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Year 4 - 4C Work Week 2019

4C had the opportunity to visit Pizza East in Kentish Town to learn about Literacy and Numeracy in the workplace. They learnt about all the different skills needed for doing different jobs and even had a go making some pizzas and mocktails!

"This is the best trip we've had so far!" - Josh


Rhyleigh 5mc - Pizza is so yummy????

Kawthar 4C - I love the fact that we ate the biggest whole pizza ? ourselves. YUM YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the idea of the mocktail it was outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ariella-4C - The Mocktail yum! The pizza yummy! We shall continue work week through-out the whole year! And every year! IT SHALL NEVER STOP!

Ellis 4c - I loved the experience of making pizza ? and mocktails.

Emilly 4C - I realy liked the pizza ? because it looked nice and it tasted nice I wish we go there when we are in year 5 I realy injoied going there.YUM YUM!

Josh 4C - I loved this trip because when we got there, I was happy when I saw everyone making the pizza. The pizza dough felt very soft and when I made my pizza I was so happy because it was so lovely.

Anaiah 4C - I liked the mocktails because they were yummy. I liked the trip because we got to make the food ourselves.

Abbie 4C - I really liked the trip because we got to make our own pizzas and mocktails and spend the day with my best friends.

Ada 4C - I really like the pizza and the mocktail. I liked the way the shop looked.

Declan 4C - I really like the pizza because it was so delicious and I loved counting the money

Cruz 4C - The crust tasted like popcorn and I enjoyed making it.

Adam 4C - I loved the pizza because it was really yummy and I loved the mocktail because I got two

Ayesha 4c - I liked the mocktail because it had ice so it was cold

Ren-4c - I really liked making the pizza and the mock tail because it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ava -4c - That was a very fun trip really like the mocktail and pizza

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