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Proud to be part of the
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School Uniform

Daubeney is a ‘uniform school’ this is supported by the SLT and the Governors.

We believe that a school uniform is important:

  1. It looks smart
  2. Wears well
  3. Contributes to a sense of belonging and community
  4. Gives a common purpose
  5. Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance
  6. Fosters a feeling of pride
  7. Is designed with health and safety in mind

We ask that all children wear the uniform and encourage them to maintain a good standard of clean and tidy dress in school.

Our Uniform

Grey trousers
Grey skirts
White shirt
Black, grey or red tights
Black shoes

Children are not permitted to wear

Patterned/Sparkly headscarves
Hooped earrings
Coloured tights

PE kit

Daubeney team colour t-shirt
(Blue, Yellow, Green, Red)
Black jogging bottoms
Black shorts

Uniform Price List

Daubeney uniform can be purchased online from Mapac.

Book Bag - £4.00

PE T-Shirt £4.00
(Red, Green, Yellow and Blue)

Cardigan £10.50

V Neck Sweatshirt £7.50

Reversible Jackets - £16.50

Tie - £3.00

Year 6 Blazers - £15.00