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Maths Family Workshop KS1

Today Wednesday 26th Daubeney held its first (Autumn 1) Maths Family KS1 workshop.The attendance was amazing and the parents and children took part in some fantastic team sharing and confidence building with a focus on making maths alive outside of school. Where can we find/ use maths at home or in...

Newsletter - 2nd October 2015

...on as tickets are on sale! Our parent workshops are underway for this half term and I would like to encourage as many parents to attend as possible, they will help you to support your children at home. Mrs Thomas Executive Headteacher Friends of Daubeney Friends of Daubeney is the parent teacher as...

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2nd October 2015

The Nest - Parent Workshop

We invited our parents in to make Christmas decorations with us

World Mental Health Day 2022

...a “Child Anxiety” parent workshop. Children in KS1 and KS1 attended assembly around Mental health day. The children learnt about how children are supported with their anxieties within different cultures. Junior Mental Health Team (JMHT) announced their own "make a dreamcatcher&q...

Free NSPCC Parent Workshop - 26th September 2022 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Come and join us for a free workshop all about online safety, parental controls, social media and online bullying. Microsoft Teams Meeting ID: 379 258 258 738 Passcode: 9r9ztS

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13th September 2022

Understanding and Managing Behaviour Workshop

...AMHs worker in school) lead a parent workshop about managing emotions....

Mental Health Parent Workshop - 12th October 2021

On the 12th October 2021, our CAMHS worker, Vana Lamprogianni lead our Parent Workshop. We discussed the WAMHS project and how she supports in our school. She also discussed the importance of looking after our mental health. Please see below Vana’s presentation. There will be another workshop on...

World Mental Health Day - 10th October 2019

...y participated in assemblies, parent workshops and class activities to celebrate the fantastic World......d an amazing turn out for our parent workshop. The Junior Mental Health Team confidently demonstrate...

Maths Family Workshop

This workshop had a focus of using stories to teach mathematics and helping children develop mastery. The parents had the opportunity to learn strategies to help with the mastery of concept: everything from basic counting to doing algebra. The book we focused on was "One is a snail, ten is a...

Newsletter - 14th October 2016

Dear Parents and Carers, As we rapidly approach the end of our first half-term I am truly inspired by the growth and development that I have seen in our children over the last six weeks. One example of that growth you too will bear witness to, when you read the articles written by the members of...

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14th October 2016

KS1 Science Parents' Workshop

...ober 2018) we had a fantastic parent workshop talking all about how we can do more science at home! The children got hands on with some every day objects such as fairy liquid, milk and eggs but found that these every day objects can be turned into scientific extravaganzas with the right amount of in...

Literacy September Parent Workshop

...rn out for our first literacy parent workshop of the term. KS1 parents had the opportunity to learn ......r 1 parent. The next literacy parent workshop will be on Tuesday 13 th November. You don’t wan...

Literacy Parent Workshop

Some of the higlights of our Literacy Parent Workshop

Literacy Parent Workshop - January 2019

...ouTube . The next literacy parent workshop will be on Tuesday 12th of March. Don’t miss it!...

Literacy Parent Workshop - March 2019

...1 parent The next literacy parent workshop will be on Tuesday 21st May. Don’t miss it! - Written by Kai Foo Sherwin, 6F – Junior literacy Team Leader...

Talking About Emotions Workshop

... Please look out for our next parent workshop....

Maths Parent Workshop

Highlights from our Maths Parent Workshop

Maths Parent Workshop - Autumn 2 2018

The parents learnt about progression in KS1 from reception to year two. We discussed what mastery means and what they can do to help their children develop mastery in their learning. The Junior Maths Team helped in setting up and the delivery of the workshop. They organized free resources which...

November Parent Workshop

...n out for our second literacy parent workshop of the Autumn term. KS1 parents had the opportunity in 2C The next literacy parent workshop will be on Tuesday 22nd January. You don’t want ...

Reception - Launchpad for Language Parent Workshop

Our Launchpad Workshop took place on Tuesday 17th January 2017. Parents had fun with their child/ren making fantastic story props. They found out how they can help their child/ren with storytelling and took home story prompts!

Reception - Launchpad for Language Parent Workshop

Parents came and found out, how to support their children to learn new words. They even got to take home a free sock puppet