is involved in getting a newspaper ready each...

Maths Family Workshop KS1

...very positive. Parent Maths Workshop...

Maths Parent Workshop

...hlights from our Maths Parent Workshop....

5C - IntoUniversity Workshop

The children in 5C were excited today to attend their IntoUniversity workshop, where they spent a lot of time discussing what a university is what courses are offered there. The children also looked at clubs and societies and possible places they could stay if they attended a university out of...

Literacy September Parent Workshop

We had a great turn out for our first literacy parent workshop of the term. KS1 parents had the opportunity to learn some fun ways to support their children with reading at home. Their children also attended and it was great to see parents and children enjoying reading together by discussing the...

Year 5 - Poetry Workshop

The Year 5 children were excited today (22nd March 2019) when Bad Lay- Dee, a professional music artist came to class to help the children write a free style rap poem. The children first created a word bank of words then used them to create a free-style rap

Year 5 - Drama Workshop

Year 5 learned about creativity in drama today. The students had to create magic worlds, draw them, make sounds for them and act them out. It was a very fun workshop!

Year 5 - Lego Time

The children in year 5 were pleasantly surprised today to be part of a Lego workshop organised by City Year for them. They enjoyed building, designing various Lego structures and included using a pulley drive to make the car move. Mr Fahy was super excited and jumped in to play with the Lego

Year 5 - Imaginary Worlds and Words

As part of celebrating World Book Day, the Year 5 pupils had a fun workshop today (8th March 2019) creating imaginary worlds and sounds

Year 4 Workshop at Hackney Museum - Travels With My Suitcase

Year 4 had a wonderful time at the Hackney museum. They attended an exciting workshop called 'Travels With My Suitcase'. This workshop was all about the history of Hackney going all the way back to the Anglo Saxon era. "I really enjoyed the trip, we got to touch real artefacts from the...

Year 5 - Fire Safety

The children in Year 5 were given a workshop today from a member of the London Fire Brigade team (Educational Officer) where the children learnt about the importance of fire safety and what actions to take if a fire occurred

Year 5 - ecoACTIVE Bugs

Year 5M had an amazing activity today exploring the world of compost and the bugs responsible for helping to break down our food. They learnt aboutthe process and even got to hold worms, larvae, beetles, woodlouse and earwigs. A special thanks to ecoACTIVE team who came to Daubeney and allowed our...

Year 5 - Eco Active Workshop

Year 5M were involved today (27th September 2018) in learning all about recycling and sustainability. The Eo Active team came into class to help the children learn about the importance of recycling and how we can recycle our food. Food waste is a major issue around Hackney and the children...

Year 5 - Drama Workshop

Year 5 had an amazing drama workshop today. Some of this involved using simple objects to create performances which were funny and moving!

Year 4 Trip to the Ministry of Stories

Year 4 participated in a story making workshop at the Ministry of Stories, designed to inspire a love of writing. Each pupil had the opportunity to draft and write, creating characters, setting and plot. They then evaluated and edited, assessing the effectiveness of their writing. At the end of the...

Year 5 - Brain Workshop

The Year 5 children were treated to a special brain workshop today, carried out by a neurologist from the Birbeck University. The children enjoyed learning about the brain, the different parts and how our brains work. We were also treated to some interesting images to identify how our brain thinks...

Year 5 - African Dance Workshop

As part of our Black and African history month, Year 5 had a fun dance workshop this afternoon (17th Octover 2018) where they learnt many dancer skills and movements. The children put together a dance routine and demonstrated a high level of energy. It was so much fun!

Year 5 - 5MC IntoUniversity

Yesterday (26th February 2019) 5MC visited IntoUniversity to learn about university life. During the workshop, 5MC learned about degrees, accommodation, university locations and clubs and societies. Would you like to go to university? What degree would you study? Why?

Year 5 - 5M IntoUniversity

The children in 5M enjoyed a workshop today (6th March 2019) at the IntoUniversity office in Clapton. The pupils were introduced to the courses on offer at university, social clubs, living arrangements and degrees on offer. They took part in various activities which gave them a better insight into...

Year 5 - 5M Full STEAM Ahead

The children in Year 5M were delighted today (26th February 2019) to have a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics workshop. The children played many different games looking at various occupations and their meanings and designed a floating boat using only limited resources

Year 5 - 5F Trip to IntoUniversity

Today (28th February 2019), 5F participated in a workshop at IntoUniversity. The children were engaged in activities to learn more about university life. Well done to everyone, especially Amira and Ronnie, who received congratulatory postcards for their effort!

Nursery - Dental Hygiene Workshop

We have had a dental hygiene workshop in Nursery. Nursery met Al the dinosaur who modelled how to brush teeth carefully. The children sorted some food that could potentially be bad for our teeth. So now Nursery know how to keep our teeth clean and healthy

Science Exposé

During our science exposé workshop, Daubeney parents came in to share with us their fascinating careers, working in a science related (STEAM) sector. Children from different year groups enjoyed learning about and exploring careers from different fields. In the end, we all learnt that Science is in...