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Year 4 - Wahaca

Year 4 were lucky enough to visit the famous Wahaca restaurant in Liverpool Street. They learned that maths and literacy are both very important in the workplace. First they used their maths skills to add up a customer's bill. Then they made some delicious guacamole and ate it with chips! Finally, they made mouth-watering pina colada mocktails.

"This was a really fun trip, I learnt so much about working at a restaurant" - Malia

"One of the best trips I've been on!" Gabriel

"Maths is very important if you want to want to work as a chef" - Anesi


Taariq6m - I love Wahaca it was awesome

amina sebright school 4l - it looks the same at what we done in year 4 hope u had a great time there

Angel 4P - It was so fun exploring what is was to work in wahaca. Thank you Miss Patel for making everyone day by the way the food was amazing

Taylor-4p - That was so much fun! I’m coming back there to get more so delicious

Maelle 4p - It was so fun I loved making the drinks and the delicious food. I loved the food so much, I just took some more. I liked knowing how it was to be a chef, a waitress and a manger. Some of the bits were a bit difficult but most of it was fun so thank you Miss Patel for making that day one of my favourite days.

Miriam ? - That was so much fun I love the tortillas chips and the guacamole dip. Miss Patel Is the best teacher in the world?

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