Year 5 - Publishing Diaries

Today (11th February 2019) the Year 5 children published their diary entries that they wrote last week. The children focused on including the features of a diary and using emotive language.


Minette 5F - I really enjoyed publishing because I love writing

Aoife 5M - I like publishing

Sarah 5M- - This was peaceful and it was quite fun

Brian 5MC - Some things that I learnt were colloquial language, dairy style, descriptive language, chronological order and something else that I forgot

Yasemin 5mc - It was fun!!😄😄 I like publishing!!! :)

Adeoye 5MC - I really enjoyed this lesson! I like publishing because you can finally see the finished piece

Samuel 5F - I really enjoyed this lesson because I got to share my full story with my friends

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