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Year 5 - Fashion Show

This week, Year 5 had to design and create fashion items using recycled clothes and materials as part of Work Week. They also showed off their modelling skill on the cat walk! Well done for all the hard work Year 5!

What was your favourite part of the fashion show?

What company's products would you buy?


Miracle 6M - This looks very fun and well done guys.

Maelle 5m - It was so fun but very scary ?

Lily 5mc - This has really taught us to recycle ♻️ more

Mr Swarbrick - Wow! This looks absolutely incredible! I can’t believe you made these clothes yourselves.

Taylor-5M - I really enjoyed the fashions show it was fun!Well done everyone

Yasemin 5mc - The fashion show was fun and exciting

Mr Matvad - The fashion show was amazing - the creative designs and clothing were super!

Mrs Taylor - Your fashion show was BRILLIANT Year 5. You all looked very stylish and I was particularly impressed by how eco-conscious you all were when designing your outfits. Thanks for having us along!

Anesi's mum - I enjoyed seeing the fashion show it was entertaining to watch on the screen with my daughter good job everyone

Malia 5M - It was so fun

Tanzela-5m - I really enjoyed the fashion show it was really fun seeing other people’s design

Angel 5M - This was really fun and I really enjoyed the fashion show I actually want to do this again because it was brilliant ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Samuel 5F - I really enjoyed answering the jugdes

Evellyn 5mc - I really liked the fashion show

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