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Year 6 - Visit from Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS

Year 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from Bola Abigosun where he explained to the children what a surveyor does. The children were inspired to hear about someone from Kingsmead Estate who went onto finish university with a first class honours degree and receive an award from Prince Charles. The students were left with a final message, a hashtag that read


There was also an article put onto Diversecity Surveyors website.


A - He is my dad I hope you guys had soooo much fun I was at the queen's house I saw him get it

Miracle (Cardinal pole) - Well done guys about learning about surveyors and meeting Bola Abigosun the CEO of Urbanis. Wow : )

Maelle 6f - I really enjoyed him coming over to our school and I found it very interesting that he himself went to this school?

Maya 3G - That looks great fun ??????????

Jehana 6s - It was very fun meeting Mr.Bola he showed us kingsmead in 1971 and sir said it was invested with rats ewww!?? I live there now and i am very grateful it isn't invested with rats now.??

Samuel 6S - This was amazing

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