Year 3 - The Big Draw

Year 3 created a masterpiece inspired by the art of Michael Craig Martin.

"The colours are so vibrant" - Riya

"I love that he creates items from the everyday world" - Gabriel


abubaker3T - I like the art

Miss Phillips - WOW YEAR 4!!! I am so delighted to see all this beautiful art. I love your finished pieces, they are very striking. WELL DONE 😍

Nicholas 3p - It was very fun but complicated because we had to draw the shape of it and cut round it, and we had to make it quite small which is extremely difficult. I was fascinated with how my classmates did it mine was exceptional but my classmates made incredible artwork.

David 3T - It was really fun when we got to make Michael Craig Martin artwork. It is amazing that he made things like a remote controller. I have one.

Farzana 3T - I know about lots of artists and I like painting art and it's so fascinating.

Miley 3T - It was really fun making our pictures because it was a bit tricky too and I like a challenge

Lexi 3T - I really loved making our creations and also I loved the vibrant colours and it was attractive and exciting.

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