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Year 4 - Designing Bridges

Year 4 have been learning about how maths and literacy are important in the world of work. In maths this week, Year 4 were designing their very own bridge, just as an architect would! They then used their design to create a model of it.

Mikey said "I loved building the model, it was so much fun!"

Sashai said "Now I realise why Miss Patel wants us to do so well in maths and literacy!"

Iyiola said "It was amazing to see how maths is used eve for drawing a design! So far I give work week a solid ten out of ten"


Fowzia - Amazing 😉 how did you do that?

iyiola 4p - I loved building even though me and Anis messed upppppppppppppppppppp!

Ramatu-5O - I came to your classroom today, the bridges were amazing.

MIRACLE - Building bridges was so fun.

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