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Year 5 Planting Trees on Mabley Green

Year 5 children were excited and thrilled to have been invited to Mabley Green to plant 12 trees as part of our ECO project and also be a part of helping our local community become green. The children in pairs were each given a tree to plant and were taught skills like how to dig, levelling the ground, watering techniques and the uses of tree bark. The children had a fun day out in the park and great news for parents, Mabley Green holds a weekend planting session where the whole family can get involve. Hope to see you get involved and Happy Green Fingers!


Maya 5M - It was really fun and I found a worm and named it Mocky after the mock turtle in Alice in wonderland who sang realing writhing which means wiggling like a worm!

Molly - I loved planting. We made our own plant and called it Carrie.

Agnes - I loved planting the plants and seeing them.

Fatma - It was fun.

amina - It was so fantastic.

Rylea - I dug a huge hole! :)

Greta - I planted a raspberry bush and it was messy and super fun. Last week I went there and planted a tree.

JJ 5M - I loved planting and it was lots of fun.

Beverley - It was so much fun.

Rylea - I had lots of fun

Hoodo - I went to the park on Monday and we made notes of what it can improve on.

Queenie - It was as if I was in the olden times and I had fun.

kadiatu - I loved Mabley Green, I liked watering my plant.

Chaimaa - It was fun.

Marie 5m - We went there and it was really muddy and I had a great time.

Amara - It was so much fun.

Anaiya - We all had lots of fun and we enjoyed ourselves.

Mr Matvad - I dug a hole and planted a tree, but it was hard work, I was so tired at the end but still managed to have fun!

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