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5M and 2K - Peer Tutors

The Year 5M children were excited on Friday the 17th March because they became Peer Tutors and helped the year 2K children to develop their learning by supporting them with their Next Steps. The Year 2 children were even more excited because they got to do their learning in the Year 5 class. Mr Matvad thought that the Year 2 children were so 'CUTE'.


Hoodo - To be honest ......IT WAS FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queenie 5M - Year 2 hopefully they learnt more about alliteration and similes.

Kayin - 2k are really smart and well done 5m for helping year two keep it up.

Maya 5M - I thought they were all so cute and we made an impact on their learning! :)

Queenie 5M - It was challenging for the year 2 and they probably learned a bit more about alliteration.

Mia - It was nice to help out with 2K doing their next steps.

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