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Year 4 - 4C Trip to The Jones Family Project

4C went on a trip to The Jones Family Project where we had a great time experiencing how a restaurant is run.

We had a chance to see how Literacy and Numeracy are used in the work place and even got to have a taste of what the chef's are really made of.


Tessa 4C - Trust me Bliss it was sooooooo much fun. I wish that you was there we would of had such an amazing time. We all miss you Bliss!!!

Bliss- former student - That looks so fun!!! Hope you enjoyed it!

Tessa 4C - That trip was sooooooooooooo much fun. I wish we could go back.

Brian-4C - MMMMM! I'd love to go there again

Aya 4C - The cocktails were super yummy

Fatou 4C - I loooooved the cocktails and the cheesecake!

Adeoye 4C - I loved the cheesecake. I also liked the delicious, scrumptious drinks and the edible flowers on top.

Temi 4C - I had an amazing time there. I loved eating the cheesecake and drinking the cocktail.

Tessa 4C - It was so fun. The food was delicious and so were the drinks. I liked finding out about the different types of jobs.

Rhyleigh 4C - It was so fun I wish we could go back there

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