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19/07 09:30 - Year 2 - Graduation: KS1 Hall

About our Curriculum

... knowledge and decoding skills. All Year 2 children do daily phonics in the autumn term then targete......ldren needing additional support in Year 2-4. DSR (Daily Supported Reading) In KS1, children do Dai......etters as well as digit correctly. In Year 2 they start to use the joins that lead to cursive writin...

PE and Sports Premium

Across the Blossom Federation, we have prioritised PE and sport in our budget to enhance children’s participation, involvement, and attainment in PE. We are committed to ensuring our children understand the importance of being active, to have a healthy lifestyle and to enjoy sports and games...

Curriculum Overviews

A curriculum overview gives you an idea of which topic your child will be studying at which point during the school year. Curriculum Maps Trip Overviews Subject Overviews


...ek (1 at level, 1 above, 1 phonics) Year 2 – change every week (1 at level, 1 above, 1 free choice...... letters as well as digit correctly. In Year 2 they start to use the joins that lead to cursive writ...

PSHE - Jigsaw

...hs and beliefs. Children from Year 2 onwards, actively involved in School Council elections. Schoo......nd girls’ bodies; naming body parts Year 2 - Boys’ and girls’ bodies; body parts and respect...

Phonics & Early Reading

... 5-6 Phase 4-5 Year 2 6-7 Consolidation of 1-6 Phase 1 Oral blending and segmenting the sounds in words are an integral part of the later stages of Phase One. Whilst recognising alliteration (words that begin with the same sound) is important as children develop their ab...


...child expect to learn? Reception to Year 2: chime bars and drums Year 3 : recorder Year 3 - Year 5: ukulele Year 6 : Guitar Some of the classes have already started and other classes will start later in the school year. March Music Composition Progress Update Useful Websites Here are some...


...required standard in this test retake it in Year 2. The end of Key Stage One statutory assessments a......n. All statutory assessment results are also included for EYFS, Year 1, Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6. G...

Year 2

...eachers PE Days Children in Year 2 have PE every Friday. They must wear their school uniform in to school and bring their PE kit in their bag to change in school. Forest School Parakeet class will begin Forest School sessions on Friday 15th of September and they will run weekly through Autumn 1 ha...


...EYFS; Miss Lucey Year 1 & Year 2; Miss Gustave Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. You can also speak to the Head Teacher Mr Logan or Executive Head Mr Warren. Contacting the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator The SENCO at Daubeney is Raj Dharma. To contact him please email admin@daubeney.hackn...

Performance, Results and Reporting

This page presents the performance data for the academic year 2022-2023 for the school based on: End of Early Years Foundation Stage data Outcomes of the Y1 Phonics Check Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessment Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment and Tests The Performance Data Narrative document presents the...

Forest School

...g on the weather...


...h it retains three classes of Year 2 children. Daubeney has a nursery which has sixty part time places. At Daubeney we follow the local authority admissions procedure. All admissions, except those to Nursery, are managed by Hackney Education. More information can be found on the Hackney Education we...

Year 2 - Art in Literacy

This week we have been focusing on the book 'The Magic Bojabi Tree' in Literacy. We have had lots of fun using role play and oracy to understand the story, and today we used water colours to paint a scene from the book

Year 2 Act Out Varmints

...meaning of the book....

Year 2 - 2S Forest School - Making Autumn Storm Jars

Free play and making Autumn storm jars

Year 2 - 2L Forest School - Making Autumn Storm Jars

Making Autumn storm jars and free flow

Year 2 - Computing Autumn 1 Week 3

This week we used 2Paint on Purple Mash to create a piece of art using impressionism as our theme. We created our own individual paintings and explored the way they made us feel

Year 2 - 2L Forest School - Making Forest Creatures

Making forest creatures with clay and natural resources

Year 2 - Computing Autumn 1 Week 4 the chromebooks....

Year 2 - Computing Autumn 1 Week 7

This week we completed our final lesson in our art topic for computing this half term. We explored surrealism and then used eCollage on Purple Mash to make our own artwork using drawings and clip art

Year 2 - Computing Autumn 1 Week 5

This week we used 2Paint on Purple Mash to explore the art work of Piet Mondrian. We discussed how they used lines and colour to produce their art work, and then had a go at making our own versions

Year 2 WOW Day - Autumn 2022

...hey look awesome!...

Year 2 - Geography and IT: Exploring Earth

This week for our Geography lesson we were exploring the Earth! We used atlases and Google Earth to identify the North and South Poles, as well as the equator. We had fun identifying countries around the world and discussing what the climate is like in each place

Year 2 - Computing Autumn 1 Week 6

This week we explored the art work of William Morris and discussed how they use repeated patterns and rotations. We then used 2Paint to make our own repeated pattern piece of art. We thought about the design we made and the size of the pattern as well as the option to rotate our designs

Year 2 - Computing Autumn 2 Week 3

This week is the final week in our online safety module. We explored our digital footprint and discussed how everything we do online leaves a trail behind us, like taking barefoot steps on a beach

Year 2 - National Outdoor Learning Day

..., but the children enjoyed it....

Year 2 - Coding Week 3

This week we continued our coding topic. We created an algorithm to instruct characters to move when they are clicked and to stop when they collide. We also explored how to change the character image once they collided!

Year 2 - Coding Week 2

This week we started our coding topic! We had lots of fun trying to make planes take off from their runways and adding code blocks to detect any collisions. We had to think carefully about the algorithm we made and how we could debug if there were any problems!

Year 2 Moderation Immersion

We used role play to act out the story of Marshmallows. We thought about how each of the characters were feeling throughout the story and how we could describe their actions and emotions

Year 2 - 3D Shapes

This week we made 3D shapes using nets. We had to cut and stick carefully in order to make the correct shape. We then discussed the shape we had made and thought about what 2D shapes we could see on their faces

Year 2 - Science: Material Sorting

...ays, giving reasons each time....

Year 1 and Year 2 - Spanish Children's Stories

...f term students in Year 1 and Year 2 are learning key vocabulary and some simple grammar structures through familiar stories. 2L students have enjoyed learning the main characters from 'Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?' this week....

Year 2 - Spanish Christmas Cards

...ired by his work....

Year 2 - 2L Christmas Prep

This week 2L have been making lots of Christmas decorations! We decorated Santa faces for our hoop, made a paper wreath and even made our own baubles. We then decorated the tree with our creations!

Year 2 - Computing Autumn 2 Week 5

This week we continued with our topic of Spreadsheets. We made a magic square using our coloured cells and identified and used the 'total' buttons this week. We then explored ways in which numbers could be placed inside the square to make the totals the same around the outside

Year 2 - Computing Autumn 2 Week 4

This week we started our new topic of Spreadsheets. We learnt how to colour individual cells in our rows and columns, and also how add an image to a cell. We then explored adding a value to an image, and using the counting tool to say how many items we had in a certain area

Year 2 - 2L One Kind Word

This week we took part in thinking of 'one kind word' as part of anti-bullying week. We had fun exploring all the kind words we could use and showed off our odd socks today too!

Year 2 - Computing Autumn 2 Week 2

This week we continued our internet safety topic and learnt about using emails as a way to communicate with other people. We learnt how to reply to a message and send an attachment too!

Year 2 - Computing Autumn 1 Week 2

This week we discussed our online safety agreement, talking about how to keep ourselves safe when using a device and who we should ask for help. We practised logging in to the chromebooks using our individual usernames and passwords, and then logged in to LGFL to access Purple Mash. We then had...

Year 2 - Spanish: Number Knowledge

... competitive element of it....

Year 2 - Computing Autumn 2 Week 1

This week we learned how to use the search bar on Purple Mash to find resources on the site. We spoke about it being a safe search bar, and how search bars on the wider internet might not be safe. We used the filter option to make sure we found relevant resources. We completed an emotions activity...

Year 2 - 2L Mapping Skills Day

For mapping skills day, we had lots of fun learning about directions and following maps. We explored maps that used a bird's eye view and practiced drawing our classroom using a key. We also painted the United Kingdom and spoke about each of the countries and their capital cities

Spanish - KS1 Introducing Themselves

This term our KS1 pupils have been learning to introduce themselves in Spanish. They feel very confident now and ready to make new friends in Spanish!

Year 2 - Wow Day - 27th May 2021

To end our Australia topic, we went to Australia! We made our own passports and boarding passes then imagined we were on a plane! We spent the rest of the day outside doing fun things like splashing in a paddling pool and making fairy bread! Are you convinced to go to Australia? Watch our advert!

History Dress Up Day 2021

...f learning: Year 1: Transport Year 2: The Great Fire of London Year 3: Romans Year 4: Anglo Saxons and Vikings Year 5: British Monarchs Year 6: Ancient Kingdom of Benin Why not leave a comment to share your joy and learning?...

Year 2 - Mapping Skills Day

We had a fantastic day learning about maps! We learnt about positional language and played a game with our friends then we went on a treasure hunt around the school. Afterwards, we created our own maps of the classroom and we ended the day by creating an art piece of the map of the UK!

Year 2 - History Day

We had a fantastic day today! We made Tudor houses and then burnt them down! We watched as the wind blew the flames and turned them into ash, like it would have been in 1666. Well done everyone for dressing up and have a lovely Easter holiday!!!

Year 2 - RE Day: Easter

We learnt about Christianity this RE Day! We spent the morning learning about how Jesus did lots of miracles and what a good person he was. Then in the afternoon, we we learnt about how Christians celebrate Easter! We even made pop up Easter cards!

Superhero Day in Year 2

What amazing people we have in our lives. From our nans to our dads and our sisters. From the scientists who created the vaccine to the NHS workers who have helped us so much. Thank you and you are our heroes!

Year 2 - British Science Week 2021

For British Science Week, we did a fun experiment based on the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We talked about what materials would be the most suitable to make a raft out of to help the goats get across the river. Then we made our rafts and tested them out!

Art in Year 2 - Spring Watercolours

We had a lovely afternoon making watercolour Spring pictures. We looked at different flowers and made some landscapes. What a lovely first day!

Year 2 - WOW day - Great Explorers was a fun-filled day!......plorer?' To round it all off, Year 2 made straw rockets to celebrate the significant achievements of...

Year 2 - 2L's First Week Back!

We had lots of fun in our first week back! We created beautiful self portraits, made some collaged flowers, and explored our new classroom

Golden Achievers of the Year 2021-22

Congratulations to our Daubeney Golden Achievers of 2021/22

Year 2 - 2KF RE Day

Yesterday we had a really fun RE Day learning about four religions. We learnt that all religions have teachings about forgiveness. Later, we discussed how it feels to ask for forgivness. We looked closely at a picture that shows forgivess and talked about how the bird flying away means to be free...

Year 2 - 2P Singing School Trip

On Tuesday Class 2P went on a very exciting singing school trip into central London. We went to a small but very grand church called St Ann and St Agnes . It is in the vicinity of St. Paul’s in the heart of bustling central London. 2P sang their hearts out with a professional ensemble called...

Year 2 - Sculpting with Clay

As part of our learning in Art, 2KF have been learning about an artist called Yayoi Kasuma. We had an fantastic lesson making amazing sculptures out of clay. There were many types of techniques we had to learn e.g. pulling, rolling, smoothing and adding detail. Have a look at some of our...

Year 2 - Computing: Searching the Internet

This week 2KF have been learning about searching the internet. They had lots of fun trying to find answers about dinosaurs using a search engine called Google. When they finished, they tested their knowledge of dinosaurs by completing a quiz on Purple Mash

Year 2 WOW Day - The Great Fire of London

... of the Great Fire of London, Year 2 designed and made some houses which replicate how the houses would’ve looked in 1666. They all worked brilliantly as a team and created magnificent masterpieces! Take a look......

Year 2 - VOCES8 Choir: Chocolat Chaud

Please enjoy our latest recording with VOCES8 choir. We are singing a French tango called Chocolat Chaud

Year 2 - 2P Special Christmas Performance

A Christmas Introit (Hodie) by Audrey Snyder. Filmed for the VOCES8 Foundation's Live from London concert series in December 2021

Rudolph Run

...ground, Year 1s will run 1 lap, Year 2s will run 2 laps, Year 3s will run 3 laps and so on. The CHALLENGE is for each child to raise £3, but there is no obligation to raise any money. All donations are hugely appreciated. Please do not ask strangers for money or for sponsorship. Everyone should now...

Year 2 - Forest School - Session 18

Where the wild things are

Year 2 - Forest School - Session 16

Anti-bullying week 2021

Year 2 - Coding Week 4

This week we continued our coding topic and learnt about using a timer to run a block of commands after a delay. We had fun making a magician's rabbit disappear and then reappear!

Year 2 - Spring 2 Week 2 Computing

This week we started a new topic, learning about effective searching. We explored the difference between the internet and the world wide web, thought about different browsers that you can use and identified search engines to help us find information we need. We used this knowledge to search for...

Year 2 - 2L Spring 1 WOW Day

We had so much making our own cars, from choosing the wheels and axles to designing the chassis. We measured how far they travelled on a range of surfaces and enjoyed racing against each other!

Year 2 Computing Week 3

This week we began our topic of Music. We used 2sequence on Purple Mash to create our own digital music, thinking about the tempo, volume and range of instruments we could choose from

Year 2 - Jigsaw Week 4

In week 4, we thought again about food groups and how we need a balanced diet with items from each group to keep our bodies healthy. We worked together to group food items and discussed our favourite healthy meals

Year 2 - plant careers

Last week we explored a range of jobs that involved plants. We discussed farmers, florists, gardeners and botanists. We then had a turn being a botanist by using a microscope to look at our bean plants that have been growing in the classroom!

Year 2 - British Science Week 2024 scientists to our school....

Year 2 - RE Day 2024

For this half term's RE day we learnt all about Easter and what it means to Christians. We spoke about what Christians believe happened many years ago, and traditions they take part in to celebrate

Year 2 - Computing Week 6

This week we used 2Beat on Purple Mash to create our own beats for our music. We were then able to upload this into 2Sequence to finish making our tunes with our own melodies on top

Year 2 - Computing Week 4

For this Computing lesson, we used 2sequence again. This time we each started with a tune for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before changing it to make it our own. We added a range of instruments and listened to how different each of our tunes were

Year 2 Cross Curricular - Australia week 2

For this weeks lesson we focused on learning about ways in which Australia and Great Britain are similar and ways in which they are different. We explored how both countries are islands, the main language is English and that they have the same head of state. We also identified that they are in...

Year 2 science Trip - March 2024

...plants we could see....

Year 2 JIGSAW Spring 2 week 2

Computing This week year 2 were using a search engine to find answers to a range of questions relating to dinosaurs. We discussed our online safety agreement before using Google Chrome to search for our answers. We explored the images tab and also discussed how search engines work by giving us the...

Year 2 Maths - mass

Today year 2 explored mass using scales. We chose objects from around the classroom, predicting which would be heavier or lighter before using scales to determine if we were correct

Year 2 Science week 2 - Plants

This week we planted some beans as part of our Science topic. We planted in 4 pots in total and have given each pot different growing conditions to investigate what plants need in order to grow well. Ask us about our bean plants!

Year 2 Maths- Measuring

Today we took our Maths learning outside and used rulers to measure objects from around the classroom and the school. We identified our lengths using centimetres as our standard unit

Year 2 – Maths and Spanish joint project. Shapes new to them. This week Year 2 students have learnt to name 2D shapes in Spanish and have used their knowledge to identify them in everyday objects, supporting then their Maths learning....

Year 2 Spring 1 Week 1 computing

This week we began our new Computing topic, learning all about coding. We discussed what an algorithm is and took turns giving sets of instructions, being careful to be precise. We then used Purple Mash to create algorithms which made our planes take off from the run way. We also tried debugging an...

Year 2 - Australia Wow Day

This week we've had lots of fun for our Spring 2 WOW Day. We took a virtual trip to Australia, making sure we had our passports and boarding passes ready! Once on the plane we were ready for take off! In the afternoon we made some delicious fairy bread using colourful sprinkles

Year 2 Maths Partition with Bar Models

...ld give us quarters....

Year 2 Wow day Autumn 2

For this half terms wow day we recapped all of our knowledge from this History topic. We explored the expeditions of Sarah Marquis, Mae Jemison and Captain Robert Falcon Scott. We had fun interviewing explorers and drawing an explorer scene. We had the most fun in the afternoon when we made our...

Year 2 - Jigsaw: Week 5

This week in Jigsaw we thought about the people that we trust and why. We discussed what can help to build trust and what may also break trust. We then worked in groups to create a circle of trust, thinking about who we trust the most and why

Year 2 - Literacy: Extra Yarn

To start off our Summer 2 literacy work, we read the book 'Extra Yarn' as part of our whole school book fortnight. We spent time exploring the narrative by working together to retell the story using the main points. We then imagined what it would be like to be one of the characters, and...

Year 2 - Jigsaw: Week 1

This half term our Jigsaw topic is 'Change'. We began the topic by thinking about how a range of animals change from babies to adults. We discussed how some animals are born with the same features as their respective adults, and also thought about how some baby animals are completely...

Year 2 trip to Temple Bar

...ather quills and so much more!...

Year 2 - Great Fire of London WOW Day

Today we had lots of fun bringing together all of our learning from the last half term. We worked in groups to make Tudor Houses, thinking carefully about the colours of the walls and the patterns of the timber beams. We also decorated windows and added thatch to the top! In the afternoon, we set...

Year 2 - RE Day: Summer 1

For this half term's RE Day we thought about a range of religions and discussed how do we know what is right and wrong. We thought about ourselves and how we know what the right and wrong choices are, and discussed 5 different religions, thinking about how they seek guidance and what they believe....

Year 2 - Maths: Time

This week we have been focusing on time in our maths lessons. We started by making our own clocks, thinking carefully about where the numbers go and what each hand measures. We then used them to show a range of times including o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to

Year 2 - Computing: Week 4

In week 4, we used all of our knowledge about binary questions to use a program to find out the names of our avatars. We had to answer questions carefully to get the right name! We also debugged a binary tree that had some errors!

Year 2 - Literacy: Week 5

To end our story of Vlad and the Great Fire of London we worked in groups to create a scene from 1666. We used all of our learning and knowledge from previous weeks to make a diorama depicting a location in London. Take a look at London Bridge over the River Thames, or the bakery on Pudding Lane....

Year 2 - Science: Week 5

This week we finished off our topic of 'environment' by recycling household items that we had brought in. We made a whole range of new items out of something old that would have gone in the bin! Lava lamps, jewellery boxes, jet packs....the ideas were endless!

Year 2 - Literacy: Explore the World

This week we have focused on exploring the world of the story. We began by making collages to explore scenes of London in the past and during the fire. We thought about what London would have been like in 1666, discussing the locations in the story. We used masking tape to map out the setting,...

Year 2 - Literacy: Exploring the narrative of Vlad and The Great Fire of London

This week we have been taking part in immersive Literacy lessons to really imagine what it would have been like during the Great Fire of London, for Vlad the flea and Boxton the rat. We used lots of fun techniques to help us remember all of the details of the important points in the story

Year 2 - Literacy: Explore the characters

We have done lots of fun work recently exploring the characters in our story. We made posters for role on the wall, allowing us to think of adjectives to describe the characters inner and outer personality, as well as making our own character puppets

Year 2 - History: Tudor Houses

This week we discussed Tudor houses. We explored how they were made from timber beams that were covered in tar, and then filled with sticks called wattle. They were then covered in daub, which is a mixture of clay, sand and dung! We designed our own Tudor houses both on paper and online using...

Year 2 - Science: Recycling

This week, we took our learning outdoors and decided to help our school with recycling. We picked litter from the playground and decided which bin to put it in. We discussed how each one of us has a responsibility to look after our environment and thought of other places we could help with picking...

Year 2 - Computing: Week 3

This week we used the same avatars and began to use our binary questions to identify characters. We thought about questions we could ask that would have a yes or no answer, that would split our options into two equal groups. When they were all complete we had made our own binary tree!

Trip Letter Year 2 Wren Temple Bar

As part of the Year 2 provision, we will be taking the children to Temple Bar and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The trip will take place on Wednesday 22nd May.

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3rd May 2024

Year 2 - Jigsaw Summer 1 Week 2

This week we focused on physical contact, including touches that we like such as high fives, hugs, and holding hands, compared to touches that we don't like such as pushing, hitting, and fighting. We also discussed how it is ok to not like physical contact even if it is kind, and talked about...

Year 2 - Science: Dream jars

Our topic this half term is the environment and we are thinking about how humans can help the planet. We collected old jars throughout the week and then recycled them to give them a new purpose. We used paint and glitter, along with cotton wool, to create our very own magical dream jars. We had...

Year 2 - Computing Week 2

Our new topic this half term is Questioning. This week we were introduced to binary questions which only allow for 2 answers. We played a game of guess who with our computing avatars, making sure our questions could only have yes or no as answers. Next week we will be using binary questions to...

Year 2 - History: GFoL Week 2

This half term we are learning all about the Great Fire of London in our History lessons. This week we discussed how and where the fire started, on Pudding Lane in 1666. We explored a range of reasons for why the fire lasted for five days, including having a very hot, dry summer, the houses being...

Year 2 Maths - Shapes

... symmetry....

Year 2 RE day Autumn 2

For this half terms RE day we focused on Judaism and thought about 'What values does Hanukkah teach us?' We learned about the story of Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of light, we explored the Maccabees and why they were brave, and thought about values we could learn from the story. We then...

Year 2 - Computing Week 6

This week we made our own race course with a range of characters. We thought about how the options for the turtle were different from other objects and programmed each of them to move. We had fun exploring how we can create and change algorithms of our own!

History and Computing

As part of our Great Fire of London topic, we used 2Create on Purple Mash to design our own tudor houses. We thought carefully about the features of the houses such as wooden beams, thatched or tiled roofs and white exterior

Year 2 - Forest School - Autumn 2023

We are very pleased to be able to announce that during Autumn Term, Year 2 will be taking part in Forest School sessions at Daubeney. During Forest School sessions, children are encouraged to work with others to carry out activities...

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18th July 2023

2L RE day trip

Last week 2L went on a trip to East London Mosque to learn more about the religion of Islam. We visited various parts of the mosque, learning about the environment and layout, and we also learnt about some actions that would be seen when Muslims are praying. We discussed why there are separate...

Year 2 - Computing Summer 2

This half term our topic has been presenting ideas. We have looked at a range of ways to present the story of Goldilocks. We read an e-book, took a quiz and explored concept maps. Last week we made our own quizzes, thinking carefully about the types of questions we wanted to include. We chose from...

Year 2 Art Wow Day

For our end of topic wow day this half term, we spent the day creating mini masterpieces for our art exhibition! We displayed a range of skills that we had learnt such as mixing primary colours to make secondary colours, creating tones of colours by adding black or white, and creating an image to...

Year 2 Art - Collaging

Last week year 2 had fun collaging a piece of work in Art. We thought about what image we wanted to make, colours we would need, and where we would be placing the pieces

Year 2 Poetry

This half term year 2 are exploring poetry in Literacy. We have looked at poems by Michael Rosen and watched videos of him reciting some of them. We read through some of his work, chose our favourite poem and then performed to the class

Year 2 – Art lesson - Pablo Picasso

...thing different this week for Year 2 students who have had the opportunity to learn about Pablo Picasso’s life and art style. Students have designed their own abstract portraits inspired by the work of the Spanish artist. Very creative and interesting pieces of work!...

Year 2 WOW Day


Year 2 RSHE relationship sex health education 2023

Since September 2020, Relationships Education, Health Education, and Relationships and Sex Education became compulsory in England.

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26th May 2023

Science and JIGSAW

In Science we have been learning about taking care of the environment and trying to recycle items that we already have at home. We brought in empty jars to recycle them into dream jars! We had lots of fun adding the coloured paints and glitter, and watching the magic happen!

Year 2 Mapping Skills Day

We had lots of fun during Mapping Skills Day! We identified points on a compass, and explored giving correct directions. We then used a bird's eye view map of the school to navigate our way around the playgrounds, discussing which direction we had to go. We also identified what a key is on a...

History and Art

We painted a scene from the Great Fire of London last week. We thought about the colours you would use for the fire and how to create the silhouettes of the buildings in front

Computing Week 2

In Computing we explored pictograms as part of our Questioning topic for this half term. We discussed what types of homes we lived in and made a pictogram to show the answers

Computing Week 3

This week we explored binary trees and worked collaboratively to think of questions that could be used to classify a range of avatars. We then tested our binary tree to make sure each question worked well and we could identify each avatar by asking yes/no questions

Computing Week 4

This week we used 2Question to follow a binary code in order to find out the names of each avatar. We carefully answered yes or no to each question to find the correct names. We then used our debugging skills to find the errors in a binary tree and fix them so that each step worked correctly

Year 2 – Spanish: Story telling and learning a second language

Language learning begins with listening and speaking, so storytelling is a fabulous tool for teaching any language, whether that is a first or a second language . At Daubeney we learn new Spanish words and phrases in KS1 from stories. Stories teach us grammar and syntax in the most natural way....

Year 2 - Spanish - Spring Term 2

...ther successful half term for Year 2 students who love learning vocabulary from familiar stories....

Year 2 - WOW Day in 2P

This is how our WOW Day has gone! We started by filming our interview with Different explorers. Then we answered our Big Question: "What makes a great explorer?". After we created our own spaceships! Have a look at our explorer costumes!

Year 2 - Science Plant Hunt

As part of our Science topic we went on a plant hunt in the hop garden this week! We had fun exploring and identifying a range of plants that grow right here in school!

Update for Class 2H - 24th February 2023

Many, if not all of you may have noticed Miss Hussain (in Class 2H) has been absent for the past week. Unfortunately, Miss Hussain is ill and is hoping to be back at school with her pupils from Monday 6th March 2023.

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24th February 2023

Week 1 in Parakeet Class

We have had lots of fun in our first week back at school! We have done lots of activities to get to know each other and have settled into our new classroom, ready to learn lots of new exciting things!

Year 2 Computing Week 3

This week we started our topic for this half term which is 'creating pictures'. We explored impressionist art and then made our own impressionist style painting by using 2 paint a picture

Year 2 Science - How to keep our bodies clean

This week we have been learning about ways in which we should keep our bodies clean and healthy, from showering and bathing to using a tissue when we sneeze. We conducted an experiment using water and dried herbs to try and find out why soap is so important to use when you wash your hands. Ask us...

Year 2 - Geography and Computing

We learnt about the equator and the north and south poles this week. We explored why these places are either really hot or really cold, and compared their distance to the sun. We used atlases and Google Earth on chromebooks to identify countries that are close to the equator and polar regions and...

Year 2 Science - Exercise

This week for our Science lesson, year 2 have been learning about exercise and the effect it has on our bodies. We took turns showing an exercise and thought about how our lungs and heart had to work harder to pump blood with oxygen around our bodies. We also explored how exercise is good for our...

Year 2 - Computing A2W3

This week we continued our Online Safety topic, and were introduced to emails. We discussed how emails can be a quick and easy form of communication, but we have to be aware of who we are talking to and how we conduct ourselves. We used 2email to start a conversation with Barnaby Bear, and were...

Year 2 - Road Safety Workshop

Today year 2 had a special visitor in class to talk to us about road safety. We thought about different types of vehicles you would find on the road, where to find a safe place to cross the road, and what we should do when crossing

Year 2 - Spanish - La oruga glotona

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of Eric Carle’s best books, and it can be used as a fantastic resource for us to learn the name of some fruits and other food items, days of the week and the words for caterpillar and butterfly in Spanish. Excellent lesson today!

Year 2 - Zoo Trip 2023

We had so much fun visiting the zoo last week as part of our Science learning! We were able to get up close to lots of animals including lions, tigers, monkeys, gorillas and penguins. Ask us about our favourite animals when you see us!

Year 2 Computing A2W2

This week we started our new topic of online safety. We explored the search bar on Purple Mash and discussed why it's a safe search compared to search engines such as google. We also used the filter option to narrow down our results and found our activity for the day. Once we completed our work...

Year 2 - Computing Week 2023 - Week 7

This week was our final lesson on creating art. We looked at some of the work by William Morris and thought about the patterns he made, how he used symmetry and rotation, and how he repeated patterns. We made our own repeated patterns in two different ways, they look amazing!

Year 2 - WOW Day Autumn 1 2023

...erful learning this half term....

Year 2 - Add by making 10

This week we practised adding two single digits together. We made each number on a tens frame and then moved some counters to make a ten frame full. We thought about the new number sentences we could write and how this could help us add numbers easily

Parakeet class trip to Hackney City Farm

This week year 2 enjoyed a trip to Hackney City Farm! We enjoyed exploring the habitats of many farm animals as part of our Science topic this half term. We saw a range of animals including pigs, donkeys, goats and ducks!

Year 2 - Food Chains

This week we have been learning about food chains and how animals depend on each other in their habitats. We identified predators, prey and producers. We also identified animals that were herbivores, carnivores and omnivores

Year 2 - Computing week 5

This week year 2 continued their creating pictures topic and learnt about the artwork of Piet Mondrian. We then explored making our own pieces of art on 2paint a picture, and focused on using solid lines and blocks of colour

Year 2 - Comparing numbers

This week in maths we have been comparing and ordering numbers up to 100. We have been using the less than and greater than symbols and using this vocabulary when discussing numbers

Year 2 - Forest School

Painting with berries

Year 2 - Art and literacy

... the animals we would include....

Year 2 - Computing week 4

This week in our computing lesson we explored pointillism art. We discussed aspects of this theme and looked at lots of example pieces. We then used 2paint a picture to create our own pointillist art pieces using a body outline as a template

Parakeet class learn about continents

This week year 2 have been learning about the 7 continents. We love singing the continent song! Ask us about them when you see us!

Year 2 trip to Hackney city farm

Today, we visited Hackney City Farm to explore what animals live nearby in our local area. We had so much fun investigating which animals lived on each part of the farm and had a go at making each of the animal noises. We discussed what each animal liked in their habitat and how they moved around...

Year 2 - WOW Day in 2C

This is how our WOW Day has gone! We started by filming our interview with Amelia Earhart. Then we answered our Big Question: "What makes a great explorer?". After we created our own spaceships! Have a look at our explorer costumes!

Year 2 - Maths: Adding Using the Column Method week of learning in Maths. Year 2 have been learning how to add using the column method; regrouping in ones. They practiced with dienes where they learnt how to 'Stop and Swap' moving the 1 ten in the tens column....

Year 2 - Space and Astronauts at the Science Museum human to travel into space!...

Year 2 - Snow Fight!

Snow Fight! Students VS Teachers! Who do you think won? Mr Matvad is feeling blue

Year 2 - Science: Plants

We had a great start to our Science lesson by learning about plants. We discussed what we already know about plants and to our surprise we realised that we actually know quite a lot! We worked as a group to complete a KWL chart about what we KNOW, what we WANT to learn and later would fill in what...

Year 2 - The Geffrye Museum

...hat were used to build houses....

Year 2 - Science Trip to Victoria Park

...ent types of trees and plants....

Year 2 - Performing to and Reading with Year 1s

In literacy, we watched a video called 'Catchit' and retold the story in our own words. After writing the story and including our own ending, we created performances to show to the Year 1s based on our writing. After performing to the Year 1s, they invited us to read their stories with them...

Year 2 - Opera in 2G

2G have had a very exciting morning as they have had a visit from two opera singers. They were able to listen to the beautiful voices of the two very talented ladies, and also take part in a workshop. The children were really focused by what was a unique experience for them

Year 2 - Maths Workshop with the Happy Puzzle Company challenging maths problems!...

Year 2 - St Paul's Cathedral

As part of our Great fire of London topic, we visited St Paul’s Cathedral. We got to see what the Cathedral looked like before it was burnt down in 1666. Inside this amazing building we searched for different artefacts and saw statues that were burnt in the fire. We also lied down in the...

Year 2 - Making Toy Cars

In D&T we have been designing and making our own toy car. We first designed our car and made our body using cardboard. We then attached the axle to the wheels. We had a class race when we finished constructing our car. It was fun! Can you guess who won?

Year 2 - Making Jam Sandwiches

...the end of the lesson! Yum!...

Year 2 - Living Things and Their Habitats

... would you like to live in?...

Year 2 - Planting Onions

In Science, we are learning about plants! Last week we learnt about what a plant needs to grow and live. This week, we refreshed our memories and put this to the test. In class, we planted some beans where we made some predictions of how they might turn out in different conditions. After that, we...

Year 2 - Land Art

... Have a look at our creations....

Year 2 - Time

The children in 2K had a fun lesson learning all about time. They learnt how to identify, quarter past, half past, quarter to and on the clock. We then extended our learning by using other time intervals

Year 2 - Venn Diagrams Using Materials

Today (14th January 2019) while looking at what materials everyday objects were made of, we learnt about Venn diagrams because objects like scissors and computers are made of plastic AND metal! We used a Venn diagram to show that objects can be part of 2 categories. A lot of everyday materials are...

Year 5 - Time Capsule - Back to the Future Part 2

Today (25th April 2019) the children in 5M were super excited to be a part of our time capsule project. In 2002, Mr Dave, our building manager, buried a time capsule containing wonderful photos of staff and children, pupils learning and messages in the playground. This week after renovations took...

Year 2K Peer Tutored by 5M

...he Year 5 children helped the Year 2 children to focus on writing at a higher level. It was wonderful to see the peer tutoring being done across key stage 1 and key stage 2....

Year 2 - SS Empire Windrush

As it is Black History Month, we have been learning about the Windrush! After talking and watching videos about the Windrush, we went on the Daubeney Bus and used Legos to build our own versions of SS Empire Windrush! Take a look at our photos!

Year 2 - Subtracting Using Dienes

In 2G today we have been learning to subtract using dienes. This was a practical lesson where the children had to find the correct amount of tens and ones for the amount that they were subtracting from. They then had to subtract the amount of dienes in the number sentence. The children were able to...

Year 2's Trip to Kew Gardens

On Wednesday 20 th May, year 2 went on a fantastic trip to Kew Gardens. The trip was linked to our learning – Growing Plants. We travelled by London Overground from Homerton to Kew Gardens. It was a long journey! When we got there, we split up into groups and went to see various things in the...

2C - Weather Reports

Do you know what the weather is like today and tomorrow in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast? 2C brings you the UK’s capital city weather reports! Listen carefully for some creative jokes and advice!

2K - 'Me and You' by Anthony Brown

As part of our literacy unit on Traditional Tales, we have been reading the book 'Me and You' by Anthony Brown. We based our assembly on this amazing book and retold the story by creating a short trailer and rehearsed the story line. We had lots of fun practising and trying to portray the...

Easter Bonnet Parade 2017 - Year 1 and 2

Year 1 and 2 rose to the challenge of creating amazing Easter Bonnets. Take a look as they show them off to their parents and carers at our Easter Bonnet Parade

5M and 2K - Peer Tutors

...em with their Next Steps. The Year 2 children were even more excited because they got to do their le......s. Mr Matvad thought that the Year 2 children were so 'CUTE'....

Developing Writing in Year 2 and Year 5

... January 2019) to welcome the Year 2 writers to Year 5 where they were supported to develop and exte......children in Year 5 helped the Year 2 writers to extend their sentences using relative clauses....

Daubeney Carnival 2017

Each year group presented a dance from a different culture or tradition before joining together for a whole-school big dance!

2G Learn About Instruction Writing

2G have been learning about instruction writing. They had the opportunity to make a jam sandwich, before they had to write the instructions of how to make a sandwich. I think they would all agree the best part was being able to eat their sandwiches

2B Assembly - The Flower Man

Have you ever felt darkness and despair surrounding you? Watch our sharing assembly, you will feel inspired! ‘Love can’t not be stolen, it can be given away’ - The Flower Man written by 2B

Year Groups

...rsery Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Nurture Group...

KS1 Christmas Performance 2015

Year 1 and 2 performed the Christmas story

Literacy Parent Workshop - March 2019 new words.’ – Year 2 parent ‘We really enjoyed the activities with the children.’ – Year 1 parent The next literacy parent workshop will be on Tuesday 21st May. Don’t miss it! - Written by Kai Foo Sherwin, 6F – Junior literacy Team Leader...

Literacy Parent Workshop - January 2019

...njoyable experience.’ - Year 2 parent ‘Inspiring, very creative and insightful story telling workshop.’ - Year 1 parent You can find some of Phil’s stories at ‘The Story Emporium Repair Shop’ on YouTube . The next literacy parent workshop wi...

2B Assembly - June 2017

Welcome to 2B's Assembly, we hope you enjoy it!

KS1 Science Parents' Workshop

Today (4th October 2018) we had a fantastic parent workshop talking all about how we can do more science at home! The children got hands on with some every day objects such as fairy liquid, milk and eggs but found that these every day objects can be turned into scientific extravaganzas with the...

KS1 Sports Day 2015

Take a look at our talented athletes!

Geography in Year 2

This term in Geography, we have been learning about the weather in the UK. We enjoyed using green screen and role playing as weather forecasters. Watch our videos to find out what we have been learning about

KS1 Parent Maths Workshop - 29th September 2017

A huge thank you to all parents and carers who attended our Parent Maths Workshop. We hope that you benefitted from finding out more about how maths is taught at Daubeney and that you feel better equipped to support your child at home. As always, should you have any further questions please...

Year 2/5 - Developing Literacy Skills Using Brackets

It was a very special morning today, Friday 8th December 2017, for two special young stars from 2K, who came to 5M to enhance their learning. In the session, our two young stars developed their literacy skills by using brackets, to add more details about their subject. In maths they answered Next...

Year 2 World Poetry Day

To celebrate World Poetry Day 2FA performed the poem 'The North Wind Doth Blow'. We memorized the verses and added some movement to our performance. The North Wind Doth Blow (Anonymous) The north wind doth blow And we shall have snow And what will the robin do then, Poor thing? He'll...

Newsletter - 26th June 2015

...and Miss Emily create a fantastic display on the flying them in the KS2 playground on a Friday afternoon. We really enjoyed ready- On Wednesday 20th May, Year 2 went on a fantastic trip to Kew Gardens. The trip was linked to our learning Growing Plants. We travelled by London Ov...

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26th June 2015

Year 2 - Conscience Alley

Over the next two weeks in literacy, we will be learning about how to write an excellent informal letter. Today, we read a book called “The Day the Crayons Quit”. It is about a boy, called Duncan, and how his crayons quit and left him because they were not happy with how he was treating...

Year 1 & 2 - Easter Bonnet Parade

We had a lovely Year 1 and 2 Easter Parade today. Everyone looked wonderful and we had lots of fun

Year 2 - Hackney Music Service Festival

...We took our best singers from Year 2 to perform at the Round Chapel for the Hackney Music Service Festival. We had a fantastic time and we got to sing the songs we love so well with 15 other schools and a live band. We sang songs such as "I feel good", "Fatou Yo" and "La Mor...

Year 2 - 2C Easter Bonnet Parade

Happy Easter! For our Easter Bonnet Parade, we decorated cards using felt tips, glitter and bow with rabbits and Easter eggs! We had a lot of fun designing them and we chose the song Firework by Katy Perry to dance to during the parade! Take a look at our photos! Which bonnet catches your eye?

Year 2 - 2C Literacy Monsters

We have been writing about monsters from the book Flanimals for the past few weeks. Today we drew and labelled our own monsters! We even wrote some descriptions based on our drawings. Maggie wrote “Nacher Feary has crazy grass hair. When he sees a girl Nacher Feary his head goes pink and when...

Year 2 - Geography: Our Local Area

In Geography, we explored our local area. We had a look at the world map and located the UK and then also has a closer look at a detail map of London to find the borough of Hackney. Later on, we thought about what kind of message we would want to write to put inside a bottle. We talked about our...

Year 2 - Freshwater Theatre Company

...s like in London at that time....

Year 2 - Fire Safety Visit

On Monday, a member of the London Fire Brigade came to our school to talk to us about Fire Safety. At first a lot of us thought that the only job they had was to save people from burning homes. But we quickly found out that fire safety is a lot more than that. We learnt about how to keep ourselves...

Science in 2G

...n the growth of the plants....

Year 2 - Black History Month Art

...articipate in the 'Big Draw'. Year 2's Art drawing was an inspiration from Derek Walcott who was an artist, play writer and a poet from the Island of St. Lucia....

Year 2 - 2C is Feeling Festive

Over the past few weeks we have been getting in the festive mood by doing lots of colouring, singing and card making! It was also Christmas Jumper day last week so that made us even more festive! Take a look at what we have been up to in our photos!

Year 2 - 2K World Maths Day 2019

Today (12th March 2019) was World Maths Day!! It was a fun day as 2K enjoyed taking part in different Maths activities. They enjoyed working in groups; whereby each child contributed ideas that helped their team solve the equation. Some teams used concrete as others challenged themselves with...

Year 2 - 2C World Maths Day 2019

Happy World Maths Day! For World Maths Day, we spent the afternoon problem solving and doing interesting maths investigations with our partners. Normally, when we think about maths, we think about adding or subtracting numbers. But the activities this afternoon showed us that maths does not only...

Year 2 - 2C Work Week 2019

During work week, we learnt about lots of community jobs. We learnt about working at the Royal Mail and how mail gets from one place to another from Lenny the Letter. We had another visitor come visit us, who was a construction worker. He told us all about how his job was about keeping people safe....

Year 2 - 2C Trip to the Library

This week, we got to go to the Homerton Library! We met the librarians who told us all about the library and what we could do there! Did you know that you can borrow books, read books and even use the computers to find out new things? We also found out that to borrow books and use the computers you...

Year 2 - 2C Traction Man and Our Favourite Toy

This week we read a book called Traction Man is here and it is about a helpful action figure who saves the lives of characters like the dollies and spoons. Today, we brought our favourite toy to school and drew a scene where our favourite toy and Traction Man go on an adventure. We made sure to...

Year 2 - 2C Postal Museum

After work week, we went to the postal museum to learn more about the history of mail in the UK. Royal Mail plays a really big part in making sure our mail gets to where it needs to be! At the Postal Museum, we learnt through play and Alan took us around the museum to learn about how mail used to...

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2's Sports Day

Reception and KS1's Sport's Day Took place on the 4th July 2016. The sun was shining, the children were smiling and there were lots of fun activities! The children participated in egg and spoon races, sack races, hop races and so many more. The children had so much fun

Year 2 Work Week - Dress Up

Children dressed up as their preferred profession

Year 2 Super Science

Learning About Plants

Year 2 visits Year 1 - Science Week Experiments

As part of Science Week, class 2F came to class 1D to do some challenging experiments! They investigated on how to build the strongest and tallest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows (which we're very tempting to nibble on!)

Year 2 - Trip to Shoeburyness Beach

We went to Shoeburyness beach for our end of year trip. We played with the sand, collected seashells, played games with our class and dipped our feet in the ocean. We had so much fun!

Year 2 Trip to Tower of London know how the fire started?...

Year 2 Science Week - Molecules and Atoms

As part of Science Week, class 2F took part in an amazing workshop! We got to learn about some fantastic science words like 'molecules' and 'atoms'! We also got to make some scientific slime!

Year 2 Reading at Homerton Library at Homerton Library!...

Year 2 - Work Week

We had police officers, EchoActive, dog and cat protection team come to visit us and talk about their jobs

Year 2 - Visit to the Gurdwara in Bow

The children in year 2 visited the Gurdwara in Bow on Wednesday. The children and adults were asked to remove their shoes and socks and cover their heads with a scarf. They were warmly welcomed into the Gurdwara and shown to the prayer room. A lady explained what Sikhs believe in and how they...

Year 2 - Hilda Offen

We had a fantastic visit from our author Hilda Offen! We were lucky enough to see some of her fantastic books. She also showed us some of her drawings. Some of us also got to dress up as one of Hilda's characters!

Who's in the hot seat? collaborative learning in Year 2!...

Year 2 - Great Fire of London,” explained Georgia ....

Year 2 - 2C Class Assembly - 15th November 2018

Today we did our first class assembly of the year! We talked about writing instructions in literacy, maps in geography and the environment in geography! Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to watch us perform! We hope you enjoyed it!

Year 2 - 2C Chinese New Year Festivities

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the Pig in 2019! In 2C we have been celebrating by learning how to write in Chinese and learning about Chinese traditions through colouring. We also watched a video of traditional Chinese lion dances! Take a look at our photos!

Year 2 - 2C Visit the Tower of London

Today (7th March 2019) we went to the Tower of London and we learnt about the Great Fire of London. We got to sing songs, act and learn amazing facts about the Great Fire of London. We also had a chance to go to see other parts of the palace like the Crown Jewels and even meet an Earl from the 13th...

Year 1 visits Year 2 - Science Week Experiments

As part of Science Week, class 1D came to class 2F to do some fantastic experiments! They investigated and observed what happens to M&M's when they are placed in a bowl of water.....!

Year 1 and 2 - African Storytelling Session

1P and 2G loved the African storytelling session we had! We loved joining in with stories and acting out the characters

Year 2 - 2C Class Assembly - Great Fire of London

What do you know about newspaper reports and the Great Fire of London? In 2C, we know a lot about both of these topics and did our class assembly on it. We also sang a song about the Great Fire of London and it included a lot of helpful signs to help us remember the words of the song. Have a watch...

November Parent Workshop in school.’ – Year 2 parent. ‘We loved the pictures and the writing. We want to do more writing!’ Lucia and Julie in 2C The next literacy parent workshop will be on Tuesday 22nd January. You don’t want to miss it!...

Newsletter - 17th July 2015

Dear Parents and Carers, It has been a wonderful and eventful year with many successes. Yet again we have secured excellent results in Early Years, Year 1, 2 and of course Year 6. We wish those children leaving us the very best for their future careers at their chosen secondary schools. I know they...

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17th July 2015

Spanish - Español: Autumn Term Summary.

...November. -Year 1 & Year 2 sang songs and played lots of games to learn how to speak about the way they feel in Spanish. They can ask “How are you feeling? and "How are you?” in Spanish....

Year 2 - London Is Burning

The houses we created during WOW day two weeks ago were set on fire like in the Great Fire of London today! We watched the fire start like in a Thomas Farriner’s bakery. The fire quickly spread because they were made of wood and were built very close to each other and after awhile all of the...

Year 2 - 2P Great Fire of London Assembly

2P wrote and preformed their assembly on The Great Fire of London. We were fantastic and thank you to all the parents and carers who came!

Year 2 - Science Experiment

Today we did an experiment on how we can change the shape of everyday materials. We did things like squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. We experimented on objects like pen pots, feathers, straws, jumpers, lolly sticks and rubber bands. Can you guess which object changed the most? Can you...

Year 2 - The London Fire Brigade Visit

...rigade came in to visit us in Year 2. Sandra told us all about the fire brigade and what they wear and do. She taught what to do in case of a fire and to call 999. She also told us to learn our address and postcode as that’s very important to know. We learnt how to keep ourselves safe....

Year 2 - Great Fire of London Workshop

Today we experienced the Great Fire of London! Some of us dressed up like the people who were in the Great Fire of London. We spent the morning working in different jobs from 1666, like soap making and ink making. While doing our jobs, we also imagined the fire had started and some of us had to...

Year 2 - 2C Class Assembly - January 2020

We have been learning so much about the Great Fire of London! During our assembly we acted out the story and we even talked about how we know what happened during the fire. We ended out assembly be singing a song and doing all the actions. What was your favourite fact about the Great Fire of London?

Year 2 WOW Day - Great Fire of London

To end our Great Fire of London topic, we designed some houses! We had to think about the materials that the houses were made of and the shapes of the houses. Houses in 1666 were made of wood and most of them leaned over the narrow streets of London, making it easy for the fire to spread from house...

RE Day in Year 2

Today we learnt all about Christianity and why churches are important to Christians. We started by looking at symbols and new ones that represent us. We then looked at Christian symbols and what they mean. Next we learnt about churches and their features. Finally we learnt about Christenings and...

2K - Making Christmas Cards

It’s a Christmassy feel! Children designed and created cards for their families and loved ones. Merry Christmas from all of us in 2K

Year 2 - RE Day: Easter

Today we are learning about one of the most important Christian celebrations, Easter! Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross and resurrected (which means come back to life again) and that is why Christians celebrate Easter. There are many ways that Christians celebrate Easter, for example...

2K - Rocking on Timetable Rockstar!

Practice makes perfect! The children enjoyed and are still enjoying the challenges, learning and practicing their times tables on Times Table Rockstar. Most of all, they are always very proud of their hard earned coins. Such an incentive!

Year 2 - 2K Acrostic Poem Presentation

Pupil in 2K had an amazing time sharing their acrostic poem with their peers in class. They also supported and encouraged each other as talking in front of an audience can be a bit intimidating. Enjoy some of our amazing poems

Year 2 - 2C Christmas Poetry Slam

Last week we wrote some acrostic poems about Christmas and today we performed them in our class poetry slam! We learnt about about what makes a good audience member as well. Enjoy some of our acrostic poems!

Year 2 - 2P Acrostic Poetry

We read our acrostic poems to each other. They were wonderful and interesting and everyone did amazingly!

Year 2 - Church Visit

We visited St Barnabas Church to prepare for our nativity next week! We listened to the story of the nativity and some of us had the chance to act it out as well! Are you excited to see us in the nativity next week?

Year 2 - Christmas Jumper Day

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? We celebrated today by putting on our best Christmas jumpers and by having a lovely Christmas dinner together! Look at how happy we are!

Year 2 - Mabley Green Transport Survey

...What a great start to the day....

Year 2 - 2C Change Starts With Us

This week we are talking about how we should talk to and treat other people. We should always be kind and considerate. Take a look at our video!

Year 2 - Moving Objects Investigation

Our DT topic is moving objects so we brought in some of our favourite moving toys and investigated how they were similar and different. We learnt that a lot of toys have wheels and axles that help it move easily and quickly. What is your favourite moving toy?

World Book Day in Year 2

...ivities. What a fantastic day!...

Year 2 - No Pen Day in 2C

Have you ever not used pens in school? That’s what we did today! We spent a whole day doing learning without using pens! We did lots of things we enjoy like reading books, learn about landmarks in the UK by playing a game and we even played games in maths that made us think a lot! Are you...

Nurture Group - Year 2: Graduation Party

We are so proud of our year 2 nurture group. Well done guys!

Year 2 - RE Day

We learnt about Hanukkah today, the Jewish celebration! We started off the day by learning the story through role play and picture sequencing. Then we learnt about Jewish symbols. Finally we had a relaxing afternoon by sketching a picture

Year 2 - Meteor Showers

Did you know that meteoroids are pieces of rock that have broken off a bigger piece of rock in space? When they are falling close to Earth, the light that we see is called meteor. When we can see lots of meteors at once, we called that a meteor shower! We created our own meteor showers today!

Year 2 - 2K Sharing Assembly

We had our sharing assembly yesterday (18th October 2018)! In geography, we talked about the oceans and the continents. In science, we talked about habitats and how important they are for animals. In literacy, we sang a song that narrated a story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Thank you for...

WOW Day in Year 2 - Why is the weather different? extreme weather reports!...

Spanish - KS1: My name, Parts of the day and Greetings

Pupils in KS1 have been learning how to introduce themselves in Spanish. They can ask other people their names and say who they are. They have also been learning the parts of the day and greetings in Spanish. They really enjoyed learning through songs and games

Year 2 - Celebrating African Fashion

...old prints in Africa!...

Nurture Group - Year 2: Seasons

We have been learning about our seasons in year 2. We recreated the seasons using oil pastels

Year 2 - Making a Vehicle

This half term our cross curricular topic is DT. We have been learning all about how things can move using wheels and axles. To end our topic, we made our own vehicles and even created fun designs for it. We had lots of fun learning and making our vehicles!

Nurture Group - Year 2: Science

In science we have also been learning about the weather so we decided to go and have a look at the clouds and learn their different names. We used a creative lesson to recreate them

Year 2 - RE Day - Autumn 2020

...e good children....

Year 2 - 2C's Plants

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing great! Let’s check in with our plants to see how they’re doing! Stay safe and stay happy :) Miss Cheung

Year 2 - Spelling Test - 3rd April 2020

...ntence. Good luck everyone!...

Year 2 - 2P Scientists

Here are a selection of the scientists that turned up to 2P this morning!

Science and Art in Year 2

Did you know it’s science week? We started our new science topic by doing some art! We are learning about plants this half term. We looked at pictures of different types of plants and talked about similarities and differences of it. Then, we painted them using bright colours! Have a look at our...

Year 2 - No Pen Day in 2P

We had a fun day today! We read our favourite books, played lots of different maths games and using our amazing vocabulary to describe different landmarks in the UK. At first, some of us weren’t sure how we’d be able to do anything without using pens but we soon realised that there are...

Outdoor Classroom Day in Year 2

We took our Cross Curricular lesson outside today and did some painting in the playground! We were making the seas surrounding the UK so used lots of blues. We than sprinkled salt on it to achieve a wave like texture

Newsletter - 18th September 2015

...for Year 3 to year 6. Fruit will cost 20p. Nursery to Year 2 have free fruit. Please do not send you...... the end we ruled that, as children we strongly believe it is impossible to learn in a messy clas...

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18th September 2015

Rec/Yr1/Yr2 - Maths Parent Workshop

...:::: Reception / Year 1 / Year 2 WHEN:WHEN:WHEN:WHEN: Wednesday, 21st September 2016 WHEREWHEREWHEREWHERE:::: Infant Hall TIMETIMETIMETIME:::: 9am - 10:15 AIMS FOR THE SESSIONAIMS FOR THE SESSIONAIMS FOR THE SESSIONAIMS FOR THE SESSION:::: ⮚ To get an insight into how Maths is ta...

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14th September 2016

Year 2 - 2C Hispanic Week

...t so we could teach the other Year 2 classes about it. Did you know that Bolivia has 2 capital cities? Did you know that Bolivia’s national dish are Salteñas? Do you know any cool facts about Bolivia? Share them in the comments!...

Year 2 - 2B Car Race

2B designed and created their own car in Design and Technology lesson! Who do you think won the car race?

Carnival 2018

This year, our carnival was in the theme of musicals. The staff and children had lots of fun dancing to different songs. We had Year 1 dressed as bears dancing to Bear Necessities, Year 5 dancing to Thriller and even the Reception children gave a great performance to the song Fame. Thank you to all...

Summer Project 2018

... KS1 KS2 Maths Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6...

Newsletter - 13th January 2017

...ear 3 teacher and to Miss Gray our new Year 2 teacher. Both teachers have settled in very well and we look forward to them becoming an integral part of the Daubeney family. As always please visit our website for a comprehensive overview of what we are teaching and learning, dates for your diaries an...

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13th January 2017

Newsletter - 11th November 2016

... of course, HQMR\HGHDWLQJKLVPXIILQWKHPRVW? Year 2 took part in an African story...... characters. Some of us even got to dress up! Year 2 went to visit Homerton Library. They listen......ths through the use of ICT i.e. IXL Maths Online. Year 2 took part in an exciting maths workshop wit...

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11th November 2016

Newsletter - 16th September 2016

... WHO: Reception / Year 1 / Year 2 WHEN: Wednesday, 21st September 2016 WHERE: Infant Hall TIME: 9am 10:15 AIMS FOR THE SESSION: To get an insight into how Maths is taught at Daubeney. To take away some ideas to support your children at home. To demonstrate the use of IXL Math...

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16th September 2016

Newsletter - 22nd July 2016

...all of their tests in Year 1, Year 2 and significantly in Year 6 with the new assessment criteria. W......iss Afsar 1A Miss Duzgum 1D Miss Finazzi De Andrade 1F Miss Fredua 2F Miss Khatun 2K Miss Begum 2B Y...

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22nd July 2016

Federation Spelling Bee

...lings in the final round! The Year 2’s were a fantastic audience – hopefully they have been inspired to take part in the Spelling Bee when they are in Year 3. Thank you to Sebright and Lauriston for coming to join us. We are looking forward to next year’s competition...

Newsletter - 8th July 2016

...aghan in 5C Year 6 - Alex in 6F Year 2 had an exciting week of computer coding! We learnt how to give the computer instructions and then saw the effects on the screen. We were able to make different objects move up, down, left and even make them disappear! We also learnt how to save our work so our ...

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8th July 2016

Newsletter - 16th May 2016

...uts around nursery as the term goes on! Year 2 participated in an exciting workshop about The Great ...... fire-fighters and even rats! It helped Year 2 to understand how people lived and worked in 1666. ...

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16th May 2016

Newsletter - 29th April 2016

...back!! On Friday morning Year 1 and Year 2 had an opening ceremony for our brand new climbing frame!...... The Copperbox Arena Reception to Year 2: Wednesday 15th June 2016 - Daubeney Fields Nursery: ...

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29th April 2016

Newsletter - 24th March 2016

...r groups but most importantly Year 2 and 6. I wish everyone a restful holiday and I look forward to seeing you on Monday 11th April. Mrs Thomas Executive Headteacher Daubeney News 24PO 0MUŃO 2016 On 9th March 2016, 14 children from Daubeney school took part in th...

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24th March 2016

Newsletter - 4th March 2016

... Year 2 went on an amazing visit to Shoreditch Fire Station. They got to use a water hose, sit in the fire engine and learn about all the equipment that firemen use on their daily job. 6F had a visit from Sara Marques who works for Google. She talked about go...

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4th March 2016

Newsletter - 12th February 2016 Year 1: Margo, Hassantu and Arietta Year 2: Elisabeth, Taylor and Jehana Year 3: Kai, Anis and Blessing Year 4: Agnes, Ahn thu and Arthur Year 5: Griffin, Khanya and Briana Year 5 recently visited the Science Muse-um to watch an amazin...

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12th February 2016

Newsletter - 29th January 2016

...ories through rhyme and sing-ing songs. Year 2 had an exciting visit from Fresh-water Theatre Company. They were involved in African story telling and were able to perform on stage! Year 3 were sent on an exciting mission to the Ministry of Stories. They w...

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29th January 2016

Newsletter - 15th January 2016 an author and have a workshop with them. Year 2 were visited by the author Hilder Offen. She s......visited by the author Hilder Offen. She showed Year 2 some of her amazing sketches and illustrations...

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15th January 2016

Newsletter - 13th November 2015

Dear Parents and Carers, Thank you to all who attended Parents Evening; our feedback from both parents and teachers RMV YHU\ SRVLPLYHB H ORSH \RX IRXQG POH PHHPLQJV YMOXMNOH LQ OHOSLQJ \RX PR VXSSRUP \RXU ŃOLOG·V learning. Once again, Bonfire night was an amazing night and a great community event....

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13th November 2015

Year 2 - 2C Crazy Day Disco

Even though it rained a little today, it didn’t stop these funky 2C children from having crazy fun! We had ice lollies and danced all morning! Check out our photos!

Year 2 - 2C Comics

This week, we have been learning about comics and we even drew one of our own based on the book Journey by Aaron Becker. We learnt that comics have lots of pictures and lots of thought and speech bubbles. An amazing comic will also have onomatopoeia. Do you know what an onomatopoeia is? Our...

Year 2 - 2P Art with Literacy

...hat make up the lions face....

Year 2 - 2P's Class Assembly - September 2019

We had a lot of fun sharing our assembly today. We worked as a team to create it and discussed what it should be about. We decided on the very important subject of mindfulness and breathing!

Year 2 - 2C Researching the World Around Us

Today (1st November 2019), we used the iPads to research different parts of London and Hackney. On Google Maps, we looked for places like the Hackney Empire, Homerton Hospital and the London Eye. Take a look at our photos!

Year 2 - 2C The Lion and the Mouse

For the first two weeks of the half term, we are looking at the picture book "The Lion and the Mouse". To help us get excited and fully understand the story we have been role playing the story and painting a picture of one of the main characters, the lion. Take a look at our photos!

Year 2 - 2C WOW Day

WOW! What a day its been! During our WOW day, we learnt about some landmarks in the UK and we spent the day using different materials to design and create some of these landmarks. Can you tell which is the: St Pauls Cathedral, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Hadrian's Wall and Westminster Abbey?

Year 2 - Wow Day in 2P

We spent the day looking at different landmarks around the UK. We than worked in groups to create our own 3D versions!

Year 2 - Wear it Pink Day

2P had a fantastic Pink Day! We all made a massive effort to wear pink and had a fun, creative afternoon

Year 2 - 2C Outdoor Sketching

We’re ending this week by doing some sketching of when we went to the park yesterday. Being outside helped us remember how we were feeling because we could breathe the fresh air. Look at how relaxed we are!

Year 2 - 2C Class Assembly - October 2019

Today it was our class assembly and we told the story of The Magic Bojabi Tree! We even sang a song about friendship! Enjoy!

Year 2 - Daubeney Fields Trip

We went on a walk to Daubeney fields. We were searching for worms to collect for our Worm World! We discussed the habitats they live in and what they will need

Year 2 - Take a breath...

This week in literacy we have been looking at what the benefits of breathing are. We started every lesson by doing some breathing activities and talked about how that made us feel. Afterwards, we made posters about what breathing is, why we should do it and when we can do it. We made these posters...

Year 2 - RE Day

Did you know that Hindus believe that there is one God that takes on many different forms? Some have many arms and legs, some don't look like humans! We learnt a lot of new things from where they pray and worship to what festivals they celebrate. The day ended with us designing our own hennas...

Year 2 - Mapping Skills Day

We had a great day today, starting our Cross Curricular topic with mapping skills. We played a game where we had to direct our friend who was blindfolded using words like left, right, north and south. We sketched a hot climate. focusing on straight and curved lines and shading. We followed a map to...

Year 2 - 2C Mapping Day

To start off our week, we spent the day learning about maps! We learnt about map language, went on a treasure hunt, drew pictures and even made our own maps! Do you know what the arrows and letters on a compass stand for?

Year 2 - WOW Day


Year 2 - Graduation Class Of 2019

With much fanfare our Year2’s graduated from KS1 to KS2 on 17.7.19. The teachers were proud, but not as much as the parents! As for the children they were filled with pride as the received their certificates, sang their celebratory songs and had nominated class individuals read their...

Year 2 - Carnival

Did you know that "Bee's Knees" and "Cat's Pajamas" were terms used in the 1920s that meant something was the best? After all the practice and and hard work we put into our dance, we were definitely the Bee's Knees and Cat's Pajamas! Our theme was the 1920s so we...

Year 2 - 2C Fun in the Park

During our family picnic day in Victoria Park, we had lots of fun climbing, sliding and making things with sand. Here are some of our favourite parts: "My favourite part was climbing on the ropes because it was quite challenging" - Ava "I liked covering Mr Ricardo in the sand and...

KS1 Sports Day 2019

On this beautiful day, KS1 had their sports day at Daubeney Fields. It was a joyous day as pupils participated in different activities and parents rushed from one year group to another to cheer on siblings. 2K enjoyed tag of war, the sack race, egg on a spoon race, mini javelin, relay and many...

Year 2 - 2C Sports Day

What a wonderful day to be out in the sun and have some friendly competitions! From three legged races to javelin throws, 2C gave it their all in everything we did today! We even ended the day by participating and watching the races! Take a look at our highlights! What was your favourite part of...

Year 2 - RE: trip to Aziziye Mosque

This week we took part in our final RE day of the year. We went to visit Aziziye Mosque in Stoke Newington. We met the imam and he taught us all about the features of a mosque. He explained why there are lines on the carpet, why there is a dome in the middle of the mosque, how the prayer times are...