Year 5 - Planting Bean Plants

The children in Year 5 enjoyed planting their own bean plant and will be looking after the plant throughout the weeks to come. We hope to grow the plant till it is ready for us to plant in our Hop garden.


Marty5M - It was fun

Blessing - I wonder what the Runner Beans will look like when they're all grown up?

Sana - This art was cool

muhsin - Plants help us to stay alive. Be thankful we have plants in our lives

jahari - i love making a plant

Taariq - I loved planting the plants it was so much fun.

Sherlomi 5m - I think it was really fun to see the worms.

sherlomi - I really enjoyed planting plants, I can't wait till they grow.

layahni - Hopefully we can eat the runner beans.

Jessey - I really enjoyed planting our own runner bean plant.

faris 5m - I enjoyed planting the runner bean. We made sure it was in a warm place.

zara - Planting beans was fun

MIRACLE - I can't wait until it grows

Jack - It was really fun

Thomas - My partner was Umar and we had a lot of fun.

zara - It was fun planting our beans.

Anaiya - That looks like like fun