Have you seen our advent calendar today?

Year 5 Residential 2017 - Day 1

Thank you all for being on time this morning and supporting us with a fabulous start to our exciting adventure.

We got here in great time and great spirits!

The are absolutely amazing and supporting each other during room set up and the activities! Too many magic moments to mention here!

We're off to dinner now - chicken curry and chocolate fudge cake with ice- cream!

Rest well and be proud of your blessed children as we all are.

- Mr Dharma, 26th June 2017


Ayaat 6m - Hi guys it so great see you having fun .Have a great time

Maya T x - I can hardly remember this!!! It was SO fun though! If you're going to attend CAH they have a week long trip to Wales for the best behaved. You make so many great friends in older years! Hope next year's (2019) lot will have A BALL!!! -Maya

Jenny 5F - I'm looking forward to go residential this year. You never know what the future holds ...

Chaimaa - It was sooooo much fun wish I could do it agin

Trinitee 6s - This was the best time of my life so much fun xx

nathalia - Thank you all for the comments. We had so much fun!

Ahmeedat 6DM - I was in year 5 when this happened. Now I'm in year 6, but I will NEVER forget these magic moments where I had so much fun. They will be cherished forever. I wish I was still there though! It was AMAZING! Year 5 when you go, don't forget to have FUN and enjoy it! It only happens ONCE!

zoe - Now to do year 6 :(

Scarlet - Wish I was there

khanya - IT WAS ACE!

aziza - its over now so u can CHILL : ]

Agnes - I loved it it was the funnest experience ever

Ramatu 50 - I wish I was there, see you on Monday!

Delano 5c - It was very fun, thank you to all the staff.

ayomide50 - It was insane. Thank you for letting us have the whole experience.

Ahmeedat - This was one of my favourite trips it was SO FUN!! I hope I can go again next year! And thanks for all the help from all the teachers especially Mr Logan.

Sandra 5C - It was amazing, I really loved all the activities but mostly the zip-wire and the 3G swing. Thank you Daubney. :)

Zeneika - Thanks for all the comments, we all had fun.

Kamilla 5c - I loved it so much, I cant wait to tell my family and thank you all the teachers that went.

Ronya 6s - I have just came back from this AMAZING trip . This was one of the best times in this year . Thank you to all the teachers and staff who were there for us !

zoe - It was so fun can't wait to see you all on Monday.

Jaylah - I had the best time ever! It was so fun on the 3G swing. Thank you Miss Marry and all the other teachers that went.

Andrea (Sandra's mum) - Hope you have enjoyed your last activity this morning, have a safe journey back. See you soon, can't wait. xx

T.J Stevens - Happy Birthday Little Man, love you, from Nanny xxx

Mr Logan - Good morning All!
It is said that all things must come to an end, both good and bad. So as you approach the end of your week long adventure please enjoy this morning's activities (and your lunch) and we look forward to giving you all a heroes welcome this afternoon.

Stay great, and let the world know that at Daubeney we are the ...BEST!

Mustafa (Sugra's Dad) - Good morning everyone.
Finally we got to the end of this trip. Very glad to see your photos and reading the summary of your existing campaign experience.
Everyone smiling and we can see true happiness.
Now is our time. As parents we are so excited to see you this afternoon and hear your full story when having dinner together.
Good luck and see you soon.

Gustav's mum - Miss you Gustav can't wait to see you tomorrow have got salmon for your dinner xxxxxx

The Kesgin Family - Day 4 - Hi Everyone,
This is London Calling. What a week and what a lovely surprise. A visit from Mr Daubeney himself. Mr Logan.
Through your pictures we have shared your experiences and we have been inspired. So thank you children for your courage and for all your efforts and thank you to all the teachers and staff for your hard work and your commitment to our children. It has truly been amazing.
To add to the fantastic week that Deniz has had already we also have exciting news to share. Finally, the wait is over Deniz. You are going to be a big brother to a new baby sister in November . Yes. It is a girl. We are all very happy but Baba is panicking. He said he will have to sell the cafe and get a job as a Security Guard to protect our princess. But I don't think he needs to worry because she will have her two big brothers to look after her. See you tomorrow everyone. We salute you.

Manal mum - My sweetheart i can't wait to see you tomorrow and i hope everyone comes back safe! Good Luck!

Chaimaa's Dad - Hi every one, hi my champion Chaimaa I miss you so much , I m looking forward to see you tomorrow , your friends in swimming club are asking about you, I love you

Muhsin 4s - Hi guys hope you have a good time we all missed you and see you wonderfull people tommorow

Trinitee's mum - Yaaaay one more sleep till you're back home with us!!! Rico can't wait to see you :) sonya and Blake said hi too love you trin xxx

Lisa (Mia's mum) - Hey Mia- day 4- you've done so much in such a short space of time! I bet you've really enjoyed the firefighting tonight- and I bet you can't believe you're coming home tomorrow! We can't wait to see you and hear all about your adventures with your amazing friends! Lots of love and hugs mum, dad and Alfie xxxx

Emma (Finlay's mum) - Have loved seeing all the photos - you look liked you've all had a great time. We've all missed you lots, Oscar has been taking good care of Storm! See you tomorrow ! Lots of love xxx

Seniha Teyze - Looks fun! Have an amazing last day i love you! X

Abi - I met Mr. Matvad and Miss Cheryd on my home tonight and they both said that they missed you and that the classrooms seemed really empty. Just like our house, it is soooo quiet, see you tomorrow xxx

Zanei (Zeneika's sister) - Hey Zeeks, i know you're coming back tomorrow but i hope you enjoyed yourself with your friends and had a good time. See you tomorrow, can't wait to hear all about it xxx

Sally (molly and Agnes' mum) - We can't wait to see you both tomorrow molly and agnes! Hope you have made the most of such an amazing experience!
Thank you so much to all the wonderful teachers for giving up your time for our kids.

Ms Sue G - Looks like your all having a great time enjoy your last night see you all tomorrow xx PS The playground has been really quite lol only joking x

Pat ( Zoe's Grandma) - I am enjoying all the photos. Looks like everyone is having a good time!

Jaylah's mum - Hi guys hope your all enjoying your amazing adventure well done everyone, I'm so proud of you jaylah I miss you so much can't wait to see you tomorrow dying to hear all about it I love you baby girl xx

Chris (Zoe's Dad) - Looks like lots of fun still being had. Can you all ask if you can stay for another week? JUST KIDDING, we are excited to see you all tomorrow and hear some of your stories about your week away! If anyone has trouble packing your sleeping bag just ask Zoe for the Russell family's top tip...

Alex (Maya's bruv) - Yo sister looks like u r having a lot of fun. Told u it would b gr8! I never thought I'd say this but I can't w8 2 have u back. C u soon Tarzan

CHARLIE - I really miss you Zoe!!!

Maya's dad - Hi Maya, the photos look cool, all those activities are great! I can't wait to see you and hear all about it. I'm missing you like crazy, love dad x

Angel and mum - they look like they are having so fun can't wait till i am in year 5 or year 6

Rowan (Maya's Mum) - Day 4 looks great! It's brilliant to see a picture with you in it! Everyone should be really proud, what a fantastic experience. Can't wait to see you tomorrow Maya, love you xx

Finlay (sonnys brother) - Hi bro can't wait to see you because im all lonely

Lisa (Artell's mum) - WOW - fire lighting and shelter making looks amazing!! Thank you so much to the staff for supporting and looking after our children through this magical experience! One more sleep Artell, miss you loads and love you lots & lots - can't wait to see you and hear all about your adventures x

Amira (Osceola's friend) - Hi! We just got to your house, and I can't wait to see you tomorrow! We got you a surprise... not going to say what, though.

Jason (Osceola family friend) - Ossie's archery photo is amazing! Can't wait to see him Friday. Cheers.

Claire (JJ'S mum) - Hey all, looks like you had fun. JJ are you sure you're still there? One more sleep and counting. We all miss you so much. Bring on tomorrow. Dad wrote you a message but doesn't seem to be on here. He loves you and misses you. Have a good final night and let the wonderful staff get a little rest at least.

Khaotic's fam -alias Khanya - Hey Khaos,
Dad here. Saw your sombrero-tipped, piano-playing session!It brings a proud tear to the eye,son! Seems like typical fun. Looking forward to seeing you soon and finishing reading "The Invisible Man". Mum misses you too, is what she tells me. And so does your big sis. See ya ta-ma-ro! Geddit? Sweet!

Yasemin and koray ( leylas siblings) - Hey leyla. Looks like your having fun ????we all miss u so much !! P.s I cleaned your room you owe me ???? ????????

Dan Batters - Wow! Looks like you guys are having an amazing time! Looking forward to hear all you adventures! Love Dan & Miki
( P.S Miki says 'Kiss kiss. I love you!' )

Taseen's mum - Hi Taseen, I hope your having a great time. I miss you so much

Callaghan - Hi Luca And Vidal, Happy Birthday Luca!!!!!!!! Jordy is lonely without you Vidal ; )
SEE YOU FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

Mubeen - Hi taseen can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Delano's mum - Hi Lano, i know your not there for long but have a good time love you see you soon.... mum
P.s Saxon says woof

Nana and Peter - G'day Angus.
That's an awesome climbing wall. Did you make it to the top. Wish we were there. Looking forward to hearing all about your week.
Love Nana & Peter xx

Arda's uncle - Hey Arda

It's your Uncle here. Have a great time. I saw few pictures looks amazingly fun :) See you when you get back... kisses

Ms Aneta - Dear Hyacinth, I hope you are enjoying yourself.....hopefully Mr D hasn't driven you mad!

Miss Shahina - Hi Taseen. Mum called today hoping you are enjoying yourself. Mum or Mubeen will message you later on. Be good and have fun!

Ms Debi - Hi Mr Dharma, I hope you are enjoying the trip and behaving yourself!! (",)

Ms Debi, Miss Shahina, Ms Carol and Ms Aneta - Hi guys, hope everyone is well and having a fantastic time and enjoying yourself. We miss you LOTS!!!! xxxx

Kadiatu's mum - Hello kk I can see you are having a great time, I really miss you everyone does we really can't wait to see you tomorrow. Lots of love from everyone.

Katie's Mum & Dad - Katie we are missing you so much! The photos are incredible and we are so proud of all of you for pushing through your fears and aiming high (literally) Only 1 more sleep until you're home. Big hugs Mum, Dad and Elanna xxx

Grace 6DM - Ambrose don't eat all of the food!

Dilan 6DM - It's kinda boring without you guys. Can't wait until you guys come back! Have fun!

Jay 6DM - Ambrose you still can't eat more than me!

Greta 5C - Missing everyone. Can't wait until you come back! xxx

Nicholas 6DM - I missed you.

Foyin 5C - Missing all of you, can't wait to see you xxx

CICEK .. lEYLA'S MUM - Hey leyla ....Just one more sleep to go. Miss you so so much and we cant wait til your home. the house is so quiet without you, koray said your not allowed to go away ever again : ) See you tomorow xxx

Luca's Granny and Grandpa - Brilliant. We never had fun like that when we were school. Can we come next time?

T.J. Stevens - Can't wait to hear all your news, hope you are having lots of fun, see you soon, love Nanny

bola (Ayomide's aunt) - I can see you are having so much fun! enjoy yourself and take good care of yourself .

Teddy (Sugra's puppy) - Woof woof ( Heyyy you are coming tomorrow). Woof woof ( I'm so happy). Woof woof woof ( I can bite your shoes again).
Woof woof ( see you tomorrow).

Gary (Osceola's Dad) - Hey Ossie, Great to see you are learning archery. When you get back you can hunt your own dinner!

Bliss - I will see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you have a good time and I hope yu miss me ZACY !!!!!!!
Lots of love from
EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramatu 50 - I wish I was there!

Nathalia's Dad - Hello, I can see you having a great time my angel with everyone. We are so proud of you Nathalia. Enjoy your time and don't forget we love you so much and we can't wait to see ya tomorrow. Love from Dad,Mom and your baby brother Junior. Ciaoooo mein Nathalia!

Arda's mum - Hello my first love we all missing u me,melisa,tuana,erdal,dad,grandmother,and ur dad erhan we all love u and i cant wait too seen u back home i no that u having fun 2 days left to hug u again love uuuuuuuu missssss uuuu

Liz Veitch (Zac's Gran) - Hi Zac, It was great to see the pictures of you all today. It looks as if you did some pretty terrifying climbing activities, and you all look so busy and so happy! I missed our early walk to school this morning but took your sisters instead. They talked about you all the way! .Love you. .and thanks to the teachers for the entertaining updates every day. very much appreciated.

Chyna trinitees favourite person - Hey trini its chyna hope your having a wicked trip cant wait to hear about it when you get back love youuuu xxxx

Sugra's Nan - My beautiful daughter,
You can't believe how I miss you.
I enjoy watching your photos and I can see you have a fantastic time with your friends.
Big thanks to your school and teachers who provided this fabulous service.
Take care of yourself and your friends and see you when you come back.

Becky &Amiyhaa& Shaniyha> - Hey Trini.
Hope your having a brilliant time !
The pictures look like your having the time of your life with your friends.
See you soon xxxx

Kerry, Demi, Connor & Lacie - Hey Trinitee!! We hope you're having the best time ever! Can't wait to see you Friday and hear all about it! We love you! Xx

Gordon (Artell's Dad) - Keep up the good work, looks fantastic! See you Friday!

Evey Toogood Caspar's grannie - Looks great fun. Keep safe everyone.Well done teachers and assistants.

Trinitee's mum - Hey Everyone, hope you're all having a fantastic time.. Trin, you look so happy in your pictures having a great time I see... I can't believe how much I'm missing your annoying attitude lol can't wait to see you and hear all about your week... Xxx

Jaylahs nanny sue - Hi Jaylah hope your having a great time love you loads nanny and grandad xxx ps not seen you in pictures yet x

sumea k - Have great fun. See you soon Bye!!!!!

Corrie & Dave (Caspar's mum & dad) - Looks like another amazing day you all had, love seeing all the smiling faces in the pictures. Can't wait to see you Friday. xx

Nzuzas - Glad you are all having a great time. It looks and sounds amazing. The high-up stuff looks terrifying but I love the view of the forest from the dining room window! Hey Khanya! It's Nomoya hope you are having an amazing time say hi to Atti and Vosh for me xx exam week is ok but you know... stressy see you soon guys xxx Nomoya

Arthur's parents. - Great photo of you and the boys. Your sister is learning to count down the days to your return. She misses you as do we!

Tara (Osceola's mom) - What a fantastic picture of you doing archery! Looks like it takes a lot of concentration. We miss you. Hope you are having a great time. Thanks to the teachers for leading this wonderful trip. Enjoying the daily updates.

Anthony Zeneika's dad - Hey bbygirl hope you and your friends are having loads of fun , I see your pictures and it looks great! Enjoy yourself to the max and daddy will see you when you get back" love you to the moon and back bbygurl

Claire (Zoe's Mum) - Charlie is very jealous of the food and I am very impressed with you all! Hope you are getting some sleep! Thanks also to all the hard working staff xx

The Kesgin Family - Day 3 - Hi Everyone,
Sending lot's of love from London. Day 3. How time flys when you are having so much fun. From your pictures we can really see that teamwork is a really important part of your activities and you all look like you are really helping and supporting each other. Well Done to you all. Give yourselves a mid- week pat on the back. Deniz your big smile and your very big thumbs up is so lovely to see. You went there a boy but I think you are going to come back a young man. Baba hopes you are going to come back, as you are having too much fun he is worried you might not want to come home. Hehehe. Your aunts, uncles and cousins say hello. After seeing the photographs, all your cousins think Daubeney is a really cool school and they want to study there too. Sending you lot's of hugs and kisses. Can't wait for Day-4.

Francis (Thea's brother) - I hope you're having fun without me. I am glad to be at home with no one to annoy me! If you're having fun that is good , if you are not having fun that is bad.

Baran (ronyas brother) - Ronya we miss you a lot! We miss you when we pass by your door and we start looking at your pictures. We cant park in the family park because we are not a family now. Dad says he misses his princess a lot. We bought you a present as well ;)

Jos (Sandra's dad) - Hola Sandra. Great to know you are having a wonderful time. Hope to see you very soon. We miss you a lot. Enjoy and take care. Te quiero mucho xxx

Laniya (jaylah and rio cousin) - Hi guys, I hope you are having a great time. I miss you both loads. See you Friday xxx

Nickasha (Rayanna-Mae's mum) - Hi ray, missing u cant wait to see u on friday. I know u will be enjoying all the climbing activites. Glad to see ur all having fun enjoy the rest of the week. Love u mum xx

Tuba, Arda's cousin - Arda, have a great time and enjoy to the max, love and missed you loads xx Tuba Ablan

Moktar Ali - hi Manal, i hope you enjoyed it, i can see you are having a good time also i wanna say hi and thank you to Mr Dahrma to be my best teacher in year 6.

And have a good time.

Tope (Ayo Brown's mum) - Day three! Loving the pictures. Ayo I trust you are enjoying yourself. Finally seen you in one of the pictures! Look out for yourself and your friends. Miss you. See you soon. Xxx

Vinnie samuel moores dad - Hope your all having a lovely time and the weather is good

Mubarak (Manal's Bro) - Hey Manal enjoy yourself and stay safe! Btw when you guys get back i'll show you a real dab!
Ps. Sorry about your room (Won't help)!

From Bob......

From Manal's Family - Hey Manal from your family! We all miss you some much,we love you;we can see that your enjoying your experience at residential! We'l see you at Friday! Stay safe!

Armandas' family - Hey honey! We hope you're having a great time!! We miss you xoxo

Akin' Mum - Hey Big Boy Akin! You wanted this trip so much and I'm glad you went. I can see you guys are really having fun. Play safe and you all take care. Missed you so much. Cheers to you all. Thanks to all the teachers for taking good care of you guys.

Laila (chaimaa's mum) - Hi everyone I hope you guys are enjoying your time on the residential it certainly seems like a wonderful experience, lovely photos too! Chaimaa we miss you and look forward to having you back, lot of love xx ( Jannat said I love you Chaimaa and its boring without you please come back!)

Nicola (kenzie mum) - Hi Kenz .. wow it's Day 3 already , hope u have been having loads off fun( judging by the pics u hv) continue to have fun as this is a great opportunity for you to do the things you love to do, keep smiling, ohh yeah I hope mr darma has stucked to his word and taught you to use a washing machine ????Miss u loads nd can't wait to see u .. love u son xx

Kamal's mum - Wow the activities you guys have done so challenging and brave, can't wait to hear all about it when you come back kamal! I am missing you so much can't wait til Friday to give you a massive hug, keep up the good work and have fun everyone lots of love xx

Kenzie sister shanice - Hi Kenz .. hope your okay!
Mummy showed me pictures of you climbing down a tall building! Finally your not a little chicken LOL! You've overcome your fear! Proud of you! Keep enjoying yourself and make the most of the days you have left!
I'll see you when you come back


Love from Shanice x

Molly and agnes' mum - And happy birthday to the lovely Luca!! Have fun. Love Sally x

Adeoye - Hi Akin. I cant wait until friday to see you so you can tell me how much fun you had over there. Missed you so much Brother!

Xanthe - Happy birthday Luca! I miss you. Love Xanthe

Nina (Lolo's mum) - Hi Lolo, hope you don't mind, I'm wearing all your clothes and have given Bangles a makeover... ???? Seriously though, we really miss you. Dad has been crying again. Have fun! PS Happy birthday Luca! x

Alysha - Hey guys miss u all keep having fun. See u Friday x

Sam kieran and kaedon - hiya leyla, we'r missing you loads!! hope your having loads of fun, loving the pics, see you friday, Sam Kieran and Kaedon. ps. we brought aoife (ee-fa) to your house today xx

Taseen's dad - Hope you're well and enjoying the experience with your friends we are all missing you a lot can't wait to see you until then have a great time lots of love from all the family

Emily (Artell's favourite little cousin) - WOW Artie, you are so brave! It looks like you are all having so much fun. I love you lots x

Sadia's mum - Hi sadia hope your having fun and enjoying yourself I know your are going to have a great fun!
Me and dad and your sisters are really missing you can't wait for you to come back. Love you loads????

Alan (Finlay's Dad) - It looks like a fabulous trip. We're all loving the Spider-Man impressions Finlay! We hope you all enjoy the rest of your stay.

Daddy D - Hi JJ. so proud of you. Still waiting to see pictures of you doing activities - maybe the teachers have forgot! Hopefully this will remind them. Love you lots my son xxx

Charlie (Artell's cousin) - Hope you have fun!!!

Sam (Angus' mum) - Mr Swarbrick wrote a really lovely message about you all. Again, great photos on day 3. I particularly like the dab photo and Osceola looking like a professional archer. Angus, I bet you're enjoying the food, it sounds great! X

Artell's mummo and grandpa - That all sounds and looks real fun. Enjoy yourself no 1 grandson!!!

Lots love mummo and grandpa

Molly and agnes' mum and dad - So proud to hear of you all supporting each other and I'm really jealous of all the delicious food and exciting things you are doing. Can't wait to hear all about it xxxx

Lisa (Mia's mum) - Wow day 3! Your pictures really show all of the amazing team work you're doing - Mia we're so proud of you! Keep it up everyone!! Mum, Dad and Alfie xxx

Maya's Grandma & Grandpa - Missing you like crazy! Can't wait to hear all the amazing stories xx

Ginette - Hello. Have great time over there guys. Nathalia we miss you so much baby girl.

Abi - What an amazing experience, it looks like you are all taking really good care of each other!

Aziza - Leyla and trinitee I miss you so much and you have just gone for 2 days can't wait to see you on Friday

Sandra's mum - Hi Sandra, hope you enjoy all the activities as you love climbing everywhere. I love and miss you a lot. Greta and papa are missing you too. 2 more days to go, xxx

Jean O'Shea )T.J's Nan - So wish I was there, have fun, You are from Hackney, mighty might Hackney xxx

Alusine (Kadiatu' s Brother) - Hey kk we hope you having lots and lots of fun we miss you ???? I can't wait to see you again on Friday, Have fun, love you. ???

Tasharne Blair's Mum - Hey Tash you look like your having a fantastic time. looking at the pictures everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. See you Friday.

Miss Meehan - Looks like an amazing experience for all!! Enjoy every minute and see you when you get back.

Emily (Luca's mum) - Happy birthday Luca! Have an amazing day. Another birthday without you! Looks like you're all having a great time. Thanks Mr Dharma, Miss Fergus and all the staff for looking after them.

Jo - Hope you enjoyed the rain katharine!

Arda's mum - I really can't sleep with out u my son. I miss you....... Melisa had her teeth out Tuana keep saying your name we all miss u I find out that the house is really quite without you that means you are the trouble one???? Tuba saying hi and she says she loves you too

Michelle (Raheim mum) - Hi Raheim I see you are enjoying yourself...we miss you the house is too quiet lol ...love you Ash see you soon xxx

Rio's Dad - Hi everyone. Whats Good rio im missing u loads and i hope your having lots of fun just remember your piriton because im sure i see you sneezing in one of your pics luv Dad.

Sarah (Kayins mum) - Hi KK! Looks like you're all having a great time! Enjoy! Will check out more pics tomorrow! Love you lots xxx

Miss Karrmen - Wow Daubeney you've had a great opportunity to explore different activities. Enjoy and keep bubbling with challenges and have fun xx

Sara (Thea's Mum) - So impressed by the activities your've all done so far, and there's so much more to come! It's great looking at all the pictures. House is quiet without you Thea - we miss you!

Jaylah's mum - Hi everyone hope you enjoyed your 2nd day it's look like great fun I'm so jealous hopefully will see some pictures soon of jaylah doing an activity. I love you enjoy your self princess xx

Irene (Mia's Nan) - What a wonderful adventure you're all having. Looking forward to seeing all the photos through the week. See you soon Mia xx

Arthur's Family - George is very envious of the breakfast menu! We're very impressed with such heights being scaled on very thin ropes! We miss you Arthur, love from us all.

Teddy (Sugra's puppy) - Woof woof (I really miss you). Woof woof woof (I miss the time you played with me and our evening walk). Woof woof (Can not wait to see you on Friday). Woof woof (Love you so much).

Liz (Zac Veitch's Gran) - Hope you are having a really great time! It all looks fantastic-what a wonderful adventure for you and your friends to experience. Love and miss you. xxx
Regards to all and thank you to all the staff!


Zainab - Hi trinitee and Leyla I miss you so much can't wait to see you on Friday again????

Miss Patel - So jealous of you guys! Looks like you are having a lot of fun, wish I could be there with you!

Papa C & Mickey - Ossie, hope you are having a great time. We will see you on the beach in Myrtle Beach, SC in August.

Tara (Osceola's mom) - The pictures look amazing. What a great adventure. Can't wait to hear all about it. Ossie, Zora says she loves you and you are very sweet.

Rowan (Maya's mum) - Day 2's adventures look amazing! You guys are awesome!! Maya, I am really proud of you, I can't wait to hear all about it. We love you & miss you, and Mala says woof woof!! x

Kenzie' mum - Hey Kenz .. looks like your having a fantastic time , your a very brave boy climbing up there ( I'm a scary cat ????) continue to have great fun nd keep smiling, remember we love you nd miss u loads.. ohh yeah don't give the teachers to much trouble ????????Xx

Sally (molly and Agnes' mum) - Hope you are having loads of fun. We are really proud of you. Mum and dad xxx

Esther (molly and agnes' sister) - I love you so much Molly and Agnes and I'm missing you. Love Esther xxxxxx

Nat (Agnes and Molly's dad) - THE HOUSE IS TOO QUIET!!! I MISS YOU!!! Have an AMAZING time!

Artell's mum - Day 2 looks awesome!!! You are all so very brave! More photos please!!! Artlell - love you loads!!!

Pearl (Caspar's sister) - i missed you in after school club yesterday. It looks like you are having fun. Babs says diddle diddle.......see you Friday. xx

Tope(Ayomide Brown's mum) - Wow Day 2 sounds awesome. So wish next year parents can come too. I'm so proud of you Ayo as I know you will be looking out for your friends and doing your best on all the challenges. Rest up and get ready for tomorrow.Miss you and see you on Friday xx

Arda's mum - Hello my love I really miss you I can see you have in a fun I can't sleep without you and happy birthday to JJ ???????????????????? Have fun guys Love u arda

The Kesgin Family - Day-2
Wow. Looks like Day-2 has been all about exploring new heights for some of our children. Scary. How brave you children are. Hats off to you all. I note Mr Dharma's comment 'interesting first night'. I'm sure it was. I can imagine. Hehehe. Hope all the teachers get to have some fun too and are not working too hard. Deniz, me and Baba are missing you loads but Ada, your little brother says "Take your time coming back". He is enjoying having the TV and Baba's mobile all to himself. But I know he's missing you lot's because he keeps calling me Deniz. Ahhhh. Take care everyone. Sending lots of love.

Jacquie (Zenieka's Nan) - Pictures look like you are having lots of fun out there!!. Great opportunity make the most of coz I know you love the outdoors. Can't wait for you to tell me all about it once you get back. PS. No staying up all night chatting :-) xxx

Sugra's Mum - I am so glad that you made a right decision and went to this trip.
We all are missing you ????. But seeing you that you enjoy the activity and being with your friends, calm me down.
Me and Teddy will wait for you on Friday at your arrival time.
Lots of kisses ????.

Lisa (Mia's mum) - Hey that sounds amazing- you're all so brave!! Hope the early start has been okay Mia- can't wait to hear more! Lots of love xx

Joel (Zac's Dad) - Looks like you guys are having a fantastic time! Zac we are so looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

Claire (JJ'S mum) - Aw- looks so much fun. Thank you to staff and chefs for making JJ's 10th birthday special. So what was the 'interesting night'. Hope you staff are getting some sleep? Big love to all and have fun. Love you J and it's sooo quiet here even with Pierre and his mates. xxxxxx

Giorgia Hassan and brothers - Hi Amina we are all missing you a lot but it seems that you are doing fun things and we can believe it that you trying to climb so high, amazing!!

Tasharne Blair's Mum - Hey Tash you look like your having a great time.. You all look like your enjoying yourselves ...loving the pictures keep them coming ... miss ya loads son.... Aliyah can't wait for you to come home... See ya Friday... xxx

pierre - Hi JJ im eating your cake! I'm joking. See you on Friday. I miss you.

Hunie & Lexie (Trinitee's cousins) - Hi trin, how are you? missing you so much have fun love you ???? Rico keeps calling for you the house is so quiet without you... Hope you're all enjoying yourselves keep the pictures coming guys xxx

Samuel - I know you guys are having a great time but why did you guys leave me behind? Anyways missing you all especially Ayo Tasharne akin and Ambrose and you Mr D boss.

Caroline & Sebastian - Hey MJ,
Looks like brilliant fun! Have all an amazing time guys! XX

Huy and Lilly - Hope you are having fun Scarlett!

Ms Cherid - Looks like you guys are having the BEST time out there! We all miss you already and look forward to seeing more updates of you guys having fun xx

Miss Sharon - Hi Everyone , the photos look great... missing you lots and be good to Miss Mary. x

bliss - Hi Zac I miss you so much! Everyone is missing you... and Iast night I slept in your bed!

Taseens bro - Taseen hope your having fun! Love from all the family! We are missing you.

Laila chaimaa's mum - Hi chaimaa, i hope you're enjoying yourself, the house is empty without you .Lots of love from the family i wish every one the best and i hope you guys keep trying new things.

Gordon Johnston (Artell's Dad) - Looks fantastic, hope everyone is challenging themselves and having lots of fun doing it. Miss you loads Artell - See you Friday!.

Sarah( Ambrose's Sister) - Hope you are having lots of fun, try different activities and be up for difficult challenges but have fun. Mum is missing you whilst I'm enjoying the peace and quiet around the home. Enjoy and see you on Friday.

Anastasia - OMG!!! I want to go, next year have the parents go leave kids behind

Bianca (Zeneika's Mum) - Hope you and you friends are enjoying yourselves looks like great fun. Hope to see some pictures of you soon, Missing you already your bother is counting the days lol. Love you Lot's xxx

Mustafa (sugra's dad) - Hi everyone. What I can see from here is just fun and happiness. I which I was your age and could do the same things.
Dear sugra; we already missed you a lot. Can't wait to see you on Friday. Teddy 🐶 is doing well but clearly has missed you too.
Enjoy the rest of your trip and see you on Friday. 😘😘😘

Miss Judith - I can't see my son. I miss you Aaron mum

Lol - What you guys doing. We miss you

Sam (Angus' mum) - What an impressive looking first day! Hope you all had a good night's sleep, especially the teachers ;-) We look forward to more great photos. Have fun Angus, we miss you! x

Abi - How fantastic to be able to fit an exciting activity on your first day! Everyone looks really happy and full of energy!

Elanna - Good morning everybody

Ramatu 50 - Make sure you get more pictures everyday and take care

indya - Rio I hope you have a nice time I really really miss you. I wish I was there. See you on FRIDAY

Mubeen - Hi Taseen. Hope everyone is having a good time! Try get into the pictures :) We visited our new sister today! Have a nice time😊

Chris (Zoe's Dad) - That's a lot of impressive activity on day one. What brave kids, I'm jealous, (I love abseiling).
I can't wait to see what happens on day two? Don't forget to sleep!

Jenny - Hi Scarl ! We miss you a lots. Nan waiting to see your picture every minute, Have a good time. Love you x

Kenisha(Rio's Mum) - Hi Rio, Glad u all made it safely & it looks like you enjoyed your first day, have fun son. Love you x

Jaylah's mum - Hey guys glad you all got there safe and sound hope you all had a brilliant first day can't wait to see more pictures, love you jaylah enjoy xx

Tope(Ayomide's mum) - Glad to hear you guys arrived safely. Rest up and have fun tomorrow! Xxx

Leyla's Mum - Hey guys ... looks like so much fun...know you will all have a blast! love you lots leyla ... see ya friday! x

Shawana jahmiah mum - Hi jam 2 I can see you all arived blessed.stay safe and have a great time to you and all the blessed children and staff one love💕

Nicola... - Hey kenzie ,we are missing you loads already at home , it looks like your having a wonderful time (really jealous) keep smiling like you always do , have loads off fun, love you loads xxx mum

Arthur's Mum - Your cabins look like 5 *luxury compared to the green tents! Sleep well, rise and all shine again as you have done today... We're very proud of you.

Gustav's mum and dad (katya and mendel) - Wow your all so brave !! What an amazing start, you're all stars so impressed! Dinner sounds delicious can't wait for more updates Gustav we're all super proud of you and missing you already xxx

Sally defriend - Hi molly and agnes. I love seeing you having so so much fun. Love you loads!!

Arda's Mum - I really miss you Arda enjoy your week have lots of fun you can get as dirty as you want as Im not there to make you have a bath. I cant wait for you to come back on Friday I miss you already. Love you

Leyla's Mum - Hey girls.... Looks like so much fun!... I know you will all have a wonderful experience!! We all love you lots Leyla. Miss you already ....cant wait to see you friday! xxx

Charlie and Claire Russell - Looks like you're all having loads of fun. Happy birthday to JJ! Looking forward to more pictures xx

Louise (kamal Butt mum) - Glad you have reached safe, such amazing pictures you have already done loads of activities can't wait to see what you all do tomorrow, kamal we are all missing you already very proud of you and everyone else have fun loads of love from all family xx

Jacqui AKA Zac Veitch's mum - Chocolate cake and ice cream for pudding - they saw you coming Zac!
Looks like you've all managed to pack lots of great activities into the first afternoon. Hope you had a great first night in your bunks and a enjoy whatever day 2 holds for you - we look forward to seeing! Lots of love to everyone and of course the Zacster x

Trinitee's mum - Glad you're all having a good first day! Lovely pictures can't wait to see more. Hey Trin, we're all missing you already. hope you're listening and behaving yourself but most of all having a fantastic time! Remember don't stay up to late you need plenty of rest for tomorrow love mum and Rico xx

Oscar - Hi Finlay, I hope you are having fun. Why are you lying down in the photo? See on Friday ⚽️🍔

Katie's mum - That looks great fun. Have a great time we all miss you from home (wish I was there)

The Kesgin Family - Hi Deniz and Team,
You all look so happy and so grown up already. Have a wonderful week. Thank you Daubeney Primary for giving our children this opportunity.

Rowan (Maya's Mum) - Wow! Looks like great fun! I'm really looking forward to seeing tomorrow's adventures. Hope you're having a great time Maya xxx

Lisa (Artell's mum) - The pictures look amazing! What a great group of children and teachers, enjoy every minute of this fantastic experience! Love and miss you lots Artie xxx

Lisa (Mia's mum) - Wow looks like a great start everyone- straight into the tough stuff by the looks of it- hope you're all loving it- can't wait to hear more! Love to Mia

Andrea - Enjoy your dinner. Thanks for the pictures, it's nice to see everyone is having fun. We miss you Sandra already. Looking forward for more pictures tomorrow. Take care :) x

Claire Lanyon - Looks like you all had a brilliant day. Can't believe you went so high! Brave kids. Hey JJ, Happy Birthday from us all xxx

Sadia's mum - Have lots of fun and enjoy

Jelili (Ahmeedat's dad) - Very glad you all arrived safely.Moreso,the kids are fine and up to a good start and hopefully it's going to be a very great experience for all to cherished.
Cheers to the kids and have a blast!!!!!!

Mr Logan - Hi guys! It's great to see you are already having so much fun! Make sure you have a great time and work on those team building skills!

Elanna - Katie that looks really fun. I wish I was there. See you Friday x

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