Year 5 - Fly Butterflies, Fly High!

The children in 5M said their last goodbye to the butterflies, which they cared for from the caterpillar stage, through to the pupa stage then watched them come out as beautiful butterflies.


Lekeisha 5M - I had fun letting out the butterflies

Marty5M - I miss the butterflies

Jahari - Good bye butterflies

chaimaa - bye little butterflys

Sana - It was the best holding and caring the buterflys

MIRACLE - I hope they live better

muhsin - You're amazing because you can spread love around are school

Sherlomi - I was quite sad to let the butterflys go but at least they get to fly around looking for nector

muhsin - we love you no matter what football king

Megan 5m - I like when the butterflies went free and we all celebrated

Taariq - It was fun seeing the butterfly go and live in the wild.

layahni - I didn't want to let them go!

layahni - it was a happy and sad moment to take in!

hanan - I love touching the butterflies

hanan - This was so much fun releasing the butterflies

Jessey - I am so happy that the butterflies are finally where they belong in the wild with nature.

Blessing - It was fun saying my poem yesterday! I got to hold a butterfly!

zara-5m - It was fun holding the butterflies, to release them.

faris 5m - It felt weird touching the butterfly.

zara-5m - It was fun holding the butterflies to release them.

Thomas - There were many more butterflies than I thought.

Jack - I could not believe how beautiful they were

Mr Matvad - We were so excited to release the butterflies, but I miss them now!!

Umar-5M - The butterflies were cute and one of them stayed on my finger.

zara - I loved seeing the butterflies fly away when we were releasing them.

jenny - It was sooooooo fun

zara - It was fun releasing the butterflies

Anaiya - We did that last year with Mr Matvad.